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Allied Health Sciences Internship Log

Student Name: ___Lexxus Carter___________________________________________

Weekly Dates: ______________________________________________


For the first week, we discussed my personal and professional


goals, and what I plan to take from this experience. We went over
a work plan for my designated major project, including the
description, goals and details of the final product. Also throughout
the week I began my research for conducting a literature review/

This week, I continued gathering research for the literature review. 12.5
I looked into various articles, and went through collecting the
information needed. I also created an outline for the literature
review, so next week I can create a rough and final draft.


This week, I finished my research and started the rough draft of

my literature review. The goal was to find programs/ interventions
to find the best that work, and specifically for African Americans.
After the rough draft is approved and edited, I will create the final
draft and start creating goals for the program.



I finished creating goals and objectives for the program, and


starting on an outline of how to achieve these goals.


I started the outline of my program, documenting curriculum


consisting of 3 separate sessions.


For the last week I have helped with the annual GRAHHI Gala. I


helped with making name cards, organizing seating, and mailing

out the invites. The Gala this year was named An Evening of
Soul and honored those who help to support and create health
equity within the community. There were several very great
speakers, one of which included Celebrity Chef Rome whose
cookbook is healthy inspired recipes. I had a blast and was
honored to be a part of that wonderful opportunity.


This week I have been organizing my curriculum. I am now
getting into the important details of how my program will work and

what I will need in order to execute my ideas for the program.


I have been working on several things at once during these past

few weeks. In the office I have been helping with the annual


Rhythm Run to take place in August 2016. I have been finding


locations and businesses that may be interested in participating or

spreading the word to others. I have been researching for gyms,
food markets, family locations and nonprofit organizations, trying
to get as many organizations and businesses to participate. I
have also been working on my major project. I have created a
detailed overview and schedule for the program and what each
class will cover. I have also been contacting local businesses for
spaces and guest speakers to get help make sure the program

reaches its goals.

For the past month I have been working very hard to find

locations, facilitators, cooking classes, and more and now crunch


time is near. I have wrapped up most of the details and the outer


workings of my project, with only a few loose ends to be tied up

by the end of the week. In the end, I have accomplished
everything from my personal goals to professional as well, and I
cant wait to see the finished results!