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Bennett 1

Jaylaan Bennett
Professor Raymond
UWRT 1104
11 July 2016
Writing Prompt 1 Literacy Narrative
As I look back and think about how I learned to read, I have realized the individuals or
the technology which has helped me matriculate into the reader I am today. I began daycare at an
elderly ladys home named Ms. Best when I was 6 months old, so I started to learn what letters
looked like and I began speaking some of my first words. When I asked my mom what my first
babble was she said, Jaylaan, the first thing you babbled was Dada and I did not like it! My
parents really helped me thrive into the outgoing, charismatic, and confident individual I am
After daycare I went to a private school called V.V Reid for Pre-K and kindergarten.
While in Private School I learned phonics, letter sounds, and began to read. I progressed
relatively fast and I was on a higher reading level at the age of four to five years old. I then went
to Public School in first grade and while in class I would get into trouble because I would finish
my work and bother others around me. After many parent teacher conferences and talks with my
mom, I finally understood I could not do this any longer. My parents bought me a LeapFrog
reading pad that summer and I thought I was the coolest kid ever because I knew words from my
LeapFrog stories my friends did not know yet.
As an only child I would read with my mom every night because she believed being a
good reader helped many people understand and comprehend more. She would state, Jaylaan if
you know how to read, you will develop a mind that will always dream amazing things. Glenn

Bennett 2
Davis from Learn to Read expressed reading is important because, it develops the mind.
The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise. Understanding the written word is one way the mind
grows in its ability. Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills. It
also helps them learn to listen (Davis). As a young girl I could not see the benefits of me
reading because I was very closed minded and thought as a child essentially. However, as I type
and look back at how far I have come in regards to me reading since I was younger, I can
honestly say it has been a long road.
Many obstacles and events can alter a person from becoming a strong reader, and from
personal experience, I can say it is all up to the individual how he or she will overcome this. I
was blessed with individuals in my life who cared about helping me become a fluent and active
reader, I will be forever grateful for them.