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abandon verb

abbreviation noun
abnormal adjective
abnormally adverb
aboard adverb, preposition
abolish verb
abroad adverb
absolute adjective
absolutely adverb
absorb verb
abstract1 adjective
absurd adjective
abuse1 noun
abuse2 verb
academic1 adjective
accelerate verb
acceleration noun
accent1 noun
acceptable adjective
access1 noun
access2 verb
accidental adjective
accidentally adverb
accompany verb
accomplish verb
accord1 noun
account2 verb
accountant noun
accounting noun
accuracy noun
accurately adverb
accusation noun
accuse verb
accustomed adjective
acid1 noun
acknowledge verb
acquaintance noun
acquire verb
acre noun
acute adjective
adapt verb
added adjective
addict noun
addicted adjective
additional adjective
adequate adjective
adequately adverb
adjacent adjective
adjust verb
adjustment noun
administration noun
administrator noun
admiration noun
admirer noun
adopt verb
adore verb
advance1 noun
advance2 verb
adverse adjective
advertise verb

advertising noun
advocate1 verb
advocate2 noun
aerobics noun
affair noun
affection noun
age2 verb
aged1 adjective
agency noun
agenda noun
agent noun
aggression noun
aggressive adjective
agony noun
agreed adjective
agriculture noun
aid1 noun
aid2 verb
aircraft noun
airline noun
aisle noun
alarm2 verb
alarmed adjective
alarming adjective
album noun
alcoholic1 noun
alcoholic2 adjective
alert1 adjective
alert2 verb
alien1 adjective
alien2 noun
allergic adjective
allergy noun
alley noun
alligator noun
allocate verb
allocation noun
allowance noun
ally1 noun
almond noun
alongside adverb, preposition
alter verb
alteration noun
alternate1 verb
alternative1 adjective
alternative2 noun
alternatively adverb
aluminum noun
amateur1 adjective
amateur2 noun
amaze verb
amazement noun
ambassador noun
ambiguous adjective
ambition noun
ambitious adjective
ambulance noun
amend verb
amendment noun
amid preposition

amount2 verb
ample adjective
amuse verb
amused adjective
amusement noun
amusing adjective
analysis noun
analytical adjective
analyze verb
ancestor noun
anger1 noun
anger2 verb
angrily adverb
annoy verb
annual1 adjective
annually adverb
ant noun
anticipate verb
antique1 adjective
antique2 noun
antonym noun
anxiety noun
anxious adjective
anyhow adverb
ape noun
apparent adjective
apparently adverb
appeal1 verb
appeal2 noun
appendix noun
appetite noun
applied adjective
appoint verb
appreciate verb
appreciation noun
approach1 verb
approach2 noun
appropriately adverb
approval noun
approve verb
approximate1 adjective
approximately adverb
apron noun
aquarium noun
arch1 noun
architect noun
architecture noun
arena noun
arise verb
arithmetic noun
armchair noun
arrest1 verb
arrest2 noun
arrogance noun
arrogant adjective
artistic adjective
artwork noun
ash noun
ashamed adjective
aside1 adverb

aspect noun
assemble verb
assembly noun
assert verb
assess verb
assessment noun
assign verb
assist verb
assistance noun
assistant noun
associate1 verb
associate2 noun
assumption noun
assurance noun
assure verb
astonish verb
astonished adjective
astonishing adjective
astonishment noun
athlete noun
athletic adjective
atom noun
atomic adjective
attachment noun
attacker noun
attend verb
attic noun
attraction noun
auction noun
authentic adjective
authorization noun
autobiography noun
autonomous adjective
autonomy noun
autumn noun
avenue noun
average3 verb
awareness noun
awkward adjective
ax1 noun
babysitter noun
background noun
backpack1 noun
backyard noun
baggage noun
bail1 noun
baker noun
bakery noun
balanced adjective
balcony noun
bald adjective
ballet noun
ban1 noun
ban2 verb
bandage1 noun
bankrupt1 adjective
banner1 noun
bare1 adjective
bargain1 noun
barn noun

barrel1 noun
barrier noun
basil noun
basis noun
batch noun
bay noun
B.C. adverb
beak noun
beam1 noun
bear2 noun
beast noun
beat2 noun
beetle noun
beg verb
behalf noun
being noun
belongings noun
beneficial adjective
benefit2 verb
berry noun
besides preposition, adverb
betray verb
better3 noun
beware verb
bid1 noun
bid2 verb
bilingual adjective
billion number
bind1 verb
biography noun
biological adjective
bitter adjective
bitterly adverb
bizarre adjective
blade noun
bleak adjective
bleed verb
blend1 verb
bless verb
blessing noun
blind2 verb
blind3 noun
blink1 verb
blog noun
blunt1 adjective
blur1 noun
blur2 verb
board2 verb
boast1 verb
boast2 noun
bodyguard noun
bold adjective
bolt1 noun
bomber noun
bond1 noun
bonus noun
book2 verb
boost1 noun
boost2 verb
bore1 verb

bore2 noun
boredom noun
bound1 adjective
boundary noun
bow1 verb
bow2 noun
bow3 noun
bowel noun
box2 verb
boxer noun
boxing noun
boy2 interjection
bra noun
bracelet noun
bracket noun
brake2 verb
brand-new adjective
brass noun
breakthrough noun
breed1 verb
breed2 noun
breeze1 noun
bride noun
brief1 adjective
briefcase noun
briefly adverb
brilliant adjective
broadband noun
broadcast1 noun
broadcast2 verb
broadly adverb
bronze1 noun
bronze2 adjective
broom noun
browse verb
browser noun
bruise1 noun
brutal adjective
bud1 noun
budget1 noun
budget2 verb
buffalo noun
bug1 noun
builder noun
bulk noun
bull noun
bulletin noun
bully1 noun
bump2 noun
bumpy adjective
bundle1 noun
burden1 noun
bureaucracy noun
burglar noun
burglary noun
burial noun
burn2 noun
burning adjective
burst1 verb
burst2 noun

butcher1 noun
buyer noun
cabinet noun
calcium noun
calculate verb
calculation noun
calm2 verb
calm3 noun
calmly adverb
calorie noun
camel noun
camp2 verb
campaign1 noun
campaign2 verb
canal noun
canoe noun
canvas noun
canyon noun
capability noun
capable adjective
capital2 adjective
capture1 verb
carbon noun
careless adjective
carelessly adverb
cargo noun
carnival noun
carpenter noun
carriage noun
carve verb
casino noun
cast1 verb
cast2 noun
casual adjective
casualty noun
catalog1 noun
catch2 noun
categorize verb
cathedral noun
caution1 noun
cautious adjective
cautiously adverb
cease verb
celebration noun
celebrity noun
cellar noun
cemetery noun
center2 verb
centimeter noun
certainty noun
certificate noun
chairman noun
chalk1 noun
challenging adjective
chaos noun
chapel noun
characteristic1 noun
characteristic2 adjective
charity noun
charm1 noun

charming adjective
charter1 noun
chase2 noun
chat1 verb
chat2 noun
checked adjective
checklist noun
cheer1 verb
cheer2 noun
cheerful adjective
chef noun
chess noun
chestnut noun
chilly adjective
chimney noun
choir noun
choke1 verb
chord noun
chorus noun
chronic adjective
chunk noun
cigar noun
circle2 verb
circular1 adjective
circumstance noun
circus noun
citation noun
cite verb
citizenship noun
civil adjective
civilian1 noun
civilian2 adjective
civilization noun
clarify verb
clarity noun
class2 verb
classic1 adjective
classic2 noun
classical adjective
classmate noun
clause noun
claw1 noun
clay noun
cleaner noun
clear3 adverb
clerk noun
clever adjective
click2 noun
client noun
cliff noun
climate noun
climate change noun
climb2 noun
climber noun
climbing noun
cling verb
clip1 noun
clip2 verb
clown1 noun
clumsy adjective

cluster1 noun
coach2 verb
code2 verb
coffin noun
coherent adjective
coincide verb
coincidence noun
collapse1 verb
collapse2 noun
colleague noun
collector noun
colonel noun
colony noun
color2 verb
colored adjective
column noun
combat1 noun
combat2 verb
combined adjective
comedian noun
comfort1 noun
comfort2 verb
comfortably adverb
comic1 adjective
command1 noun
command2 verb
commander noun
comment2 verb
commentary noun
commentator noun
commerce noun
commercial2 noun
commitment noun
common2 noun
commonly adverb
communism noun
communist noun
commute1 verb
commuter noun
compact1 adjective
companion noun
comparison noun
compartment noun
compassion noun
compatible adjective
compel verb
competence noun
competent adjective
competitive adjective
competitor noun
complete1 adjective
complete2 verb
completion noun
complex1 adjective
complex2 noun
complexity noun
complicate verb
complication noun
compliment1 noun
compliment2 verb

comply verb
compose verb
composer noun
composition noun
compound1 noun
comprehend verb
comprehension noun
comprise verb
compromise1 noun
compromise2 verb
compulsory adjective
computing noun
conceal verb
conceive verb
concentration noun
concept noun
concern2 verb
concerning preposition
conclude verb
conclusion noun
concrete1 noun
concrete2 adjective
conduct1 verb
conduct2 noun
conductor noun
conference noun
confess verb
confession noun
confidential adjective
confirm verb
conflict1 noun
conflict2 verb
conform verb
confront verb
confrontation noun
confuse verb
confusion noun
congratulate verb
congregation noun
congress noun
conquer verb
conscience noun
conscious adjective
consciousness noun
consecutive adjective
consent1 noun
consequence noun
consequently adverb
conservative1 adjective
conservative2 noun
considerable adjective
considerably adverb
consideration noun
considering preposition, conjunction
consist verb
consistent adjective
consonant noun
conspiracy noun
constant1 adjective
constantly adverb

construct verb
construction noun
consult verb
consultant noun
consultation noun
consume verb
consumer noun
consumption noun
contact1 noun
contact2 verb
container noun
contemporary1 adjective
contemporary2 noun
contempt noun
content1 noun
content2 adjective
contest1 noun
contest2 verb
context noun
continent noun
continental adjective
continual adjective
continually adverb
continuous1 adjective
continuously adverb
contract1 noun
contradict verb
contradiction noun
contradictory adjective
contrast1 noun
contrast2 verb
contribute verb
contribution noun
controversial adjective
controversy noun
convenience noun
conveniently adverb
convention noun
conventional adjective
convert1 verb
convince verb
convinced adjective
convincing adjective
cooking1 noun
cool2 verb
cooler noun
cooperate verb
cooperation noun
cop noun
cope verb
copper noun
cord noun
core1 noun
corporate adjective
corps noun
corpse noun
correct2 verb
correction noun
correctly adverb
corridor noun

corrupt1 adjective
corruption noun
costly adjective
costume noun
council noun
counseling noun
counselor noun
courage noun
courageous adjective
crab noun
craft1 noun
crane1 noun
crawl1 verb
creation noun
creative adjective
creativity noun
creator noun
creek noun
creep1 verb
crisis noun
criterion noun
critical adjective
crop1 noun
crop2 verb
crosswalk noun
crouch verb
crowd2 verb
crucial adjective
crude adjective
cruel adjective
cruelty noun
cruise1 verb
cruise2 noun
crush1 verb
crust noun
cry2 noun
crystal noun
cube1 noun
cult1 noun
cultural adjective
cure1 verb
cure2 noun
curiosity noun
curious adjective
curl1 noun
curl2 verb
currency noun
current1 adjective
current2 noun
currently adverb
curse1 verb
curse2 noun
curve1 noun
curve2 verb
curved adjective
cushion1 noun
custom noun
cylinder noun
daily2 adverb
dairy1 noun

dam1 noun
damaged adjective
damp adjective
dangerously adverb
daring1 adjective
darling1 noun
dash1 verb
dash2 noun
date2 verb
dawn1 noun
daylight noun
deadline noun
deadly adjective
deaf adjective
dealer noun
dear2 interjection
dear3 noun
debate1 noun
debate2 verb
debut noun
decade noun
decay1 verb
decay2 noun
deceive verb
decent adjective
declaration noun
declare verb
decline1 verb
decline2 noun
decorate verb
decoration noun
decrease1 verb
decrease2 noun
deer noun
defect1 noun
defender noun
defense1 noun
defense2 noun
defensive1 adjective
deficit noun
define verb
definite adjective
definition noun
defy verb
delay1 verb
delay2 noun
delegate1 noun
delegation noun
delete verb
deliberate1 adjective
deliberately adverb
delicate adjective
delight1 noun
delighted adjective
demand1 noun
demand2 verb
demanding adjective
democracy noun
democrat noun
democratic adjective

demonstrate verb
denial noun
dense adjective
density noun
deny verb
depart verb
dependent1 adjective
deposit1 noun
depressed adjective
depressing adjective
deprive verb
deputy noun
descend verb
descriptive adjective
designer noun
desirable adjective
desire1 noun
desire2 verb
desktop noun
despair1 noun
desperate adjective
desperately adverb
destination noun
destiny noun
destruction noun
detailed adjective
detect verb
detective noun
determination noun
determine verb
determined adjective
developed adjective
developing adjective
development noun
device noun
devil noun
devise verb
devote verb
devoted adjective
diagram noun
dial1 verb
dial2 noun
dialect noun
diameter noun
diamond noun
diaper noun
diary noun
dictate verb
diet2 verb
differ verb
differently adverb
dignified adjective
dignity noun
dilemma noun
dim1 adjective
dimension noun
diminish verb
dinosaur noun
dip1 verb
dip2 noun

diploma noun
diplomat noun
directory noun
disability noun
disagreement noun
disappearance noun
disappoint verb
disappointing adjective
disappointment noun
disapproval noun
disapprove verb
disc noun
discipline1 noun
disconnect verb
discount1 noun
discourage verb
discouraged adjective
discovery noun
discriminate verb
discrimination noun
disguise1 verb
disguise2 noun
disgusted adjective
disk noun
dislike2 noun
dismiss verb
disobey verb
display1 noun
display2 verb
disrupt verb
disruption noun
dissolve verb
distant adjective
distinct adjective
distinction noun
distinctive adjective
distinguish verb
distinguished adjective
distract verb
distribute verb
distribution noun
distributor noun
disturb verb
disturbed adjective
disturbing adjective
ditch1 noun
dive2 noun
diver noun
diverse adjective
diversity noun
divine adjective
dizzy adjective
dock1 noun
documentary noun
dolphin noun
dome noun
domestic adjective
dominate verb
donate verb
donation noun

donkey noun
donor noun
doorway noun
dose noun
double4 adverb
double5 determiner
doubtful adjective
down3 adjective
downward1 adverb
downward2 adjective
draft1 noun
dragon noun
drain1 verb
drain2 noun
dramatic adjective
dramatically adverb
dreadful adjective
dressing noun
dried2 adjective
drift1 verb
drill1 noun
drill2 verb
drip1 verb
drip2 noun
drought noun
drown verb
drunk2 adjective
drunk3 noun
due2 adverb
dull1 adjective
dumb1 adjective
dump2 noun
dust2 verb
dusty adjective
dye1 noun
dye2 verb
dynamic adjective
eager adjective
eagle noun
earache noun
earnings noun
earthquake noun
ease1 noun
Easter noun
easygoing adjective
echo1 verb
echo2 noun
ecological adjective
ecology noun
economical adjective
economics noun
economist noun
edit verb
edition noun
editor noun
educate verb
educated adjective
educational adjective
effectively adverb
effectiveness noun

efficiency noun
efficiently adverb
elaborate1 adjective
elbow1 noun
elder1 adjective
elderly adjective
eldest adjective
electronics noun
elegant adjective
element noun
elementary adjective
elevator noun
eligible adjective
eliminate verb
embark verb
embarrass verb
embarrassment noun
embassy noun
embrace1 verb
emotional adjective
emperor noun
emphasis noun
emphasize verb
empire noun
employ verb
employer noun
employment noun
empty2 verb
enable verb
enclose verb
encounter1 noun
encounter2 verb
encouragement noun
encouraging adjective
ending noun
endless adjective
endure verb
energetic adjective
enforce verb
engaged adjective
engagement noun
engineering noun
enjoyable adjective
enjoyment noun
ensure verb
enterprise noun
entertain verb
entertaining adjective
enthusiasm noun
enthusiastic adjective
entrepreneur noun
entry noun
environmental adjective
epidemic noun
episode noun
equal2 verb
equality noun
equally adverb
equation noun
equip verb

equivalent1 adjective
equivalent2 noun
era noun
erase verb
erect1 verb
erosion noun
escalator noun
escape2 noun
essence noun
essential1 adjective
establish verb
established adjective
establishment noun
estimate1 verb
estimate2 noun
estimated adjective
etc. adverb
eternal adjective
ethic noun
ethical adjective
evaluate verb
evaluation noun
even2 adjective
eventual adjective
everyday adjective
evidence noun
evident adjective
evidently adverb
evil1 adjective
evil2 noun
evolve verb
exaggerate verb
exaggeration noun
examination noun
examine verb
exceed verb
excellence noun
exceptional adjective
excessive adjective
exchange1 noun
exchange2 verb
excite verb
excitement noun
exclaim verb
exclamation noun
exclude verb
excluding preposition
exclusive1 adjective
exclusively adverb
execute verb
execution noun
executive1 noun
executive2 adjective
exercise2 verb
exhausted adjective
exhausting adjective
exhibit1 verb
exhibit2 noun
exhibition noun
exile1 noun

existence noun
existing adjective
exit2 verb
exotic adjective
expand verb
expansion noun
expectation noun
expedition noun
expense noun
experience2 verb
experienced adjective
experiment2 verb
experimental adjective
expertise noun
explicit adjective
explicitly adverb
export1 noun
export2 verb
express1 verb
express2 adjective
extend verb
extended adjective
extension noun
extensive adjective
extent noun
exterior1 noun
exterior2 adjective
external adjective
extinct adjective
extra2 adverb
extra3 noun
extravagant adjective
extreme1 adjective
eyebrow noun
eyelid noun
fabric noun
fabulous adjective
facilitate verb
facility noun
factor1 noun
factual adjective
faculty noun
fade verb
faint1 adjective
faint2 verb
fair2 noun
fairness noun
fairy noun
faith noun
faithful adjective
fake1 noun
fake2 adjective
fame noun
familiar adjective
fan2 verb
fantasy1 noun
fare1 noun
farm2 verb
farming noun
fascinate verb

fascinated adjective
fascinating adjective
fasten verb
fatal adjective
fate noun
father-in-law noun
favor2 verb
favorable adjective
fear2 verb
feast1 noun
feature1 noun
feature2 verb
fee noun
feedback noun
feel2 noun
fellow1 adjective
ferry1 noun
fever noun
fiber noun
fiction noun
fierce adjective
fiercely adverb
fig noun
fighter noun
fighting noun
file2 verb
film2 verb
filter1 noun
final2 noun
finance1 noun
financial adjective
finding noun
fine3 noun
fine4 verb
finely adverb
finish2 noun
fire2 verb
firework noun
first aid noun
firstly adverb
fish2 verb
fisherman noun
fist noun
fit2 noun
fit3 adjective
fitness noun
fixed adjective
flame noun
flash1 verb
flash2 noun
flashlight noun
flat2 adverb
flee verb
fleet noun
flesh1 noun
flexible adjective
flick1 verb
flight attendant noun
fling1 verb
float1 verb

flock1 noun
flood1 verb
flood2 noun
flow2 noun
fluctuate verb
fluctuation noun
fluent adjective
fluid1 noun
flute noun
flying1 adjective
focus1 verb
focus2 noun
focused adjective
fog1 noun
foggy adjective
fold1 verb
fold2 noun
follower noun
following1 adjective
following2 preposition
fond adjective
fool1 noun
foolish adjective
footstep noun
for2 conjunction
forbid verb
forecast1 noun
forecast2 verb
foreground noun
forehead noun
foreigner noun
forge1 verb
forgive verb
former1 adjective
formerly adverb
formula noun
fort noun
fortunate adjective
fortunately adverb
fortune noun
forum noun
forward2 adjective
fossil noun
foul1 adjective
found2 verb
foundation noun
founder1 noun
fountain noun
fox noun
fraction noun
fragile adjective
fragment noun
framework noun
frank adjective
frankly adverb
fraud noun
freak1 noun
freak2 adjective
free3 verb
freely adverb

freezing noun
freight noun
frequency noun
frequent1 adjective
freshly adverb
freshman noun
friendship noun
fright noun
frighten verb
frightened adjective
frightening adjective
frontier noun
frost1 noun
frown1 verb
frown2 noun
frustrate verb
frustrated adjective
frustrating adjective
frustration noun
full-time adjective, adverb
fully adverb
fumes noun
function1 noun
function2 verb
functional adjective
fund1 noun
fund2 verb
fundamental1 adjective
fur noun
furious adjective
furnish verb
further2 adjective
furthermore adverb
gain2 noun
galaxy noun
gallery noun
gallop1 verb
gamble1 verb
gambling noun
gardener noun
garlic noun
gasoline noun
gasp1 verb
gasp2 noun
gathering noun
gay1 adjective
gay2 noun
gaze1 verb
gaze2 noun
gear1 noun
gee interjection
gene noun
generalization noun
generalize verb
generally adverb
generate verb
generator noun
generous adjective
genetic adjective
genius noun

gentle adjective
gently adverb
genuine adjective
genuinely adverb
germ noun
gesture1 noun
gigantic adjective
giggle1 verb
giggle2 noun
ginger noun
giraffe noun
glance1 verb
glance2 noun
glare1 verb
glimpse1 noun
global adjective
globalization noun
globally adverb
global warming noun
globe noun
gloomy adjective
glorious adjective
glory1 noun
glow1 verb
glow2 noun
goddess noun
golfer noun
goodness noun
goose noun
gorgeous adjective
gossip1 noun
gossip2 verb
govern verb
gown noun
grace1 noun
graceful adjective
gracefully adverb
grade2 verb
gradual adjective
grain noun
gram noun
grammatical adjective
grand1 adjective
grant1 noun
grasp1 verb
grateful adjective
grave1 noun
grave2 adjective
grave3 adjective
gravel noun
gravity noun
greatly adverb
greed noun
greedy adjective
greenhouse effect noun
greet verb
greeting noun
grief noun
grill1 verb
grill2 noun

grim adjective
grin1 verb
grin2 noun
grind1 verb
grip1 noun
grip2 verb
groceries noun
groom1 verb
groom2 noun
gross1 adjective
group2 verb
grown-up1 noun
grown-up2 adjective
guarantee1 verb
guarantee2 noun
guilt noun
gunman noun
gut1 noun
haircut noun
hairdresser noun
hairstyle noun
halfway adjective, adverb
hallway noun
halt1 verb
halt2 noun
hammer1 noun
hand2 verb
handful noun
handle2 noun
handout noun
handy adjective
hang2 verb
happily adverb
harbor1 noun
hardware noun
hard-working adjective
harm1 noun
harm2 verb
harmful adjective
harmony noun
harsh adjective
harvest1 noun
hate2 noun
hatred noun
haul1 verb
haunted adjective
hay noun
hazard1 noun
hazard2 verb
heading noun
headline noun
headquarters noun
heal verb
health care noun
heap1 noun
heart attack noun
heavily adverb
heir noun
hell noun
helping1 noun

helpless adjective
hen noun
herb noun
herd1 noun
hesitate verb
hesitation noun
hey interjection
hidden2 adjective
highlight1 verb
highlight2 noun
hike1 noun
hike2 verb
hiking noun
hilarious adjective
hint1 noun
hint2 verb
historian noun
historic adjective
historical adjective
holder noun
hollow1 adjective
home2 adverb
home3 adjective
homeless adjective
homesick adjective
honestly adverb
honesty noun
honeymoon noun
honor1 noun
honor2 verb
hood noun
hook2 verb
hop1 verb
hopeful adjective
hopeless adjective
horizon noun
horizontal adjective
hormone noun
horrified adjective
horror noun
hose1 noun
host2 verb
hostile adjective
hostility noun
household1 noun
household2 adjective
housework noun
housing noun
howl1 verb
howl2 noun
hug1 verb
hug2 noun
humid adjective
humor1 noun
humorous adjective
hunger1 noun
hunt2 noun
hunter noun
hunting noun
hurricane noun

hut noun
hypothesis noun
ideal1 adjective
ideal2 noun
identical adjective
identification noun
identify verb
identity noun
idiom noun
idiot noun
idol noun
ignorance noun
ignorant adjective
illustrate verb
illustration noun
image noun
imitate verb
imitation1 noun
immediate adjective
immense adjective
immigration noun
immune adjective
impact1 noun
implication noun
imply verb
import1 noun
import2 verb
impress verb
impressed adjective
impression noun
impressive adjective
improved adjective
impulse noun
inability noun
inaccurate adjective
inadequate adjective
inappropriate adjective
inbox noun
incentive noun
incident noun
income noun
income tax noun
incorrect adjective
increasing adjective
increasingly adverb
index1 noun
indicate verb
indication noun
indicator noun
indirect adjective
indirectly adverb
individual1 adjective
individual2 noun
individually adverb
indoor adjective
indoors adverb
indulge verb
industrial adjective
inevitable adjective
infant noun

infect verb
infection noun
inferior1 adjective
infinite adjective
infinitely adverb
infinitive noun
infinity noun
inflation noun
influential adjective
inform verb
inherit verb
initial1 adjective
initial2 noun
initially adverb
inject verb
injection noun
injured adjective
ink noun
inn noun
inner adjective
innocence noun
innocent adjective
innovation noun
inquiry noun
insane adjective
insist verb
inspect verb
inspection noun
inspector noun
inspiration noun
inspire verb
install verb
instance noun
instant1 adjective
instantly adverb
instinct noun
institute1 noun
institution noun
instruct verb
instructor noun
insult1 verb
insult2 noun
insulting adjective
insure verb
intact adjective
integrity noun
intellectual1 adjective
intellectual2 noun
intense adjective
intensely adverb
intensive adjective
intention noun
intentional adjective
intentionally adverb
interactive adjective
interfere verb
interference noun
interior1 noun
interior2 adjective
internal adjective

interruption noun
interval noun
interview2 verb
introductory adjective
invade verb
invasion noun
inventory noun
invest verb
investigate verb
investigation noun
investigator noun
investment noun
investor noun
invisible adjective
involvement noun
irrelevant adjective
irritate verb
irritated adjective
irritating adjective
isolated adjective
issue1 noun
issue2 verb
IT noun
item noun
jail2 verb
jam1 verb
jam2 noun
jaw noun
jazz1 noun
jealousy noun
jerk1 verb
jerk2 noun
jet1 noun
jewel noun
jog1 verb
jogging noun
joint1 adjective
journal noun
journalism noun
journey noun
judgment noun
judo noun
jug noun
juggle verb
junction noun
junior2 noun
jury noun
just2 adjective
justification noun
justified adjective
justify verb
karate noun
ketchup noun
kettle noun
key2 adjective
key3 verb
kick2 noun
kid2 verb
kidnap verb
kidney noun

killer1 noun
killing noun
kilo noun
kilogram noun
kilometer noun
kindly1 adverb
kindness noun
kingdom noun
kite noun
kneel verb
knit1 verb
knitting noun
knock2 noun
known2 adjective
labor1 noun
lacking adjective
landing noun
landlord noun
landowner noun
lap1 noun
largely adverb
laser noun
lastly adverb
launch1 verb
launch2 noun
lawsuit noun
lead3 noun
leadership noun
leaflet noun
leak2 noun
leap1 verb
leap2 noun
learner noun
learning noun
least2 adverb
leave2 noun
lecture2 verb
lecturer noun
left-hand adjective
left-handed adjective
legally adverb
legend noun
legendary adjective
leisure noun
lemonade noun
lens noun
lesser adjective
level2 adjective
level3 verb
liar noun
liberty noun
librarian noun
lifestyle noun
lifetime noun
lighting noun
lightly adverb
lightning1 noun
like4 adverb
like5 noun
likely2 adverb

lime noun
line2 verb
lipstick noun
liquid2 adjective
liquor noun
liter noun
literary adjective
litter1 noun
live2 adjective
live3 adverb
lively adjective
liver noun
living1 adjective
loan2 verb
lobster noun
locally adverb
locate verb
location noun
log1 noun
log2 verb
logic noun
logical adjective
loneliness noun
long3 verb
long-term adjective
loop1 noun
loser noun
lounge1 noun
lover noun
lower2 verb
loyal adjective
loyalty noun
luckily adverb
luggage noun
lump1 noun
lunchtime noun
lung noun
luxury noun
machinery noun
madness noun
magical adjective
magnet noun
magnificent adjective
maid noun
maintain verb
major2 noun
major3 verb
make2 noun
maker noun
makeup noun
mama noun
mammal noun
management noun
mandatory adjective
mankind noun
mansion noun
manual1 adjective
manual2 noun
manufacture1 verb
manufacturer noun

marble noun
march1 verb
march2 noun
margarine noun
margin noun
marine1 noun
marker noun
masculine adjective
mass1 noun
mass2 adjective
massacre1 noun
massage noun
master1 noun
master2 verb
masterpiece noun
mat noun
mate1 noun
mattress noun
mature1 adjective
meaningful adjective
meaningless adjective
meantime noun
measurement noun
mechanic noun
mechanical adjective
melon noun
membership noun
memorable adjective
memorial1 noun
mentally adverb
mention2 noun
mentor noun
mercy noun
merely adverb
merge verb
merit1 noun
metaphor noun
meter noun
methodology noun
microphone noun
microscope noun
middle-aged adjective
middle-class adjective
mighty1 adjective
mild adjective
mill1 noun
millimeter noun
millionaire noun
mine2 noun
mineral noun
miniature1 adjective
minister noun
minor2 noun
mint1 noun
miracle noun
misery noun
misleading adjective
missing adjective
mist1 noun
mistake2 verb

misty adjective
misunderstand verb
misunderstanding noun
mix2 noun
mixed adjective
moan1 verb
mob1 noun
mobile1 adjective
model2 adjective
moderate1 adjective
modest adjective
modify verb
moisture noun
molecule noun
momentum noun
monitor1 noun
monitor2 verb
monopoly noun
monster noun
monthly adjective, adverb
monument noun
moral1 adjective
moral2 noun
morality noun
moreover adverb
mosquito noun
moth noun
mother-in-law noun
motion1 noun
motivate verb
motivated adjective
motivation noun
motive noun
motor1 noun
motor2 adjective
mount1 verb
mount2 noun
movie star noun
moving adjective
mud noun
muddy1 adjective
mug1 noun
multiple1 adjective
mumble verb
murderer noun
murmur1 verb
muscular adjective
musical2 noun
mustard noun
mutter verb
mutual adjective
naive adjective
namely adverb
nap noun
narrow2 verb
nationality noun
nationally adverb
nationwide1 adverb
nationwide2 adjective
native1 adjective

native2 noun
native speaker noun
naturally adverb
naughty adjective
navy noun
neatly adverb
necktie noun
neglect1 verb
neglect2 noun
negotiate verb
negotiation noun
neighboring adjective
nerve noun
nervously adverb
nest1 noun
neutral1 adjective
nevertheless adverb
newsletter noun
nicely adverb
nickname noun
nightmare noun
nitrogen noun
noble1 adjective
nod1 verb
nod2 noun
nominate verb
nomination noun
nonetheless adverb
nonfiction noun
nonsense noun
normality noun
northeast1 noun
northeast2 adjective, adverb
northwest1 noun
northwest2 adjective, adverb
note2 verb
noticeable adjective
notify verb
notion noun
novel2 adjective
novelist noun
now2 conjunction
nowadays adverb
nuclear adjective
nuisance noun
numb1 adjective
number2 verb
numerous adjective
nursery noun
nylon noun
oak noun
object2 verb
objection noun
objective1 noun
oblige verb
obscure1 adjective
observe verb
observer noun
obsolete adjective
obstacle noun

obtain verb
occasion noun
occasional adjective
occupational adjective
occupy verb
odds noun
offend verb
offender noun
offense1 noun
offense2 noun
oh interjection
olive noun
olive oil noun
omit verb
one another pronoun
only3 conjunction
onward1 adverb
opening1 noun
opening2 adjective
opera noun
operational adjective
operator noun
oppose verb
opposed adjective
opposite2 noun
opposite3 preposition, adverb
opposition noun
optimism noun
optimistic adjective
option noun
optional adjective
orchard noun
orchestra noun
organ noun
organic adjective
organized adjective
original2 noun
otherwise adverb
outcome noun
outdoor adjective
outdoors adverb
outer adjective
outfit1 noun
outline1 noun
outline2 verb
outstanding adjective
overall1 adjective
overall2 adverb
overcome verb
overhead1 adjective, adverb
overlook verb
overnight1 adverb
overnight2 adjective
overturn verb
overweight adjective
overwhelm verb
overwhelming adjective
owl noun
ownership noun
oxygen noun

pa noun
pace1 noun
packed adjective
paid verb
palace noun
pale1 adjective
palm1 noun
panic1 noun
panic2 verb
parade1 noun
paradise noun
parallel1 noun
parallel2 adjective
paraphrase1 verb
paraphrase2 noun
parcel1 noun
pardon1 verb
pardon2 noun
parenthesis noun
parrot1 noun
partial adjective
partially adverb
participant noun
participation noun
participle noun
particle noun
particular2 noun
partnership noun
part of speech noun
part-time adjective, adverb
passage noun
passion noun
passionate adjective
passive1 adjective
passive2 noun
passport noun
paste1 noun
paste2 verb
pastry noun
pat1 verb
patch1 noun
pathetic adjective
patience noun
patiently adverb
patrol1 verb
patrol2 noun
paw1 noun
PC1 noun
peaceful adjective
peak1 noun
pearl noun
peculiar adjective
pedal1 noun
pedestrian1 noun
peel1 verb
peel2 noun
peer1 noun
peer2 verb
penalty noun
penetrate verb

penguin noun
penny noun
pension noun
perfection noun
performer noun
perfume noun
permanent adjective
permanently adverb
permit2 noun
persist verb
personnel noun
perspective noun
persuasive adjective
pessimism noun
pessimistic adjective
petition1 noun
petty adjective
phase1 noun
phenomenon noun
philosopher noun
philosophical adjective
phone2 verb
photocopy1 noun
photocopy2 verb
photograph2 verb
photographer noun
photographic adjective
photography noun
physically adverb
physician noun
pick2 noun
picture2 verb
pier noun
pigeon noun
pile2 verb
pillar noun
pin2 verb
pine1 noun
pint noun
pioneer1 noun
pioneer2 verb
pipeline noun
pirate1 noun
pistol noun
pit1 noun
pitch1 verb
pitch2 noun
pity1 noun
pity2 verb
place2 verb
plagiarism noun
plagiarize verb
plaid1 adjective
plain2 noun
platform noun
plea noun
plead verb
pleasant adjective
pledge1 noun
pledge2 verb

plot1 noun
plot2 verb
plum noun
plumber noun
plunge1 verb
plus2 conjunction
plus3 adjective, adverb
plus4 noun
podcast1 noun
poetic adjective
pointed adjective
point of view noun
poison1 noun
poison2 verb
poisonous adjective
poke verb
policeman noun
policy noun
politely adverb
politeness noun
poll1 noun
poll2 verb
pollute verb
pollution noun
pond noun
pony1 noun
poorly adverb
popularity noun
portable adjective
portion1 noun
portrait noun
portray verb
position2 verb
positively adverb
possess verb
possession noun
possibility noun
possibly adverb
post1 noun
post2 verb
postpone verb
potential1 adjective
potential2 noun
potentially adverb
pottery noun
poverty noun
powder1 noun
power2 verb
powerfully adverb
practically adverb
preach verb
precaution noun
precede verb
precious1 adjective
precise adjective
precisely adverb
predictable adjective
prediction noun
preference noun
pregnancy noun

pregnant adjective
prejudice1 noun
prejudiced adjective
premature adjective
premier1 adjective
premium noun
prepared adjective
prescribe verb
prescription noun
presence noun
presentation noun
presently adverb
preservation noun
preserve1 verb
press2 noun
presume verb
prevention noun
previously adverb
prey1 noun
price2 verb
primarily adverb
primary1 adjective
primary2 noun
primitive adjective
principal1 noun
principal2 adjective
principle noun
print2 noun
printed adjective
privilege noun
privileged adjective
pro noun
probability noun
probable adjective
problematic adjective
procedure noun
proceed verb
processor noun
produce2 noun
professional2 noun
profile1 noun
profitable adjective
profound adjective
progress2 verb
prohibit verb
prolong verb
prominent adjective
promising adjective
promote verb
promotion noun
prompt1 verb
prone adjective
proof noun
propaganda noun
properly adverb
prophet noun
proportion noun
proposal noun
propose verb
protein noun

protest1 noun
protest2 verb
protester noun
proudly adverb
provided conjunction
provider noun
providing conjunction
province noun
provoke verb
P.S. noun
psychological adjective
psychologist noun
publicity noun
publicly adverb
publisher noun
pudding noun
pulse1 noun
pump1 noun
pump2 verb
pun noun
punch2 noun
punctual adjective
punctuation noun
punctuation mark noun
puppet noun
purchase1 verb
purely adverb
pursue verb
pursuit noun
push2 noun
puzzle2 verb
puzzled adjective
puzzling adjective
pyramid noun
qualified adjective
qualify verb
qualitative adjective
quantitative adjective
quantity noun
query1 noun
questionnaire noun
quilt noun
quota noun
quotation noun
quote1 verb
quote2 noun
racial adjective
racism noun
racist1 adjective
racist2 noun
rack1 noun
radiator noun
radical1 adjective
raft noun
rag1 noun
rage1 noun
raid1 noun
raid2 verb
railroad1 noun
rainbow noun

raincoat noun
raise2 noun
rally1 noun
ram1 verb
ranch noun
random adjective
range2 verb
rapid adjective
rapidly adverb
rate2 verb
rating noun
ratio noun
rattle1 verb
ray noun
re preposition
reach2 noun
reactor noun
real estate noun
realism noun
realistic adjective
reality noun
rear1 noun
rear2 adjective
reason2 verb
reasonably adverb
reassure verb
rebel1 noun
rebellion noun
recall1 verb
reception noun
receptionist noun
recommendation noun
recorder noun
recording noun
recover verb
recovery noun
recreation noun
recruit1 verb
recycle verb
recycling noun
redo verb
reduction noun
refer verb
referee1 noun
reference noun
reflection noun
reform1 verb
reform2 noun
refreshment noun
refugee noun
refund1 noun
refund2 verb
refusal noun
regain verb
regard1 noun
regard2 verb
regarding preposition
regardless adverb
regional adjective
register1 noun

register2 verb
registration noun
regret1 verb
regret2 noun
regulation noun
rehearsal noun
rehearse verb
reinforce verb
reject1 verb
rejection noun
relate verb
relative2 adjective
relatively adverb
relaxation noun
relaxing adjective
release2 noun
relevance noun
relevant adjective
reliable adjective
relief noun
relieved adjective
relocate verb
reluctant adjective
reluctantly adverb
remaining adjective
remains noun
remark1 noun
remarkable adjective
remarkably adverb
remedy1 noun
reminder noun
remote adjective
removal noun
renew verb
renewal noun
repair1 noun
repair2 verb
repay verb
repayment noun
repeat2 noun
repeatedly adverb
repetition noun
replace verb
replacement noun
representative1 noun
representative2 adjective
republic noun
republican1 adjective
republican2 noun
requirement noun
rescue1 verb
rescue2 noun
research2 verb
researcher noun
resemblance noun
resemble verb
reserve1 verb
reserve2 noun
reservoir noun
resident1 noun

resign verb
resignation noun
resist verb
resistance noun
resolve1 verb
resort1 noun
resource noun
respectable adjective
respond verb
response noun
restore verb
restrict verb
restriction noun
result2 verb
retain verb
retire verb
retired adjective
retirement noun
reunion noun
reveal verb
revenge1 noun
revenue noun
reverse1 verb
revise verb
revolution noun
reward2 verb
rhyme1 verb
rhyme2 noun
rhythm noun
rib1 noun
rid1 adjective
rider noun
ridge noun
ridiculous adjective
rifle1 noun
right4 verb
right-hand adjective
right-handed adjective
rightly adverb
rigid adjective
rim noun
rinse1 verb
riot1 noun
rip1 verb
ripe adjective
risky adjective
ritual1 noun
rival1 noun
rival2 adjective
roar1 verb
roar2 noun
roast1 verb
roast2 noun
roast3 adjective
rob verb
robber noun
robbery noun
robe noun
robot noun
rock2 verb

rod noun
role noun
role model noun
romance noun
romantic1 adjective
room2 verb
roommate noun
rot1 verb
rotten adjective
round2 noun
round3 verb
routine1 noun
routine2 adjective
row2 verb
royal adjective
rubber noun
ruin1 verb
ruin2 noun
rumor noun
runner noun
runway noun
rural adjective
rush2 noun
rush hour noun
sack1 noun
sacred adjective
sacrifice1 noun
sacrifice2 verb
saddle1 noun
sadly adverb
safely adverb
sail1 verb
sail2 noun
sailor noun
saint noun
sake noun
salesman noun
salesperson noun
salmon noun
salon noun
sample2 verb
sanctuary noun
sandal noun
satellite noun
satisfaction noun
satisfactory adjective
satisfy verb
satisfying adjective
saucepan noun
saucer noun
saving noun
saw2 noun
saw3 verb
say2 noun
saying noun
scan1 verb
scandal noun
scar1 noun
scarce adjective
scarcely adverb

scarf1 noun
scatter verb
scenery noun
scent noun
scheme1 noun
scholar noun
scholarship noun
science fiction noun
scooter noun
scout1 noun
scramble1 verb
scrap1 noun
scrape1 verb
scratch2 noun
screw2 verb
script noun
scrub1 verb
sculpture noun
seal1 noun
seal2 verb
search engine noun
seat2 verb
secondly adverb
secretly adverb
secure1 adjective
security noun
seize verb
seizure noun
seldom adverb
selfish adjective
semicolon noun
seminar noun
senator noun
senior2 noun
senior citizen noun
sensation noun
sense2 verb
sensible adjective
sensitivity noun
sentence2 verb
sentimental adjective
separate2 verb
separately adverb
separation noun
sequel noun
sequence noun
sergeant noun
servant noun
server noun
service2 verb
session noun
settlement noun
settler noun
severely adverb
sewing noun
sexual adjective
sexuality noun
sexually adverb
shade1 noun
shake2 noun

shareholder noun
shark noun
sharply adverb
shatter verb
shed1 noun
shed2 verb
sheer adjective
shelter1 noun
sheriff noun
shield1 noun
shield2 verb
shift1 verb
shift2 noun
shiny adjective
ship2 verb
shiver1 verb
short2 adverb
shortage noun
short-term adjective
shove verb
shovel1 noun
shovel2 verb
shrimp noun
shrink1 verb
shrug verb
shut2 adjective
shuttle1 noun
sickness noun
siege noun
sigh1 verb
sigh2 noun
sightseeing noun
signal2 verb
signature noun
significance noun
significant adjective
significantly adverb
silk noun
similarity noun
similarly adverb
sin1 noun
sincere adjective
sincerely adverb
single2 noun
sip1 verb
site2 verb
situated adjective
skate1 noun
skate2 verb
skateboard noun
skeleton noun
sketch1 noun
sketch2 verb
ski1 noun
ski2 verb
skilled adjective
skinny adjective
skip verb
skull noun
slab noun

slam1 verb
slash1 verb
slash2 noun
slave1 noun
slavery noun
sleeve noun
slice2 verb
slide2 noun
slim1 adjective
slip2 noun
slippery adjective
slogan noun
slope1 noun
slope2 verb
smash1 verb
smog noun
smoker noun
smooth2 verb
smoothly adverb
snatch1 verb
sneak1 verb
sniff verb
snowman noun
snowstorm noun
soak verb
soar verb
sob verb
sober1 adjective
so-called adjective
social networking noun
socket noun
soft drink noun
soften verb
softly adverb
solar adjective
sole1 adjective
solely adverb
solo1 noun
someday adverb
someplace adverb
sophisticated adjective
sophomore noun
soul noun
sound3 adjective
southeast1 noun
southeast2 adjective, adverb
southwest1 noun
southwest2 adjective, adverb
souvenir noun
sow1 verb
space2 verb
spacious adjective
spade noun
spare1 adjective
spare2 verb
spark1 noun
sparkle verb
specialist noun
specialize verb
specially adverb

species noun
specific adjective
specifically adverb
specimen noun
spectacular1 adjective
spectator noun
speculation noun
spell2 noun
spending noun
sphere noun
spice1 noun
spine noun
spiritual1 adjective
spit1 verb
spite1 noun
splash2 noun
splendid adjective
split2 noun
spoken2 adjective
spokesman noun
spokesperson noun
spokeswoman noun
sponge1 noun
sponsor1 noun
sponsor2 verb
sponsorship noun
spot2 verb
spread2 noun
spring2 verb
sprinkle1 verb
spy1 noun
spy2 verb
squad noun
squared adjective
squash1 verb
squash2 noun
squeak verb
squirrel noun
stability noun
stable1 adjective
stable2 noun
stack1 noun
stack2 verb
stagger1 verb
stain1 verb
stain2 noun
staircase noun
stake1 noun
stale adjective
stall1 noun
stamp2 verb
staple1 noun
star2 verb
stare1 verb
stare2 noun
startle verb
starve verb
starving adjective
state2 verb
statistic noun

statue noun
status noun
stay2 noun
steadily adverb
steady1 adjective
steam1 noun
steam2 verb
steel1 noun
steep1 adjective
steer1 verb
steering wheel noun
stem1 noun
stepfather noun
stepmother noun
stereotype1 noun
stew1 noun
stiff1 adjective
stimulate verb
sting1 verb
sting2 noun
stink1 verb
stitch1 noun
stock1 noun
stock2 verb
stock market noun
stolen verb
storage noun
storm2 verb
stove noun
straighten verb
straightforward adjective
strain1 noun
strain2 verb
strand noun
strangely adverb
stranger noun
strap1 noun
strategy noun
straw noun
streak1 noun
stream1 noun
strengthen verb
stressful adjective
stretch2 noun
strict adjective
strictly adverb
striking adjective
strip2 verb
stripe noun
striped adjective
stroke1 noun
stroke2 verb
structure1 noun
struggle1 verb
struggle2 noun
stubborn adjective
stuck2 adjective
stuffed adjective
stumble verb
submarine noun

submit verb
subsection noun
substantial adjective
substantially adverb
substitute1 noun
substitute2 verb
subtle adjective
suburb noun
subway noun
successfully adverb
successor noun
sue verb
suffering noun
sufficient adjective
suicide noun
suitable adjective
suite noun
sum1 noun
sum2 verb
summarize verb
summary1 noun
summit noun
summon verb
sunlight noun
sunrise noun
sunset noun
sunshine noun
superb adjective
superior1 adjective
superstition noun
supervise verb
supervision noun
supervisor noun
supreme adjective
surely adverb
surf1 verb
surfing noun
surgeon noun
surgery noun
surplus1 noun
surplus2 adjective
surprisingly adverb
surrender1 verb
surrender2 noun
surrounding adjective
surroundings noun
survey1 noun
survival noun
survivor noun
suspect1 verb
suspend verb
suspicion noun
suspicious adjective
swallow1 verb
swap verb
sway1 verb
swear verb
sweetheart noun
swell1 verb
swim2 noun

swing2 noun
sword noun
syllable noun
symbol noun
sympathetic adjective
sympathy noun
symptom noun
synonym noun
systematic adjective
tablespoon noun
tablet noun
tackle1 verb
tactic noun
tailor1 noun
takeover noun
talented adjective
talkative adjective
tap1 verb
tap2 noun
tape2 verb
tasty adjective
taxation noun
taxi1 noun
taxpayer noun
teaching noun
team2 verb
teammate noun
teamwork noun
tease1 verb
teaspoon noun
technically adverb
technician noun
technique noun
technological adjective
teen noun
teenage adjective
telephone2 verb
telescope noun
temper1 noun
temple noun
temporarily adverb
tempt verb
temptation noun
tempting adjective
tend verb
tendency noun
tender1 adjective
tense1 adjective
tense2 noun
tension noun
terminal1 adjective
terminal2 noun
terminate verb
terrace noun
terribly adverb
terrific adjective
terrified adjective
terrify verb
terrifying adjective
territory noun

terror noun
terrorism noun
terrorist1 noun
terrorist2 adjective
texture noun
theft noun
theme noun
therapist noun
therapy noun
thermometer noun
thesis noun
thickness noun
thief noun
thigh noun
thin2 verb
thinking noun
thinly adverb
thirst noun
thorn noun
thorough adjective
thoroughly adverb
thoughtful adjective
thoughtfully adverb
thread1 noun
threat noun
threaten verb
three-quarters noun
thrill1 noun
thrill2 verb
thrilled adjective
thriller noun
thrive verb
throne noun
throw2 noun
thrust1 verb
thunder1 noun
thunderstorm noun
thus adverb
tick1 verb
tickle1 verb
tide1 noun
tighten verb
tightly adverb
tile noun
timber noun
timing noun
tin noun
tip2 verb
tire2 verb
toast1 noun
tobacco noun
toll1 noun
tone1 noun
top3 verb
torch1 noun
toss verb
total3 verb
tour1 noun
tour2 verb
tourism noun

tournament noun
tower1 noun
toxic adjective
trace1 verb
trace2 noun
track2 verb
tractor noun
trade1 noun
trade2 verb
trader noun
trading noun
traditionally adverb
traffic jam noun
tragedy noun
tragic adjective
trail1 verb
trail2 noun
trailer noun
trainee noun
traitor noun
transfer1 verb
transfer2 noun
transform verb
transformation noun
translator noun
transmit verb
transparent adjective
transport verb
transportation noun
trap1 noun
trap2 verb
traveler noun
tray noun
treasure1 noun
treaty noun
tremble verb
tremendous adjective
trench noun
trend noun
tribe noun
tribute noun
tricky adjective
trim1 verb
trip2 verb
triple1 adjective
triple2 verb
triumph1 noun
trivial adjective
trophy noun
tropical adjective
trouble2 verb
trousers noun
truly adverb
trumpet1 noun
tuck1 verb
tug1 verb
tuition noun
tumble verb
tuna noun
turtle noun

twin2 adjective
twist1 verb
twisted adjective
typically adverb
ultimate1 adjective
ultimately adverb
umbrella noun
umpire noun
unacceptable adjective
unbelievable adjective
uncertain adjective
unclear adjective
unconscious1 adjective
uncover verb
undergo verb
undergraduate1 noun
undergraduate2 adjective
underground adjective, adverb
underline verb
understandable adjective
understanding1 noun
undertake verb
undo verb
undoubtedly adverb
uneasy adjective
unemployed adjective
unemployment noun
unequal adjective
unexpected adjective
unexpectedly adverb
unfair adjective
unfamiliar adjective
unfinished adjective
unfortunate adjective
unfriendly adjective
unhappiness noun
unhealthy adjective
union noun
united adjective
universal adjective
universe noun
unkind adjective
unknown1 adjective
unlimited adjective
unload verb
unlock verb
unnecessary adjective
unpaid adjective
unpleasant adjective
unpopular adjective
unreasonable adjective
unsafe adjective
unsuccessful adjective
unsure adjective
unusually adverb
unwanted adjective
unwilling adjective
upgrade verb
upon preposition
upside down adjective, adverb

up-to-date adjective
upward1 adjective
upward2 adverb
urban adjective
urge1 verb
urge2 noun
urgent adjective
urgently adverb
usage noun
used2 adjective
usefulness noun
useless adjective
utility noun
utilize verb
utterly adverb
vacant adjective
vacuum1 noun
vacuum2 verb
vacuum cleaner noun
vague adjective
vain adjective
valid adjective
value2 verb
vanish verb
variable1 adjective
variable2 noun
variation noun
varied adjective
vase noun
vast adjective
vegetarian1 noun
vegetarian2 adjective
vein noun
velvet noun
venue noun
verbal adjective
verdict noun
verse noun
versus preposition
vertical adjective
very2 adjective
vest noun
vet noun
veteran noun
via preposition
viable adjective
vice president noun
vicious adjective
victim noun
view2 verb
viewer noun
viewpoint noun
vinegar noun
violate verb
violently adverb
violin noun
virtual adjective
virus noun
visa noun
visible adjective

vision noun
visual1 adjective
vital adjective
vitamin noun
vivid adjective
voice2 verb
volcano noun
volt noun
voluntary adjective
volunteer1 verb
vomit1 verb
vomit2 noun
voter noun
voucher noun
vow1 noun
vow2 verb
vowel noun
voyage noun
vulnerable adjective
wade verb
wagon noun
wait2 noun
walker noun
wallpaper noun
wander verb
warehouse noun
warm2 verb
warmth noun
warrior noun
wary adjective
wash2 noun
wasp noun
waste3 adjective
water2 verb
waterfall noun
watt noun
way2 adverb
way of life noun
weaken verb
weakness noun
wealth noun
wealthy adjective
web page noun
weed1 noun
weekly adjective
weep verb
welcome4 noun
welfare noun
well4 noun
well-known adjective
wet2 verb
whatsoever adverb
wheat noun
wheelchair noun
whereabouts1 adverb
whereas conjunction
whereby adverb
whichever determiner, pronoun
whip1 noun
whip2 verb

whisker noun
whiskey noun
whoops interjection
wicked adjective
widely adverb
widen verb
widespread adjective
widow noun
width noun
Wi-Fi noun
wig noun
wilderness noun
wildlife noun
wildly adverb
willingness noun
windshield noun
wink1 verb
wink2 noun
wireless adjective
wisdom noun
wit noun
witch noun
withdraw verb
withstand verb
witness1 noun
witness2 verb
witty adjective
wizard noun
wonder2 noun
working-class adjective
work of art noun
workplace noun
workshop noun
worldwide1 adjective
worldwide2 adverb
worm1 noun
worrying adjective
worship1 verb
worship2 noun
worthwhile adjective
worthy adjective
wound1 noun
wound2 verb
wounded adjective
wow1 interjection
wrap2 noun
wreck1 verb
wreck2 noun
wrestle verb
written verb
wrong3 noun
wrongly adverb
X-ray1 noun
yacht noun
yawn1 verb
yawn2 noun
yearly adjective, adverb
yell verb
yield1 verb
yummy adjective

zone noun