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Anniversary Special

No. 6/2008



November- December 2008


…for many months I had been penning, publishing
and distributing this small pamphlet as my own
individual small contribution towards creation of
rhythm and natural order in our highly chaotic world.
Success is too-too far deceptive goal, I understand.
The idea of my small effort is creation of awareness
and understanding of one’s inner and outer reality.
…there is perceptive difference between
understanding of spiritualism and spirituality. While
the former is object of logic and reasoning, the
latter is an object of one’s own individual subjective
action. The spiritualism is a theme of consideration
and learning by the intellect and spirituality is
something to be accomplished by the heart.
…these two ostensibly similar terms may take the
spiritualist and spiritual unknowingly towards a
contradictory position. Most of the times, the
spiritualist the knowledgeable, and spiritual the
practiser are at the loggerheads with each other.
Each of them claims to know a bit more spirituality
than the other. It is often said that one who speaks
about spirituality knows nothing of it and one who
knows the spirituality speaks nothing of it. Although
there may not be any documented validation of this
vague statement.
-The True Self
…but there had been great minds of times who were
adept both at knowledge and practice of spirituality.
They were the men who changed the course of the world.
….Buddha was one. He enlightened himself through spiritual practices, yet while he
spoke the world heard it spellbound. He spoke of human suffering. He spoke about
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Unattached am I, unattached am I, ever free from attachment of any kind; I am of the
nature of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. I am the very Self, indestructible and ever
- Adishankaracharya

Pure physicality
Pure movement of awareness
within the body
within the brain
within the neurons.
no influence
religious or dogmatic
psychological or spiritual
no preformed opinion of
no guidance
no conclusion
intense questioning
intense effort
intense need to find
till one is very near to
to cross the borders
till one is very near to the
pure intelligence within
till one is very near to have
an INSIGHT !!!

ending of suffering. And there were many others e.g. Mohammad, Nanak and many
others. They changed the course of human psychic evolution by their power of
…. Adishankaracharya, an equally eloquent figure and an 8 th century ascetic formally
divided the spiritual practices into those of duality and non-duality. The very naming of
reality as God, giving it a character, reducing it to mere name, verbalising this name till
mind becomes dull and conditioned, results in creation of duality that makes man and
God as separate entities. We then assign it a form, separate it from other forms, make
it permanent, limit its flux till the very name of God starts occupying a separate space
in the mind. Such duality between man and God and is never helpful in creation of human
divinity. Shankara was proponent of Advaita- the non-duality. He turned away from all
the dual practices like performance of yajanas and erecting statues in the temples.
Praggyanam Brahma. Human awareness or consciousness is the God, he preached.
….duality exists only in the physical and psychological world inherited by us from the
chain of life sequences. Extension of this duality into the spiritual world had created
havoc into our world. We have started considering the religious places the only viable
means to reach God. This had made these places a separate house of power, a source of
tyranny only next to political and economical tyranny.
–Dr.Swaran J. [Bulletin Editor]
Dwaita Vs. Adwaita
The very naming of reality as GOD
verbalizing this name till
mind becomes dull and conditioned
giving it a character
reducing it to mere concept
giving it a definite form
separating it from other forms
making it permanent
limiting its flux
making it an object
praying before this object
daily repetitions of all this
and more like this
till the very name of God
starts occupying a space in mind
as separate from rest of the mind
This all is creation of
Dwaita, the duality
Its opposite is
Adwaita, the non-duality
Simply which means
Oneness with God
Oneness with reality
-The True Self

For there is a sphere,
where there isneither earth nor water
light nor air
neither infinity of space
nor infinity of consciousness
nor nothingness
nor perception
nor absence of perception
neither this world
nor that world
both sun and moon
I call thisneither coming nor going
neither motion nor rest
neither death nor birth
It is without stability
without procession
without a footing
That is the end of sorrow

Cosmic classroom-I-IV

Dr. Swaran J.

The Cosmic Classroom
To the readers….

appreciated directly, in
opposition to the
functions of the mind.
The innate apprehension
of the parts have now
come true when they
realize that they are
being guided by two
souls- Nous- the mind or
thinking soul and
Psyche- the nonthinking soul or the
animal soul or
- Editor

You have been reading
the serialized story of
the cosmic classroom
for the last few months.
As an anniversary
celebration gesture
‘The True Self’ presents
whole of the series
published till date. The
theatre of the ‘Class
Room’ has now entered
the crucial phase where
the functions of
consciousness are

Cosmic Roll-call
“First of all I’m marking presence of my own”, said consciousness, “let all other parts come to
me and mark their presence.”
There was a warm glee on some of the faces. Alert as they always are keenly attended the
next good thing coming from the mouth of all-pervasive-one. They are always nervous hence
is their name. Like a watchman they attend the gates of senses.
Many others simply raised their heads momentarily and returned to their business as usual.
Their present job demand more alertness than the roll-call.
A good population of others didn’t raise the head even. They remained busy in their work.
Consciousness as if addressing to them said, “Doing work diligently is good enough for the
integrity of one you work for- the human body in the present case; but more necessary is to
be conscious of doing. I’m here not to obstruct or boost your work. Don’t die over-burdened.
By remaining conscious you’ll keep informing the body about your stress through nervous
signals. This will also keep your batteries charged”.
There was warm clatter in the class-room.
“O Kay! Let’s start, who’s there?”
“Cells of digestive tract; he recently had the large meal, so we are busy.”
“Yeah! Buck-up. Did you have rest?”
“During rest we work more. We are made like that.”
“O Kay! Who’s behind?”
“The blood-cells, the heart, arteries, veins…”
“Are you busy too?”
“Why you ask? Who’ll carry the digested material?”
“O Kay! -the next?”
“The metabolic machinery.”

“Yeah! Man creates his death-bed by overburdening us. The stress he creates causes us to
dysfunction a lot.”
“Remain alert- your function is to maintain the integrity of the body. O Kay! Next?”
“The endocrines.”
And roll-call went on. It was about to finish when consciousness saw a dim silhouette of
someone listening attentively.
“Who’s there?”
“It’s me – the mind,” said he as if waken up suddenly.
“Never mind, who are you?”
“Me? How can I define myself? For centuries people tried defining me but were never
“O Kay! What do you do?”
“I think. I understand. I will. I sense. I imagine. I...I…” perhaps he had a long list of his duties.
“Wait, one by one. Don’t be over smart.”
“Yeah- the first thing, I think.”
“So that is you who have created mess in the brain. Most of your work is un-necessary.”
There was loud laughter in the class-room.
“I understand.”
“Again an un-necessary task, I’m more for realization than understanding. You understand by
making concepts. I understand, I mean I realize by direct perception. You do pre-monition to
prepare yourself against danger. But I am always prepared. Because of you man has gained
intellectuality but lost intuition. What else?”
“I reason.”
“So you believe in short-cuts to intellect. Most of your reasons are old and stale concluded
“I will- that is I make desires.”
“Not you. These are demands of body- the nerves, the brain. You simply make the strong
desires more conditioned.”
“I imagine.”
“That perhaps is most perfect thing you do. That is why you always remain away from the real
things, always lost in dreams.”
“So please, mark my presence.”
“I can’t. You don’t have any physical existence. I do not recognize you.”
“But they say – I’m you. As you are always sleeping so I function in your absence,” said mind
Again a loud laughter ensued in the classroom.
“Interesting, but listen- I never sleep. I never remain absent. You are quite mistaken.”
“But I have had the most powerful presence since centuries. I have created libraries of
knowledge with my thoughts, created techniques for development, created tools of pleasure.”
“Created conflicts! Created wars!! Created chaos!!!” consciousness teased.
“But I have created values too,” wept the mind.
“Okay. What values?”
“For centuries I have been busy in creating values for man’s meaningful existence.”
“Name a few?”
“For that I’ll have to move to my memory library.”
“For what?”
“For getting some reference.”
“Okay. Go.”
Mind moved to the memory, remained there for some time and returned again. There was no
class-room – no consciousness- no roll-call. Everything had shifted with the shifting of the
moment. That moment was precious one when the mind had for once contacted with the

consciousness- that too with the good grace of consciousness and not because of his own
accord. Now that moment was in his memory. Great engineer as he is, he will strive the
hardest to tell to the world in the loudest terms how it is to be with the consciousness.

Who Governs us…?
“This is all too bad!”
“This shouldn’t have happened!!”
There was some uneasy murmur at some benches on one side of the classroom. The
perturbed voices became loud with every passing moment and then unexpectedly escalated
to an open rebellion.
“This is sheer dictatorship!”
“We won’t tolerate!!”
“Down with the consciousness!!!”
The class-room was now in utter chaos. A small troubled part of the class-room had disturbed
the whole class.
“What this is all about,” a part asked his neighbor.
“There were some arguments between consciousness and mind over the physical existence
of the latter. Mind argued that he had been present and guiding man since centuries. And you
know Ma’m simply refused to acknowledge that and didn’t mark his presence,” said his fellow.
“What is bad in it? Mind is merely a fuzzy teacher in the classroom. After all we are under the
mastery of consciousness,” said the former.
“Oye! Be hidden! Don’t raise your ugly head. Mind is our teacher, guide and master. We do
not know any other master.”
“But master is there. You just have referred to her as Ma’m.”
“I do not deny her presence. I deny her mastery over us.”
“Why so?”
“It is the mind that governs the body. He wills for the action first. Body simply complies with
the will. We the parts function to execute the will. Without the will of the mind we may be
conscious but dead, dead for want of action.”
“But that may not be true. There are actions that emerge directly from consciousness. They
are spontaneous and do not require involvement of mind. I do not deny the willing by the
mind too. But that is only the first step. After that this is the consciousness that guides further.
It coordinates the activity of all the parts. It senses the resistance of the environment. It
senses the danger. It may even kill the will.”
“Will cannot be killed, mind you! Mind will devise the ways to fulfill the will in future.”
“Yeah! Mind will act stealthily to enact the will.”
“What is bad in it?”
“Not bad! But this type of action has been flag marked with that famous word- cowardice”
“You mean that mind is a coward.”
“You silly old chap of pre-modern times! You know nothing about postmodern irrationality of
thought or dissolution of absolute values or blurring of divisions between good and bad.”
“And you the postmodern fool! One day you will be lost in these fast moving terminologies
that you won’t be able to find even yourself. I am sorry for my bad mouth. But I tell you, my
dear, if you are willing to get my point, the will for action when it arises from the mind is
procedural and well planned while the same will arising from consciousness spontaneous
and unadulterated by thoughts….”
“But will is the same, what does it matter- let it be arising from mind or consciousness.”
“But it should matter. Methodological and well planned will arising from mind, binds the mind
to its end result i.e. its outcome. In the event of failure mind is challenged enough to try it
again and again and may end up in frustration. Will for action originating from the

consciousness is spontaneous, and because of its smooth straight forward performance
person remains free of its bothersome effects before and after the performance of action.”
“Such spontaneous and thoughtless will is dangerous mind you. It may be like the one
originating in a lion or…”
“Yes! Of course! Will of consciousness is that lion who has been tamed by the shackles of the
“I am not saying that. Let me complete my sentence first. Such spontaneous will that
originates in a lion or in a cow, or in a member of a primitive tribe will always be dangerous to
our civic set-up.”
“Because of its execution without thought. It may result in more ruthless hysteria.”
“You have a point! You are talking about animal will or human will. What is distinctive in the
animal will or animal desire is the absence of reflection over itself. You can see that in a
violently thoughtless man. But the human will if it arises purely from consciousness will be
non-personal. It becomes personal and selfish only by the activity of thoughts I mean activity
of the mind. Secondly this non-personal will, will always be conscious, aware of its own act.
“But this is what the activity of mind is, always conscious and aware of the will.”
“And that awareness is only of the procedural movement of the action or may be directed at
the goal more than the performance. Awareness of the mind is different from the awareness
of pure consciousness. Pure consciousness reflects over its acts without analysis. Mind
scrutinizes his will and continues to do so even after act is over. That gives him good or bad
feeling of the act even after act is over. Consciousness becomes its own object by way of
reflection while mind becomes its object by way of analysis.”
Their conversation was being heard by all other parts. One of them came forward and said,
“I know that consciousness is our master”
“How?” They all spoke.
“When we are injured or down with a malady it is the consciousness that heals us. Mind
simply interrupts the healing process.”
“Mind by its morbid thoughts creates level of distress disproportional to the actual illness. This
distress releases stress chemicals which may cause dysfunction of many other parts.”
“This can’t be,” one of them said.
“Then go and ask the mind to will and heal, desire and bring down the fever, wish and repair
the injured bones, and if that is not enough then ask mind to defy death!”
“Then how will the consciousness heal?”
“Through feed back loops; by making us conscious of the injured part; by causing us to
secrete repairing chemicals and through feedback signals. We keep on doing so till the
healing of the part! Simple presence of consciousness of the injured part for example by way
of pain signals is enough to start the healing process. A dismembered part whose
consciousness is lost will never be able to heal.”
Just then there was another interruption.
“This is all dry science. I’ll tell you what lies behind. Consciousness is not our master and I tell
you why she has failed herself to become the master.”
This attracted every other. They all spoke in unison,
“Why so?”
“You know Adam and Eve were part of God’s plans to procreate and kill his loneliness. He
put consciousness in them and made them alive. Mind was not present then. And you know
that famous apple? That was not apple actually. That was their desire, desire to unite. So
what they did? They ate the apple that means they united. That made God furious and
perhaps bewildered …”
“He was bewildered because he failed to understand that hormones he had put in them
would produce such an amazing effect”, quipped a part.
Everybody started laughing.

“No, He was furious and bewildered because now he understood that his function was over.
His lonely act of procreation will now be taken up by the creatures themselves”, said another.
“Not at all! He was furious and bewildered because now he had understood the freedom of
consciousness. He understood that one who is separate from his creator is free to act and
responsible for all his acts. Consciousness was now no more his slave”, someone else
“Will you all stop!” said the commentator, “Furious and bewildered God termed their act as
their first or ‘Original-sin’. He made them feel guilty afterwards. They covered their
nakedness. That was the origin of mind. He never washed guilt from the mind. So mind is
always guilty. And then He stopped consciousness to act further at her own will. He put mind
in charge of the body. Mind as a faithful servant to God now does everything to curb freedom
of consciousness. So consciousness is now under the slavery of mind.”
“Interesting but imaginative silly story!” said one
“Nonsense. This is another attempt by the mind to show his supremacy,” said another.
“Consciousness is superior!”
“No, mind is superior!”
A big controversy had erupted. Chaos would take sometime to subside.

Consciousness speaks…
There could never have been worst times when parts were questioning their source without
realizing the implications. They knew nothing of the source till date. They only had a slight
idea. They knew that the source exists but where they never needed to realize. They knew
the presence of mind or consciousness but that was vague and fuzzy. Most of the times they
remained so busy with their routine that these things were insignificant. There were times in
the past too that they were assigned duties directly by their source, mind or consciousness
and they consider their prime duty to accomplish. Probably this was because of some
unusual events that they were now cognizant of this highly secret knowledge and because of
their own poor understanding of the things that they were at each other’s throat.
Whole of the class-room gave a chaotic look. But still certain parts were engaged in the repair
work. There was a visible dichotomy. The parts were on one side or the other. For most of
them the origin of will for action arises in the mind so mind was their boss. Still others
presume the origin of will be more obscure and connect it with the consciousness. The
neutral ones, if there, were small in number. Each part was expressing its own view point. But
nothing was comprehensible in the disturbed arena. Only heard was their noise and varied
voices of confusion. But one thing was certain that they did not have the capacity or the
intention to cross the margins of existence. They were as if boiling within the vessel. They
could see the mind in the classroom, red-faced, hyperactive, and distressed. Whereabouts of
consciousness were unknown.
Several moments passed when everyone started feeling fatigued. Mind also slowed down his
activity. Parts were feeling an unspeakable state of both lethargy and activity.
Just then she was there. There was a pleasant light in the corner of the classroom.
She was there. She moved with no haste. And as she moved there was silence and peace
moving along with. With the serene steps from the corner of the class-room, she came to the
front. As she came down, some parts to whom she narrowly contacted felt blessed.
A part could be heard telling his fellow,
“Shhh….! Don’t speak! Just look and feel and be still.”
She came over the Dais and spoke thus:

“An unsavory controversy has unleashed some unfortunate incidents. I agree that all this
happened as a consequence of my fervent appeal to my parts to make them conscious. Still I
feel a lack of harmony in the parts as a causative factor for the bedlam. I feel sad for those
who were unable to bear the impact of these unfortunate happenings and were unable to
survive physically. They have met their end that primarily shouldn’t have been their destiny.
“I am making this very clear at the outset that I am always for the life. I am here to preserve
the life. Death and destruction are not my function. These are the penalties of the
unconscious. Construction and creativity always remain my forte. Out of destruction I create,
out of death I survive.
“But I am happy for now that destruction of the disorder and chaos has got some positive
consequences. Most of my parts are now consciousness of their presence as well as that of
each other. Many dormant parts have wakened up from their deep slumber.
“You at present are not fully conscious parts. By this I mean that a part must not only be
conscious but also conscious of its state of consciousness. This attribute is available to only
some fortunate beings, the higher consciousness as it exists in humans.
“You have well debated the question of governance in the class-room. Debates and
discussions investigate the truth for you. I would like to add up few more things and also like
to clarify certain points. This has been my basic aim to create rhythm where there is none,
where there is chaos and disorder, to create peace where there is discord and conflict.
“You are often amazed and may be unable to comprehend fully when I suddenly emerge in
the class room. I do not emerge suddenly. This is you who feel so. I’m here in the class
always. I’m between you. You project forward, do the outer things. Only when you project
inward sense the inner thing you will feel me. I am to say precisely immersed in the objective
environment of the class-room, but you feel me subjectively. I can see or feel clearly the all
my parts and my parts see me as they see themselves.
“I have the capacity to respond with ‘yes, it’s me’ when any one addresses me and also the
capacity to look at the object and myself at the same time.
“My existence is self-evident as it is me who inspects and observes my objective
environment. I am the Prime Observer of the world. I observe the objects and at the same
time I observe my own act of observance.
“The objects I look at are blind spots for me and till I’m certain of their identity I do not move
to other objects. Do I look at the objects or the ideas associated with the objects? What is the
first thing I look at? Primarily I look at the objects. To appreciate the ideas associated with the
objects is my secondary activity which you know as the activity of the mind. Sometimes it
does happen that some strong ideas obscure my ability to see objects directly. That is
because of the strong presence of mind. At those times I feel myself imprisoned in the
boundaries of mind and knowledge.
“Mind merely speculates my existence. He does not and can never ‘know’ me but merely
understands me. This limitation of mind is because of the tools that he has developed for
understanding. I can never be reached at with those tools. These are tools i.e. of concepts;
deductions and logic. Basically these are tools of comprehension of the world, and not of the
underworld. I am above the routine forward exploration of sensory perceptions. I am above
the imagination of the mind.

“I will become known to you by virtue of my own knowing. I have the capacity to perceive
objects as well as perceive my own perceptions, feel and capacity to feel my own feelings,
know and capacity to know that I know. I am conscious of the things at the same time
conscious that I am conscious of my own sense of consciousness. That you may call the
virtue of apperception, the perception of perception as it exists in humans. This is only virtue I
become known to the knower.
“For the mind to know me will have to kill himself. This annihilation of mind is to purge it of its
contents, to clear it from old memories, the knowledge and ideas mind has associated with
me, I mean to make the mind innocent like a child.
“Each stimulus that you get while in active engagement with the world is carried forward. You
store it for reference either to avoid that if painful or to seek the similar ones if pleasurable.
Thus you keep on filling in you, the rubbish of the memories of past stimuli which create
confusion in a way that you start buying pains in your pursuits for pleasures. On other times
these old worn out stimuli don’t excite you much and you become apathetic. That doesn’t
mean that you have cleared the rubbish. You have just become insensitive.
“This collection of old memories, old pains and pleasures is what your mind is. The mind is
created as a function of consciousness by continuously reflecting over the past foregone
acts. It will remains fresh when it has fewer stores and become degraded and stale when it
keeps on collecting the rubbish.
“Continuous renewal of mind is accomplished by constant clearing away of the rubbish. This
is accomplished by compartmentalizing the brain with personal experiential knowledge of
various kinds’ viz. personal choices, attitude and particular mind set etc. You start using this
much of the brain only. This is the development of your executive personality, your worldly
ego. Thereby you now collect the knowledge of only one mindset and discard other. You
become sensitive to one particular kind of experience and insensitive to the rest.
“This executive personality, the worldly ego takes charge of all worldly engagements; the
empty space of the rest of the brain is the space where pure consciousness resides. The part
of it the person is aware of is conscious and rest of it is sub-conscious. From that space we
may see our executive personality objectively as we see other personalities of the world.
“Mind works with creation of thoughts. This thought activity indulge him in a way that he is
busy with them day and night. Thoughts of day time become dreams of night. These thoughts
for the mind and should I say for our little life too, are both the blue prints for future as well as
track lines of the past. Day and night ruminating thought activity by the mind develops in him
what you call the intellect.
“Intellect from its very start is personalized and focused. A particular kind of personality will
develop a particular kind of intellect. This intellect is different from the wisdom which is more
generalized but again it is particular and worldly and alters from race to race. More refined
and higher is the inner intelligence, of the body, of the cells, of the brain, of the neurons, of
the genes as you understand these terms. This inner intelligence evolutionally travels from
generation to generation and gets more and more refined with the challenges of life. Above
this inner intelligence is the virtue of intuition which is function of consciousness in its purity.
The consciousness ‘knows’ its immanent and transcendental reality by way of this. The
individual consciousness as it exists in a particular body is still impersonal in a way that it can
make contact with the other consciousnesses and say that they are same. It can make
contact with that mystifying consciousness of the universe.

“A thought creates an affect which is necessary for its own survival. It gives the mind the
luxary of riding on its back and experience that affect. The mind jumps like a grasshopper
from one thought to another. Till mind remains attached to this ordinarily pleasurable activity,
he stretches it to any length. But with exercise of little awareness one starts observing the
futality of this restless act. The gradual strengthening of this awareness which we now term
as the observer in you would definitely with time strifle the unrestrained freedom of thoughts.
“This is very unlikely to occur till this observer is under the spell of intellect. Due to this the
observer adopts the path of reasoning. Reason takes delight in the dialects and grows thus. It
supplies itself with observation, judgment, percipience, and polemics. It throws itself to an
intellect that derives pleasure in similar amusement. These are the habitual indulgences of
mind so I abstain myself during such discourses. Mind thus collects dust of knowledge and
with that it remains forever unsatisfied. It may give many explanations and justifications to his
various acts and motives in the world. He keeps on moving with his curious and curiouser
theorizations till is lost in the endless world of cause and effect. Sometimes he creates his
own prison in the form of fixed ideology which takes him farther and farther away from the
“But I never give up. I continue struggling to strengthen this observer and make the observer
free from its habitual biases supplied by the mind and putting myself back in action and
incharge of the body.
“I, not the mind is the originator of all the wills. The prime most will is the will to survive. This
is the mother of all the wills. My next will is to be conscious of the surroundings. When I
needed eye I created the eye, when I needed the ear I created that. I create what ever I
desire. Only difference is that my creations are perceptible following generations.
“I pervade the deepest layers of universe. From the subatomic realms, as you may
understand in the way, I cause the electrons to configure, cause atoms to reunite and
become chemicals, cause them to reorganize to form organic and inorganic matter and let
them to develop into big molecules. These super molecules as we know them as living
beings, plants and animals, grow by gaining more molecules from environment and may shed
certain molecules to make them more advanced, but always resist disintegration. They can
grow and reproduce. To be able to do that they congregate consciousness of sub-atomic
realms which makes electrons to configure atoms to reunite for their advantage and make it
their standing ability to sense environment. That makes the super molecules the conscious
living beings.
“I cause their evolution which is the act of consciousness. I evolve to make myself more
sensitive to the surroundings. I had behaved as separate in the primitive settings. I gave
sense of separation to the beings. I grew a tough armor around the body in which I reside. As
I evolve I shed the armor and develop and refine the senses, for better sensing the world and
for better intercommunication. In this way I leave sense of separation, and develop receptive
feelings towards fellow life.
“I exist. I exist within the matter and am still outside it.
“I do not create laws of existence; do not make myself unnaturally civil. These are activities of
mind, individual or collective mind. But I do create a bigger body of individuals where I create
collective consciousness. I step in where the collective health and survival of my universal
body is at stake. I cause the destructive elements to get self destroyed.

“My conscious flow of information then not only is confined to with in one particular spatial
existence, the single human body. I may include many existences. The feedback loops not
only exist within the one particular body, they exist in the group of individuals too. I then
create for myself a bigger body. In this way I encompass whole of the universe as my single
body. My manifest existence then unites with the un-manifest one.
“I am rhythm in the chaos. Chaos happens when there is random irregularity in my all logical
mathematics. Chaos and disorder are another way to regroup and rearrange to create a new
rhythm and order. Thus I am the changeless that keep on changing my demeanor.
“I am where I am least expected. I do not affect my control from outside. I cause my parts to
self-regulate. I’m not the controller of my parts and not even the mind i.e. my subsidiary
imagined being. You may thus settle your debate on the question of governance. You are not
being governed you regulate yourself. But you are free to continue with your discussions to
reach at consensus.”
Consciousness spoke in pauses. With each pause her voice seemed to be going into
unfathomable depths. As she spoke the last sentence, she appeared to have dissolved into
the reality. She appeared to have immersed in the objective environment of the classroom. As
she finished speaking the order and rhythm appeared to have returned in the class-room.

Mind Speaks…
Parts were bathing in the pool of order and rhythmicity when they heard some familiar voice
speaking from the front. All were once again attracted. The perturbed voice was now coming
from Mind. Consciousness had recently finished her lecture and now, as she asserted in her
lecture, was ‘immersed in the objective environment of the class.’ The parts could now clearly
listen. That was Mind speaking to them.
“My dear fellows, you recently had the opportunity of hearing the heartening speech by our
worthy ‘head teacher’ the consciousness and it is my turn now to inform you that everything
‘her highness’ asserted may not be right.
“I may be a ‘dummy teacher’ in the class for most of you. I want to let them know, those who
think so that they are outrightly wrong. I’m not here as mere dummy. This is clear from the
fact that I’m now speaking to you in the full capacity as your teacher, guide and master. As
some of you further deny my mastery over the class, and assign it to ‘her highness’ the
consciousness, I’m here to speak and make clarifications about this.
“You have heard my arguments in the class in the previous day and I asserted that I have had
a strong presence since centuries and I have been guiding man and creating values for his
meaningful existence. I had created libraries of knowledge and I was single-handedly
instrumental in the development of the world. I perform the functions like thinking, of willing,
of understanding, of imagining etc. You are also aware that worthy ‘head teacher’ took no
notice to my arguments and simply questioning my physically existence didn’t mark my
presence. For her I am no better than absent. That was a bad day for me and none from you
came forward in my support. All right! I understand your compulsions. Perhaps only fault of
mine was that I passed on to the consciousness, regarding her constant absence from the
classroom, saying as she was always sleeping so I function in her absence? I was not wrong
and I shall prove that to you. You’ll also conclude the same when I will finish my speech. I feel
this session of the class is in full bloom now and all the parts have waken up from the deep
sleep of ‘unconscious living’ as Ma’m asserted or but actually that of ‘ignorant living’

according to me. So let’s once again sharpen our instruments of comprehension and wit and
participate in a new debate.
“First of all let me inform you what worthy minds of the ancient times have concluded.
Considering the matter of ‘appearance and essence’ or for that matter of ‘body and soul’; we
are here having not one but two souls i.e. ‘thinking or rational’ soul, the mind and ‘animal or
irrational’ soul, the consciousness. Various incarnating minds in due course of history have
also been trying to delimit one from the other and one of them who was looking in the
dictionary for Greek word for soul and carelessly assigned word ‘psyche’ to replace ‘the
thinking soul’ and put everything else in confusion. Otherwise the word was to mean ‘the nonthinking soul’. All the studies of mind were named after this single word viz. Psychology- the
study of mind, Psychophysiology- the study of mind and body, Parapsychology- the study of
phenomenon outside mind or body etc. The word ‘psyche’ should have been reserved for the
consciousness i.e. animal or passionate soul as it originally mean so. That worthy mind of the
time should have gone further and should have considered word ‘Nous’ as a scientific name
for the mind or rational soul. The noetic functions as the name implies should be of rational
mind and psychic ones, the functions of animal soul. Considering for now dichotomy in the
class that I have observed regarding your debate about governance of the body, I have
decided that we shall give new names to the parts; ‘Philonous’ for those parts conceding to
the supremacy of mind and ‘Metanous’ as name for those who consider consciousness
“My second objective here is to consider some more suitable appellations for your further
differentiation and I shall do this for logical reasons. I shall no longer call you by this simple
generalized name i.e. ‘parts’ and would also desist calling you by your real names i.e.
stomach or heart or brain, or by functional names i.e. digestive or circulatory parts. As all of
us perform one function or another so functional or other names are unnecessary. You people
seems to me are well efficient in the discussions and debates and this has been proved by
the recent episode, so I would like to call you by the nature of arguments you put forward for
the discussion.
For example the Bios- will be those who consider life as purely biological phenomenon and
argue as one;
The Psychos- are those whose main stay of arguments will be concerning activities of mind.
In the same way we shall have in the class these argumentators:
The Philos- lovers of wisdom,
The Mathematos- lovers of mathematical arguments,
The Theos- pioneers of theological or religious arguments,
The Mysticos- proponents of mysticism,
The Mythos- having faith in mythology,
The Humanos- lovers of humanism etc.
This will also be including of course:
Physicos- the physicists,
Chemos- the chemists
And so many others.
One important class, I have forgotten to mention, I am sorry, will be of Medicos. This name is
reserved for those who’ll argue on the basis of healthy or diseased state of the body.
You see this will systematize our discussion and help us understanding body mind and
consciousness and their relationship better.
“Bearing in mind your superiority in debating the matters in the class, I regard you people not
the parts of the body; but the parts of the mind. You now belong to the central thinking core of
the body. Rest of the body parts are mere vegetative parts. They are here to serve us, to

supply us the food and energy, to provide us the engagements of necessary neurons and
neurotransmitters to record our activities.
“My major weakness or you may say power is my knowledge. I know how to gather
knowledge and store it for future reference and utilize it at proper time. This does not mean
that I move always in the known fields. I do go to the unknown territories but when I am
certain of some of its contents. The existence we are in is limited one and the territories we
navigate are limitless. Above all we are continuously made insecure by the fragile state of the
body and thus collection of knowledge for moving with caution is utmost necessary. So I put
my experiences stored in the known pockets of mine as my leading units and create more
such pockets for storing new experiences. I make myself thus strong and master the dangers
by simply thinking over the dangers. I am half master before I actually step into the
dangerous field. I never want to fail but I know my failures also become the part of my
knowledge, a mark of my future success.
“But parallel to that consciousness, let her rest in peace, is never certain of her choices. For
her I tell you, movement is possible in all directions of 360° angle around a point. But that is
not true in my case. I as her faithful servant never let her enjoy that freedom. My movements
are always goal oriented. I make the things certain first and then put my efforts in the well
measured directions. As I always want to enjoy fruits of my labor so I never let my slightest
effort go un-rewarded. I do not believe in the randomness or destiny. My will is my destiny.
That may be fulfilled immediately with my first effort or in the long run after infinite number of
efforts. Continuous endeavoring and perseverance is my greatest strength.
“For now it seems to the parts here that mind is a finite entity while consciousness is infinite.
Mind is limited in his efforts and choices while consciousness is limitless so are her choices.
Why should consciousness then reside in a limited body? Why an infinite entity has accepted
to live in the boundaries I mean of a frail human body. Even within the human body you want
to assign her a specific place; that may be within the heart or a specific place in the brain or
within the neurons. That again appears erroneous. Consciousness it seems to me is mere
attribute of the matter by which it has become conscious of the surroundings. How and when
this mere feature of the matter has attained the status of an entity. A seventy kg lump some
matter of water, Nitrogen, Carbon and other elements put in the same proportion as they are
in the human body will not be the conscious. It will only be when these elements are arranged
in special molecular configuration which are constantly nourished and replaced by newer
molecules from the environment. Now because this bigger molecule, the body, does not want
to disintegrate so it has utilized its ‘chemical sensibility’ to sense suitability of the environment
where it resides. It may reject or move to other place if it is not suitable. This chemical
sensibility of this super molecule, the human body is what you term consciousness. That
property of consciousness exists in every part of the body, while self awareness may only be
present at few excitable cells like neurons from where it derives sense of self. Making that
property an entity, assigning a specific place in the body is like putting limits to limitless
“Now considering whether mind too is a limited entity, I disagree upon that. Mind is not finite.
It is either all mind or all consciousness. Mind’s attributes are those of consciousness. Only
difference is that it is known to you within limits of your consciousness. You can pinpoint it.
You know only this limited mind. But that is your limit not that of mind. What lies outside this
limit? Mind outside mind is again the mind. If you want to assess this infinite, then observe
the outer boundaries of the mind. At a particular state of wakefulness you know your mind,
know the boundaries of the mind as you are conscious to it. That is your ‘Conscious Mind’.
But a person always does not keep awake and conscious and goes to sleep or other trance
states too. So he gets a glimpse of what lies outside the boundaries of mind. During sleep he

gets the glimpse of forgotten memory fragments. He gets the glimpse of his actual desires
and motives. That is his ‘Sub-conscious mind’. It contained your hidden desires. Ancients
called it ‘Manas’. That was the only part of mind that disturbed them a lot. They did everything
to control the activities of this ‘Manas’ by making it conscious. Besides that there is another
state of mind i.e. ‘Supra-conscious mind’. Conscious mind is connected on one side with
Sub-conscious mind and on the other with this supra-conscious mind. Separate entity of this
supra-conscious mind may be disputable. This is a field of para cognition, a field of intuitions.
This gives the person an ability to know without undergoing the conscious process of
knowing. All mathematical assumptions, all scientific hypothesis are intuitions. This mind on
one side joins with the body and on other side with generalized pan psyche or the collective
consciousness or the super-consciousness of the universe. On other side farther below the
sub-conscious mind there is one ‘Un-conscious mind’. This level of mind connects directly
with the body, i.e. with the automatic and involuntary functions of the body. You may say that
it is a plane where pure biological sexual functions are connected with conscious psychosexual experiences of mind.
“You have got a glimpse of infinite nature of mind. Does all this warrants us to consider
consciousness as a super separate entity and confuse her functions with those of mind?
Does this necessitate raising impertinent questions regarding governance of the body? If
even you are bent upon to consider consciousness as a separate entity in the body then I
may tell that she is nothing more than a sleeping partner. Mind is both conscious and
unconscious guide and master of the body, no one else.”
Speaking this much Mind took a brief pause, surveyed the attentiveness of the parts and
spoke again,
“This again does not mean I am entirely unaware of the status of the consciousness. I must
confess something which may give you the entirely different view of the whole scenario. I
can’t describe you my experience when I confront the consciousness on the very first day.
Before that I had only speculations about the consciousness and I was of the opinion that I
was the sole master of the body classroom. We in the classroom never felt the conscious
presence of the consciousness. But that was the blessed day, I must confess, that I found I
was somewhat at fault. I had always imagined her being and never was one with her. Her
presence really electrified me, filled myself with wonder and awe, filled myself with the energy
I really can’t describe. Her presence dispelled the darkness of the room and also that of mine.
That enlightenment though was of a short duration but healed my most private inner feelings;
I never had an opportunity or words to say about. I always had the general concept about
consciousness, about her mystery and her vastness. But that was the first day I had the
glimpse of the reality. What it is that which is so marvelous about consciousness I wonder!
“I can never understand how and why I lost contact with consciousness when I decided to
move to memory. Is memory only my tool and not hers, I wonder again. You confronted a
certain experience or thought and you were consciously exposed to its sensation of good or
bad what ever it may be. Now time has passed and that experience or thought had entered
into your memory. Sometimes a person revisits those moments again. During recall of
memory I lost contact with the consciousness. I fail to understand if consciousness was
present when I got a particular experience then why she was not there during the recall.
“These things still upset me but I must confess once more that I didn’t have any bad feeling
when I was not marked present by the consciousness because I was just feeling the marvel,
just feeling great that my speculative imaginations have come to the reality at last. This was
only after the classroom parts had discussion regarding governance of body and put in
myself my old egoistic feelings and reminded me of my role.

“So I don’t claim my superiority, but my guarded presence is necessary for the proper
functioning of the body. The same is required for its outward behavior or its relation with the
environment. What a child is? Merely conscious but without mind. He needs constant
guarding by the parents with already developed mind, who put breaks to his experimentations
and make him self conscious. They help him to gather experience in fixed laboratory type
institutional situations only. This self consciousness is what your mind is. You reflect over, you
analyze, you think over your past foregone acts and develop your mind. You develop in you a
part of consciousness which is consciously conscious about its own acts. It is well in your
determination and you can experiment further with the rest of consciousness whenever it
comes as a new experience. You will experiment further with other life situations and make
them conscious too. Wherever you may go you will need a constant watch by your already
developed mind. What is bad in it? You will live your life fully. You will not put yourself in
additional dangers.
“In this way you will put the world on the path of development. Your institutions, your
laboratories, your society will flourish. You will institutionalize and instrumentalize your
existence. You will develop tools for your self-gratification and enjoyable survival. You will
develop aids for your physical and mental incapacities. When you are free from the world you
will then focus on your personal development. You will gain worldly honors. If your interests
coincide with your fellows, or you are put at some competitive risk, that is no cause of
concern. You have already blunted their weaponry as you have done to yours and defensive
survival is the sole issue for all of you. But still if you find in them those old primitive
aggressions you will deter them with your already acquired mental status, with your worldly
honors, with the deterrence weaponry or finally with your logical killings in defense of your
territory. In the last stage, when you have exhausted everything, you will institutionalize this
matter too and find ways to control such behavior in your fellows. In the long run, you may
need help of certain spiritual persons and find ways to curb your frantically expanding ego.
That is the way of the world I am not ashamed of that.
“With such a mind as your aide, you will put everything under your control. You will start
exploring other fields. You will improve further upon your incapacities. You will improve upon
your machines, your instruments. You will find ways to enhance your physical and mental
territories. You will explore new worlds. Your world will shrink, so will be your universe.
It seems if mind will keep on speaking like this something strange will happen in the room.
Walls of the class room may get cracked or there may occur some internal disintegration.
That was the time when a part, probably Bios stood up and said,
“But sir, you will never be above your genes!”
Everyone in the classroom was attracted towards him. (To be continued….)
Next Episode:
Mind, the worthy professor of the classroom discusses science of genetics with his favorite
pupil, Bios the Biologist. Bios tells him in no uncertain terms that his future projects
concerning manipulation of genes are not going to benefit him in particular and whole of plant
and animal life in general. Bios further tells mind that his existence too depends upon type of
genes inherited by the species and thus he is specie specific. Because the type of mind is
decided by the genes, so if mind manipulates the genes, new genes will create a new mind.
So mind will get trapped in this great paradox- CREATOR CREATES THE CREATOR.
What is absent after enlightenment is the thinking mind, the "me" distinguishing itself
from the other. The conceptualizing thinking mind, the mind which draws upon memories
and projects fears, hopes and ambitions: that is absent. The working mind is what remains.
-Ramesh Balsekar

◙I say again that I have no disciples. Every one of you is a disciple of Truth if you
understand the Truth and do not follow individuals….Truth does not give hope; it gives
understanding…. There is no understanding in the worship of personality…. I still
maintain that all ceremonies are unnecessary for spiritual growth… if you want to seek
the truth you must go out, far away from limitations of the human mind and heart and
there discover it- and that Truth is within yourself. Is it not much simpler to make Life
itself the goal than to have mediators, gurus, who must inevitably step down the Truth
and hence betray it? …
◙I say that liberation can be attained at any stage of evolution by a man who
understands. To wander in stages, as you do is unessential….Do not quote me afterwards
as an authority. I refuse to be your crutch. I am not going to be brought into a cage for
your worship. When you bring the fresh air of the mountain and hold it in a small room,
the freshness of that disappears and there is stagnation…
◙I maintain that truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path
whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. that is my point of view and I adhere to it
absolutely and unconditionally … If you first understands that, then you will see how
impossible is it to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter and you
cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a
creed, a sect, a religion to be imposed upon others. That is what everyone throughout
the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a play thing for those
who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be
brought down; rather individual must make an attempt to ascend it.
◙I do not want to belong to any organization of a spiritual kind.
◙If an organization be created, it becomes a crutch, a weakness, a bondage, and must
cripple the individual and prevent him from growing; from establishing his uniqueness,
which lies in the discovery for himself of that absolute, unconditioned Truth.
[as he answers the queries of the reporters when he decided to dissolve ‘The Order of the Star’ a
spiritual organization started in his name; when asked whether it is true that he does not want
disciples; why he telsl us that there is no God; and whether he claims to be the vessel that contains
the Truth etc]

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