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TABE Update July 25th 2016

TABE Test Score Expiration

Test scores are valid for two years: Test scores can be
accepted as long as they are less than two years old. If the
student remains enrolled for a period of more than two years, the
scores would remain valid for as long as the student is enrolled.
If the student has a break in enrollment of longer than one year,
the student must be retested.
If a student is enrolled in a two-part program (i.e., Automotive
Service Technology I and Automotive Service Technology II) and
does not have a break in enrollment of more than one year, they
do not need to be retested to enter the second part of the
program if they already met the basic skills requirements for the
first part of the program. (From Page 10 of the 2016 Career
Education Basic Skills Assessment Technical Paper by Jane
It is the responsibility of each IRSC career/technical program to
ensure that they are complying with any TABE requirement set
by national, state and field specific accreditation organizations.
TABE Accommodations for Career/Technical English
Language Learners
(Adapted from Florida Rule 6A-6.09091)
Career/Technical English Language Learners may be
eligible for one or more of the following testing
-Flexible Test Setting Students may take the TABE in a separate
room with.
-Flexible Testing Schedule Students may take breaks between
subtests. Students may receive extended testing time up to time
and a half for each subtest.
-Test Directions Assistance Students may be provided test
direction in their native language. However, assistance may not
be provided for test content.
Approved Translation Dictionary (English-to-native language)
Students may use printed or electronic word-to-word translation

dictionaries that do not contain definitions, notes, markings or

other information. Electronic dictionaries with other features or
capabilities other than word-to word translation are not
acceptable. Students will be responsible for bringing their own
translation dictionary. The translation dictionary will be
inspected by the test administrator before testing.
-Please note that students with approved testing
accommodations from IRSC Student Disability Services may be
provided additional accommodations as specified by IRSC
Student Disability Services.
Career/Technical English Language Learners must meet all
of the requirements below to be eligible for TABE testing
-Students must self-identity themselves as a Career/Technical
English Language Learner seeking TABE testing
accommodations to an IRSC employee.
-The student must have indicated that English was not their
primary language on their IRSC college application or IRSC noncredit application. A record of this information is stored in
-The student must be actively taking IRSC English as a Second
Language classes during the semester TABE testing takes place.
Scheduling Career/Technical English Language Learners
TABE testing with accommodations:
-Students will contact Steven Daniello, IRSC Assessment
Services Manager, via e-mail ( to request
Career/Technical English Language Learners TABE testing with
accommodations. The request should include the students
name, IRSC ID number, major and primary language.
-The Assessment Services Manager will verify if the student is
eligible for TABE testing accommodations.
-If all of the eligibility requirements are met, a testing session
will be set up for the student. Students will have the option to
use only the approved accommodations of their choice.