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Combining everything that we already knew about SOCIAL MEDIA with all the cases
we’ve studie and all the best tools that are to be had: it feels like I’m only ever getting
half-way to a solution. Before starting this program, I thought I had a hunch about a few
tools and programs out there in the real world of business meets social media... but...
wait a minute: ‘Things are changing ... how will I ever keep up?’


= key to keeping up with trends and generating new ways of
looking at the world through the lens of

So what do I hope to accomplish with social media?
Is it working? Well I‘m constantly learning new tricks.
From what I gather, I’m using platforms that are suited to my
particular field and/or project(s.) I’m learning from others
about the varied style of communication using social media
= the ins and outs of sharing your message. What works for
some people is worth a try but it might not quite work for me.
I guess it’s all a question of finding a style and sticking to it.
I’m always looking for social media inspiration: taking free webinars
and online courses. I have found a whole bunch of useful information
about how mobile apps come into play.

Instagram can house short videos...

Hilary Rushford, of Dean Street Society,
hosted a webinar called:

‘Doubling Your Instagram Following,’

Puzzled by


PINTEREST is a social media platform that
would appear to have limited application to
business... but Melanie Duncan’s webinar
gave me a whole bunch of information about
optimizing this platform to steer traffic from
PINS back to your company site.

>> The type of material you PIN is part of the formula. Infographics
are the most popular format. Melanie also suggests the following tools:

PICMonkey = Protecting your content with a watermark
Easily creating Infographics =

Getting a Pinterest tab for your Facebook Page
Courtesy of Melanie Duncan


Here are a few
tools that might
come in handy...

Distributing a free workbook,
her program talked about
free tools for editing and
posting images on Instagram.

VSCO CAM = where you add a photo to
your library and she talked us through
using the editing tools.

@HilaryRushford also talked about the

PERISCOPE App = live mobile video

streaming which works really well when
you’re sharing content on aa road trip;
from various locations.

HOOTSUITE Suggestions...
Right from my iPhone, I am able to call up HOT TOPICS that I can easily
share on my Twitter & Facebook accounts.
FYI >> It gives you three topics to search for and you can assign
unlimited accounts... so make sure that you tweak the settings before
posting to multiple accounts. Be strategic in what you post and where.
Double check your postings on each platform to catch anything that goes
wrong. If in doubt, delete and give it another try. Skill takes practice.