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CTSC 2120 Network Security Fundamentals

Lab 4 Network Security/Vulnerability

Wi-Fi Security
1. If WPS is a security risk, why is it used?
2. If you are using an open Wi-Fi (no encryption), what should you be
careful about doing online?
Avoid doing things like online banking or shopping, where your
account numbers, credit cards or log-in information could be at
3. You have just bought the newest wi-fi router on the market. When
you get it home to hook it up, what should be the first few steps
that you should do? Provide a few sentences, do not just list the
Encryption of Smart Phones
Read this article and use it as the basis to respond to the questions
below. I do not want single word answers. Explanation of what the
article says is important.
1. Why is the government so against encryption of the contents of a
persons phone?
2. What is the reasons for this push by smart phone vendors?
3. Name a few reasons why someone would want to encrypt their
Mobile Device Security
Many new smart phones have Near Field Communications (NFC)
capability. There is a growing concern about the security of this
technology. Read the article below and provide a reasonable scenario
where eavesdropping could be used in a day-to-day transaction. This
may require additional research on your part.

Lab 4 CTSC 2120 Summer 2015 r1.0


Lab 4 CTSC 2120 Summer 2015 r1.0