Baptiste FETET 571 route de Saint-Dié, 88470 Saint-Michel/Meurthe FRANCE 0329584554 19 october 1980 single French Education and qualifications: • • • • 2001-2002 : Candidate for Master of Science in Networks and Distributed Applications Engineering. University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg. 2000-2001: University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg. Bachelor of Science in Networks and Distributed Applications Engineering. 1998-2000: University Institue of Technology (IUT), Saint-Dié. DUT (University Diploma of Technology) in Computing and Industrial Systems. 1998 : Lycée Jules Ferry, Saint-Dié (88). French Baccalaureat S (Higher Learning Certificated) in physics and SVT, obtained with honours.

Work Experience and achievements: • April-August 2002 : Training program. I worked at PERINFO, a French software editor. I have designed and realized a quality-control module with C++ and PL/SQL. I also realized an XML parser. • May-July 2000: Training program. Programmer in MVS (MicroVideoSoft), Saint-Dié, a leader in publishing software. I was responsible for a file analyzer and a PDF converter. Computer skills: • Programming languages: C/C++, java, html/dhtml, corba, prolog, Ocaml, XML, PL/SQL, assembly x86/arm • Experience with some apis : DirectX, OpenGL, win32/MFC • Familiar with Windows and Unix environments • Networks and protocols Foreing languages: • English: advanced • Spanish: advanced Employement: Part-time summer jobs : • July 2001: Programmer in MVS, I made a Postscript interpretor. • August 1998 and August 1999: telephone receptionist in DERREY (Etival). Interests and activities: • Computing, programming : I am currently working on a GBA emulator, • bodybulding, jogging. • music, videogames