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December, 1998

Dear Friends and Co-Workers in Christ,

Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! At this time of year I am always amazed at
Hfe how manyMerrydifferent
ways we can celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In Zimbabwe, Hk
the weather is normally hot and hopefully ver>' rainy. In Kentucky, where we grew up, it can be cold and
celebrate with lights and lots of presents. Some celebrate by visiting family and feeling
life very richSome
to have a chicken and precious rice to eat on the special day. However you celebrate, remember
year is almost gone. We have had many reasons to celebrate this past year and look forward to the life
Ilk This
next. Our family is healthy. Steve and Linda both recovered from some serious tropical illnesses and the
that you are glorifying God and His precious gifl to all of us.

Looking Back on 1998

kids are all doing well. Todd and his wife, Rosa, are happily settled in Lexington, KY with their twoyear-old son, Michael. Jenny is pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy in California and will be
attending Hope International University (Pacific Christian)next year. Kelly got married to Matt Cable
this past June and is very happy while she completes her elementary education at Johnson Bible College.

Hk are happy in the knowledge that the Lord is using us to bring others into the Kingdom ofGod. Instead of
It has been a great year. The churches we work with are growing. Our education is progressing and we
regaling you with memories ofthis past year, we would like to show you this year in a few pictures.
Prayer and Financial Needs

Zimbabwe is suffering under economic problems. The people need assistance for their daily food and
basic needs.

AIDS continues to take a huge toll on the people ofZimbabwe. Please pray for them. It is
heartbreaking to visit a cemetery and see row upon row of new graves.

Please pray for our Bible College students in Zimbabwe, Dinky and Stuart in particular, as they study



for the ministry.

Please pray for the pastors we work with. Most of them are young and need the support of those who
are older and more experienced.

Pearly Van Niekerk is doing very well at Johnson Bible College. It has been a difficult term for her
as she adjusts to life here in the USA and I know she is homesick as Christmas approaches.
Pearly's school fees are still outstanding for this term and next. If you can help with this, we would
all appreciate it. We need approximately $2500 per semester. It may sound like a lot, but is little
compared to the work for the Kingdom she is preparing for.
Please pray for Steve and Linda's continued health and further strengthening after these illnesses.
In Him,
Steve & Linda Whitmer