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(Compromise Agreement - Labor Case)

We, Complainant _____________, and the Respondent _____________, hereby enter
into this Compromise Agreement / Settlement of Any and All Claims, and by virtue thereof
manifest as follows:
That Complainant _____________, by these presents, and for and in consideration of the
total amount of __________________________ (P_____________), which he
acknowledged to have received to his full and complete satisfaction from the
Respondent _____________, hereby declares that he has no further claims
whatsoever against the Respondent _____________ or any of its managers, staff,
directors or officers and that he hereby releases and forever discharges the said
Respondent from any and all claims, demands, cause of action, or liability of
whatever nature arising out of his employment with the said Respondent;
That Complainant _____________ further manifests that the aforementioned amount that
he received from Respondent _____________ shall be in full and final settlement of
all his claims and benefits from the said Respondent, including those treated in the
above-captioned case and that the payment so received as provided herein should not
in any way be construed as an admission of liability on the part of Respondent
That this Compromise Agreement / Settlement of Any and All Claims constitutes a
Release, Waiver and Quitclaim and that no further claim, suit or proceeding of
whatever nature may be filed in any court or agency of the government against the
herein Respondent or any person acting in its interest, since any and all claims in
connection with the previous employment of the said Complainant have been finally
settled once and for all.
As such, the parties hereto respectfully request the National Labor Relations Commission
to treat the above-captioned case as CLOSED and/or finally DISMISSED with
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this _____________ at
_____________, Philippines, after the contents of this Compromise Agreement / Settlement of
Any and All Claims were read and understood by me after they have been explained by the
Administering Officer.