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A ramjet engine (schematic diagram shown below) has

the following engine data:
(i)Mass flow rate = 100lbm/sec
(ii)C.C stagnation pressure loss=5% of inlet stag. Pressure
(iii) Maximum stagnation temperature=3500R
(iv) fuel heating value=18500BTU/lbm; (burner Efficiency
(v) CD nozzle outlet to inlet area ratio (A6/A4) =1.62
(vi) CD nozzle efficiency 100%
(vii) Diffuser is isentropic from station 01to 02
Find the pressure thrust of the engine.
The incoming Mach No.=2.4. Altitude= 30000ft, M4=0.7

Assignment #2
Due Date 13-10 -2013
An aircraft is powered by a turbojet and it is flying at an altitude
of 20km. The engine has following;
The mass flow rate =120kg/s
Diffuser efficiency = 90%
Compressor efficiency up to first bleed point =90%
Compressor pressure ratio up to first bleed point =5
5% of the inlet air is bled from first bleed point of compressor for
turbine cooling.
The overall pressure ratio of compressor =12
The overall efficiency of compressor =85%
Combustion pressure loss = 5% of compressor pressure
Heating value 45000
Burner efficiency =99%
Turbine inlet temperature =2200R
Turbine efficiency=90%
Nozzle efficiency =95%
Calculate (i) Total Thrust (ii) Tsfc (iii) Propulsive efficiency (iv)
Thermal efficiency
The Bleed air is no loss, in fact it is rerouted to the exhaust

Due date 16-12-2013
IGVs are used for giving a swirl in the direction of
rotation to the inlet air of first stage of axial flow compressor.
At BMH the absolute velocity is 200m/s and its tangential
component is 100m/s. blade linear velocity is 350m/s . The
absolute rotor exit velocity is 260m/s. The axial velocity for
the stage remains constant. The blade at BMH is 0.5 m and
blade height is 0.25m. Calculate;
Reaction at BMH.
(ii) Stagnation temperature rise in stage
(iii) Blade angle at the tip using free vortex design. Assuming
constant axial velocity in radial direction
If in part (a) stage efficiency is 0.85 and ten similar
stages are used to make an axial flow compressor. The inlet
stagnation temperature for the first stage is 298K. Find the
The overall pressure ratio of the compressor
The pressure ratio of the fifth stage