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ENC 2135 Writing Journal

6/27/16 Password is FYC 310

I choose the position of the thinker, as it represented my confusion, how one
considers the way things are associated, and how this association conveys an idea.
The Tableaux was. Interesting.

6/28/16 Genre is the composition and manner of the way to which someone
conveys a composition, whether it be informal, informative, or to be with a certain
style like country or street slang. However, it is not just the structure but also the
diction and mood of the work. To understand genre as defined by myself, enables
me as a writer to be able to write in a style to convey my idea and get the reader to
see the information and react to it in the way I had intended them too; as a student
to understand how someone is trying to convey an idea based off their genre; as a
researcher it helps me
Mode; an organized set of resources for making meaning with; oral; linguistic;
spatial; gestural
Medium; how modes of communication are produced and distributed for public
consumption; media, books, radio, television, twitter
Genre must have an audience and a purpose, being specific that is; it is a form of
communication; it changes over time: emails used to be much longer and formal
but now they are shorter and more informal; genres are affected by writing
technologies: pen, quill, pencil, computer, phone
Genre helps us think about the actual audience, hence better augmenting the way
to which the composition is written, such as how an advertisement can be known by
the person before they see the whole think based off previous knowledge.
Genre conventions are common features of a genre like design, organization,
theme, style, grammar, tone; changing one convention can sometimes change the
genre; conventions are socially determined and change over time.
Genre Conventions
Style; tone, sentence structure, aural, linguistic; structure
Design; colors, layout, font; look of the font
Sources; use of a text in another; can include pictures


The video was quite funny, showing how a spell checker does not guarantee that a
paper will make sense. This is because a spell checker does not understand which
word you were meaning to type, only what you seemed like you were meaning to
type. As such, certain sentences may make little to no sense because they have
improperly used words all over the place. Hence, one needs to proofread their own
paper, for technology alone cannot guarantee a correctly structured paper.

Research has typically looked like going into books or online sources and recording
quotes to be used in the research paper attached to the research ne is doing.
Typically, my sources were either Google Books or websites ending with .edu or
.gov. During my first research paper in middle school, I used actual print sources
and only a few websites. I found my sources by googling the topic of my research
paper and then went through the search results, looking for the books and then
searched through the text trying to find keywords.
Interview of Brock;

College GPA doesnt really guarantee a good job

Working a 14 hour work week will taking 14 credit hours of classes
Put more work into biology, and party less, choose your major earlier
Professor said to stop spending so much money on curing cancer but instead
spend more on preventing it; agreed with it.
5. The way college is portrayed on TV and in movies is false.
6. They brought up Dolly the sheep, lot of work on altering medication for the
personal difference, and brain surgery.
7. His calc math teacher, the fundamentals of school, organic chem teacher
helped him enjoy class.

So Far, I havent researched too much about my community too much. However, I
do know of the higher executives within the community. I am researching the types
or genres of documents within the College of Medicine at Florida State. I know of a
few types of documents, namely being medical reports, professional and
unprofessional emails, and published medical research papers.

This image is showing how people get hung up on graduation from high school but
forget to consider the future or consequences that they may experience due to their
actions with this being depicted through the image of the graduation caps being
stuck up in the tree. Weary.

If you have a peanut allergy ignore everything that follows this statement. To m ake
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, make sure to have a jar of peanut butter, jelly
(being a type jelly derived from fruit, preferably grape), and loaf of bread all of
which can be of your choice. First find a solid surface of which to place the two jars,
a plate, the loaf of bread, and the three knifes with two of the knives being butter
knives. Place the plate on the table. Then pick up the loaf of bread and the bread
knife and cut off two slices with the bread knife excluding the end of the loaf, cause
that is nasty. Take one slice (slice A) and place it on the plate, also put down the
knife and loaf of bread now if you havent already. Then pick up the jar of peanut
butter and unscrew the lid anti clockwise. Place the lid down. Pick up one of the
butter knifes with the hand that was holding the lid, dip the blade end into the jar
and scope out a medium proportion amount of peanut butter and gently spread it
across loaf A on the side that is currently facing the ceiling. Then set down the knife
upon a paper towel as it is covered with peanut butter and will make a mess. Also
set down the peanut butter jar, put the lid on, and twist clockwise. Then grab the jar
of jelly, grab the cap with one hand while holding the jar, and twist anti clockwise to
loosen the cap. Lift cap off and place top down upon the table so as not to make a
mess. Then grab the other, unused, butter knife with the hand that you used to hold
the lid, and dip the blade end of the knife into the jar, removing a moderate amount
of jelly and then spread the jelly upon bread slice B on the side that is facing the
ceiling. Then set the butter knife down upon the same paper towel that the first
butter knife was set down on but make sure the knives dont touch. Set down the jar
of jelly on the table, pick up the cap for the jelly, place upon the jar of jelly, twist
clockwise to tighten, let go of cap and jar. Then, pick up slice B touching only the
bottom and sides and rotate it 180 degrees to make the side with jelly face the
table top. Then set down slice B as youre currently holding it upon slice A, making
sure that the two slices are properly aligned on each other. Now do the traditional
ritual dance of the peanut butter and jelly song and enjoy by lifting up the sandwich
with your hands, and placing the entire sandwich in your mouth, then chew it, then
swallow, then wipe any jelly or peanut butter off your lips or face.

I want to teach my suite mate, Chad, and my best friend, Darren, about genre. I
wish to inform them about the concept of genre conventions and about how genre
comes to be defined and understood in the first place. Additionally, I would like both
of them to know how genres are interrelated in some ways to other genres. This will
help them both with the research that they are to do in college as it will enable
them the ability to better understand how to look at something when conducting
some form of research.

I would try to sell this picture to someone who appreciates calming imagery.
Personally, I would try to sell it to a psychologist with the intent being for them to

put it in their office or where ever they conduct their sessions with their clients. The
types of companies that I would sell it to would be ones who often are known for
images of unique landscapes, perhaps even art companies or ones who specialize in
the weather. The image is quite calming personality, and it gives me a sense of
reality being blended with dreamland.
During the group rotation activities, I learned that with regards to design, there is
generally no single design that can be a jack of all trades in that each design has its
own characteristics that determine the circumstances the design was made for. This
may be useful for project three in that I will want to have a design that will be good
for trying to teach someone something off the way information is presented. I will
probably want to use a design that presents data in an essay to interpret way.