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This thesis aims to extend the knowledge about the performance of different cascaded HBridge multilevel inverter induction motor drives through harmonic analysis.
Large electric drives and utility applications require advanced power electronics converter to
meet the high power demands. As a result, multilevel power converter structure has been
introduced as an alternative in high power and medium voltage situations. A multilevel
converter not only achieves high power ratings, but also improves the performance of the
whole system in terms of harmonics, dv/dt stresses, and stresses in the bearings of a motor.
Several multilevel converter topologies have been developed; i) diode clamped, ii) flying
capacitors, and iii) cascaded or H-bridge. Referring to the literature reviews, the cascaded
multilevel inverter (CMI) with separated DC sources is clearly the most feasible topology for
use as a power converter for medium & high power applications due to their modularization
and extensibility. The H-bridge inverter eliminates the excessively large number of (i) bulky
transformers required by conventional multilevel inverters, (ii) clamping diodes required by
multilevel diode-clamped inverters, , and (iii) flying capacitors required by multilevel flyingcapacitor inverter.
Cascaded H-Bridge multilevel inverter is a promising topology and provides alternative
way for converters that are used in grid connected photovoltaic, wind power generation and
in motor drive. Output power can be expanded simply with modularity and control. Though it
has wide application area and tremendous merits, it has greater disadvantage that it uses
separate DC supply for each H-Bridge. CMI with single phase transformer and single DC
source is proposed for ensure high quality output power waveform. Compared to
conventional topology of CMI, proposed topology provides minimization in cost in terms of
THD, losses and filter size. Switching angles are calculated for Selective harmonic
elimination techniques. Newton Raphsons method is used to solve non-linear equations of
the system.
The main objective of this paper is to increase number of levels with a low number of switches
and sources at the output without adding any complexity to the power circuit. The main merit
of the new topology is to reduce the lower total harmonic distortion, lower electromagnetic
interference generation and high output voltage. In this paper, various carrier pulse width
modulation techniques are proposed, which can minimize the total harmonic distortion and
enhances the output voltages from proposed work of five level inverter.