Wolf Girl

Chapter 1 Found Always running never stopping, that is all I remember for the first few months o f my life

. I was told later that running was the only way to survive but, I fel t there was something else to life, like living in one place rather than several different ones a year. One day my pack and I came to a fire starter dwelling a nd I saw for the first time my own kind, of course I didnâ t know or look like I wa s a fire starter but, I felt drawn to the forbidden area. Against my pack-leaders decree I went to see what I could of the dwellings befor e we moved on and I lost the chance. Close to the edge, my paw gets caught in a painful hole, turning I find my left hind paw held tightly in a sharp edged loo p. I pulled all I could but couldnâ t pull myself free, finally I give up and howl ed a sorrowful keel. From the fire starterâ s homes comes a yell and than their ha ted fire on a stick comes toward me and stops when Iâ m in the glow the fire gives off. Growling I slink away from the light, grunting the fire starter comes at me with a raised stick with a large sharp looking rock on the end. A squeal behind it makes it stop and look at what had made the noise. A small fire starter moves o ut of the dark and points at me that at itself and grunts to the bigger one. Th e bigger one points at me and grunts a reply and comes at me again only to be st opped by the smaller one running a round the bigger one and standing within my m ovable space, sliding forward while they where fighting gave me enough time to g et close to the small fire starter and press my cold nose to its leg. With a ye lp it jumps and I scramble back away from it to the far edge of my area. Turning the bigger of the two walks away with a grunt over its shoulder to the smaller one, extending its hand the smaller one offers me a small sliver of meat. Slowly I get closer and snatch the meat from its hand. Smiling the thing leaves and I think it has left me to die in that small barren clearing. The next morning its back with a weird round object that is not a completely rou nd, putting it down it backs up and watches me as I sniff what is in the thing. Finding its water I drink my fill and than lay down to nap. When I wake Iâ m not in the same place but in a small cave like area with a soft fur-like feel differ ent almost like I truly belonged here. Confused I get up and explore my new â Denâ lways sniffing I come across another of those round objects with water in it. Sl owly I drink but I watch every movement around me. I hear something coming from behind me and spin around in time to see the small fire starter come in though a tall something that was blocked earlier. NOT FINISHED

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