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Sustainable Development and Business

Excellence Services
improve Sustainable Development and achieve Business Excellence

Confluence Center for
Sustainable Development and Business Excellence


About Sustainable Development Services

Need for Sustainable development
Client Engagement Model
Implementation approach
Benefits of Our Services
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About Sustainable Development and

Business Excellence Services
Sustainable Development and Business Excellence
(SDBE) services
are aimed at
an adaptive change in People and Processes in the
to create
Paradigm Shifts in their Economic, Environmental
and Social Performance (Triple Bottom Line)

Need for Sustainable Development

and Business Excellence
New Challenges:
Growing concern and increasing responsibility towards sustainable
Market uncertainties reducing the comfort band
Technological obsolescence
People management and retention
Shrinking Profitability

Perennial Challenges:

Sustainable Development
Changing Market Scenario
Evolving Customer Expectations
Create Unique Values to Customers
Being ahead of Competitors

Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is achieving economic
development that is conducted without depletion of
natural resources.
Sustainable development is development that meets
the needs of the present without compromising the
ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Sustainable Development


Triple Bottom line Approach

Service Delivery from Confluence


Our Sustainable Development and

Business Excellence Services
Purpose of Our Service
Provide integrated solutions for Sustainable Development and Business
Excellence for organizations right from identification of sustainable
development opportunities till publishing sustainability reports and
facilitating assurance of the sustainability reports.
(Note: Protocols and guidelines established at National and
International Level such as National Voluntary Guidelines on Social,
Environmental & Economic Responsibilities of Business, GRI (Global
Reporting Initiative) Guidelines and others shall be used as for
Sustainability Reporting).

Our Service Delivery

Risks and

Set Goals and
Prepare Plans

Build Internal
and Drive


and Best In

2i Our Proprietary Service Delivery Methodology to achieve
Sustainable Development Goals and thereby Business Excellence

Change Enablement




Build People Competencies

Indoctrinate people about operational excellence
Drive change and build positive attitude
Build managerial and improvement skills through
Managerial Development Programs
Involvement of people in the initiative
Drive the initiative Top Down, Bottom Up and
also Middle Top & Down.

Redesign Infrastructure
Assess the current Infrastructure facilities vis--vis
Infrastructure includes Buildings, Machinery,
Software Applications and Hardware.
Suggest modifications to infrastructure facilities to
drive operational improvements & sustainable
development goals. This include layout changes,
additional facilities, etc.
Engage other partners as needed

Optimize Processes
Business Process Modeling keeping in view of our
clients customers and maximize value delivery to
their customers
Business Process Mapping and eliminating Non-Value
Added Activities.
Improving the process controls and reduce variation
Automate processes using BPM SW Suites

Tools Used

Balanced Scorecard
Theory of Constraints
TPM Tools
Lean Tools
Six Sigma Tools
Business Process Management

How Do We Do IT?
Proven Client Engagement Model




Project Initiation
& Governance




Drive & Monitor



Business Excellence Group



Process Optimization



Implementation ApproachApproach-APT2I TM
Initial assessment of
Organization Scenario
Understand Business
and Organizational
Gather Business
Needs and Delivery
Identify Potential
Risks and
Freeze on
Opportunities and set
Freeze on
engagement model

Create management
Form a Core Team
Evolve customized
Freeze the plans
Define time lines
Building profiles and
competency metrics
Identify change
Building operational
Establish foundation
for consistent metrics
to drive performance

Conduct change
Conduct planned
Engage people and
build new thinking
Build capabilities on
Devise various
modes to drive
Build capabilities to
train others

methodologies and
frameworks for
Deploy proven
methodologies such
as Six Sigma, Lean,
and others
performance visibility
across the
Drive improvement
projects and other

Review the progress
Initiate improvement
Achieve sustainable
improvements in
Build new capabilities,
new thinking and new
Standardize the new
performance levels by
institutionalization of
the changes

Benefits of SDBE Services

Improved Profit, Environmental and Social
Improved Quality of products/services
Gain Competitive Edge
Improved Stakeholder Satisfaction
Improved Employee Morale
People Management and Development (Building
Capabilities to move the organization to next level of

How Does Confluence Help?

Confluence can help clients to build operating models
enabling Sustainable Development & Business
Organization-wide Intervention includes
Interactions between various functions/ departments in the
Dialogue between internal functions, customers, governance,
regulatory bodies, etc.
Policies, principles, processes, procedures, job descriptions
across the organization
Building people capabilities
Establishing Metrics Based System
Drive Risk based Thinking

Who We Are


About Us

Confluence Center for Sustainable Development and

Business Excellence is one of the pioneering
company to provide integrated sustainable
development services.
We are a Management, Process, Engineering
Consulting and Training Services Company backed by
Leadership Team with 100+ years of industry
experience between them.

Our services enable clients to achieve sustainable

development goals and business excellence

Confluence true to the spirit of its name brings the

required expertise along with its partners to drive
sustainable development and business excellence

To sum up, we are one stop solution provider for all

sustainable development needs of our client
Originally incorporated as Confluence Business
Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In 2004, later restructured into
CCSDBE focusing on consulting services and CBSPL
focusing on IT Product development.

To become one of the best integrated sustainable
development and business excellence consulting
companies in the world.

Act as Catalyst for Client Organizations and
individuals to help them realize potential and
achieve their objectives HIGHER, FASTER and

in our

ent to all


Service Portfolio
Training and


Enabling Sustainable
Development and
Business Excellence
Strategy Deployment
Balanced Scorecard
Improvement Services
such as Six Sigma, Lean,
Business Excellence
Management Systems
Enabling publishing
Sustainability Reports


Lean Six Sigma

Professional Certifications
Customized Trainings
Managerial Development
PMP, RMP Certifications

Competent Resource Support for
driving Sustainable Development
and Business Excellence Initiatives

Our Success Stories


ITC, PSPD Supplier Development


Approach/ Methodology

ITC, PSPD Division, Bhadrachalam (Paper and

Paper Board manufacturing) had a set of 8
converters, who were involved in reel to sheet
conversion operation.
Reel to sheet conversion was the end-ofprocess stage and as such highly critical from
Delivery Lead Time and also Quality.
ITC had more than 375 complaints per annum
when we started the initiative and a Delivery
Lead time used to be more than 15 days from
order to dispatch date.

We started working on establishing systems, training of

people in the vendor organization and demonstrated how
systems and processes lead to freeing of owners time in
operations, so that they could focus on business growth.\
Later all Vendors were ISO 9001 certified.
Driven Root Cause Analysis and CAPA at all levels in
Developed a Converter Rating System for all vendors and
was driving improvements using the same.
Developed customized training for all the personnel in
the organization.

Business Challenge

Business Performance Improved

Improving Quality and reducing defect rates

thereby reducing Customer complaints .
Decrease the delivery lead time, as short lead
time was highly essential keeping in view of
industry segment.
Manage to deliver wide variety of sizes of
more than 1000+ variants at any point of time
within 3 to 4 days.
Standardization across the vendors

Within one year of the initiative, Customer Complaints

reduced from 375 to less than 20.
In two years after that complaints were less than 10 for
the whole year across 8 converters.
Reduced Delivery Lead Time of more 90% of orders
within 3 days from receipt of sale order.
Reduced wastage of paper from allowable percentage of
10% to less than 4%, wherein ITC was also rewarding the
converters for same.

SMS Pharmaceuticals Limited


Approach/ Methodology

SMS Pharmaceuticals was started by two

technocrats as a manufacturing unit for an API
named Ranitidine in 1990. They were Indias
Largest Manufacturer of Ranitidine HCL.
Organization had a revenue of around 40 to 50
Crores per annum on that product.
Primary focus was on Non-regulatory Markets.
Organization was having flat growth in terms
of revenue from 95 to 99 and the market was
becoming highly competitive with entry of
other companies.

We started with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

and ISO 9001 Implemented.
Followed, by a Business Planning Initiative and Visioning
Advised MD to attend a Strategy Program in ISB
Deployed a Leadership Development Program for all
Senior Management Team
Implemented many process improvements.
Deployed Organizational Restructuring and Strategy
Deployment Initiative and introduced SBUs concepts.
Guided organization on diversification too.

Business Challenge

Business Performance Improved

Primarily focused on one single product and that too

highly complex due to pollution associated with the
Flat growth
No presence in regulatory markets
Highly price sensitive customers
Lack of direction for future business.
Lack of senior management who could take the
organization to next level

By end of the initiative, they had more than 15 products in their

A highly effective MIS System was established.
One of the plants was FDA Certified.
By Mid 2000s, the organization had achieved around INR 250
From one manufacturing facility, it has grown to 5 Units.
Went public in the year 2007-08.

Nifty Labs Pvt. Ltd.


Approach/ Methodology

Nifty Labs was started in the year 2005.

Organization had a team of people with more
chemist experience.
Initially had a small manufacturing unit in
Later started a manufacturing facility in
Vijayawada in the year 2007-08.
Organization was lacking systems and also
capable people at various levels.

We started with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO

9001 Implemented.
Through that initiative we ensure basic systems and processes
were defined.
Later drove Managerial Development Program for all Heads and
Supervisory Development Program for all Supervisory Level
Developed and Implemented Safety Training for all personnel till
Senior Chemists.
Helped them through ISO 14001 Certification
Developed an Excel based System for Capacity Planning and Batch
A highly effective Objectives Drill Down System to sensitize all
departments to get aligned with Business Objectives

Business Challenge
Poor Managerial Capabilities especially at Department
Head Level.
Lack of Systems and processes in a industry such as
Pharma, which was very essential
Very poor communication abilities and lack of
Lack of standardization leading to huge loss in terms of
batch reprocessing and batch rejections.
Very low equipment utilization of around 20% to 25%
inspite of having good order book.

Redesigned Reaction schemes to improve equipment utilization.

Business Performance Improved

Build GMP Culture at all levels of the organization.
In a facility where they thought they could achieve a maximum
turnover of 30 Crores, they achieved more 80 Crores Revenue.
Same team, which was unable to communicate properly, today has
achieved major contracts with multinational pharma companies
and also EDQM approval for their product.

Hyderabad Security & Offset

Printers Ltd.

Approach/ Methodology

Hyderabad Security & Offset Printers was

started in the year 1983 and later diversified
into Pharmaceutical Packaging in 1991.
Our Engagement started in early 2010
Organization had a mix up issue and was
blacklisted by one of their major customers.
Poor Systems and lack of capable middle level/
supervisory staff was a big issue.
Organization had many opportunities but
internal capabilities were lacking.

We started with establishing GMP based systems inline with

Pharma Industry expectations
Develop fool proof methods and shop floor controls to prevent
defects and product mixups.
Successfully implemented 5S
Helped organization take a batch of Fresh Diploma Holders and
provided intensive 6 Months training on-the-job and class room
training to build their capabilities and equip them to handle
operational challenges.
Deployed our resource to handle their QA.
Established QA Systems and QA Team consisting of Mech.
Engineers to ensure defect prevention and improve productivity.

Business Challenge

Business Performance Improved

Lack of Systems and processes in a industry such as

Pharma, which was very essential
Lack of Good Capable Supervisory Level Team
Huge gap in understanding of Business between MD
and the next level personnel.
Lack of effective controls on floor
High wastage of more than 15%.
Very high level of customer complaints on defects

With the same manpower, organization has increased their

turnover from 11 Crores in 2009-10 to 40 Crores in 2014-15 with
addition of capacity and redeploying manpower.
Reduction in customer complaints to less than 12 complaints per
annum inspite of nearly increasing volume by 4 times.
Able to sustain growth inspire few key people at senior level
leaving the organization.
Absolutely no mix ups since last four years with 4 times volume of
what was being handled in 2010.

Our Team


Venkatesh Yerramalla
He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in production from Osmania
University and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence and Six Sigma Green Belt
from American Society for Quality. He is certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt internally. He also
possesses a professional certification in Basics of Supply Chain Management from APICS, USA. He is
a certified Lead Assessor from British Standards Institute Training Services, UK for ISO 9001 Quality
Management Systems and he was also a Trained Facilitator for Effective Personal Productivity
training program of M/s. Leadership Management International, USA. He possesses diverse
experience in various functions like management, marketing, production, quality assurance and
projects across various industry segments like software development, IT enabled services, ISP,
engineering, pharmaceuticals, LPG, automotive components, banking, share registry, continuous
process industry like glass, agri products, food and beverages, etc.
He has over 23+ years of industry experience with M/s. Shriram Fuel Injection Industries, M/s.
Renewable Energy Systems Limited, M/s. Aptech Consulting and M/s. Confluence. During his service
at Aptech Consulting, he was handling the Hyderabad Operations of the company and has
successfully completed more than 15 projects in quality and environmental management systems
and one BPR project. He was also a presales consultant for BaaN ERP for which Aptech Consulting
was an implementation partner. During his service in M/s. Aptech Consulting, he was awarded
Paradigm Pioneer award for best execution of a project in terms of benefits to the client.
Also cofounded another company by name M/s. Kaarya Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., which is
primarily into Recruitment and Staffing Services.

Y N Murthy
He is a Post Graduate in Business Administration with specialization in Materials from JNT
University, Hyderabad (M.B.A Materials), and also processes Masters Degree in Science (M. Sc
Statistics). He has over 4 decades of overall hands on industry experience with M/s. VST Industries
Limited, Hyderabad, and Software Technology Park of India, Hyderabad. During his tenure at VST
Industries, he has put up his experience in the areas of SQC, Process Control, New Product
Development, Business Process re-engineering, ware housing operations, and scientific inventory
control systems. At STPI, Hyderabad, he was instrumental in providing manufacturing; solutions
through custom made and branded (SAP, BAAN) ERP solutions for wide range of industries.
As a consultant he possesses more than 25 years of experience across a wide range of industries
especially Infrastructure Companies such as Soma Constructions, Aliens Group and others,
manufacturing industry experience in industries such as Samkarg Pistons and Rings, Veljan Hydrair,
Unique Inflatables Limited etc.
With his strong conceptual and practical back ground, he was instrumental in providing trainings at
Hyderabad in Administrative Staff College of India, Institution of Engineers, Indian Institute of
Materials Management, Hyderabad Management Association, Institute of Public Enterprise, AP
Productivity Council, NISIET in the areas of Quality, Productivity, Material handling and inventory
control etc.
He is associated with Confluence Business Solutions in providing solutions for infrastructure sector
related projects such as improvement in project planning & scheduling, productivity, process
management, process improvements, etc.

Pankaj Singh
Pankaj Singh, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is founder & thought leader for Transium Consulting,
a For Profit Business initiative to foster in human capital and organizations, a process excellence
In a career spanning over two decades, Pankaj has been instrumental in conceptualizing & deploying
many business excellence programs. He has delivered on several dollars of business productivity
enhancements through six sigma & lean. He has experience of setting up start up businesses and
take them to the growth stage.
As a global operations leader with sector expertise across ITES, CPG, Manufacturing, he possesses
diverse experience of driving transformation across industry domains. His career experience
includes positions with The Spice Tailor, Oceans Connect, WNS , Aptech & the Shriram group.
With extensive exposure to several industry sectors and wide business acumen, Pankaj has led startups, managed cross border acquisitions, set up and scaled business operations and led a variety of
operational initiatives to enhance efficiencies.
Pankaj has championed over 19 ISO 9001 & 27001 certifications across Banking, Automobile,
Pharmaceutical & ITES sectors.
Pankaj holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru
Technological University Hyderabad India and has completed several management courses.

Nilesh Naik
Nilesh Naik, a Mechanical Engineer by qualification is one of our Consultants with around 18 years
of industry experience. He is also a Six Sigma Black Belt. He is a thorough Quality Professional with
work experience in India and Malaysia. Prior to his joining Confluence, he was working with Gulf Oil
Corporation Limited. He comes with a rich experience of working in automobile sector companies
such as NRB Bearings, Synergies Dooray and Local Basic Sdn Bhn., Malaysia.
He started his career with Synergies Dooray, an MNC manufacturing alloy wheels for automobiles
and was exposed to quality concepts wherein he was working for prestigious customers such as
Toyota, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Maruti Udyog and other automobile giants. During his service
at Synergies he was trained on QS 9000 standards and had worked on product development and
quality improvement projects along with their customers. Subsequently he had joined M/s. LOCAL
BASIC Sdn Bhn, Malaysia where he had worked on several cost reduction and quality improvements.
During his service at Local Basic Sdn Bhn he had opportunity of working with highly quality
conscious Japanese. Some of his achievements include reduction of scrap level of spool shells from
30% to 4% in Local Basic Sdn Bhn and reduction of rejection of bearings from 8% to 2% at NRB
He is proficient in new product development, production planning, manufacturing strategy, TQM
concepts and Six Sigma Implementation. He possesses exceptional logical questioning and analytical
thinking. He is a good motivator and demonstrates good HR skills in driving people

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