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My warmest greetings to the pillars of the Sacred Heart Diocesan

Do you agree with me if I say that behind every successful student is a
great teacher?
Would a career as a high school teacher be a good fit for you?
When I was high school like you, I had an ideal teacher who inspired
me to choose teaching as a profession. I finished high school in this
school. It was the school that recommended me for a college
scholarship at a university. After finishing college, I came back and
taught here for five school years. This school has made me into a
person I dream to become and that is to be a teacher. It was a call and
I responded to it with all my heart and soul.
You have heard stories that teaching is a tiring profession. Well, to tell
you honestly, it is not. Teaching is exhausting only if you consider it a
job. But if you teach out of love and your concern is the success of all
your students, then teaching becomes a very fulfilling mission. Plus
the advent of technology makes the 21st century teacher empowered
and equipped to make him more effective and make learning more
As a high school teacher, we are expected to multi task like all other
teachers do. We write lesson plans, prepare class activities, teach not
only lessons but also skills and values to our students because we
believe that educating the mind without educating the heart is no
education at all. We assess our students, compute grades, monitor
our students progress and inform parents of their students
performance. We develop our students holistically by enforcing class
and school rules and supervising. If elementary teachers teach all
subjects, high school teachers handle only their subject of
specialization. They may teach several classes within that subject
area. Like me, I teach grades 9 and 10 which are British American
Literature and Masterpieces of World Literature respectively.
If you take teaching as your profession, this means that you must be
wiling to go through a long period of preparation and a continuing
professional development. You must strive for excellence thus you
must commit yourself to public service.
Do you want to give your life a meaning? Do you want to live a
purpose driven life? Then spend it passionately in teaching, the
noblest among all professions. It is the only profession that makes all
the other professions. There can be no doctors, no engineers nor

lawyers if there are no teachers. Dr. Biyo the first Asian teacher to win
an Excellence in Teaching Award said and I would like to quote,
Teaching may not be a well-paid profession because it cannot
guaranteed financial security. It even means investing your personal
time, energy and resources. Sometimes it means disappointments
and heart aches but touching the hearts of students and opening the
minds of the young can give you joy and contentment which money
cannot buy. Isnt it amazingly heartwarming?
Let me end my speech with a parable.
There once was a king who wished for his son and sole heir to have a
fine education. He sent servants out to post signs all over the
kingdom advertising for a teacher for the prince. The signs indicated
that if the king found the teacher fit for such a weighty responsibility,
he would allow him to choose his own salary. Many people came from
all over the kingdom to apply for the job. After testing all the
applicants on the breadth and depth of their knowledge, the king
narrowed his choice to three wise men.
He then asked each of the men how much they wanted to be paid and
why they felt their services were worthy of that sum. The first man
said that he should be paid 10,000 gold coins a month because he was
the smartest man in all the land and could give the prince knowledge
no one else had. He could reveal to him the secrets of the universe
and the ideas of the world's greatest philosophers.
The second man said that he wanted 20,000 gold coins a month
because he was the best teacher in all the land. He proclaimed that he
could get anyone to learn anything. He spoke of how he could
discipline a child to do anything he wanted; he was not afraid even of
the prince.
The third man asked only for room and board and enough money to
support his family. He said that he knew he was smart but not the
smartest, and he knew he was a good teacher but not the best. He said
that he should be chosen because it would be an honor to serve the
king, the prince, and all the people of the land. He said that he wanted
the next ruler of his beloved kingdom to be just as wise as his father.
The king, of course, chose the third man and that is why teachers
are paid such low salaries. All joking aside, this parable hopefully
reminds us of what it means to be a teacher. To some people, teaching
is a job and a paycheck; to others, it represents a place to exert power,
a lofty platform from which to dispense knowledge. The finest
teacher, however, realizes that he or she is in the classroom to help
students achieve their full potential, in whatever form that may take.
Thank you very much for listening. God bless us all.