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I am not easily shocked, but I still havent got over a recent experience in New York. A business
contact had invited me to lunch at a trendy restaurant. I turned up on time, expecting a gastronomic
treat and a leisurely chat about matters of mutual interest. So you can imagine how I felt when he
said that, sorry, we could only share a first course because he had scheduled a second lunch
appointment. What nerve! What an insult! I vowed to never speak to him again, until a friend of mine
told me that such bad manners have become quite fashionable among Manhattans movers and
shakers. It wasnt personal, just the trendy thing to do. It seems that many business executives are
double and triple decking their lunches like club sandwiches, a practice known as Type A feeding
behaviour. It works like this: an appetizer at the Four Seasons, a hamburger with another client at
21, and dessert and coffee with a third business contact at Michaels. The whole silly business is
another version of the power game, a demonstration that you are more important than your guest
and that your time is therefore more valuable. I dont know what anyone hopes to gain by this kind of
nonsense. It certainly didnt work with me; and I can well imagine the reaction of other visitors from
countries which still regard lunch as a serious matter, an opportunity to establish or nurture personal
relationships, exchange views, lay the foundations for a deal, or celebrate the successful outcome of
negotiations. I have made lasting friends and have initiated many lucrative transactions over lunch at
good London restaurants like Langans and Shepherds. I believe that mixing business with pleasure
is part of civilized behaviour, and all the more agreeable if one can do it on an expense account. .My
idea of a good time is an hour-long lunch with a companion who doesnt look at his watch every five
minutes, who has something interesting to say, and who thinks that my opinions are worth listening
to. The ambience should be stylishly casual, the service attentive but not rushed and the menu as
intriguing as a balance sheet. I can do without martinis, but I prefer wine to water. I would not dream
of going to the Four Seasons or Le Cirque in Manhattans excellent Palace Hotel and insulting the
chef as well as my guest by settling for a bowl of soup. The simple answer is to lay down the ground
rules beforehand. Make it clear how much time you have available and ask the guest if it fits in with
his own schedule. What made my experience so shocking is that it came as a complete surprise. I
hope that the insulting practice of back-to-back lunch dates is one New York trend that will not catch
on in London, Paris, Rome, or Berlin. We Europeans have a reputation for lingering over our lunches.
I gather that US cities like Chicago and San Francisco are holding the line at the single lunch, which
is good news. They have great restaurants which deserve the appreciative patronage of relaxed and
discerning customers. I dont mind if a host wants to show how powerful he is, its all part of
business. However, there is more than one way of doing this. A really important player is careful in
his choice of guests, but gives them his full attention. He demonstrates his power by not rushing off
to another restaurant or to the office.
1.-What is Type A feeding behaviour?
A when business executives have club sandwiches for lunch
B when business executives have lunch at the best restaurants
C when business executives have not scheduled their lunch in advance
D when business executives have different courses with different guests

2.-How did the writer feel about this?

A silly
B pleasantly shocked
C offended
D trendy
3.-Why, according to the writer, do some business executives do this?
A They dont like eating with the same people.
B They want to show they are more powerful than their guests.
C They dont have time.
D They are silly and play games.
4.-How does the writer view lunch?
A as a way of making friends and doing business
B as a way of celebrating and having fun
C as a way of ensuring you get a nutritious meal
D as a strict business meeting
5.-According to the writer, a business lunch
A should not be rushed.
B should be stylish.
C should have a balanced menu.
D should have quick service.
6.-What according to the writer is the simple answer? (line 32)
A to make your intentions clear in advance
B to play by the rules
C to change your schedule
D to completely surprise your guest

7.-What is implied about Chicago and San Francisco?


They are holding the same line as New York

B They deserve a patronage from New York.

C There is some good news about restaurants.
D They are not following New York in this fashion.
8.-What conclusion does the writer give us?
A It doesnt matter how powerful a host is.
B Do not change restaurants all the time.
C Show your power in another way.
D Its all part of business.

You are going to read a magazine article about Ewan McGregor, a British actor. Seven
sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from sentences A H the one which
fits each gap 8 . 14. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an
example at the beginning (0).
A This might account for the old-fashioned, romantic qualities he can bring to roles in films
such as Emma, Scarlet and Black and A life Less Ordinary.
B Its all going so unbelievably well, he admits, you start to worry something really
terribles going to happen.
C I just didnt get it. I just remember not liking many of the teachers. They said I had
attitude problems.

D No, hes very, very involved with the part. Hed obviously thought about it a great deal.
You can see that at each point, in each scene, he knows exactly where he wants to be. Hes a
very dynamic and instinctive actor.
E God knows what everyone thought I was so excited about. I couldnt even tell my brother
cos I knew hed just tell all his mates.
F He never seems to stop smiling, a particularly rare quality to find in actors these days.
G I was more nervous than I have been for a long time. Sitting there, feeling really scared
again. It was brilliant!
H His first professional acting job was as an Indian in the film A Passage to India where
immediately, he says, I knew I was where I wanted to be
Into Orbit
Seven years ago Ewen McGregor was still at drama school. Now hes the leading British actor
of his generation. Set for inter-galactic fame in the new Star Wars Trilogy, he is a modest
man with the world at his feet.
So how do you audition for Star Wars, one of the biggest, most popular phenomena in
Hollywood history? That was really scary. Ewan McGregor beams with real enthusiasm.
0: G
While every aspiring young actor and agent in Hollywood was competing for a part, McGregor
simply met the casting agent, talked to director George Lucas and did a screen test.
Playing pool in a pub in Galway, he sounds as casual as you like, sauntering round the table
with his trademark cocky grin. Bob Marley sings dont worry bout a thing Ewans
selection from the jukebox and it could just about sum up his life right now. 9: ________
The Star Wars project was so shrouded in secrecy, McGregor wasnt allowed to tell anyone,
except his parents and his wife, Eve. I was on the set ofVelvet Goldmine when I found out
my first days filming! So all day I walked around going like this. (biting his fist, eyes wide
with delight) 10: _______
Arriving at the pub, McGregor is freshfaced and enormously good-natured, seemingly
unburdened by the pressures of fame and full of confidence. He wanted to be an actor from
the age of nine, when he started to idolise his uncle, Local Hero actor Denis Lawson (who
also had small parts in the three original Star Wars movies) and has pursued his dream since
then with almost manic enthusiasm, probably ruthless determination, and more than a hint
of arrogance. It just didnt even enter my head that it wouldnt work out.
Evidently he was so keen on acting that even his parents, who were teachers, gave him their
blessings to leave school at 16. I didnt hate school, he explains.
11: ________
He grew up in Grief!, in Perth, with an adventurous childhood, kicking around in the
countryside, riding horses every weekend. Never fond of sports, he would spend Saturday

afternoons lying on the carpet in front of the TV, watching black and white movies.


Ask people who have worked with him how his success has been so meteoric, and rather
than mention his talent first of all, they tend to talk about his energy, eagerness and above
all, his charm. The directors of two forthcoming releases, Todd Haynes (Velvet Goldmine)
and James Deardon (Rogue Trader), both say they were struck by the enormous enthusiasm
and commitment he brings to his roles. He gives 100 per cent in every take, says Haynes.
He gave us some unbelievably strenuous performances. Deardon says McGregor is not the
kind of actor wholl be chatting away to the crew or cast before a take, and then just carry
on with what he was saying afterwards. 13: _______
Another thing people remark upon is just how likeable Ewan McGregor is. He combines an
eagerness, energy and fierce friendliness with the sort of sharp sarcasm that you see
in Trainspotting and Shallow Grave, which prevents him from seeming too full of himself.
14: _______
He has already settled down into domesticity with his production designer wife, Eve
Mavrakis, who he met on the set of Kavanagh QC, and their two-yearold daughter Clara, who
he describes as something else. I love her to bits. People ask how I manage to combine a
family life and a career but I dont look at it that way. My family and career are my life.
Theyre not separate.

You are going to read an article in which various parents talk about punishment
for teenagers. For questions 15 - 28 choose from the parents (AF). The parents may be chosen more than
once. When more than oneanswer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the
beginning (0).
A Madeline Portwood, educational psychologist and mother
B Theresa Gill, mother and nursery nurse
C Grant McNally, social worker and father
D David Spellman, father and psychologist working with disturbed teenagers
E John Peel, father and radio presenter
F Tim Burke, spokesman for the National Youth Agency
Which of the parents:
believes that parents must carry out threats? 0 __A___

get annoyed with teenage laziness?

15 _____

does not deal with youngsters professionally?

16 ____
17 _____

believes we must remember that all teenagers are individuals?

18 _____

is happy with the way his/her children have turned out? 19 _____
believes we should expect arguments between teenagers and parents? 20 _____
is happy with the upbringing that he/she had? 21_____
has a son who can be very naughty? 22 _____
has a written agreement with his/her children?

23 _____

thinks we should focus on the good things about our children? 24 _____
believes that punishment only works with younger children? 25 _____
have teenage sons?

26 _____

27 _____

believes it is important for teenagers to set their own limits? 28 _____

A.-Madeline Portwood
Educational psychologist and mother
The first thing a parent has to decide is whats going to be meaningful to a teenager. If you ground them
but they can stay in and play computer games, it wont necessarily be that meaningful to them. Parents
make endless threats, but they must carry them out and they must be realistic. Its also important for
teenagers to see sanctions as just. If the teacher behaves the same way to all pupils, they accept it. If there
is more than one child in the family, parents have to apply sanctions equally. As children get older,
sanctions often become meaningless to them.
B.-Theresa Gill
Mother and nursery nurse
My oldest son is just thirteen and he has not really stepped out of line so far, but if he did get to that lazy
and argumentative stage, I would withdraw luxuries such as his mobile phone, computer and football
training. While he lives in my house he has to obey the rules. Once hes 18 and out of the house, he can
do as he pleases. My siblings and I were given quite a lot of freedom by our parents and their reasoning
was that if we were going to do something anyway, they would rather we did it at home and weve all
turned out to be quite well-balanced.
C.- Grant McNally
Social worker and father
I operate a contract system with my two boys: one is eleven and the other two years older. We have all
signed it and breaches of behaviour result in loss of privileges such as stopping of pocket money or
grounding. Some flexibility is important, but if the contract is altered too much, the boundaries start

collapsing. My older son works well with it, but my younger son has behavioural problems and that
makes things harder to manage. It is difficult when you try to be a non-authoritarian and inclusive parent
and recognize childrens rights. But parents have rights too like the right to a stress-free life.
D.-David Spellman
Father and psychologist working with disturbed teenagers
I think you can turn sanctions round and offer rewards instead, which can motivate teenagers. Parents
should reward the behaviour they want to see. There does seem to be a great preoccupation with
punishment. Its quite clear to me that parents relationships with teenagers are much better if they focus
on the positive and acknowledge and appreciate their children. It is quite easy to get into a negative,
punitive position as a parent, which is often selfdefeating. Every teenager is different and they cant just
be lumped together into one group and all treated the same.
E.-John Peel
Father and radio presenter
I dont think we really employed sanctions with our children because I just dont think they work. They
are sullen, unhelpful and resentful if you do that. I think that, actually, their reluctance to help out with
things caused us more anxiety than things they did that we wish they hadnt. It was more about
motivating them into some sort of action. One of the things I always tried to avoid was drawing a line in
the sand. If a child has any sort of character, he or she will want to step over it. They are all nice people
and we like being with them you cant ask for more than that.
F.-Tim Burke
Spokesman for the National Youth Agency
Applying sanctions to a young person can be a bit like prison: it may work for some people on some
occasions, but for may others it is counter-productive, especially when used inappropriately. Some degree
of conflict between parents and teenagers is inevitable; young people need to push the boundaries its
part of growing up and finding out who they are. Self-imposed boundaries that they have arrived at
through their own experience and reflection are more effective. Our organization supports youth workers
who help young people learn about themselves and about how to be members of their communities.

For questions 1 15, read the text below and decide which answer A, S, C, or D best fits
each space. There is an exam pie at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate
answer sheet.
In the 1998 World (0) ..A.. sports fans around the world (1) .. various battles between (2)
.. football rivals but also between the companies that sponsored them.
Nike sponsored Brazil. Adidas sponsored France. While the teams (3) .. for the biggest
prize in football. the two companies tried to win the biggest battle, the battle of the (4) ..
as 500 million people from 195 countries (5) .. in to watch the greatest footballers in the
world. Afterwards, the sportswear companies hope was for people to go out and buy some
new kits. Adidas paid $20 million for the privilege of being a(n) (6) .. sponsor of the 1998
World Cup. and so one might have (7) would have had the greatest presence at the (8)
Sometimes. however. sponsoring doesnt (9) .. the company much good. Other times. the
sponsors advertising (10) .. are very original. Nike has claimed that if sponsors really want
to (11) .. athletes. they cant turn (12) .. only for the photo opportunities and the media
events and smile and (13) .. for the cameras. They have to accept the whole (14).. with
its spitting, swearing, sweating and blister-breaking. They just have to (15) ..used to it.

A) remarked

B) witnessed

C) viewed

D) attended


A) brutal

B) savage

C) cruel

D) fierce


A) contested

B) competed

C) struggled

D) strove


A) brands

B) marks

C) types

D) makes


A) adjusted

B) tuned

C) regulated

D) switched


A) formal

B) official

C) typical

D) licensed


A) accepted

B) attempted

C) assumed

D) confirmed


A) round

B) set

C) match

D) tournament


A) do

B) make

C) perform

D) carry

10. A) exhibitions

B) campaigns

C) expeditions

D) missions

11. A) strengthen

B) prop

C) support

D) provide

12. A) up

B) in

C) on

D) forward

13. A) stand

B) pose

C) look

D) model

14. A) packet

B) bunch

C) package

D) pile

15. A) be

B) become

C) make

D) get

Complete the gaps with a suitable word (16-30).

The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge has linked San Francisco and theMarin
Peninsula for more (0) ___than___ 50 years. However, building it was no easy task. The idea of linking the two
places was not a new one but it wasnt (16) _______1917 that the first workable design was produced. It would
(17)_______twenty years to complete the bridge, and from the outset there were (18) _______difficulties: rough
waters, the often foggy conditions and the danger of earthquakes all combined to make constructing this bridge a (19)
_______trickier business than building New Yorks George Washington Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge, (20)
_______was then the largest in the world, was finished (21) _______ May 27th, 1937. Californians flocked to their
new showpiece and walked from one end to the (22)__________ . The next day it was opened to cars. (23)
_______ the past 58 years it (24) __________ been part of daily life for millions of commuters. Of course, its
paintwork must (25) __________ kept (26) _______good condition. A 28-man team is responsible for this. If you
thought Michelangelo needed a good head (27) ________ heights to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling, just (28)
_________ a thought for these men. The bridge stands (29) __________4,200 feet. The trick, agree the painters, is
never to look (30)_______ . Rather them than us!

For questions 31 -40, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each
line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the
beginning (0).
Example: 0: impossible
The weather made their progress (0) ..impossible.. As it POSSIBLE
had been raining (31) all night they had to HEAVY
be very (32) as they walked through the CARE

thick jungle. Their good (33) would help


them overcome the (34) and get back to


civilisation with only minor injuries.

Although things were (35) they had to be


(36) because it was the only way they could OPTIMIST

help each other through this difficult situation.
Their (37) , chosen for his knowledge, would help LEAD
them in every way. The (38) of this training


was to (39) them for the special task ahead HARD

of them. However, they had never imagined how (40) DANGER
it would turn out to be.

Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first, using the word given.
DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD GIVEN. You must use between TWO and five words, including
the word given.(41-50)

0 They published this book in England.

This book ..came from. England.
31.- Can you understand what this paper means?
Can you this paper?
32.- It wasnt necessary to meet me at the airport yesterday.
You me at the airport yesterday.
33.-It was unkind of you to talk to her like that.
You to her like that.
34.-I saw the film although I strongly dislike thrillers.
I saw the film in of thrillers.
35.-Its not possible to play tennis because of the rain.
The rain . to play tennis.
36.-Ive never tasted such good food before.
It is the .. tasted.
37.-Do your parents allow you to watch TV late at night?
Do your parents . TV late at night?

38.-Did you write a note for Anna? I asked my mother.

I asked my mother . a note for Anna.
39.-He gave me the money first, and then he left.
He left .. the money.
40.-I dont find it difficult to get up early any more.
I . up early

In your English class, you have recently had a discussion about science and young people.
Now your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.
Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view.
Science is very important in the 21st century. How do you think it could be made
more appealing to young people?
Write about:
1. television programmes
2. interactive museums
3. ________ (your own idea)
Write your essay in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.
You see this announcement in an international magazine.

Articles wanted
Life on a desert island
Imagine you were on a desert island. What important object, person or place in your life
would you miss most? What would be the reasons?
Write us an article answering these questions.
We will publish the best articles in the magazine.
Write your article in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

You have received this email from your English-speaking friend, Jean.

I hear you organised a surprise birthday party for your mother. I'd love to hear about it.
What kind of party did you organise? Who did you invite? How did it go? Do tell me. Love,
Jean Write your email in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

You recently helped organise a college ski trip and you have received this email from a
parent of one of the students who went.
I understand you were one of the organisers of our son's ski trip. I have to say my husband
and I were extremely dissatisfied with the arrangements. My son has informed us that the
ski slopes were poor, the lessons were fewer than promised and the accommodation was
Can you please give us a satisfactory explanation?
Nora White
Write your email in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

21 F






Parents and children


















35 F

Golden gate
many take until down at spare has over/during/for other on- which far/much for in be

en orden!!
15 D


65 dangerous

31.- Can you understand what this paper means?

Can you make sense of this paper?


32.- It wasnt necessary to meet me at the airport yesterday.

You neednt have met me at the airport yesterday.
33.-It was unkind of you to talk to her like that.
You should not have talked to her like that.
34.-I saw the film although I strongly dislike thrillers.
I saw the film in spite of my strong dislike of thrillers.
35.-Its not possible to play tennis because of the rain.
The rain makes it impossible. to play tennis.
36.-Ive never tasted such good food before.
It is the best food Ive ever.. tasted.
37.-Do your parents allow you to watch TV late at night?
Do your parents let you watch. TV late at night?
38.-Did you write a note for Anna? I asked my mother.
I asked my mother whether/if she had written. a note for Anna.
39.-He gave me the money first, and then he left.
He left after he had given me/after giving me.. the money.
40.-I dont find it difficult to get up early any more.

I am used to getting. up early.