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The cornerstone

The big build
Present what you and your group talked about: (If you weren’t part of a group, make sure you ask questions).

• • •

Explore – Share something cool about creation. Explain – Evolution, Intelligent Design, Supernatural snafu – talk about the different ways that people explain how creation got here. Extend – Is creation in danger or not? Either way, what do we do about creation?

Open your Bibles to...
(Don’t have a Bible? That’s ok, let us give you one.) Open your Bibles to Luke 23. We’ll go around the table reading it verse by verse.

Lord God, You redeemed the world by Your suffering and death on the cross. All of Scripture builds up to this point: that You came to be with us and save us. Help us as we seek to communicate what our faith is built upon. Amen.

Three groups, three parts

• • •

Trial (Luke 22:54-23:25) – What is important about the way that Jesus was handed over to the cross? What does it tell us about ourselves? Death (Luke 23:26-56) – Jesus’ death sends ripplelike waves into the world. How are we still feeling those today? Resurrection (Luke 24:1-35) – Paul says that the fact that Jesus rises from the dead is the lynchpin of our faith. Why is the resurrection important?

Pick a group – quick – and go meet with them.

In two weeks, February 17th, we will be celebrating Ash Wednesday. For 5 Wednesdays after that, we will be taking time out of +Vespers+ as we know it to celebrate Lent midweek services. Lent midweeks this year are going to focus around what we declare as Christians. Ash Wednesday focuses on our mortality that comes from our sin. Next time we’re going to be putting together part of the talk for Ash Wednesday starting with the phrase “I am mortal, I am a sinner.”

Tonight, we pray some of the words of Jesus: Lord God, Your son spoke these words which mean so much to us. Help our prayers to find their meaning in these words.

“Do not weep for Me, but for yourselves and your children.” Who is worthy of our weeping? Are we the ones crying? Who else might be? Pray for those who are experiencing tears. “Forgive them, they know not what they do.” Who needs forgiveness? Do you? Someone you know? How could forgiveness change the world? Pray for those who need forgiving and those who need to forgive. “Into Your hands, I commit My spirit.” Are you brave enough to trust God with your life? Do you admire the bravery of those who commit their spirits to God? Pray for those who follow God in faith. “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.” Jesus has promised you eternal life. It is not dependent on your sacrifice, but on His. Pray the response of your heart to that promise. Amen.

Please don’t throw this away. If you’re not going to use it, leave it for someone else to use.