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Chapter Three:

" Death's doorstep though the crystal ball. "

I - 12:20 AM

The sound of The ambulance rolling though The ghetto echoed though Juste's ears.
The sound of various life support machines and the rushing of the two Workers, as
they tried to steady his Vitals, which was slipping quickly. Juste was forced to
breath, while the two talked to each other. " What a shame. Such youth in the path
of such hatred. The ghetto is hell for the youth of this generation. " Said the canine,
while he hooked up an Iv In Juste, they thought he was in pain, but this was quite
different. Juste couldn't really feel too much, Just The numbness that was no doubt
the first step into death. His vision would black out in stages, going from medium-
clear to total black, then back to the medium-clear state. " Fuck... I messed up this
time. " Juste though to himself, not having The energy to speak out, he only let his
thoughts play out in his own head. The ambulance hitting a pothole every now, and
it brought out a groan from him.

As they got half way to the hospital, his vitals have stabilized. They weren't the best,
but he wasn't dying too quickly. It still was numb. His shirt and pants were red and
holed up. His breathing was ragged but normal, as he took in air in semi-deep and
slow breaths. " Gl-gl-Glove? Where are you hommie? " Juste replied, he wasn't too
scared, he knew this was going to happen when he killed that dealer, but he didn't
expect to die alone. NO! He wouldn't die. He refused to die on his back, he wanted to
move, but his limbs were limp, numb in sensation. " Fuck. " He thought to himself,
while he looked up the best he could, he couldn't see too much, but he knew he had
to be at the hospital. As the vehicle stopped, Juste watched The Canine and The
Rabbit pull the stretcher up, and out of the ambulance. He closed his eyes, but was
quickly snapped away. " STAY AWAKE SIR! " The lapine replied, while the stretcher
was ran into the building and towards the emergency-operating table.

" I think it's funny how... The toughest criminals and thugs and what ever. When
they are on their deathbed, like the day before they fry in the electric chair, they get
religious. I heard 9 out of 10 inmates on death row are ultra religious, that's because
they know about die, and they are about to meet what's after death. That's funny;
nobody wants to turn to god until it's too late. Until its time for you to fucking die. "
Played out in Juste's head, slow like. There was no music to the song, but just the
words, as if it was taunting him with what was going on in his life at that exact
moment. Juste heard this slow wording, while they settled him on the table and
ripped off his shirt, and started to gas him, trying to make sure he was not suffering
as they tried to patch the wolf up. Juste looked skyward, listening to the chaos of the
operating room, while they got him prepped, and started to try and fix him up. He
felt a string, but the numbness cut it out.

There was another voice he heard above the two nurses and the doctors that were in
the room. It was recognizable easily, even in his dazed state. Glove was called and
moved though the two doors that separated the operating room from the waiting
room. " JUSTE! " He replied, trying to get his side, as two nurses blocked the wolf's
movements off, and pushed him into the waiting room. Juste's breathing was
labored without the machine, and he began to seeing stuff. He saw what seemed to
be a flower pod of some sort. It was dark violet in color, the rain outside was
amplified to him, so wasn't the static that came to anyone when it was silence. This
would be odd, because it was noisy as hell in the room he was in, but his mind didn't
register it at all. It was slipping to the point where the world around him would soon
be staticed out. The working of metal and the voices. The static would die off as he
heard voices. They weren't normal. But fainter, more child like. And colder in tone.

These voices were a bad sign indeed. The Loons were upon him. A signal that he was
soon going to pass though this life into the afterlife. As they went off, these voices
would start to merge into a synced voice, they weren't even singing words. It was a
soft giggle, a soft pitched giggle that would be child like in tone, but darker in
nature. 20 minutes passed and as soon as it hit that mark, The ECG would go on the
fritz. Juste's body would convulse a bit, as his heart started to move out of sync that
nature had put in it, and the doctors would be thrown into chaos. "NURSE GET
SUCTION, GET ME The DEFIBULATOR! " The fox would yell out, as he tried to get the
wolf back on tracks. Juste felt the numbness to convert into a cold-warmth type
feeling. He felt cold, but hot at the same time. His body was dying, and he couldn't
do shit about it. This was the thing that put fear into Juste, wondering where he was
going to go. What he was going to do.

The ECG machine would soon flat line, Juste's body would tense up, as his head was
shot back and eyes closed, then it'd give out. The nurses started to cry out, the
emotional tension was high, and the stress just broke. The doctor would slam his
paws upon the metal table. " DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMNIT! " Screamed
the doctor, and Juste would be shot awake, he looked about. His body was standing,
he wondered if this was a dream of his, maybe he was in his room, getting ready for
Halloween night? He would look about, it didn't look like his room, and he soon
turned and looked at his body. Bloodied and battered from what just happened, the
doctor pushing a white sheet over his form. " W-w-w-w-wait a minute Mo'fukka!
What are you doing? " He said out, in a medium tone, they didn't listen. Hell, They
didn't notice him. He looked down at his form, he wasn't invisible or anything, they
just didn't notice him.

II - 1:10 Am

the shock hit him, like a sledgehammer to the gut: He was dead. He watched as two
workers put Juste's covered body on a wheeler, and took him though the doorway
and down the hall. The spirit quickly followed, but something stopped him 10 feet
down the hall, He pushed forwards, and heard a voice. " Sooo. " It said; he turned
slowly, to see who was talking to him. As if he could hear anyone on the physical
plane, which would be a physical impossibility. " Yes? " Juste asked, his voice was a
little crackly, the depression that he wasn't going to see his hommies, who were his
only real family nowadays, anymore. This hit him hard, and he looked at the one
who spoke, the form was shadowy, and it looked female. He voice spoke. " I see I
was painfully right. I feared this. " Said the witch, as she looked upon the wolf's
spirit, while they stood in the hallway, completely invisible to the world around them.

"... I feel stupid. I crossed the line and paid the price. If you're ready to take me to
my fate, go ahead. " Juste replied, closing his eyes as he waited to be dragged down
to where Vic would have been. He only heard her speak. " I'm afraid this isn't
possible... You got unfinished business on your hands, and it alone will block you
from entering Shangri-la AND Hell's pit." The shadowy figure replied. Juste tilted his
head a bit, while he spoke. " Oh? How can that be? I thought my death was a result
in karma. " He replied a bit, while he looked upon her. She appeared to shake her
head while pushing her arms towards him, her hands outstretched with the palms
facing each other. She stopped when she couldn't reach out anymore, and formed a
orb of blueish glass; he reached out and took it. " Take a look into your crystal ball. "
Was all she said

Juste took this orb, and looked though it, The Orb itself was like he was: Spiritual,
that way he could hold it without it falling and breaking it. Juste saw, with a look of
disbelief, as one of those fuckers from Vic's crew calling up The Gang of rodents that
took his life, and they went to tell most of the drug dealers in the area to not sell to
him, for what he did to Vic. Of course this wasn't done for charity, The Rodents got
paid several medium-large stacks of Bills, from Vic's bank account. " What The FUCK!
" Juste replied, now a bit pissed. And the shadowy demon could see this, she grinned
in her own way, as her eyes flashed red. " Yes. You were robbed of life, because
these two group's sick game. " She replied, he started to enter into a low grow,
giving her The ball back, as it was taken, he started to hold his head as he thought
of this, each moment he thought it over, those feral instincts hitting him. He soon
grabbed at his locks of hair.

" God... DAMMIT! " Juste replied; his head tilted up as he screamed it out, he wasn't
heard of course, but he soon tilted his head down to watch the shadow. " What I
wouldn't do to get my paws around the throats of these fucks. " He replied, his
anger starting to solidify into range, and started to push logic in what he said away.
The female turned away while this happened, and started to tap her fingers
together. " I could help you with this... For a price. " She replied, and he snapped
out of the rage, and replied. " Oh? " Juste replied, and looked at the female, before
speaking. " Of course. I could put you back in your body, and give you a bit of power
to help you. But it would cost a bit for this to happen. " Juste heard this, and thought
it over, he didn't care at this moment, He'd give anything to redden The streets with
both gang's blood, Juggalo style. Juste coughed a bit, awkwardly even.

" I don't care at this point. I have -nothing- to live for now. Just tell me, and I'll take
it. " Juste replied, quite hastily, not realizing this could mean that Shangri-la could
easily be blocked off, and he would be brought into hell, but revenge was right at his
paw tips, and he didn't want to have it snatched away cause he was a pussy. The
female looked to him and smiled. " Good. Then shall we take a walk now? " She
replied, moving around him and towards The direction where his body was supposed
to be, he followed slowly, He felt freer in this form, but he didn't liked to be around a
lot of people, but say or do anything, and not get a reaction. Juste thought of how
this was going to go down. The crystal ball planted some memory things he had that
he didn't have. The thoughts of each and every fur's location and home spot. He saw
each one of their faces, and just flinched, knowing he had to do it.

As soon as the two got the morgue, they saw Juste's body, stitched up. Getting him
ready to pass over to The Undertaker. Juste would look himself over, and sigh a bit.
" Dammit. I Look peaceful in this state. " He replied, he calmed down a little bit as
he saw himself on that metal bed like table. The witch would put her hand on the
wolf's forehead, and with one of her fingers, draw what seemed to an inverted cross
within the forehead of the body. It'd cut the flesh, and give off a black light like
energy, before dispersing and healing up. " Listen up Juste. After I'm done saying
what I am saying, you'll be pulled into your body, and be given unlife. You'll be silent,
your heart will not beat, and your lungs won't drag in air. You'll be able to take in
damage that seems unnatural. But this will come with a price: If you die this time.
You won't be here with me... You'll be sent to Hell's pit. " She said, Juste would
slowly nod, and watch as The body would twitch and start to awaken, he felt The pull
of The evil that was instilled upon him, and he'd be pulled back into The darkness
that was his body. The witch would dissipate into the shadows of his mind, for the
little time that he'll be confused.

III - 2:10 AM

as he was drawn into the body, it was pushed awake, spasming for a few moments.
As soon as he stopped, Juste had gotten back up, opening his eyes, now they turned
a shade of blood red, and held little emotion or life within them. He got up off the
metal. He was nude, as if he was just born into the world, which was ironic in a way.
Juste looked about and ran towards a lab coat someone left, he slipped it over his
lithe form, and looked around for a way to get out. He saw his boots, but nothing
else, these came on next, and he moved to a window that separated The Room from
The outside parking lot. He heard a voice in his head. < Yes. The window is the only
logical way to get out, figuring that you're. Clinically dead. > The voice was The
same as The female he was speaking to, and he pushed The medium window out,
dragging his way out of The morgue, and into The grass, It was midnight, and The
rain let out a bit, but he had to rush though The parking lot and down The street,
moving quick enough to get towards The normal parking lot...

Juste knocked a window out of the driver side of a car, and wiped the glass off, just
as soon as he opened the door. He moved himself into the car and closed the door
behind him. " Lookie here. Someone left the keys in. " He replied, turning it on, He
backed out of the parking lot and drove away. It was a bit sloppy but he did it
smooth enough to avoid an accident. As he drove though the street, he looked out
the window the best he could, he saw that red Car again, it was just as he exited the
hospital grounds. He wanted to stop and start his revenge, but decided against it.
Juste tried to recall the directions to his place, and tried his best to follow it; the
memories coming to him clear enough, the voice in his head speaking. < As soon as
you get to The Street, ditch the car, and walk on foot. > Juste nodded a bit, and did
as he was told, although it was a good 40-minute drive to get to his house finally.

He ditched the car in a alleyway, and walked the rest of the way to his house.
Eventually he got up into the house and moved his way up stairs. The first thing he
did was to strip off what clothing he had on, and walk his way to the bathroom. He
got into the bathroom and started to turn on the water. < Yes. Wash the smell of
death off of you, get out the smell, you're going to be easily noticed if you stink like
that. > And Juste did as he was asked. He let the water wash away the dried blood
and bits of gunpowder from his body, it all drained down, while he looked at him, his
digits felt numb. But he could still use them. It felt weird to not breath or have a
heartbeat. He didn't feel too tired, but his body needed rest. But for now Juste did as
he was told, and ran the shampoo though his fur, washing it out as he got himself all
freshened up. After five washings he didn't smell like blood and death, and was
ready to rest from this point on.

But before hand, he got back in the alleyway, and grabbed his combat boots,
bringing them into his room, he put them on his desk, along with a fresh set of
Jeans, They were the same as the pair he wore. He put these down with a White
Medium sleeved T-shirt, The hatchet man was on the front, and " Juggalo " Was on
back, with 6 under it. This was put on his pair of pants, along with a pair of boxers,
and a can of white face paint. He got his dress all nice and ready, before looking out
the window. < Tonight is going to be bloody > was said in his head. Juste only
nodded softly and looked out the window. He slowly walked his form back to the
window, and looked out of it. The sky seemed to be a faint image of a devil's face.
He watched it as it seemed to be looking at him, he realized tonight was going to be
the last time he truly has a shot at getting to Shangri-la, and realizes that what he
had to do was more important than Shangri-la.

< Get some sleep Juste. Your body needs to heal up from the wounds you took
tonight. > The voice repeated, and the wolf would nod again. The wolf moved into
his blankets, and laid upon his stomach, and allowed his body to lay flat on the bed,
his head under his pillow. The blankets and stuff was pulled up over him. There was
a big dent in his old mattress, so he could lay this way without being seen for The
most part. Juste's eyes closed and he started to let his body fall asleep. " Life is
strange... It twists so much. Tonight proves it. " He replied to himself, in his mind. <
Yes. Karma has a way to make things hell. > The voice replied. His body fell into The
REM sector of his mind, and his body started to rest. His mind was wide-awake
though. The dreams vivid. More so than when he was alive. He saw nothing but
darkness and fire though. And the red sky that would be above him. Raining blood
and small body parts down upon him.

The night turned today, slowly... And the hospital would have found that
Juste's body was missing, and the hospital was thrown into a code blue type
situation. Juste's body was limp and hidden well enough. He had a rather odd dream
though, He woke in a medium-large apartment building within what seemed to be
hell, and fully clothed as well. As he woke he would have explored, eventually finding
a twisted and demonic looking Vic. The dream shook him enough to wake from his
sleep, and he moved his muzzle and head enough to look out the window. The sky
was normal, and it was early morning. He stuffed his head back beneath his pillows
and went back to sleep. < Why'd you awaken? > The voice said, and Juste replied " I
seen something that might happen, in The future... " Juste carried off, until he went
back to his dreams, and his body fell numb once more.

VI - 7:00 PM

the night had come, well the evening did at least. Juste opened his eyes nice and
slowly, while he turned onto his back, and moved to a sitting position. He turned to
look at the mirror that seemed to hold his image for all who was around to see. Juste
got up, and moved his frame to the mirror. He took a good look at himself, and into
those new eyes that grown in place of his old ones. < Yes. You look ready for your
work. > The voice said. Juste only really nodded, and moved his body to his
clothing, pushing the socks and boxers back on, before his new pair of pants,
eventually getting the rest of his clothing. Juste moved the white pace to the mirror,
and pushed his dread locks over his head, as he did this, he opened the can, and
took a good three digits worth of it, as he started to rub it into the fur upon his face,
he slowly worked in most of the can into his fur, until all but the fur beside his eyes,
and around his muzzle lips was white.

He grabbed a new pair of finger Tipless gloves, before moving to the bathroom. As
he got to the bathroom, he washed the paint out of his hands, and allowed them to
dry off a bit, before he slipped on the gloves. " Hmm. No too bad, it his Halloween
after all. " He replied to himself, his form soon turning to move out of the bathroom
and towards his parent's bedroom. The male would look to the closet, and moved
the door open. He looked though the bottom and medium shelves, eventually having
to climb upon the lower one to get at his dad's handgun box. As Juste got this all
nice and ready, he dropped the case on the bed and closed the door behind him. "
Two thirty in the morning. And I’m fully loaded. " Juste recanted from his music, as
he grabbed his father's .44 revolver magnum, and promptly loaded it's six round
cylinder, he took two speed loaders full of ammo and stuffed the gun in another
pocket, the safety partially on.

He turned and walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway, then the stairs. He
turned and moved to the kitchen to see if they took the bag, and once he opened
the fridge, he noticed it wasn't taken. He knew his hommies didn't forget about him,
this brought a soft smile to his face, but it was shaken off as Juste got back in the
mindset. " Devil's night. " He replied to himself, moving out of the kitchen, to the
door of his house. He stepped to the sight of Halloween decorations upon various
houses and what not. Juste let the dreads cover over his face again, and his shirt
hide his heater, before taking off down the street, it was dark enough to hide, but
light enough for him see. Which was odd because he could see like it was daylight.
Juste stopped what he was doing at that moment and turned around towards the
basement door of his house. He grinned a bit and moved towards it.

Juste threw the door open and went into the darkness of the basement. He got a
cold burst of wind, it didn't feel right, but he had no care at this point. He always
wondered why he got such a bad feeling down here, and as he got down the steps,
the voice in his head speaks. < Hmm. I get the feeling someone died down here. >
This was said, and Juste would nod, and look about, He saw the wood boiler, and
moved to the axe against the pile of the wound, he grabbed it easily, and stepped
away, he fashioned a sheath that would go around his torso and hold the axe against
his back. Juste looked about and grabbed what seemed to be a sheathed Machete on
the workbench; he also grabbed his Father's Spare hatchet. He put this in another
pocket and turned to go back. He held the machete in hand, and decided to make off
towards the first target: The gangsters.

As he walked down the street, he watched the cubs and pre-teens do there
trick-or-treat stuff, Juste shook it off and walked further down the street, He
watched that red-car go off as they did a deal with another dealer, and decided to
use the dealer as a means to get the address of the gang. He stopped and hid, as
the dealer looked this way to turn back into hiding until needed. Juste could see
everything perfectly, his vision remaining unblinking, and some supernatural force
removed the darkness from his eyes. Juste moved back to the street and walked the
handle of the Jason-esque style machete in his paw, and stepped into the alleyway,
moving silently as the wolf made his way down the alley towards the lizard that
made as his target. The wolf reached out and grabbed the lizard's hair, and with a
pull, brought the body up against his. At the same time Juste's machete came up,
and the blade was brought to the throat of the lizard, stopping the squirming that
was brought on by the lizard.

" What's the meaning of this? " The lizard exclaimed, as he was being held by
machete point, all it'd take was a good slash and it'd be over for him. Juste would
speak. " All right you little bitch, I need some info, and if you want to leave this bitch
without getting your neck bone chopped, you're going to do as I say, and answer
what I ask, aright? " Juste replied, the lizard squirmed a little bit, and Juste’s hand
pulled further back, the blade scraping softly against those scales. "Alright?" Juste
replied, the hostility thick within his voice. It was almost, demonic in tone. The lizard
was silent, all but a few tears that seemed to stream down his cheeks, and a
whimper in his voice. " Leave me alone. " He replied, Juste would ignore the
comment, only to reply with one of his own. " WHERE does your employer's meet at?
" Juste replied, and the lizard struggled a bit, and started to speak. " Th-th-the
corner of Hell borne and Oak Street. " The lizard replied...

V - 7:40 PM

" Good. See? Now wasn't that simpler than thrashing about? " Juste asked, the blade
was removed and he pushed the lizard out from him, but as soon as the blade was
on the opposite side of his body, he swing it again, at an upwards arc, and
outstretched. As the dealer turned, the blade made contact, and the force of it had
the blade go though the Lizard's neck and skull. Juste had no real emotion about it,
only a faint smile as the blade sheered bone and flesh, and spilled the blood of the
dealer, on the walls of the narrow alley. This mixed fluid would spray a bit on Juste,
speckling his white T-shirt with red spots. How what happened next would have
shocked most anyone who saw it. Why you ask? Because at that moment a line
would form from the cut line, and the diagonal half of The scalie's head would have
slid from the lower diagonal half, and onto the floor, Explosion a cross-section of the
creature's brain.

About that time cerebral fluid and blood gushed from the skull, before the body
dropped to its knees. Unmercifully, Juste raised his foot up, and kicked the body
onto it's back, and into the pool of crimson that it had made. Juste cleaned the
excess blood off the machete, but kept the red stained on the weapon, it only added
to the costume thing. Juste turned and walked back out and down the street,
crimson on his body and the smell of blood was back on him, but this could easily be
explained, as it's part of his costume, so wasn't the blood stains and stuff. Juste
looked about while he pulled up his jeans once more, and stopped to drop his
weapons and stuff, and pull his shirt up, while he used the suspenders under his
shirt, once this was done, he moved back into armed position and walked down the
street quickly.

Juste looked upon the corner of Hell borne and Oak Street. Machete in hand, he
moved his way towards the house, moving though the street lights, trying not to
give himself away to anyone, just incase there were rodents watching the windows,
he moved quickly though the lights. Juste eventually got the appropriate street
corner. He looked as a group of Kids where there, and he only ducked into the
shadows, waiting how they were going to act, so he'd know how to act appropriate.
He saw one of them was kind of like how he looked as a cubs, and simply grew a
grin, His free paw going to the handle of his revolver, as he slipped the safety off,
and wait. The door was opened and one of the rats would look at the kids. " TRICK
OR TREAT! " The kids said, and the rat replied. " BAH! Get the fuck out of here; we
have no fucking candy here. Now get off our fucking yard before we get angry! " The
rat replied nastily.

The kids shrieked and cried as the parents scowled at the rat before taking them to
go to the next house, trying to calm down the young cubs. Juste waited until they
were out of sight and out of sound, before walking out of the shadow and turning the
corner into there lawn, The .44 getting slid out of his pocket, while he used the
machete hand to push the door buzzer, Juste would wait. Within a few moments,
Juste would step back, and allow his arm to raise up to head level with the rat, and
he could hear angry ramblings from behind the door. " Oh my fucking god, if this is
another set of kids, I’m going to kill someone. " Juste waited as the door was
opened, and the rat was surprised with the long barrel of the "Burton special" Style
magnum. " Trick or treat. Mo'fukka. " This was what Juste said, as the trigger was
pulled, and the rat's nugget was hit with the large caliber bullet.

The result would be a loud gasping from the other three in the room, it seemed
there were a few more of them that lurked in the house. The rat's forehead would
have been splattered as the bullet burned a marble sized hole though the skull, but
the damage inside the skull was much more. The bullet would have scrambled the
brains and vessels within the space inside the head, and come out the backside, the
exit wound was MUCH bigger than the entrance wound, as the back of the nugget
was blown apart, spraying the destroyed gray matter, the destroyed remains of the
back skull plate, blood and Cerebral fluid out the back of his skull and all over the
floor. Juste kicked the door fully open and said out loud. " Life is over. Death
devours, time has come for witching hour! " He replied, and grinned a bit, As they
scampered in all directions, Juste caught one that ran towards him with a thrusting
of his machete, catching him though the left lung, the weapon tilted flat so this could

The rat gargled and groaned, Juste apparently flipped the revolver around, and
brought the heavy handle down on the skull of the rat, while that machete was
pulled from the rat's body, and countered with a spin slash that caught the shoulder
of The rat, the blade was like a razor, and the force would have cut though the
socket, and removed the arm at the shoulder before pushing the body down, and
allowing him to bleed out. " Fuck...I thought we snuffed you out. " The rat said;
Juste holstered his weapon, before speaking. " Me? Die? Nah. " He replied, before
spinning the blade around, and pushed it into the skull of the rat, he heard. " HOLY
FUCK! THE DEAD WALK TONIGHT! " Juste chuckled, and pulled the blade out, and
turned, walked out towards the driveway. Juste kicked the window open, and he
cleaned out the seat as soon as the door was opened, and he hot-wired that bitch.
His axe going to the seat beside him, while he drove off, going after one of the rats,
the image of where he was going came to mind.

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