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Chapter Five
" Devil's night massacre. "

I - 11:10 PM

Juste coasted to a stop, about 20 yards from the school building. He ditched the axe for his machete, figuring it was
faster to swing and more efficient than the axe. Juste turned and walked towards the supply shed around back. Around
back was about the holy place that wasn't urbanized, and it was the joining thing between the Soccer and baseball
fields. Juste took his time to get to the shed, as he stood in front of it, He'd put his machete to the side, and kicked the
door down. Although it was dark outside, he was still seen while he moved, one of the teachers were working in his
room, and had followed Joisted out towards the shed, and ran towards him as this teacher saw Juste kick the door in. "
YOUNG MAN! " He said, Juste turned around and went for the machete, but the teacher confronted him before grabbing
the handle. Juste decided to take matters into his own hands, rather than with the machete. As the teacher got within
grabbing distance, Juste reached out, and gave the man's neck a hug.

The larger Male would gag as Juste turned and slammed him into the shed wall, The Primate would gag and cough as
Juste pushed more of his strength into his hands, and tried to cut off the male's air supply. The victim was stronger
willed, and a knee to Juste's nuts was the result. Juste took several steps away, while the monkey tried to run off,
Although not too far from his machete, he already made it a habit to grab the weapon when hurt, and he made sure to
punish the male for what he just did. Juste turned and brought the machete around, and with all the strength he had,
sliced the male clear across the centerline. Juste watched as the man squealed as the blade passed though him, and his
body fell in two. His legs still kicked as his top half tried to crawl away, Juste made a run towards the upper half, and
jumped up, putting all his force into a dual footed stomp to the torso.

Apparently this was enough force to break the ribs, and push the entrails out the cut end of the torso, as if it was
toothpaste out of the tube. The torso quit moving after he landed on the torso, he looked at the area around him. While
not as gore filled as he thought it'd be if he jumped on the torso, the lower intestines were exposed on both body
sections. " Mmm. " He replied, walking off the body and back to the shed, where he took several lengths of chain, and a
few locks. The first thing was first: The back door that the teacher came out of, this would have been locked up, he
tightly bound a length of chain around the handles of both doors, and locked the chain after he got done. Juste's
machete holstered on his back while he turned around, and moved around to the second of four exits within the high
school building. The next exit would have been the one he took yesterday afternoon.

This would be bound and locked in the same way; he wrapped the chain tightly around the handles and locked the chain
to keep it from being forced off. Juste quickly ran around towards the main doors, and while what seemed to be guards,
As soon as the chains were around he locked them tight, and moved around towards the only entrance he didn't lock:
The doors towards the wood/metal shop. Juste unsheathed his machete, while he turned around back, and stepped up
to the cement stoop that separated the ground from the metal door. As he did, he was stopped from what seemed to be
one of Vic's men, stoned with some bitch, another lizard. " Wa-wa-wait a minute, weren't you supposed to be dead? "
Asked the man while he stepped off the wall and walked to Juste, who had stepped off the step, and looked over to him
and his bitch. Juste grinned a bit and shrugged a bit. " I'm supposed to be dead, but I am not, what's that got to do with
you? " Juste replied, while the man listened to what Juste had to say.

The girl on the other hand, decided to do what the man was taking too much time to do, the female pulled the heater
from the wolf’s back pocket and pointed it at the Wolf that faced both of them. " You will die now. " Repeated the black
lizard, the 9mm was shot, and just was hit square in the chest, and though the heart. Juste would blink as it hit, and
made him stumble back a step. His head would hang low for a moment while the lizard still held the gun up, as if to wait
for Juste to fall over dead. But Juste would only look up to the lizard and grin a bit. " What the fuck was that? " He
asked, and reach out, grabbing her wrist and pulling the gun away so that the next round she fired missed him entirely.
Juste took a good squeezing, he felt as the wrist was starting to snap, and her eyes go wide, He put the machete into
the ground and started to slowly pushed the gun up to her own head. He pushed his paw to the gun, and using his own
trigger finger to cover hers, while he spoke out slowly...
" Boom. " He replied, as his finger pushed her finger, and a third gunshot ran out, only this time, she'd fall to her own
need to destroy him. The bullet would have blown out small bits of gray matter along with the blood and cerebral fluid
that flowed from the wound. He let the gun go, and pushed her form down. His hand reached out and grabbed his
machete as the male started running to the door. " Where you going? " He asked, picking up the gun he used on the
lizard, he took aim and fired twice, kneecapping the wolf, and sending him down to the cement floor that was within the
shop. Juste dropped the gun and walked his way inside. The music was loud enough to drown out the gunshots, and
possibly any noise that was going to break out during this time period. Juste dropped the gun and walked his way
towards the door, opening it once more and taking his sweet old time with getting to the wolf, who was crawling and
what not. He sheathed his machete and looked over to what he could use to make this victim pay for his crime.

II – 11:40 PM

Juste reached down, and with a clenching of his paw, grabbed the other wolf by his hair, this was good enough for the
undead wolf, as he picked the body up, and took him towards what seemed to be a table saw. He looked towards this
table saw, and only grinned a bit. “ Where are we going? “ Exclaimed the victim, who was trying to grab a hold of the
wolf’s legs or something on the ground to keep Juste from getting him to that table saw. This was a useless move
anyways, as the blood that was pouring from his knees was rapidly taking his strength to do anything other than to talk.
Juste dropped the wolf on his muzzle and hit the switch of the circular style table saw, and let it power up. This would
perk the wolf’s ears and result in a whimper or two. “ Oh god no. Juste, don’t. PLEASE! “ Exclaimed the wolf, trying to
play on the compassion of the wolf, to prevent him from what he was going to do, the obviousness of it starting to worry
the other wolf. Once the saw blade was running smoothly and without the loud power up noise that usually annoyed the
wolf in life. He grabbed the lupine by his shirt, and pulled him to his feet.

” ‘Yo, you remember when you and the rest of the gang hopped I fell on the table saw and do the world a favor? “ Juste
would ask, getting the tan and black wolf up to his feet fully, before looking at him. The lupine stuttered a bit. “ Y-y-y-
yes? “ The wolf replied, before Juste moved them over to the table saw, and reach one of his paws up to the wolf’s
head. “ Well then, Let us see how you like it. “ Juste would say, along with an insane giggle, and the releasing of his
other arm, His paw would push the Wolf’s head down onto the running blade of the saw. Juste moved his paw to the
wolf’s back to keep his body out from danger. The scream of the lupine was cut short, and turned into nothing more
than a gurgling moan as the blade slashed though the skull and throat. The blade’s sound was quieter, but replaced with
the sound of flesh ripping and being cut. Obviously this would be quite bloody, and it was evident as Juste’s shirt was
speckled with more blood, and so weren’t his pants and just about every part of his body. The entire platform like top of
the table saw was red, with it dripping off the edges and down the sides of the machine.

As soon as the sound of flesh was replaced with the blade running cleanly, the wolf would pull the body off and tossed
him behind his person, the head kind of breaking as it hit the cement floor. Juste left he machine running while he
turned and walked towards the stairs that took him up to the office of the shop. He took the time to wipe the blood off
his face and hands, and arms, but he kept it in his hair and on his clothing and what not. Running the shop’s washing
station sink on to do this. Juste dried off, and he started to dry off and get back up the stairs again. The machete was
unsheathed, and he walked down the classroom’s main hall like route towards the main desk. He got around it and out
of the class, as the door was closed, he looked about, and started down the hall, he knew that the gym was in the
middle of the school. He sighed for the most part, and took himself in this direction, although he heard voices and the
sound of intimate contact could be heard from a storage room. Juste turned towards the doorway of the storage room,
and he would notice there were a female rat and a female lizard making out. He shook his head and turned towards the
hallway once more.

Juste started to move his form down the hall once more; he heard the female’s stop, and chuckled a bit. “ That was
amusing. “ He said to himself, while he pulled himself back into the serious mood. < Just keep your head focused, you
got places to go and people to kill. > The voice said, and he nodded a bit. Juste’s way was starting to become blocked
as the principal was there, and he seemed to be holding a needle with what appeared to be a red liquid in it. “ Alright
dude, I think it’s time for you to take a nap, and come with me. “ Juste would raise an eyebrow and continued to walk
towards the hallway towards the main hall. The principal would continue on with the threat, raising the needle filled with
tranquilizer into the air, Juste’s machete hand started to stiffen a bit while he came closer. As soon as Juste was in
swinging range, the principal swung the arm down, the needle pointed at his shoulder. Juste caught the arm just as the
needle touched his body; he looked towards the jackal while they seemed to struggle with the lock that Juste had. “ Well
now, it seems you’re not too strong after all. “ The wolf replied, pulling the am slowly upwards from his body. This
seemed to be shaky, as the jackal seemed to be putting up a fight.

Juste grunted a bit, and started to pull the arm off to the side, slowly turning his own arm in a circle; in order to do said
act. The jackal would push his free arm out and took a shot at Juste, hitting him in the gut. Juste let the arm go, and
stepped back a couple steps, the machete being lowered back to his side. “ You looking to die tonight, you bitch? “ Juste
asked, the machete being lifted back up his body. The jackal took a leap at Juste, and the wolf swung in retaliation, the
attack struck the older male’s wrist, cutting the paw off before it could get the needle up to a stabbing position. The
lupine reached out towards the principal’s throat as he came down to earth once more, and with that catch, Juste’s grip
tightened, and he swung them around, slapping the side of the male’s head against the wall. “ Now you’re missing a
paw. “ Juste replied and dragged the male across the rough cement wall, and throwing him into the one across the
medium sized hallway. As the jackal bounced off of the wall and was knocked to his knees and paws, Juste picked up
the needle that would be in the limp paw he cut off. He sheathed his machete, now facing the stumbling male.

The needle was held the way one would hold a dagger: Pointed side down. Juste took his time to get to the stumbling
male, and as soon as the male got to his knees, Juste’s paw was lifted, and he buried the needle into the side of the
male’s neck, and into the jugular vein. The male kind of froze in place as the plunger was pushed and crimson liquid
flowed into the male, the jackal’s body would go limp as the tranquilizer took hold on the older male, and he’d soon fall
flat on his face, out cold. Juste let the needle go, and while under the coma brought on by the drug, he wouldn’t feel a
thing as Juste pushed his weight onto the principal’s back. He’d grunt as he stomped and pushed his heels into the back,
the medicine must have been stronger than what he was known to use, because Juste didn’t see any response as he
breaks the spinal column, right in the middle of the back. Juste would step off the male, and continue to walk towards
the opening to the main hall, the machete being slowly drawn out of its sheath, his body eventually making his way to
the main hall, and he seemed to catch the sight of the two guards. Juste turned and looked towards them, the machete
behind his back, and his free paw out, waving to them, as if to tick them off.

III – 12:09 PM

Juste watched as he was approached, and eventually confronted with the both of the guards. They weren’t armed with
firearms, but stun guns and batons. Juste looked over the two, while they spoke to each other. “ Look what we got here;
some freak from the Halloween party. “ The first guard replied, a panther. Juste looked over at the Generic Canine that
was looking at him would reply. “ Hmm… Yes. Why don’t you go back in with your schoolmates, or hit the road. “ Was
the second being’s answer to the first guard’s comment. Juste would simply with a comeback that was in a category
that was as old as time itself. “ I’d hit the road, but you’re mother isn’t here, and I rather get my shit buffed while I
leave. “ He grinned a bit, looking over the male’s reaction as he heard the Momma joke, and would start to get pissed.
Juste grinned a bit and then start to speak. “ Although if you’re mom isn’t here, I can always call your girlfriend, she’ll
suck my dick for a dollar. “ Juste grinned, his game would be obvious; he was trying to get the guard pissed, to get him
to make a move against Juste. “ That’s it kid, I’m going to thump your fucking skull. “ Shouted the guard, still drowned
out by the loud rave music within the gym.

The canine growled harshly and pulled his nightstick, and go to swing at Juste. The wolf would do nothing more than
sidestep the attack, and shove him towards the trophy case that lingered on that wall. The guard watched on horror as
the canine hit the case glass face first, then hit the wood and stone that made up the back wall part of the case, only to
trip up and fall over onto his ass. It seemed when his head hit and went though the glass; the jagged edge shredded the
dog’s throat, as well as fucked up his face and eyes. “ Holy shit… “ Was the guard’s reaction, before turning to Juste,
and going for his Tazer gun. Juste’s machete arm would swing out from behind him, and he’d thrust himself forwards.
The blade would have been pointed upwards, and entered though the flesh of the lower jaw, only to stop as the guard
hit against the jawbone. Juste watched, as the blade of the machete stopped, only to notice that most of the blade
seemed to be sticking out of the guard’s skull. Juste grunted and quickly pulled the machete out, and tossed him over
towards the other guard. “ You two lay there and be good boyfriends now. “ He cackled to himself and took off towards
the gym; he had no time to loose at this point.

At this point he was up the stairs and down the hall, the music seemed to be deafening, and he would have no problem
getting to the door, although he was being confronted by the teacher at the door, and she was another he always
thought should die; the English teacher. She always gave Juste shit because he was like the rest of the class, he was the
only one that wore what he wanted, the rest usually wore nice shit, brought fancy shit to class; the richest fucks of the
ghetto. These people is what his English teacher liked, and he as the one she decided to bring the issue of those who
where less fortunate than themselves. The thought of the bitch working something meant for all the kids of the school
only wanting him to enjoy showing here what’s what. As Juste got into sight range, he sheathed his machete, and
cracked his knuckles. No amount of machete swinging was going to get the pleasure he wanted out of it Juste’s paws
were all he needed at that moment, and he knew what he was going to do. As the teacher had gotten up, she started to
speak. “ Juste? You know the rules. The party is for rich kids only this year! “ The teacher said; drowned out by the
music that was playing beside them. The wolf would only shake his head while he walked close.

Juste had reached out and stuck his paw in her mouth, she tried to scream, and try to bite down. His leather glove had
enough padding to stop the fangs from piercing. While this happened, he dug his nail like claws into her tongue, he used
his other paw to reach out and push her muzzle back while he pulled forwards. Eventually he had enough force to rip
the tongue out of her mouth, it was thrown away, while he sent her head violently into the wall, smashing the back of
her skull against the stone, There was a coughing and a groan as this happened, he heard the minute cracks as they ran
though the skull of the female. Juste grinned and reached out a bit, before speaking. “ Now let’s put out those bigoted
eyes. “ Juste replied, before jamming his thumbs into the sockets of her eyes, the thumbnails and the tips of the thumbs
pushed into the fleshy orbs that were within her sockets. “ That looks much better. “ He replied to himself, while he
pushed the rest of his thumbs into her head, and promptly pulled the digits out, she had long passed out by then, and
he only left her to bleed out her mouth and eyes, allowing the combined fluids to flow over the wooden table that he let
her fall on, he wiped his paws on her jacket, before unsheathing his machete and turning to the door.

Juste would walk towards the door, and kind of kick it open, a jock would look upon Juste, and he wore a soldier’s
uniform. “ Looks scrub, this is for rich kids only. “ Juste would only turn, and with a quick slice at an upward angle, the
jock was cut from waist to shoulder, a deep gash that would spray blood upon both Juste and the bitch he was with, he
had already recovered and raised the machete upwards, quickly cutting the blood curdling scream that erupted from the
feline as she watched her boyfriend die at the hands of this wolf. “ Mhm. MARRY FUCKING HALLOWEEN,
MOTHERFUCKERS! “ Juste would reply out as the crowd got all scared and confused, as they started to break up and run
in all different directions. Juste would start to walk though what was the crowd, as they tried to get though the doors.
He wasn’t too fancy in his deaths: Juste would swing the machete though, across and against the sides, torsos and
heads of the furs that lingered in the room. This seemed to go on for minutes until either the victims escaped or they
laid on the floor of the gym, the wooden floor flooded in a good two inch layer of crimson, in between cut open and
sliced though bodies, Juste stood at the middle of the room, his machete soaked, his shirt covered and so weren’t his

” Hmm. “ He replied, counting the bodies that he had ripped apart with his machete, Juste broke out in laughter. “ 20
dead rich fucks. “ He said to himself, while he took to walking back though the entrance of the gym, the one he came
from the first time. He had to get outside quickly, and quickly he did. Juste broke out in a sprint as he took off down the
hall, and into an empty classroom, He ran behind the teacher’s desk and opened the emergency window, and got
himself out of it, now he was in the parking lot, and he took his time to get to his car, eventually getting in, as if he
didn’t do a thing. Juste put his weapon on the seat and took off, at a slow pace, but enough so that not one fur would
notice. As he drove off, he started to think where the others would be, knowing it’d take a little more time to get from
where he was to where the hospital was located. Juste sped up as he got from the school to the street. The radio was
turned on and he listened to what was going on. “ The one who has been going around and killing this night, as seemed
to strike the high school just a few minutes ago. Authorities have guessed that twenty-seven furs were killed in the
slaughter. Student’s reports said that someone stepped in with a machete and started to chop down the students in the
gym. ‘” This was the reporting, Juste was quite surprised that.

IV - 12:40 PM
Juste’s trip seemed to be almost there, he stopped a dozen or so yards from the gate to the hospital, and got out, the
machete being pulled off of it’s spot on the passenger seat, he chipped the blood off of the flat side of the blade, and
moved his way towards the hospital.. He saw his target in his mind. He started to walk across the hospital parking lot.
He pulled the magnum from his pocket and cocked the hammer of the magnum. The hospital would seem to be busy at
this time period. He yawned a little more while he made his way into the building. As he did, he hid his machete in its
hilt, under his shirt, while he hid the magnum. “ Um; there is a rodent that was brought in here last night, do you
happen to know where he would be roomed up in? “ The wolf would reply, and he would be responded two with a
question. “ Do you happen to know this rat? “ Juste would nod a bit while he made sure to speak out. “ Yes I do; he’s a
friend of mine, tonight’s been pretty bad, and I need to see him. “ The nurse would nod a bit and look at the charts. “
Room 210. “ He was told, and he would nod in thanks. He started to turn and walk towards the elevator, moving though
the open doors, he’d turn and wait for the doors to close, and his body to become out of sight. Because, as soon as this
happened, the machete was unhidden and held in his swinging arm, ready for when he gets to the next floor.

As soon as the elevator stopped, and the doors opened, he looked about, and made his way out. His boots hit heavy
against the tile floor as he walked down the wide hallway. “ Hmm.. “ He replied, he noticed the door numbers: 102, 103,
etc. Juste shook his head and started his way down the hallway, it seemed like it was going to be a little while before he
actually got to his target, so he watched though the open doorways, at the various patients that were bound up on there
beds: Accident victims, sick patients, cubs in for one operation or another, this all brought a sense of depression to him,
hospitals always did, most likely attributed to the fact that he seen his brother die in this very hospital when he was
eighteen. He sighed a bit and looked towards the intersection of four hallways, and thought it over for the most part. He
took the time to look though the hallways. He turned left and moved his way down the hallway. He looked about and
what not. He watched though the doors, as various people were doing various things, other than laying out and stuff. He
finally came across 210, and it looked like it was being guarded. “ Hmm.. “ He replied, looking about, he noticed guns,
and turned.. Running back down from where he came, no need to risk being shot again, he wasn’t immortal after all.
Juste pulled himself back towards the elevator.

Juste got in the elevator and went down again, hiding the machete once more. “ Hmm, got to find a way to get in that
room. “ He replied to himself, and walked back across the hall towards the door, noticing the survivors of the massacre
being comforted by family, and he ducked out the door again. He stepped into the darkness, moving himself around,
noticing that the room had a window, so he had to remember what point in the building the window was, and thus, find
himself another entrance. Juste grinned a bit as he found the window, and would start to walk towards the wall, the wall
was smooth, but there was nothing he couldn’t handle. He looked up and about. Juste got lucky as it seemed to be a
rain pipe, he shrugged and grabbed as high as he could, he pulled himself up while he used the hinges upon the drain as
foot holds, he eventually got up to where the window was, he reached out and grabbed the sill, moving himself into a
hanging position. He held onto for dear life, and he would start to pull himself up enough to look upon the room. “ Hmm.
“ He thought, while he watched the two rats, he can hear the two talking. “ Don’t worry about it dude.. “ He heard the
one in bed say, it was rather mumbled, due to his jaw injury. “ How can you –not- worry about it? That wolf sprung from
the dead, and more than likely, has killed the rest of the gang. “ The other said, he recognized that voice, and would
look on, waiting for his chance.

His chance would arise shortly, as he listened in. “ Listen bud, we guards out there with fully loaded pistols, if he comes,
he’s going to be shot down before getting into the room for us. “ The one in the bed said, he was soaked head to toe, it
continued to rain, and he never noticed it until just now. He looked about the area and watched as the one not in bed
stand up. “ Anyways, I’m going to get us something to drink. “ The rodent said, while he turned and moved his form out
of the room, and towards the lunchroom. Juste pulled himself up onto the windowsill, and opened the window as far as
he could, doing this slowly so he wouldn’t be noticed. He watched as the rat seemed to nod off a bit, he got into the
room and started to close the window, he heard the door knob open, he grunted and quickly ducked under the bed, he
forgot to close the window, and shook his head, he grabbed the support bars of the bed, knowing full well it was strong
enough to hold him, he just waited, he heard the rat enter, and he lowered himself down a bit, his tail pushing between
his legs, while he listened to the two talk about him. “ Why is your window open? “ Was asked by the first rat, he pulled
himself up once more, so he couldn’t be seen, well as far as he could tell. He listened to the rat pad over and closes the
window. “ I don’t know, I thought it was always open. “ The second one said, he waited for the right time.
” Well it wasn’t. “ The rat replied, as he opened his can of soda, Juste lowered himself onto the floor, out of the sit of the
one not in the hospital bed. He’d push his tail into his pants for now, and allowed himself to get back up on the support,
his feet never leaving their position. The rat would get up from his seat and start to walk towards the door. “ Be right
back, need to take a leak. “ This was said, Juste would look about and the other rat would nod. “ Alright. I’m going to lay
down and take a rest. “ The other male would say, Juste grinned and lowered himself down upon the floor about the
same time that the rat leaves, and would quickly get himself out from under the bed. Juste was on his knees, as he
looked out to notice that the rat was facing away from him. Juste’s grin widened while he unsheathed his machete, and
promptly rose it up with both paws, watching as the sleeping rat was rolling over onto his back, the motion quickly
changed from the two handed position to a one handed chopping motion, and took to bringing the blade down on the
neck, chopping it to the bone, and drawing it back, just to silence him before he could scream out in pain for the
attack, as he spin the machete around, Juste grabbed the weapon, and brought it down on the rat’s gut, stabbing
repeatedly though the rat, each time hitting hilt and pushing though the mattress and the bed frame. After the fifth
stab, Juste would sheath the weapon.

As Juste sheathed the machete, he’d look onto the rat, which was starting to convulse, and bleed out. About at that
time he’d grab the bed controls, and pushed the bed up, only the silent screams echoed though the room, as he
watched the metal and mattress bend the male in half, until he heard the large snap, as the last of what was left of the
male’s spinal column crack. “ We are gathered here to mourn the loss of a punk-ass mother-fucker who thought he was
the shit. Turns out he was the shit; A piece of shit! “ Juste said, grinning a bit as he heard the door start to open, he
quickly unsheathed his machete and go ton the opening side of the door, so when one of the security guards entered,
the wolf kicked the door closed, smashing it in the second guard’s face, and took a step forwards as the guard turns
towards him. When the guard turned, he was greeted with an upwards-swinging machete blade, which caught the male
in his chest, and cut him down. The wound was much like the kind that he caught most of the kids in the high school.
The shock of the hit knocked the chop down, and Juste took little time to stomp the heel of his combat boot into the
fur’s chest, and finished off the fucker with another chopping motion with the machete, swinging it down like a
pendulum. The blade slashed from left to right, cutting the cup’s neck to the bone. As he did, the wolf kicked the guard
to one side, and turned towards the door.

V - 1:40 AM

As He watch the door start to kick in from the second guard, the magnum was pulled out, and when the door was kicked
out to the side, it was cocked and aimed head level. “ Oh sh—“ Was the reaction of the one on the business end of the
magnum, as his head was blown out though the back of the cranium, and his body being knocked back a couple steps,
before slamming into the wall behind him. “ Walk into the darkness… “ Juste replied, as he took a step out towards the
hallway, and with the rat shocked to see the second guard slump against the wall, he was shocked stiff; now helpless to
run. Juste grinned and twisted his arm around, the magnum being swung around, gun being cocked, and as the gun was
aimed directly at the other, he unloaded another bullet, with a sickening crunch, and Rat fell over, and the impact kind
of tore the head off his shoulders, the bullet destroying the neck at the mid point. At that point, Juste would push the
machete into it’s holding place, and Dumped out the shells onto the ground, speed loading another six into the chamber,
before closing it up and spinning the cylinder. He kind of giggled, and spoke. “ BOOM! “ He replied, before turning and
starting for the elevator. The machete being pulled from it’s holder, and he would take to Cutting down a doctor who
tried to go after him, the blade being swung downwards after he reared the blade back and up, and the doctor kind of
stopped and held onto the wolf, as the machete caught him on the side of the face, not deep enough to completely
cleave that part of the skull off, but enough to put a good deep line across the face. He pushed the body off.

” Get the fuck off of me. “ He replied, looking towards the elevator, watching as the doors open, and he’d push his
machete forwards, pushing the blade though the sternum and though the body. The Nurse screamed as the Other was
pinned to the car wall, as the blade stuck into the metal compartment wall of the elevator, as he watched the other
nurse try to run out of the elevator and towards the emergency phone that was in the nurses office. Juste raised an
eyebrow and turn to face the running nurse; he cocked the hammer of his .44 revolver and swung it around so it’d be
around head level of the female. Juste pulled the trigger, and the resulting blast would blow a rather large hole though
the front of the fox’s skull, and she’d keep running for the next few moments, before gravity and the shut off the nerves
caught up, and she’d smash into the window of the office. Juste unstuck the machete and let the elevator door close He
pressed the down button, and waited. As he did, Juste’s machete was sheathed in its holder, and he checked his ammo,
five shots. Juste just stood at the ready, and once he got himself ready. The door opened and at once for rounds rang
out in semi-rapid succession. < BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! > The sound of that magnum as it expelled those large
Caliber rounds was tremendous and deafened the ears of the closest to the blasts.

After the noise died down and Juste had empted the shells from the cylinder, there were four new bodies to the count: A
Coon nurse that lacks a head, a Rabbit surgeon with a large hole in a shoulder, not quite dead, but he will be within the
last few minutes: A Fox patient, waiting to be treated, a hole though the head, much like the Nurse, the policeman, and
the first Rat he picked off. And To top it off The police officer that came to take care of Juste, he was put though the
shoulder, and had enough time to call for back up, before the wolf had time had to reload and put the first shot though
the cop’s head. “ Fucker. “ He said, he looked out to the doors while he watched the parking lot become filled with police
cars, making a blockade that seemed to cut off Juste’s means of escape, he looked to the area he’s in, before the loud
speakers came on, and one of the officer’s replied. “ We have the only exit surrounded, come out with your hands up! “
Was said in a tone of voice that was supposed to project authority. Juste chuckled a bit and looked at the cops, most
had handguns, and some had Shotguns and M-16A1’s, all trained on the door, and on Juste. He would sigh a bit and
start to speak. “ Looks like it’s the end for me… Again, it looks like I’m going to go out the way I died the first time. “
Juste replied.

As Juste stood there, he dropped the machete to the floor and started to take his time getting to the door, as he did he
heard the voice in the back of his head speak. < Yep, your time has come. Hell is ready to embrace someone like you, to
show you repayment for the pain you caused this night. > This rang out in Juste’s mind, he sighed and walked to the
door, he looked out the glass into the darkness, although the darkness seems to reflect something different to him at
this moment, it must have been his mind’s way of telling him his number was up: He saw not darkness, but fire. The
sky seemed to be on fire to him, although nothing more than an optical illusion caused by his paranoia, he knew well
enough that he had enough blood on his hands to be deserving of such a fate. He sighed and walked back, he had too
much shit to think over and wonder at the moment, when he walked back, a straight bullet was fired, and Juste ducked,
it hit his shoulder, and he “Gah’d” in pain. Juste ducked down behind a pillar and held his shoulder, this was his shooting
arm, and he looked behind him. “ Cheap shooting mother-fucker! “ Juste said to himself, while he held onto his
shoulder, he started to close his eyes and think to himself. “ Glove… “ Juste said, thinking over what he was taught, and
what he was told. Juste would look about him and to his weapon, while he spoke. “ Man.. I got myself in some shit. “
Juste said.

He soon swallowed the depression and grunted. “ Fuck this, I ain’t going out like no bitch. “ He replied, he was up by
them, and stomped his foot, he unsheathed his machete and waited for the right time. As soon as he turned and gotten
himself in sight of the police officers, he had made a run for it, jumping though the space where the pane of glass was.
As soon as he had gotten himself outside, the machete arm had flung the blade like a Frisbee, only vertically. This was
aimed for the skull of one police officers, who seemed to be too concentrated on his post to notice, until the blade stuck
squarely in the middle of his forehead, stopping only when it had cut into the skull enough to cut his life short at that
moment, much like any other head injuries, this had released a momentary spray of blood and fluids as it cut though
gray matter as well as bone. This seemed to stun the officers enough for Juste’s paws to get to the revolver, he fanned
the hammer, determined to take as many souls as he could to hell, All six shots were unloaded in a moment’s notice,
the high caliber rounds piercing though body armor and riot helmets, the officer’s who were hit fell, and fell hard, this
stunned moment ended, and with no more usable weapons on the wolf, he would drop the gun, and put his arms up,
while he heard the unloading of M-16’s and Glock-16’s unload, the bullets hit, and ripped though his form, he didn’t fall
from the impact, he stumbled, but didn’t fall.. Right away that is.

The force of the gunfire knocked Juste back, he gasped as he felt the pain set in, his vision going reddish/blackish, as
his life began to slowly slip from him again. He settled in and pushed forwards, that’s when the second wave of gunfire
was unleashed, and Juste was reduced to hands and knees, a bullet blowing out his left knee, then his right shoulder, as
he stood, he looked up to the group while he tried to push himself back up to his knees, both arms forcing himself to get
up, just as a burst of Assault rifle fire ripped though his torso, The back of him being blown clean though, And pushed a
mouthful of blood from him, his body now losing bodily fluids at a semi-steady rate. Juste’s arms slowly gave out, and
he worked to keep himself on his hands and knees, his head tilting upwards, as he noticed someone walking to him He
closed his eyes as he used up what energy he had left, and pushed himself into a tackle. As he knocked the one who
was getting to him, his paws wrapped around the feline’s neck in a death lock, and clamped on for all he was worth.
Juste’s paws choked off the air, and the man took to shaking and pushing the dying wolf Reverent, those paws shaking
the man’s neck as more and more pressure locked onto the male’s body. While already dying from the lost of blood,
Juste’s will and sheer hatred for what he was and what was happening drove the wolf. The group who was watching on
was open firing, the bullets blowing though the upper, mid and lower back section of the wolf, blowing bits of flesh,
muscle and bone fragments off the wolf’s body.

3 or so minutes from the time of pin to the ending of the open firing, the body had gone limp, the eyes closed, and his
final twitch ended, Juste was gone a second time, his hands locked in with the death grip, as the muscles contracted and
snapped the man’s neck, as a final forethought of the wolf against his last victim. Although dead, his spirit couldn’t help
but listen to the sound of the other troopers coming to pry his corpse off of the officer, and the various cars and vehicles
taking in the sight. He turned to watch the camera crews and news agents come to the scene, the reports of a ‘undead’
fur on the rampage made him remember the times he watched the murder movies with friends, only to realize that this
was reality, and no matter what drove him before he died, that was gone now. His deal with the devil was fulfilled on
the devil’s part, he would now have to pay up for such immortality, and took his final moments in this world to reflect on
his actions, and to disregard any thought of regret, that would come to hit him at this moment; he removed 30+ or so
people from this world, those who weren’t worthy of life, they had fell to his blade, and he was next in line, to be guided
to the killing fields….

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