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Steve Repetti is a very like-able and charismatic

fraud and con man. So much so that he's been

very successful in creating a past that is littered
with business associates who can't believe he is
not already in jail.
To be clear: Steve Repetti represents a clear and
present financial danger to whomever he
associates with.
Repetti's con is straightforward and operates in the
largely unregulated world or startup and early
stage tech. A place where the culture and high
number of failing often hides fraud, theft and graft.
Steve Repetti seeks to establish connections to
angel investor networks, incubators, startup
networks or similar associations, often, but not
always, getting an introduction from a "trusted
associate". Repetti, almost always accompanied
by his very like-able and relatable wife, Angela
Repetti, makes representations and insinuations
that he is a wealthy and successful tech
entrepreneur turned investor that now operates a
software development company and an investment
fund. He will offer a partnership where he takes
equity in a startup and will provide software
services at a discount or software development "at
Repetti induces entrepreneurs and investors to

invest into this company that will require his

technical expertise and/or the software
development efforts of his company. Repetti
expertly exploits these partnerships to extract as
much social capital and money as possible.
The company founders or Investors put money in,
and RadWeb takes the money out in the form of
software development fees for Rapid Application
Development. These fees are regularly described
by his previous partners and victims as being
anywhere from $10,000 - $75,000 per month. The
money disappears and despite early displays of
work in progress, no viable software is ever
developed or ever finished. Repetti will often miss
development deadlines with an explanation that
development is almost done, thus inducing/forcing
the investors/founders to fork over additional
software development fees. In short the buyer of
the software gets nothing. The user of the software
gets nothing. Steve Repetti however benefits
greatly and has taken hundreds of thousands to
millions of dollars, yet produced nothing or nothing
that works as he promised.
----To any current business associate that is worried
that they may be getting taken advantage of, or
you are a past victim of Steve Repetti please email - You Are Not Alone!

To anyone that is considering doing business with
Steve Repetti or Radweb Technologies, LLC, or
Radweb Technology Partners. Please make sure
that you complete in depth due diligence into
Steve Repetti both online and by personally talking
with his past associates BEFORE you give him any
----Here is some information and facts that you may
find valuable in determining if you should associate
with Steve Repetti in any way. Some of this
information isn't easily located or not included in
online background searches.
#1 Steve Repetti owes millions of dollars to the
Internal Revenue Service.
#2 Radweb Technologies LLC (aka Radweb Tech,
aka Radweb) is considered by the IRS to be an
alter ego of Steve Repetti.

#3 Angela Repetti is likewise now considered by

the IRS to be an alter ego of Steve Repetti
according to court records at https://
#4 Steve Repetti likely has a criminal record for
check fraud. Because this is occurred more than 10
years ago the information usually doesn't appear in
online background checks. Please search at http:// There
are 37 records where Steve Repetti is listed as a
#5 Steve Repetti has millions of dollars in
judgments against him going back to the early
1990's The earliest of which is a still unsatisfied
$484,206.66 judgment.
#6. Steve Repetti listed the Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) as a creditor in at
least three of six attempted bankruptcies. The SEC
usually only becomes a creditor if someone has
been found to have committed securities violations
or fraud.
#7 Repetti uses non-disclosure and non-

disparagement clauses in what are sham

settlements. Repetti will often default on his terms
but threatens litigation if anything is disclosed. We
may not know exactly how many have been a
Repetti Victim.
#8: Repetti was found by the Court of Law to have
committed Fraud in the Inducement, and during
trial willfully committed evidentiary/discovery
violations and most chillingly was found to have
provided false testimony while under oath.