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Intern Interview Questions

Focus on Intern: Ben Scott

Ben Scott is a summer intern working in AARs Commercial Distribution Department. He is majoring in
General Engineering with a secondary field study in Engineering Administration at the University of
Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and will be graduating this fall. He is interested in the supply chain arena
and heard about AAR from a few of his friends as a result of his participation in the Student Aircraft
Builders Group at U of I. When he did a little more research on AAR, he immediately knew the Company
would be an ideal place to learn more about aviation.
Ben reports to Darren Spiegel, General Manager of Commercial Aircraft Distribution and works
alongside Paige Immordino, a Sr. Pricing Analyst. Between the two of them they have broadened his
knowledge of the aviation industry. For instance, Paige has taught him about Excel functionality such as
the vlookup function. This cuts off a significant amount of time off sifting through data. Darren has
taught Ben how to call brokers and request quotes by means of negotiation.

1. What projects have you been working this summer as an intern?

I have been helping Paige construct the framework for a database that seeks to consolidate as much
company information (parts list, aircraft applicability, pricing tier list, OEM list, etc.) as possible. Upon
completion of such this database, AAR employees will have access to any and all information that would
help them perform their duties more efficiently and effectively. I have also been doing some market
sourcing for Darren. I am trying to discover what brokers and competitors are charging for the same
parts AAR distributes so I can create company strategies based on the information collected.

Intern Interview Questions

Focus on Intern: Ben Scott

2. Whats your favorite part of working at AAR?

Ben made it clear how friendly his fellow employees at the Company are as well as the guidance they
have provided to him on a daily basis. He also mentioned, I also value the fact that I learn something
new every day, whether it be a new technical skill, knowledge of an aircraft, or the aviation industry as a

3. What have you learned in your time here?

I have become much more proficient in software that I thought I understood quite well since starting at
AAR. There is much to learn as an aviation novice, but I feel that I am getting a lot of good exposure to
the industry. I never considered entering the aviation industry prior to coming to AAR, but this positive
experience has me considering the possibility of an aviation-based career path.
Working in the aviation industry, Ben sees how important AARs values are, specifically, the one that
resonates most with him is: Be Honest. Inspire Trust. He says, As an intern, I find it necessary to
exercise honesty to create a positive work experience. For example, if I am given instructions for a
project and I dont fully understand what duties I am expected to perform, or unsure how to begin the
assignment, I have found it best to ask for clarification.

4. What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?

I can see myself working in a variety of industries with varying job titles. That being said, a supply chain
position has always interested me as well as project management and a technical sales positions. In five
years, I hope to be in the midst of my fifth year at a job that I am still excited to show up for each day.

Fun Facts about Ben: He is from Arlington Heights, IL and he enjoys going to the gym everyday
whether it be to lift weights, play basketball or run on the treadmill. During his break this summer, in
addition to his internship at AAR, hes helping his mother run her Airbnb business and is also helping her
with the sale of her house. He also recently purchased his first new car as a way to celebrate his last
semester of college and taking his first step into adulthood.