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Neighborhood News

Representing the 1200 households North of East-West Highway, South of Jones
Bridge Road, East of Wisconsin Avenue and West of Columbia Country Club.
JUNE 2010

President’s Notebook Possible

By Greg Volz, President

We are embarking on a new thing to do. I kind of get the feeling

challenge for the East Bethesda
Citizens Association. As many of
you have learned by now, the
the community center will go the
way of the trash-can-removal-from-
the-park debacle. We obviously
Montgomery County Council, in its need to make a little more noise (or By Monica Hayes,
infinite wisdom, decided to close squeak more since the squeaky Education Chair
our Lynbrook Recreation Center wheel clearly gets the grease) to
effective in April to help trim the get the County Council’s attention. The Bethesda-Chevy Chase (B-
budget. I believe I heard it will I suggest you make your voice CC) cluster Roundtable approaches
save the county $16,000 annually heard. to relieve elementary school
in a budget of $4,000,000,000. That A great way to do this is to overcrowding were discussed at a
is like giving up an occasional attend the upcoming Montgomery public information meeting at
Starbucks latte to help pay for a County District 1 candidate forum Bethesda Elementary School on
mansion. This is the same on June 1st at the Lawton Thursday, May 27th. East
community center where we hold Community Recreation Center, Bethesda residents are encouraged
our meetings, the Halloween 4301 Willow Lane, Checvy Chase. to let Montgomery County Public
parade and Labor Day picnic, not The event will begin at 7 p.m. with Schools (MCPS) know this is an
to mention the numerous birthday a meet and greet at 6:30. issue of importance to our
parties, playdates and special Scheduled to attend are current community.
events that were held at this District 1 Councilmember Roger In addition, a summary of the
facility. Berline and for EBCA President Roundtable report and a
Despite the email and letter- and District 1 candidate Ilaya description of next steps in the
writing campaign and multiple Hopkins.. MCPS process will be provided at
suggestions for alternative ways to The closure of our community the June 2nd EBCA General
keep the community center open center has forced us to postpone membership meeting to be held at
for the benefit of our community, our May general membership the B-CC High School cafeteria.
the County Council felt giving up Roundtable approaches under
the Starbucks latte was the right Continued on page 2... discussion include:
• Moving 6th grades at North
Chevy Chase and/or Chevy
General Membership Meeting Chase Elementary Schools to
Westland Middle School. This
Wednesday, June 2nd, 7:00 p.m. would not require a boundary
study and could be implemented
NEW LOCATION as soon as August 2011.
• Establishing a boundary study
B-CC High School Cafeteria for East Bethesda (and
4301 East-West Highway Paddington Square) to examine
elementary schools assignments.

Elections & School Update Continued on page 3...

PAGE 2 Neighborhood News June 2010

Tree Coupons
Homeowners who buy a tree
valued at $75 or more can receive
a $25 coupon from the
Montgomery County Planning
Department. For information on
which selected trees and county
nurseries are included in the
"Leaves for Neighborhoods"
visit www.montgomeryplanning.

The East Bethesda Garden Club

meets at 7:30 on the second
Tuesday of each month. Guests
welcome. For more information
about EBCA, contact Nancy at

Continued from page 1...

meeting and election of officers for

the next year. The new date and
location of the meeting will be June
2nd at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase
High School cafeteria. We will
begin the meeting an hour earlier
at 7 p.m. We are still accepting
nominations for the EBCA officers
for the next fiscal year beginning
July 1, and you may e-mail your
nominations to Kelly Cunningham
Thanks again to the continued
support of our sponsors: Smith
Thomas Smith general contractors,
BCC Total Body Salon, Marcie
Sandalow with Evers & Co. Real
Estate, New Generation School of
Music, and Hughes Landscaping Greg Volz, President
and Supply. In these difficult East Bethesda Citizens Kevin Kraus, 1st Vice President
economic times, their sustained Association, Inc. Rebecca Fayed, 2nd Vice President
support helps us to remain in touch
with you. We also thank all of the PO Box 41020 A.B. Carneal, Recording Secretary
households who have contributed Bethesda, MD 20824 Jack Hayes, Treasurer
membership dues to EBCA this Ilaya Hopkins, Past President
year, and encourage everyone else Andy O’Hare, Crescent Trail
to write a check this month by Monica Hayes, Education
using the coupon on the back of the Neighborhood News Eleanor Rice, NIH Liaison
newsletter. The names of our paid Jay Briar, Editor Carmen Abrams, Website
members are printed inside. Dorian Patchin, Website
I look forward to seeing everyone Sponsorship, Vacant Leslie Weber, Welcome Packets
at th e Ju n e 2n d g e ne ral Membership, Vacant
membership meeting and elections!
PAGE 3 Neighborhood News June 2010
Schools Update All students in East Bethesda attend:
Continued from page 1... • Westland Middle School and then
• Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.
• Additions for B-CC cluster Elementary schools.
• Opening a new elementary and/or middle school in the
Rosemary Hills PS:
B-CC Cluster. These would require boundary studies.
About 45% of 2nd graders at Rosemary Hills
After reviewing input from the B-CC Roundtable attend North Chevy Chase Elementary in the
process, the MCPS Superintendent will prepare a 3rd grade; about 45% attend Chevy Chase
recommendation for the Board of Education (BOE) for the Elementary in the 3rd grade; and about 10%
FY 2012 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that is attend Bethesda Elementary in 3rd grade.
released in late October 2010. The BOE will conduct • North Chevy Chase and Chevy
public hearings and take action in late November. Chase are 3rd through 6th grade
Boundary studies could follow in winter 2010 for schools.
inclusion in the FY 2012 CIP, or fall 2011 for the FY 2013 • Bethesda is a K through 5th grade
CIP. The implementation of reassignments may need to school.
wait until additions (earliest completion August 2014) or
new schools (earliest completion August 2016) are funded Bethesda ES: About 75% of Bethesda
and built. Elementary 5th graders attend Westland
More information, links to MCPS B-CC Cluster Middle School in the 6th grade; about 25%
planning activities, and tips for advocacy can be found on attend Pyle Middle School in the Walt
our website,, on the Local Education page.
Whitman Cluster for 6th grade.
If you have questions, please contact EBCA Education
• Westland and Pyle are both 6th
Chair Monica Hayes by email at
PAGE 4 Neighborhood News June 2010

2009-2010 Membership
Iola Abood Dorothy & John Day
Salman Abu-Hjeli & Kathy Riddell Mary DeFilippes
Amy & Paul Aggugia Connie & Roger Dierman
Paola Agostini Martin Dieu & Holly Elwood
Imad Ahmad & Frances Eddy Erik & Rita Doherty
Kenneth Angell & Patricia Klosky Elizabeth Donaldson
Naomi Aronson Farida Dossani
Howard & Jennie Austin Jon Ebinger & Leslie Kahn
Pam Baldinger Louise Evans
James Barnett Erik Evenson
Nick Batselos & Beth Forbes David & Jane Fairweather
Ed & Linda Baxter Amanda & Evan Farber
Dena Belinkoff Ava Feiner & Cliff Stromberg
W.B. Blandford & Henry Hoppler Andrew Forsyth & Elizabeth Rathbone
Larry & Debbie Boggs Darlene & Jeff Forte
George Borababy Russell Fox & Andrea Shandell
Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Bowles Celina Franke
David Bradley William Franz & Cheryl Kollin
Aleksandra & Joel Braginski Paul Frenzen
Jay Briar & Alvin Figer Robert Friedman & Elaine Sullivan
Bryn & Ray Briscuso Penelope Garcia
Jolanda & Raymond Bruyn Shelly Gehshan & Mark Obsinsky
Elizabeth Buchanek & Joseph Parlante Gregory & Heidi Gertner
Jeff Burnett Heather Giuli
Peter Cameron Vera Glocklin
Muriel Carson Leslie Graham
Barbara Cecchini Bob & Mary Alice Gray
Julie Childs Ezra Greenberg & Kristin Schneeman
Larry Clare Daniel & Melissa Groman
Lori & Tom Condon Fred Grossberg
Bernard Cooper Peggy Anne Hansen
Adam Cowles Isaac & Roberta Hantman
Florence Crisafulli William Harless & Marcia Zier
Christine Crowe Gertrude Haugan
Elizabeth Curren & Dwain Winters Anne & Bob Hawkins
Kitty & Richard Dana Jack & Monica Hayes
Ann & William Dansie Karen Helsing & Dave Kowtko
Kate & Scott Danzis Chris & Deborah Helzer
PAGE 5 Neighborhood News June 2010

There is still time to join!

Sharon Hillery Lois Nienaber
Marah & James Hoffman David & Marcia Notley
Nancy Holland Jim & Mary Lee O'Connell
Scott Johnson & Gael O'Sullivan Austin O'Connor
Sharada Kalanidhi Linda O'Hare
Patrick Kanold & Judy Tso Lou & Tom Olin
David Kaufman Grace Palladino & Brad Piepmeir
John Kelly Mario Pascalev
Beverly Kempf Maureen Politi
Veronica Kidd Victoria Porter & Michael Winnings
Mary King Gabrielle Prandoni
Jacqueline King & Frank Vinik Jeffrey Rackon
Robert Kopera Andrew Rashid
Mary Alice Kotonias Leon Rib
Rita Kozla Robin Rittenhoff & Arthur Silver
Kevin & Pascale Kraus Alan & Theresa Robbins
Diane Kupelian & Pierre Toureille Amy Ross
Richard & Susan Kyle Chris & Francasca Ryan
Ben Labaree & Alison Snow Marc & Marcie Sandalow
Jack & Susan Lass John Savage
Keith & Robin Lawson Rhoda & Richard Sears
Dan Lewis Tom & Vicki Seed
Richard Lewis & Biga Doris Tollanen Dianne & Perry Seiffert
Ellen Liberman Ann & William Stahr
Barbara & Phil MacNeill Chuck & Susanna Sullivan
Jan & Jerry Maddox Kirt Suomela
Beth & David Marcellas Dee Taylor
Russell Mardon Brad & Suzanne Tesh
C.R. & Julia Mark Tempe Grant Thomas
Lisa McCabe Carl Thomason & Joan Zaro
Thomas McCann Tom & Marcia Tyrrell
Claudia & Maury McInerney Vivian Underwood
Susan Miller Melissa & Philip Urofsky
Linda & Michael Moodie Ana Villacampa
Kristen Mosbaek Greg & Kelly Volz
Jim & Liz Mullikin Leslie & Mark Weber
Barbara Nash Carrie & Scott Weinfed
Kellie Newton Ruth Weiss
Mary Yopes
PAGE 7 Neighborhood News June 2010


When the temperatures rise,
this summer you can always
look back at photographs of
the three blizzards this past
winter. Several neighbors
have shared their pictures on
our website,
These are from Victoria on
Chestnut Street and Michael
on South Chelsea Lane. Let’s
add some pictures of sunshine
and fireworks soon!
It is a new year in EBCA! Time to
renew your membership for 2009-
2010. Get your voice is heard!
Inside This Issue
Please support our neighborhood activities, this School Changes ........................ 1
newsletter, and the community activism that
makes East Bethesda one of the most desirable Membership Roll ................... 4-5
places in which to invest and raise a family. $15
per member, but additional contributions are Winter Pics ............................... 7
always welcome.

EBCA - Membership Have you joined EBCA this

P.O. Box 41020
Bethesda, MD 20824 year yet? Clip the coupon
and mail it today!
Members _____________________________________
Address _____________________________________
Phone _____________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________
Next General Membership
Meeting: Wednesday,
Number of Members _____ x $15 each = $_____
June 2nd at 7 p.m. at
EBCA will not share your contact information with
anyone outside of the organization.
BCC High School

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