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Hostrawsers Happenings

August 5, 2016
Ms. Hostrawser
Phone: 574-342-2355

Math Starting Monday expect math homework every night.

sign your childs homework that you have seen the homework and
checked it over. I do this for several reasons. One of the main reasons is
it lets me know that parents are witnessing homework being done and
the quality of it so there are no surprises when grades are given out. If a
students gets a D or an F on an assignment. They will be expected to correct the assignment and turn it back in. I then will average the grade.
This helps not only their grade, but also understanding for the test.


Next week will start our first reading unit. Our story is The
Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings is a section out of a novel where a boy
faces a tough decision. He learns doing the right thing isnt always easy.
We will work on character and plot. The new reading test will start Friday. The test will no longer around the story, but instead the skill. The
test will consist of vocabulary that the class practices during the week, a
story (which students have never seen before) and questions accompanying the story, and an essay question related to the weekly reading story.

GrammarWe will review nouns and the difference between common and proper nouns.

Writing We will be working on editing and beginning a journal to record our thoughts and our learning about the stories we reading throughout the

Spelling The practice tests will be on Tuesdays.

Students who get an

A on there pre-test will be considered passing and not have to take the
final test on Friday all their words correct will be given full credit early so
they will not have to take the final test on Fridays. Students can have
access to list and practice words on

Social Studies

In United States geography, we will become more

familiar with our country and the different regions. We will study the
Mid-West, Western, Southern, and New England.

Science We will begin our Science unit with thinking like a scientist.
We will be studying the scientific method: 1. Ask a question 2. Do your
research 3. form a hypothesis 4. Test your hypothesis 5l. Analyze your
data, and 6. Draw a conclusion.

Red Kayak
One Consonant or Two?
IAS 5.6.7- Spell correctly.

1. distance
2. method
3. anger
4. problem
5. butter
6. petals
7. enjoy
8. perhaps
9. figure
10. channel
11. admire
12. comedy
13. husband
14. tissue
15. mustard
16. shuttle
17. advance
18. drummer
19. regular
20. denim

Challenge Words
21. avalanche
22. monopoly
23. reluctant
24. adequate
25. tangerine

Note From the Teacher:

Welcome back to school.!!!

I am having a great time getting to know your child!!! Next week we will take a DIBELS
test and SRI test. These tests allow me to see where your childs reading level is and how
we can move forward with learning.
We are getting familiar with the 1:1 concept. We are teaching about digital citizenship
and how to use the internet safely and effectively.
If you have not already done so please turn in the Parent Packet I sent home from open
house and Triton Elementary School Family Partnership Compact. Im looking forward to a
fun year full of growth academically and socially. Please contact me with any concerns
or compliments.

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Upcoming Dates:
August 19..............Picture Day
September 5....No School Labor Day!
September 8.........Elementary Progress Reports
September 30..VIP Day

Star of the Week

We will be having a star of the week. I will

randomly select a student and they will be
the star. A paper will be sent home so
that you know when it is your childs turn.