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120 transitions

help file
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Used font:
Bebas Neu:
Technical details
1) No Plug-In is required. .
2) No music track is included in this project.
This project has three types of transitions:
1) Openers - they open a new scene and disappear;
2) Passing into background - they close the previous scene, and
form the background for a new scene (transitions in this project
have 10 sec length, however you can change the length of a
composition if you need)
3) White color matte- there is an alpha channel, which is used as
a matte layer to cut a layer underneath. Its easy, just move
these two files to the timeline in After Effects. The footage layer
must be below, the matte layer must be above. Then, change
track matte settings of the footage layer to luma matte.

Select a type of transitions that you
need (Double-click on a folder)


Preview transitions, and use those that you like.


Change the colors


If a transition has a Place Holder, you need to put your

photo or video in it to apply the transition.