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A Semi-detailed Lesson Plan in Science

Grade 1

Learning Outcomes
Through a thorough discussion and given varied instructions, at the
end of the class pupils are expected to:
a. differentiate the different landforms;
b. appreciate the importance of landforms on Earth;
c. illustrate and explain how to take care the different landforms.


Learning Content

Topic : Landforms
Integration Focus
Values: Responsibility
Contemporary Issue : Hunger and Poverty
Materials : Pictures, bond paper, charts

Learning Procedure

1. Motivation
The teacher shows a pictures of a different landforms and let the students
share their experiences. The following question will be asks:

What have you observe in the pictures?

Who among you here have been in

2. Presentation
Through picture analysis, pupils describe the pictures shown on the board.
Let the pupils share their ideas about it. Then, follow-up questions are asked to
the pupils.

Can you tell what the pictures all about?

Have you been on these place?
What are the different landforms on earth?
Are they useful to man? Why?

3. Discussion
Through the instructional materials, the teacher will discuss and explain
the different Landforms on Earth. The following questions will be ask:

What is a landform?
What are the different landforms on Earth?
What are some properties or thing we can observe about a mountain?
What are some properties or thing we can observe about a
Have you ever climbed a hill?
Have you seen a mountain?
How is a mountain different than a hill?

4. Application
Through charts, characteristics and definitions of different land forms are
shown by the teacher. Pupils identify what kind of landforms it is by writing on the
piece of paper.
1. I am a large area of flat land.
Who am I?
2. I am an area of low land between two mountains or hills.
Who am i
3. I am very high landform. I have a large, tall, rocky area of land that
comes up out of the earths surface
Who am I?
4. I am a mountain or hill where lava comes out?
Who am I?
5. I am smaller than a mountain.
Who am I?
5. Generalization
Imagine the world without a land. Would it be unsightly place to live in?
How do we take care the land?


B. Complete the sentence.

I would take care the landforms by ____________________________


God bless kids!


Learning Assessment

Grade and Section:

A. Directions: Draw a picture of each landform.