Headaches Watch Out, New Informational Resource Focuses You Headaches come in all forms; affect all of us sometime

in our lives. Sometimes s evere, sometimes just a nagging pain, it can be dealt in a number of ways. Recog nizing the type of headache is one way fo treating it. Treating a headache induc ed by hyper-tension or an ear infection is markedly different from treating a mi graine. Of the many options available for pain management, it depends on the pat ient and the doctor to come to a conclusion which suits both and is effective in countering the condition. Brasov, Romania, May 27, 2010 -- There is hardly a soul to be found on earth who has not suffered the throes of an excruciating headache. In a lot of occasions, it also the most ignored of all health concerns. It is true that headaches can be caused by many lifestyle factors like stress, overwork, lack of sleep or alco hol hangover. But it is also true, that headaches can be severe like migraines o r sinus headaches, which can lead to chronic headache condition. While it is difficult to categorize headaches into convenient slots, an investig ation into the cause can only be a source of finding a solution. Broadly put, he adaches can be cast in two different types. Often, doctors term them as primary and secondary. Primary headaches are the more common of the two, and most people suffer from this kind many times in their life. This kind of headache is physio logical and does not have any underlying cause. Rest, sleep and good diet can so othe this type of headaches. For the secondary headaches, there is some underlyi ng cause. This cause can be serious or otherwise, and the doctor can test the pa tient as per symptoms exhibited. For instance, if a patient suffers from high bl ood pressure, he or she can be prone to chronic headaches as a side effect. Medi cation to help regularize the blood pressure will help getting rid of the headac hes as well. This is a way that secondary headaches can be cured, by finding the underlying cause and taking care of it. Migraines are considered to be the severe type of headaches, which affect many p eople. It is characterized by localized pain on either side of the head or pain which is unilateral. Many patients report that a migraine strikes when the body is unusually tired, exposed to heat or the stomach has been empty for a while. T here is often a prelude to this condition â a strange taste in the mouth or a stra nge smell. Visionary sightings often rainbow like, over the vision of the eye is also reported. This stage, may continue for a little as a few minutes as well a s long as an hour. This is followed by the actual headache, which usually lasts longer. Patients often learn to anticipate the oncoming assault and take pain me dication for the headache before it actually starts. This is known to manage the condition better, but has to be done with some caution as pain medication can b e potentially dangerous for the body if taken indiscriminately. It is best done with the recommendation and advice of a medical practitioner. Chronic headaches can also occur from blocked sinuses in the nose, a condition w hich is called sinusitis. This kind of headache is also very painful, and should be treated with painkillers, along with medication to soothe the sinuses. Heada ches are also known to have a gender bias, as women are seen to be more headache s than men. The cause for these headaches is primarily tension or stress. Headac hes related to stress or tension can affect men as well as women, as both are pr one to stress. It is just that the physical manifestation of the stress in a hea dache is seen to be more common in women. Women are also prone to headaches due to the hormonal changes during pre menstrual period and during menopause. Depres sion can also cause chronic headaches, and as women are more prone, they tend to suffer from headaches caused by depression as well. Physical stress- eye strain, ear infections and dental problems are also known t o cause mild to severe headaches. They are also easy to spot and cure. Environme ntal conditions like noise and air pollution can also bring on a headache. Lifes

tyle and environment both have its effects on the individual and his or her well being and health, and can be largely responsible for recurring headaches. A much detailed account on the types and causes of headaches can be found at www .headachesguru.com. While the common cure for a headache is to take pain medication. These are usual ly analgesics like aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen. If the headache is due to some other condition, medication to cure that would take care of the headache as well. A lot of times, it is found that a certain type of food like chocolate or coffee tends to bring about a headache. Simply cutting off that particular food type from the diet should suffice in countering headaches. A lot of alternative cure is also found useful in curing and managing headaches like- Acupuncture, r elaxation techniques including yoga and hypnosis. Herbs and some plants are also known to have remedial nature to headaches. www.headachesguru.com gives concise information on the cause and type of headach es as well as the much needed information on various options of cure. A browse t hrough the site will tell you all you wanted to know about headaches and the cou rse of treatment for them. Contact: Duguleana Mihai Headachesguru.com Str. Calea Bucuresti, nr. 97 Brasov, Romania 0040726385701 dugublack@gmail.com http://www.headachesguru.com

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