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Title Bar located at the top of the window structure, used for displaying the
application and documents names. In contains controls
Minimize/maximize/Restore/Close Button.
Control Box located at the far left corner of the title bar. It is meant to make
windows more accessible, when clicked, a drop down box will appear.
Size Grip these are the 3 lines groves located at the bottom right corner of the
window, when the mouse is placed over, it will change into a slating double sided
arrow for resizing the windows diagonally.
Move/Size window to move click and drag the title bar to the desired position.
In resizing, place the pointer over any four sides or corner of the window.
Menu Bar located just below the title bar. It is used to access commands related
to windows or applications.
Tool bars are command buttons for the menu list.
Scroll Bar used to view different parts of the window document screen. It will
only appear on the right and lower edge if the document cannot be contained
within the single screen area.
Status Bar located usually at the bottom of the window and is used to display
certain information like page numbers and disk space.


1. FIRST COMMANDMENT. Take your time. The creation of anything worthwhile takes
patience and energy. You dont build a relationship overnight.
2. SECOND COMMANDMENT. Dont smother each. No one can grow in the shade. Dont
feel as if youre required to spend every waking hour with those your love. Never force
anyone to do anything for you in the name of love.
3. THIRD COMMANDMENT. Dont brood. Get on with living and loving. Stop going
through life in self-pity, self-blame and mea-culpa syndrome. See problems as small
miracles, which can bring about knowledge and change.
4. FOURTH COMMANDEMNT. Exercise feelings. Feelings have meaning only as they
expressed in action. Increase tenderness and intimacy. They are powerful source of
nourishments for relationship.
5. FIFTH COMMANDMENT. Dont be afraid. Stop all worry. Most of what you are
worried about youll have difficulty remembering a week later.
6. SIXTH COMMANDMENT. Learn to listen. You dont learn anything from hearing
yourself talk. See all criticism as positive, for it leads for self-evaluation. You are always
free to reject it if it is unfair or does not apply.
7. SEVENTH COMMANDMENT. Dont lose touch with the craziness in you. This, with a
large dose of caring, will assure that the relationship will never be boring. Keep the child
in you alive and playing. Keep laughing.
8. EIGHTH COMMANDMENT. Dont be afraid of disagreements and arguments. The only
people who do not argue people who dont care or are dead. In fact, you dont have
short arguments. Make certain they are thoroughly over and done with. After an argument
is over forget it. Learn to bend. It is better than breaking. Watch out for a little irritation,
they grow into destructive monsters. Verbalize them at once. Dont hold on to anger, hurt
or pain, they steal your energy and keep you from love.
9. NINTH COMMANDMENT. Stop playing games. A growing relationship can only be
nurtured by genuineness. Relationships are not sporting events. Stop wrestling for
control. Only divorced lawyers win in this kind of match.
10. TENTH COMMANDMENT. Value yourself. The only people who appreciate a doormat

are people with dirty shoes. What you learn about yourself will infinitely help you trying
to understand others. You are at the center of all relationships. Therefore, you are
responsible for yourself-esteem, growth, happiness and fulfillment. Dont expect the
other person to bring you these.