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1. What displacement at 70 has an xcomponent of 450m?
2. A uniform bar is 9m long and weighing 5
kg is supported by a fulcrum 3m from the left
end. If a 12 kg bag is hung from the left end,
what downward pull from the right end is
necessary to hold the bar in equilibrium?
3. A plane is traveling eastward at an
airspeed of 500km/hr. But a 90km/hr wind is
blowing southward. What are the direction
and speed of the plane relative to the
4. A load of 100 lbs is hung from the middle
of a rope which is stretched between two
rigid wall 30ft apart. Due to the load, the
rope sags 4ft in the middle. Determine the
tension in the rope.
5. A block weighing 500 kN rests on a ramp
inclined at an angle of 25 with the
horizontal. Calculate the force tending to
move the block down the ramp.
6. A truck starts from rest and moves with a
constant acceleration of 5m/s2. Find its speed
and distance after 4 seconds has elapsed.
7. Two balls are dropped to the ground from
different heights. One is dropped 1.5 sec
after the other, but they both strike the
ground at the same time, 5 seconds after the
first ball was dropped. From what height was
the first ball dropped?
8. A car is accelerating uniformly as it passes
two checkpoints that are 30m apart. The
time taken between checkpoints is 4sec, and
the cars speed at the second checkpoint.
9. A 70kg man stands on a spring scale in an
elevator. During the first 2 seconds, starting
from rest, the scale reads 80kg. Find the
velocity of the elevator at the end of
10. Two forces, 80N and 100N acting at an
angle 60 with each other, pull on an object.
What single force (called the equilibrant)
would balance the two forces?

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11. At a uniform rate of 4 drops per second,

water is dripping from a faucet. Assuming
acceleration of each drop to be 9.81 m/s per
second and no air resistance, find the
distance between two successive drops in
mm if the upper drop has been in motion for
3/8 second.
12. Two cars A and B are traveling at the
same speed of 80kph in the same direction
on the level road with car A 100 meters
ahead of car B. Car A slows down to make a
turn, decelerating at 2.13 m/s2. In how many
seconds will B overtake A?
13. A force of 50N is used to drag a 10kg
object across a horizontal table. If a friction
force of 15N is present on the object,
calculate the acceleration of the object.
14. A stone is thrown straight downward with
initial speed 8 m/s from a height of 25m. Find
the speed with which it strikes the ground.
15. A projectile is launched at 45 to the
horizontal on a level ground at a speed of
60m/s. Neglecting air resistance, what is the
range of the projectile?
16. A 200N wagon is to be pulled up a 30
incline at a constant speed. How large a
force P parallel to the incline is needed if the
incline is frictionless?
17. An object is thrown outward from a cliff
1102.5m high with a horizontal velocity of
20m/s. Calculate the horizontal distance
traveled by the object by the time it reaches
the ground.
18. A cars odometer reads 22,687 km at the
start of a trip and 22,791 km at the end. The
trip took 4hours. What was the cars average
speed in m/s?
19. Starting at the origin of coordinates, the
following displacements are made in the xyplane (that is, the displacements are
coplanar): 60mm in the +y direction, 30mm
in the -x direction, 40mm at 150, and 50mm
at 240. Find the resultant displacement.

20. A bag was dropped from a balloon

ascending at 10m/s constant speed. How far
will the bag be from the balloon after 10
21. A bottle dropped from a balloon reaches
the ground in 20 seconds. Determine the
height of the balloon if it was ascending with
a speed of 50m/s when the bottle was
22. Find the magnitude and angle of R if R =
7i 12j.
23. A baseball is thrown with an initial
velocity of 100m/s at an angle of 30 above
the horizontal. How far from the throwing
point will the baseball attain its original
24. A golf ball after being struck by a golf
club at ground level, departs at an angle of
45 with the horizontal fairway with the
velocity of 100fps. How far, in yards, will the
ball lands from the point of departure?
25. An object is dropped from rest from a
height of 49 meters. What is the speed of the
object as it hits the ground?
26. A 1200 N box is pulled along a horizontal
surface at a uniform speed by means of a
rope that makes an angle of 30 above the
horizontal. If the tension in the rope is 100N,
what is the coefficient of friction?
27. A ship is traveling due east at 10kph.
What must be the speed of the second ship
heading 30 east of north if it is always due
north of the first ship?
28. A stone is thrown straight upward and it
rises to a height of 20m. with what speed
was it thrown?
29. Starting from rest, an elevator weighing
9000N attains an upward velocity of 5 m/s in
4secs with uniform acceleration. Find the
apparent weight of a 600N man standing
inside the elevator during its ascent and
calculate the tension in the supporting cable.
30. A tow rope will break if the tension in it
exceeds 1500N. It is used to tow a 700 kg
car along level ground. What is the largest
acceleration the rope can give to the car?

31. Two cars A and B traveling in the same

direction and stopped at a highway traffic
sign. As the signal turns green, car A
accelerates at a constant rate of 1m/s2. Two
seconds later, the second car B accelerates
at constant rate of 1.3m/s2. When will the
second car B overtakes the first car A?
32. A man aimed his rifle at the bulls eye of
a target 50m away. If the speed of the bullet
is 500m/s, how far below the bulls eye does
the bullet strike the target?
33. A ball is thrown vertically into the air at
120 m/s. After 3 seconds, another ball is
thrown vertically. What velocity must the
second ball have to pass the first ball at
100m from the ground?
34. A projectile is fired from a cliff 300m high
with an initial velocity of 400 m/s. If the firing
angle is 30 from the horizontal, compute the
horizontal range of the projectile.
35. An airplane acquires a take-off velocity of
150mph on a 2-mile runway. If the plane
started from rest and the acceleration
remains constant, what is the time required
to reach take-off speed?
36. Determine the resultant of the following
forces: A = 600N at 40, B = 800N at 160
and C = 200N at 300.
37. Find the magnitude and location of the
resultant of the loads 2000N and 3000N
forces acting vertically downward at 3m and
8m distance from the left end of a 13-m
38. A block weighing 500kN rest on a ramp
inclined at 25 with the horizontal. What is
the force tending to move the block down
the ramp?
39. A ball is thrown vertically upward from
the ground and a student gazing out of the
window sees it moving upward pass him at
5m/s. The window is 10m above the ground.
How high does the ball go above the ground?
40. A baseball is thrown from a horizontal
plane following a parabolic path with an
initial velocity of 100m/s at an angle of 30
above the horizontal. Solve the distance from

the throwing point that the ball attains its

original level.