Wednesday, September

19, 2007

Parrot eads H willparty with a purpose

As many local groups, businesses and individualscontinue joiningforces to help save The Zoo Northwest Florida, two area groups are getting in lineto do what they do best. .~ with a purpose," said Jerry Foster, member of the Parrot Heads of Pensacola, a group of locals in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties. The Pensacola group and the Emerald Coast Parrot Head Club are organizing an upcoming event at Cocodries Restaurant on Navarre Beach to help raise money for The Zoo Northwest Florida. The event will be at 6 p.m. Sept. 28 and will include door prizes, raffles and music by Steve Hall. Earlier this year, zoo officialsannounced that the sanctuary would close if at least $1 million were not raised by the end of the year. After Hurricane Ivan,The Zoo was closed for nearly six months. It needs $3 millionto clear all its debts.


A group of Parrot Heads pose for a shot after a meeting with Doug Kemper, on the back row third from left, about their plans for the Parrot Bay fund raiser at The Zoo Northwest Florida. "We host events that help worthwhile causes," said Diane Rutledge, president of the Emerald Coast Parrot Head Club, based in Destin. "The Zoo is such a great asset to all of Northwest Florida. Both groups felt that we needed to do our part to help save it." While Rutledge serves the Emerald Coast club, she lives in Navarre. So does Tim Vincent, the president of the Pensacola-based club. Known for their purpose-filled partying~ members of Parrot Head dubs are faithful devotees to Jimmy Buffet's fun loving, island-style music. Parrothead groups host regular events called "PHlockings," when two or more groups come together and raise money for good causes. "We hope to have about 150 to 200 people at the event," Vincent said. "We just want to do our part to help a worthwhile cause." The outpouring of local groups who are trying to save The Zoo has amazed Doug Kemper, executive director of the zoo. "Groups like this and countless individualsare working to save The Zoo," he said. "What we're seeing is just wonderful. The grassroots effort to save The Zoo is just overwhelming." Zoo docents plan to attend the event and show off the zoo's parrots. Organizers are seeking sponsors: Sponsorship levels are: Coconut Patrons, $50; Beachcomber, $100; Pirate Level,$250; and Parrot Level, $500. All proceeds from the event willbe donated to The Zoo. To sponsor the event, or for more details, call Diane Rutledge at 850-5 15-0258, or e-mail her at .

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for The Zoo Northwest Florida Blvd., Navarre When: 6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28 Details: 850-515-0258, or call Tr~,Zo,9.l:\tr932:22~~t.
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