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3 lssue 27

February/March, 1997

lmportant Stuff



It may not feel like it everywhere, but Spring
has surely sprung l'*ere in the Rio Grande Valby. We
want to assure you that the lack of a Febnaary issue
and the existence of this double WT is riot due to
spring fever, though. As some of you may kncrw, we
recently wrote a grant in order to get some money
out of the state of Texas to provide computers and
lnternet access for our middle-schoolers. Well, they
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Drawing by Peter O'Hearn

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implementing a $200,000 lnterneUDistance Learning
Project. lt's exciting, but Gosh-dang,
p;g- it's taking a lot of work and eating into
"t''r'' our precious "free-time". We
appreciate your patience and we'd like
you who have
thank those
congratulated us on our little "coup". Who
knows, maybe soon, we can have our kids
linked up with the Thoreau lnstitute's program.
Suddenlty, "Distance Learning" takes on a whole
new meaning (see fhe Billboard article reprinted
On the Eagle front, it seems like this will be a
summer of no concerts, unless solo rnembers do
more benefits. There will be the convention for some
to look fonvard to and well, we'll be writing curriculum
for the grant project.
Those of you who complained about the lack
o'Henley in the last issue will be happy to see he is
back and dominating this one. Oh, and we are
planning a Timmy/Don F. issue. Stick with us.


You can also contact us from

of merit because now we


So there I was all of about 19 years
old... green behind the ears, 2000 miles

away from home, managing a record
store, starting school to pursue my
music business management dream
and living in a "sorority-type" house with
a bunch of great gals that were going to
San Jose State.... we called the place

the case. Even to the point of buying
the LA TIMES every once in a while. I
wondered how lrv was gonna get him
out of this one? I wondered what
I wondered what Jerry Brown was
gonna do <g>.... I wondered what
would happen to the judge, the DA and
everybody else after the arraignment
was done...

While reading about the case, I really
"felt" for Henley... it was a calch 22
type situation...l really felt that
ultimately he had done the responsible
thing by calling the paramedics. I
thought it was wrong that the press was
raking him over the coals (hmmm didn't he write a song about this?
<vbg>).... and I sincerely felt that he
deserved some compassion for having

done the "right" thing, despite his
victimless crime. lt angered me io see
one of my favorite "writers" being
treated so callously. Little did I know
that I would have an opportunity to tell
him how I felt. One morning in
February 1981, I picked up the LA
TIMES and lo and behold, there in yet
another article on this continuing saga
of Henley's felony, was his street
address, the scene of the crime.

Silly me... I really don't know what
was thinking... all I knew is that


wanted to show my support... being 19
and already having a hard enough time

the front was the infamous 'LOVE

champagne on ice...

HEALS ALL" (yea - I look back now and

Anyway... Mr. Henley had been <ahem>
in trouble with the "law" shortly after the
Eagles went their separate ways (you
must remember - the underage ladies
and the massive amounts of "goodies"
that the police found at Henley's house
after he called the paramedics - when
one of the ladies had suffered a seizure)
(Life in the Fastlane sure got a lot of air
play that year - best FREE PR for the
LIVE album)..... needless to say... the

consummate Henley fan...

expressing myself... I turned to
HALLMARK... (wouldn't you?)....

"Hotel California".. 'cause there really
were 'miffors on the ceiling'.... and on
occasion we would actually forgo the
cookies and milk and drink that pink



anyway, I can't remember how or why I
picked this one card ... but the poem on

name, which I had gotten by following
the case) and debated about whetherto

mail it or not. I can remember, like it

was yesterday, standing in front of that
mailbox, unable to lift the letter from my

bag when all of the sudden a strong
wind came up and blew that letter into
the mailbox.... (well it sure seemed like
it, I certainly don't remember putting the
letter in the mailbox) <g>....
I tried to put the letter out of my mind
and go on with my business....

A week later, I came home and looked
through the mail... there amongst allthe
rest was a hand addressed postcard
size brownish envelope.... to Genevieve
C. Sidoli (with the appropriate accent
grav over the third "e" <---is this guy
detail oriented or what?)....... from D.H.
clo Front Line Management.........
WOW!!!!! (was my first reaction).... I
don't remember opening it at all.... all I
really recall is my mixed reaction after
reading the inside card......
March 3, 1981
Miss Srdol,

Who are you and how did you get this
Don Henley

Timeline: John Lennon (one of my other

favorite "writers") had been murdered
by one of his fans just 3 months prior....
the terms "secret admiref' and "fan" had
been replaced with "stalker".... the

evening news had been carefully

covering the fine line between fandom
and delusion.
My thoughts: OH SHIT!!!!! I'll never get

I think - how could I have been so
damn corny... but at the time I was

to work for IRV now.... <sigh>....lf

sincere)... inside

down before


wrote something

about how sorry I was for what he was
going through and that one day that
lhoped that I too could contribute to
society the way that he had... that one

day too, maybe


could make


Henley thinks that I'm loony tunes... I'm


even get out of the
gate...(OK - so I'm a little over-sensitive
at times)...

I crumbled..... I should have gone into
therapy right there and then!!!!


I called the Beverly Hills post office,
got the zip code, addressed the
envelope (complete with his middle

I showed his letter to a friend of mine
who was pursuing a career in modeling
and read

her what

I had written to him... she

her what I had written to him... she
assured me that *lF* she had gotten a
letter like that from a fan, she would
have been flattered. She suggested
that I write back and answer his

(not me) and some weird *love* letters
from some real weirdoes...(l told you I
was sensitive - the weirdo part really


I was crushed!

How I got his address was simple....
"who am 1", now that's always been a
tough one!!!! I think in the 2nd letter to
him... I rambled a lot... I even enclosed
my phone number - just in case he
needed to put a "voice" with the
"words".... I can't remember if I sent the
2nd letter to "his house" or to "Front



He never answered it.... he

it on
my wall and went on with my life.

I met Randy Meisner on his solo tour
that year.... I didn't mention the letter

My grandmother died on March 3rd a

bugged me)...

few years later.....

to say, I threw out the
interview (no room in my scrapbook for

that one).... I took the letter off the
wall.... I got on with my life....

tried NOT to think about it when I sent

my resume to Front Line a few years
laier... and I prayed that Henley
wouldn't prevent lrv from hiring me. As
fate would have it - there was an
receptionist opening at Front Line when
I moved to Los Angeles and I actually
had an "in"..... but as fate would have
it, I caught Strep Throat and they hired
someone else before I even got the
chance to inierview.


Every so often I wondered, - just what
the *hell" did he think when he did read
my letter. I felt like I got "an answer" a
couple years later... when I picked up a
magazine with a Henley interview in it
(he was promoting his 1st solo album,
as I recall).... the interviewer had asked
him about the incident and Henely
ranted in typical DON fashion... "this
was wrong, that was wrong"....... and the
worst part was when the Times printed
his address - he got some *hate" mail

ability to make a "point".... l'm a very
forgiving fan :-)...

The short time that I did live in LA, I
would drive every morning from
Sherman Oaks to my job in Beverly
Hills via Mullholand Drive........ yes, I
peeked... but I never stopped by for

16 years later on March 3rd... I see
Henley sing John Hiatt's THROUGH
YOUR HANDS at a Lucent Technology
private gig in SF....... I figure I've gotten
over it :-)... (eds see how well
Genii's goften over it, read her review of
this concert elsewhere in this issue)
These days, I keep the Henley Letter in
possessions.... my autographed copy of
Writes The Words for Elton John"....(my
"first" favorite lyricist). l've had it since
1976 when it was first published....
When I went to the radio station where
Bernie was giving a radio interview, he
was busy signing copies of the Captain
Fantastic album for his hordes of fans...
when he saw me standing in the corner,
clutching the my brand new book.... he
looked at me and smiled and said as he

one of my most

walked toward me "My Book... My
Book... you bought my book"... he was
so delighted he gave me a hug and a

And I bought his albums/CD's and went
to his concerts anyway! I decided that
no matter how anal this guy was... he

Much Love BernieTaupin Xu.... I
*KNOW" that Bernie appreciated my

was still



genius writer



would ever stop me from appreciating
his flair for "double entendre" and his

Frey Realty courtesy

of Gina Hill.
Henley Tea Rooms
and Henley on
Thames from the
Blaiss visit to England.

Shelby practicing to be
one of Glenn's backup
singers courtesy of
proud mom Debby

kiss.... inside he wrote "To Genevieve,

Perhaps one day, Don willtoo ."...

This year's Eagles Fan Gathering is going to be
held in Cleveland. Many people wondered why
Cleveland, when p/aces like Los Angeles
seemed more obvious choices. Roving WT
repofter Jim Schmid volunteered to check it out

for us. What follows is his repoft.
Gawd I love this place!!! Hey Eagles fans....l
thought I'd write a cuppla paragraphs about my
most recent visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame a few weeks back. Despite warnings of
heavy snow, planes slidin off of runways and
other assorted warnings from man and nature,
my daughter, her friend Stacey and I made a


to the Hall on the

weekend of

November 16. WE HAD A BLAST!!! For any of
you who haven't been to Cleveland, it's a really
fun city!! I guess I was a little taken by surprise
by the lively nightlife in "the Flats" for reasons
cannot explain. Anyway, if your lookin for a fun
breakaway weekend, grab a friend and check out
Cleveland. Who was it that said "...the heart of
rock and roll is in Cleveland?"....

about anybody who is anybody. ln addition, in
the exhibit section many personal effects are on

display. You gotta get a laff out of


Lennon's report cards!!!! Hahahahahaha...what
a slacker young John was!!! A "3" as his final
mark in arithmetic...that's outta a hundred!!!!
Many "all-time" classic rock songs, including, as

everyone readin this probably already knows,
Joe's "Life's Been Good" script. lt's really
interestin, at least to me, to see the songs in the

artist's original hand, with notes, scribbles,

doodles, re-writes, lists of "rhymin" words, etc, .
just scribbled on the paper, the napkins, hotel
stationary and the like. lt also got me wonderin,
as I sit here typin on my laptop, if today's
technology will lend itself to "display"? What will
the showcases include? "Here's the pentium
laptop that the "Futuramics" composed heir
classic hit "l Wish it was 1969 Again" on!??l
Don't ask my why I wonder about things like

The educational aspects of the museum are
provided thru films, and thru headsets which

So...about the Hall...for those of you who may
have grown up in the 60's and 70's, trust

enable the user to listen to songs of their favorite

estimate lhal

and people. The films are first class productions,
rangin from a few minutes to twenty-ish minutes.
Some are documentary in nature, others are

me...THlS PLACE lS AWESOME!!! I would
T0o/o or so of the exhibits cover the
period of mid 60's thru the early 80's. The
remaining 3Ao/o ot so covers lots of "stuff' about
the roots and foundations of the music we have
come to love (in my case, a little too much,
think). This is a FIRST CLASS museum!l!l But
you didn't have to grow up durin those years to
enjoy it, as the exhibits and films provide a
fascinatin tour of the development and people of
Rock and Roll. (are you wonderin why Jim
leaves the "g's" off of so many words? ls he
stipid or somthin? Well, no, it's not that at all. Ya
see I speak "Bob Seger" English, and Bob rarely
acknowldges the letter "g", so I ignore it also!!!

I visited

for the first time during the
summer months, I had purposefully kept my

expectations low. Over the years, I have had the
good fortune of visitin spectacular museums all
over the world, as well as the misfourtune of
visitin some real losers. This museum is truly
world-class in that it offers a wonderful balance
of entertainment, education and elegance. I was
fearfulthat it might be a "Ripley's Wax Museum"
type of place and was delighted to find it had
been orchestraied (<--good word choice for a
story on a music thing, dontcha think???) by
professional museum curators who share our
love of music and culturel

The museum really contains three

attractions. There are LOADS of exhibits of Rock

memorabilia, includin costumes, concert
posters, instruments, artifacts, etc. from just

artists, call up interviews with many of our
heroes, or just read about the history of bands

more editorial. Pete Townshend

is a


prominent figure at the museum. My guess is he
has offered a lot of financial support to the whole
thing. But he is a great spokesperson and rock

historian, so I suppose it's ok that he shows up

Regradin the "elegance" of the museum,
everything is truly first rate. For those not
familiar with the site, it is a VERY contemporary
design, mostly white and glass, and very
angular. misplaced the full name of the
architect, but recall that he is Japanese, world


famous and that his last name is "Pei" (ed.
note....his name is LM. Pei) Hey Pei...N|CE
JOB!!!l lt is "lN" Lake Erie...literally!!! Or maybe
it is more accurate to say The sound system it is
"partially" in the lake, but either way, the
backdrop against the lake is a spectacular sight.
lnside EVERYTHING is immaculately spotless.
The help guards, guides, ticket takers,etc. are
actually CHEERFULI!! Can you imagine?? And
with good who was a rather short and stout black
woman about my age, (l'm sorta the opposite,
preason...this is a CHEERFUL place!!!
(predictable) is AWESOME!!! Music plays
continuously in the "open areas" and I didn't hear
even one bad song...a nice treat...!!!! As we
entered the main exhibit area, one of the ticket
takers, Rhonda,hysically) grabbed my hand and
started dancin me to the sound of Martha and
the Vandellas...if you remember Martha and Co,

then you will DEFINITELY love this place.
But like most things, it's people that make it fun!!! lt is quite
"easy" to strike up a conversation with people here, as we are
all there forthe same reason.

Did I mention the gift shop? No. So here's a commercial for
the gift shop. They aren't givin anythin away in there that's for
sure!! But, they have the most complete record collection
you'll ever find anywhere (l think!). All of the inductees' music
is offered, and I was able to fill in some missin links in my
already too large collection of stuff. There are tons of
"collection series" that I haven't seen offered elsewhere, and
then all the normal souvenir stuff like hats, teeshirts, pens,
videos, books and other stuff that you won't find elsewhere.
l've dropped more than a few scheckles in there now!!!
We spent our two nights in "the Flats". l'd hafta say that the
Flats offers the highest concentration of bars and clubs in a
walkable area in any city l've visited with the exception of
Austin, Tejas. "Wilberts" is a first rate R&B club. Do go!!
Dick's Last Resort is a restauranUbar/club that offers cover
bands of medium quality, mediocre food and NO hospitatlity
at all!!! Ya gotta go there!!! lt is one of several clubs for kids
of all ages, so those who are either 21 or who haven't
mangaed to get proof to the contrary can join in the fun also!
We wandered into an lrish bar, the name escapes me,
(maybe Conners??) and found a great four-piece classics
cover band that was AWESOME. As we entered they were
wailin out "Travellin Band" and if you closed your eyes (or
squinted) you could see John Fogarty!!! lf you like disco,
eeewww\M,v, who likes disco? Try Shooters. The "Odeon"
offers first class bands, and was sold out for weekend
perfomances by Phish and Dishwalla. Across the river is an
outdoor bandstand "Nauica" that offers outdoor ocncerts in
the warm weather months. And,oh yeah, there was a "duelin
piano" type sing-a-long in a place called "The Powerplant".

And how could



this? The river is


"Cuyahoga"...which means, in lndian, "Bob Seger RULES',
or if you prefer a more literal translation, "crooked river".
You'll see why when you visit!

Does it sound like we had fun in Cleveland???? l'm goin
back...l know that!!!! Hope to see y'all there some day!l!!

Cleveland's new



lhe photo




preserved land to 96 acres.

Having collected
approximately $15 million through benefit
concefts, record sales, and other efforts, the

Walden Woods Project is continuing its
mission to raise funds for the environmental

initiative and focusing on completing the
Thoreau lnstitute Research Center, a
multimedia complex that will house the
world's most comprehensive Henry David
Thoreau library.

The Walden Woods Project was
launched by Eagles front man Don Henley
in the spring of 1990 in an effort to oppose
the commercial development of land around
the famed Walden Pond in Concord and
Lexington, Mass., a favorite destination of
Thoreau and the subject of some of his
best-known writings. Beyond the funds


raised, the



accomplishment so far has been to increase


Among Jacob Farm's features is the
Adams House, an English Manor building
that will soon house part of the Thoreau
Research lnstitute, which was begun in
October 1995. Late last year, the project
purchased another site in Walden Woods
for $900,000, bringing the total parcels of



land that encompasses Jacob Baker's
farm, a locale frequented by Thoreau and
mentioned prominently in his "Journal."

environmental causes,

He says, "We have preserved the
of one of the most historically

significant locations


that could perhaps be subdivided, or its
integrity could otherwise be compromised."
Anderson adds that Walden Pond itself
owned and protected by the State



"Of the 15o/o of Walden Woods that we
consider vulnerable, we would never have
the financial resources to buy all that land,"

a former aide to
Edward Kennedy (D-Mass. ),

says Anderson,

spearheaded efforts to


development of Walden Woods in the late
'80s. "lt costs $200,000-$400,000 an acre


North America.

Walden Woods is widely recognized as the
cradle of the American environmental

movement, and Henry David Thoreau is
recognized as the father of that movement.
I was appalled when I first heard that the
place was in danger. You assume that these
places are protected."

The project's first acquisition, in '1990,
was a 25-acre site known as Bear Garden
Hill, which was owned by a local developer

who planned to construct a 'l 39-unit
condominium there. ln 1992, the Walden
Woods Project acquired another tract of
land from the same developer that was
slated to be subdivided or commercially

Henley credits the arts


entertainment community for supporting
the cause, particularly the other members
of the Eagles, who donated part of the

proceeds from their six-times-platinum
reunion album and tour, "Hell Freezes
Over," to the Walden cause. He also
credits Melissa Etheridge, Elton John,

Sting, Aerosmith, and Jimmy Buffett, who
took part in concerts at Madison Square
Garden in New York and Foxboro Stadium
in Massachusetts that raised more than $3

million for Walden; country stars Trisha
Yearwood, Clint Black, Vince Gill, and
others who participated in the '1993 tripleplatinum album "Common Thread: The
Songs Of The Eagles," which raised funds
for the project; and other supporters, such
as Billy Joel, Bonnie Raitt, and Bob Seger.

Another major supporter has been Sen.
Kennedy. Anderson says her former boss
helped the Walden Woods Project secure a
$575,000 National Endowment for the
Humanities (NEH) grant to help finance
construction of the Research lnstitute. "At a
time when the NEH funding cutbacks were
severe, we received a grant as a first-time

applicant, which was very helpful," she
For all the goodwill Henley and Anderson

have engendered in their campaign to
preserve Walden Woods, they have also
encountered their share of criticism. ln

1993, an Associated Press article accused
Henley of directing funds intended for the
Walden Woods Project toward other
charities. Henley denies that allegation,
stating that all monies raised for Walden
through his nonprofit foundation, the lsis

Fund, have gone toward Walden


nothing else.

He explains,

"l also raise money for
as any land-

related causes, such

preservation effofts across the U.S.; (i.e.),
various initiatives that would ban clear
cutting in Maine and Texas. But a great
majority of the money goes to the Walden

Woods Project, because that's the way we

solicit the money.


people give us

permission, or if funds are directed just to
the lsis Fund to do with as we please, then
we use that money, or money that I raise
personally, (for) other things."
Henley also takes issue with an April 18,
1996, Rolling Stone article that questioned
his motivation for getting involved with

"l've not done it for self-aggrandizement -

l've had enough of that in my career," he
says. "And I've certainly not done it to
enhance my career, because it has not
enhanced my career. ln fact, it has kept me

out of the recording studio during a time
when I should have been in the recording
studio. My last solo album came out


ln 1993, the Walden Woods Project
acquired an 18.6-acre plot known as
Brister's Hill, which real-estate mogul
Mortimer Zuckerman's Boston Properties
planned to develop into a 147,OOO-square-

executives are

concerned, most of the record companies
have been very generous and forthcoming
when we've had fund-raising dinners."


for land in Concord and Lexington."

according to Henley.


Walden Woods Project

director Kathi Anderson says, "Of the 2,680
acres that comprise Walden Woods, close
loTAo/o is protected. Of the remaining 30%
that is not protected, half or less than half
is truly vulnerable. So about 15% is land

trees and......huh? How about them????)

he says. "As far as

Henley also acknowledges his manager,

industry veteran lrving Azoff; actors Ted
Danson, Jack Nicholson, and Ed Begley Jr.
(Begley is an officer of the Walden Woods
Project); and author E.L. Doctorow for
supporting the cause.


1989, and I've not made a solo album since
then, largely because I've been working on

the Walden Woods Project and


environmental projects. So when people
accuse me of trying to further my career this
way, I can only laugh and shake my head."

foot office complex. The following year, the

a major
victory when the residents of Concord voted
to close a landfill situated across from
Brister's Hill.
Walden Woods Project scored

Later in 1994, Henley's group purchased


"The list is long, and l'm leaving people

out, but l'm very grateful," (eds
note.-.ummmm like

how about all the

fans who sent $$, who saw benefits, who

bought books, and t-shirts,


drumsticks, and gold pine cones, and

Henley adds, "l've done this for two
reasons. One, because Ralph Waldo
Emerson and Thoreau had such an impact
on me as a young man, when my father was
dying and I was trying to figure out what life
and death meant and struggling to make

sense of my life and become a songwriter. And two, because I've
been very successful and fortunate in my career, and I do not want
my life and career to be defined only in terms of taking. I want it to
be said that I gave as good as I got, which I think is a duty of every

Ifirs is an altempt at a
feature here at the

Both Henley and Anderson acknowledge that the project has a
limited scope. "We will never be able to buy the entirety of Walden
Woods and bring the whole thing together, because there are
private homes in there, but what we can do is buy large, valuable
tracts of land as they come on the market," says Henley.



Among the project's greatest obstacles




ln addition to the endowment for the Research lnstitute,
Walden Woods Project is trying to raise funds to preserve

Adams House, originally intended to house the center itself but later

deemed too small and fragile to encompass a large multimedia
facility. Once the house is restored, it will function as the Thoreau
lnstitute's administrative center and as a guest house for visiting

"We plan, in one of those modern paradoxes, to use modern
to disseminate information with a new method called
distance learning, where you can project things right into the
classroom," says Henley. "And I see the irony in that, when


Thoreau's philosophy was to simplify. Nevertheless . . . we need to
use every modern means of dissemination at our disposal, because
it's the message that's important."
Henley says he is weighing proposals from various corporations
to set up the institute's computer facilities.




"lf I haveto go and do a coupleoftours myself, I will. I'll getthis
done one way or the other," he says.

a list of



services and opportunites that
we think some of our readers
may want to take advantage of.
Unless noted, we do not
specifically endorse anything

Nevertheless, Henley is undeterred. He says, "There's no way
will not finish what I started. And this is going to be a great resource
for people. lt's something that is sorely needed in these times."

endowment for the Research lnstitute. Henley says he is solidifying
plans to line up fund-raislng events in the first half of 1997 to raise
up to $10 million for the endowment.


Late For the Sky is an UCELLENT fanzine for
fhose interested in Jackson Browne. lt comes out
about three times a year and is filled with cancert
reports, album news and photos. For info, p/ease

write to: Brian Leahy, 1 Cabinteely Park,
Cabinteely, Dublin 18 , lreland or send e-mail to We highly recommend this for all
Jackson freaks.

Chronicles is a fanzine that's a must for fans of
Sfeve Winwoad and Traffic. lt's published by a
fellow AOLer and his enthusiasm shows! lt's a
small fanzine, but chock full o' news, reviews and
info. The /asf issue featured a report from a guy
who invited himself to tea af Sfeve's home. Gotta

love those balls. For info, or contact us.

misplaced the snail-mail address, but we'll find it
again soon.

Although Henley says he is growing weary of asking his friends

in the music business to contribute toward the preservation of
Walden Woods, he and the other Eagles will probably perform a
concert or tour on behalf of the project. "We're discussing all our
options," he says.

Henley has just started work on a solo album with longtime
collaborators Danny Kortchmar, Stan Lynch, and engineer Rob
The Walden Woods Project can be reached at 800-554-3569

View of the

lnstitute. The
oiginal Adams
house is in the
front and the
media center is
in the rear.

Natural Progressions, as many of you know, is
the British counterpaft to the WT. lt has calour
(note Brit spelling) photos and has a more arehival
slant than the WT. They also pay much more
attention to Randy and Bernie than we could ever
hope to. ln fact, the next rssue will feature and
actual interview w/ Bernie. Coal Beans!!!! For info
write to D. Hirst, 15 Northcote Rd., Croydon, CRO
2HX England, or e-mail

Debbie Duncan would like to hear from any Eagle
fans out there. She has no campuferso write to her
at: Box 551, Brady, TX 76825.
Do you have something you'd like to PIug? Let
us know.

Last fall, Don spent a lot of time doing fundraisers for
various political friends and charities. We were glad he was
out there doing stuff (news for the WT at least), but we were
always bif miffed that the things were either too far away or
too expensive for us to go. So imagine our delight (and slight
reserve) to hear that Don was going to do yet ANOTHER
benefit in Phoenix in early March. lt didn't matter what it was was a chance to see Don!! And to our further surprise
the concert was scheduled for the Sunday before our Spring
Break. We could go and not miss any school!!

Getting the tickets required some manuvering on our

part.....borrowing credit cards from parents, getting out of

class to use the phone (who puts tickets on sale on a
Monday??), and asking a very understanding librarian if her
phone was available. Fifteen mintues later we had iickets to
both shows. From the sound of it, we had good seats. Yeah!!
It was about time for us.

The next two weeks


unbearable. School was filled with
endless, meaningless meetings and
kids with minds already on vacation.
Do they ever suspect their teachers
are the same way? The tickets came
in the mail and there wasn't the usual
"no cameras or recording equipment"
notice on the back. What?? Don was
going to allow phoios. Well, knowing
him, probably not. But we weren't
going to let this opportunity by. We

had third row seats. We'd need a
good camera. A trip to Best Buy the
day before we left took care of that.
We felt we were set.(ed note. Sadly,
our photos did not turn out. We'd
like to thank John Kinney's Nix Fix

home page (http://web2. airmaiL
jkinney/index.htm) and Debbi
Radford for the photos you see


We arrived in Phoenix late the
day before the show after spending
almost the entire day waiting at the
airport in Houston for our flight.
Gee, maybe

it would have


quicker to drive. We knew Don was


private WWP benefit
somewhere, but it was too late and
we were without transportation to


check out the few leads we had.

Don would have

to wait



Sunday, the day of the concert, dawned sunny and
unseasonably hot. We filled ourselves on the free continental
breakfast (Sara Lee danish never tasted better) and called for
the taxi.
"Please take us to Union Hall," Melissa told the driver.
think it's at Van Buren and 7th." The driver looked puzzled.
"lsn't it also by the Arizona Center?" (a big mall, according
to AAA) I added, helpfully. The driver recognized that and we
took off. Now we had been to Phoenix once before to see

Don at the Desert Sky Blockbuster Pavilion back in 93, but
none of the city seemed familiar. Guess my mind had been
on other things then too.


We drove past the construction site for a new stadium. My
thought was, hmmm....the Eagles can play there....The driver

was slowing down. I looked around. All I saw were office
buildings. Where the heck was the concert?
"lt should be around here somewhere," the driver said. My
stomach lurched. We were going to be lost in Phoenix and
miss Don!! Melissa dug the tickets out of the bag. She
handed one to the driver. He studied for a minute. A lightbulb
obviously came on. "Oh, you mean Union Hall.....that's right
around the corner. I didn't know it was open already." There
must be lots of Union Halls in Phoenix.
We got out of the taxi and walked around the corner. There
it was. lt looked like an old high-school, except with a
southwestern paint job. What looked to be college students
were scurrying around outside setting up animal photos and
fundraising tents. lt was still early so we walked around a bit.
It being Sunday, nothing was open
so we had nothing better to do.
We sort of got lost in the
parking lot of the county
courthouse, which backed Union
Hall. Just as we had figured out
that the local mall was probably

open by now and had


heading over there, we noticed a
van pulling up behind the hall.
Hmmmm. My stomach lurched
again. Before I could breathe, the

van doors came open and Don,
Timothy and Bruce Hornsby got

out. Don's right hand man, Tony,
grabbed bags for Henley, but we
were impressed to see that Bruce
handled his own duffel.
That excitment over, we went
over to the gate to meet Shana
(Lorax) and her husband, Ted.
We chatted with representatives
for the Southwestern Center for
Biodiversity. We found out that
this fine organization preserves
areas of environmental
importance and saves
dissappearing wildlife. Their
literature touts them as, "By far
the most aggressive group
fighting for endangered fish."
lmpressive! They engage in quite
a few lawsuits on behalf of
critters and plants. ln fact, Don
mentioned that, "....they sue people. I like that."
After meeting Shana and Ted, we went inside and were
impressed by how small the place was. We were quite
excited. Especially after finding our seats in the third row (for
the evening show, we were back about 20 rows). After a bit of
waiting, the lights dimmed and the show began.
Roger McGuinn and Bruce Hornsby came out first and
sang "Mr. Tambourine MaR" and "Tum Tufn Turn." Bruce
looked like a little kid with his hands stuffed in his pockets and
Roger looked like, well, Roger McGuinn. Roger then sang "So
You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Staf'by himself. Bruce was
next. He sang "The Way it ls", "Mandolin Rain" and "Walk
On" with amazing backing vocals by Mindy Stein, one of

Henley's band (or Henleyaires as Hornsby referred
to them). Bruce shared a cute story about the last

time he was in Phoenix which seems to have
involved strippers and Bob Weir. Bruce was
great...he gives a good show. Of course, everyone

knew what was coming next, Bruce introduced
Henley and they kicked into their song, "The End of
the lnnocence".
Don and his band (Frank Simes (with a new
Adam Clayton hairdo), Jennifer Condos, John
Corey, Timothy Drury, Scott Plunkett, Scott Crago
(still sporting the goatee), Mindy and two backup
singers we didn't recognize) then kicked off their
set. They performed "Boys of Summer," "Dirty
Laundry" (dedicated the the media, of course),
"Sunset Grill" (which was preceeded with a rant

about how evil

business is (see article on
Lucent benefif) in which

Don decried the eeevils
of theme restaurants
claiming to be joints and
modern architecture. Don
also said how much he

enjoyed performing

venues like



Hall....something to keep
in mind for the next solo
tour, Don and "Last
Worthless Evening"
(which was rather flat and
the low point of the show)
Then Don introduced


draped her scarf over Henley's head and Don
chewed on it. Even more priceless was the twirling
Stevie impression Don did at the evening show.


"Rhiannon". She was just incredible. She looked


stunning too.
Don was then back to finish the show. He sang


Don left and Stevie finished her set

"Heart of the Matter" (telling us, again, how it took
him 42 years to write and that men grow up so

fast), "All She Wants to Do is Dance", "Hotel

California", "Life in the Fast Lane" and ending with,
of course, "Desperado." Timothy came back out to
help on the Eagles' songs. Then everyone came
back out on stage to sing Dylan's "My Back Pages."

Don said it was a sort of anthem for everyone

General thoughts.....Don
looked really good. He wore
(for.those of you who
care <G>) blackjeans, black
t-shirt with a dark green shirt
over and his work boots.
Timmy had on black pants
and a light gray velvet shirt

which he changed for a
darker one for the second
show. Don's voice sounded
great...hardly any rasp,

even during the


show. Don was also in a
great mood. He was

hugging everyone

making jokes. lt was nice tp

see that side of him for a
change. We also managed
between shows to be at the
was gracious enough to
right place at the right time
leave his family and help
and got Don's autograph on
out. Predictably, Tim
a t-shirt. We needed it like
sang "l Can't Tell You
we need hole in our heads,
Why" and "Love Will
but it seemed like the thing
Keep Us Alive." Then
do at the time. <G> Don's
Don was back. He sang
Tony had a little
"l Will Not Go Quietly",
trouble understanding "to
"Everybody Knows" (both
L&M" but we eventually got
of which were AMAZING)
it figured out.
and maybe something
We were disappointed
else we're probably
not to have heard "Through
Your Hands". We had been
Don then iniroduced
local girl, Stevie Nicks" He said she was a very looking fonruard to it since Genii mentioned it was
part of the set in San Fransisco. I was so upset at
good friend and that they had survived the 70s and
not hearing it, I sort of called Don a stupid man, in
80s together. They hugged when she came
a loud voice. l've heard "Heart of the Mattef'
Stevie sang
backup singers on this one. He looked a bit before. lt was kind of odd seeing some of these
uncomfortable singing with the girls) and songs done solo. Since it has been a while since I
"Landslide" (which she dedicated to her mom who saw Henley solo, I was more used to the Eagles'
was there). This song left the entire theater versions of things. I kind of missed seeing Glenn up
breathless. She then called Don out. Only Don there on stage. I was great, though, to be in a
was no where to be found. Stevie tapped her foot setting where the audience could yell up to Don,
in mock impatience and told everyone she's always and he could yell back if he wanted to...which he
waiting for Henley. Don was finally found and did occaisionally.
joined her for an absolutely stunning version of
At any rate, this ranks as THE BEST Henley
"Leather and Lace." The auditorium was absolutely ' performance l've seen. I was lucky to FINALLY be
in the right place at the right time.
silent during the song. At the evening show, Stevie

Timothy Schmit as









Tt i
f.r\ f







to watch his eyes and he searches
W,h Vq/\dLrr Lfv Cafutr amusing
recesses of his mind.



The other day I was doing some straightening up
around the CD cabinent and the Eagles first album

caught my eye. lt had been awhile since l'd
listened to it so I popped it into the CD player.
paused to look at the photo of the band on the
back of the booklet. God, I thought, they look so
young....they look so cold......they look so

Now all of us who've ever looked at some
classic rock album covers and wondered just what
the heck was going on have a great new CD ROM
from rock photographers Henry Diltz and Gary
Burden to help us get "under the covers" and feel
like we were really part of the scene in Los
Angeles in the early 1970s. Under the Covers
takes us right into the heart of LA in the early 70s.
Using a map of the area, the user can learn about
and see great photos of such familiar places like
the Sunset Strip, Malibu and the Troubadour.
One of the first places I "went" to was the


mix, though.
As Henry, Gary, Glenn and Don explain, the
entire photo shoot for the Eagles' album took place
during a peyote enhanced camping trip to the
desert. As Glenn says, "None of us were natvie
Californians, but we were really into the mysticism
of the high desert and all that stuff....we were more
into wearing moccasins than cowboy boots. Those
were really our blue jean and turquoise days."
Henry spent the day shooting various nature shots

and photos of the band frolicking on rocks. They
day ended around a campfire with everyone, as
Glenn says, "...higher than nine sailors on pay

Another area Eagles fans will find
interesting is the one dedicated to the Desperado
albumfmovie. Once again, interviews are used to
reconstruct the day the Eagles and their friends

The Eagles

enjoy the
scenic beauty
of Joshua
Tree National

Joshua Tree National Monument area. There we
are given a lengthy tour of where the Eagles shot
the photos that would be on their first album.
Clicking along we hear Henry and Gary tell how
they got the band there. Occassionally Don or
Glenn will pop up in short movie clips to tell the
story in their words. Glenn very animatedly
recounts various events from the trip...even
remembering the type of film and number of photos
taken by Henry. Henley, on the other hand, has to
be prompted to even remember the trip at all. lt's


played Cowboy. Glenn recalls that the "silliness"
that day was all Henry and Gary's fault because
they plied the band with guns and cases of Dos
Equis. Gary, on the other hand remembers it
differently. "These guys were made for the roles
they were costumed for because they lived the
outlaw life every day." This area also includes
great photos and movie snippets. You also get told

who all those people on the back of the album are.
As Glenn says, "lt was totally cool!"
The rest of the CD-rom is a graphical and
audio delight. Ambiant music, written and

IJnder the Covers main menu page. Clicking on the vaious pafts of
the map lets you explore Los Angeles of the ealy 1970s. It looks good
and is pretty easy to get around in....if only the real LA were like that!

performed by Bernie Leadon, accompanies you on
your journey. You can check out other bands
(CSN, The Doors, America) and even go to
Woodstock (both of them) where Henry was the
official photographer. My only gripe with the entire
package (besides the fact that there could always
be more Eagles stuff) is that there is no overall
index to help if you are looking for a specific piece
of information. lt is sort of fun to wander around,
though. I also strongly suggest that you have at
least 16 MB of memory to appreciate this without a
lot of glitches and waiting for things to load.
ln this age of computers and compact discs,
we sometimes forget how magical and beatiful
album covers used to be. That's why this CD-Rom,
which combines the art of the past with the
technology of the present is so very exciting. And
hey, it will help Henley remember those chunks of
his life he seems to have misplaced.

To order Under the Covers call Graphix Zone
at 1-800-768-6943. The CD costs $39.99.
Mention the word "backstage" and get free
shipping and handling.

You may also want to check out Henry Diltz's
web page at: http:l/
photos kindly reprinted with permission from Graphix Zone

/tlr', LMt


l've been here before <g>^... although

the main entrance was about 30 feet

away and

(or btt/q'


could have


WALKED... the police insisted that we


a, (?.YL

take this tour bus to the main
entrance... llooked Puzzled for a

by Genevieve C. Sidoli ( so not to be

ecologically correct.... and why on
mother earth would Don be PlaYing




C-+llwlnr frrnwq,)
confused with any other Genevieve
Sidoli)... everybody but Henley can
call me ugenii"...

moment and then thought... "of course,
this is a corporate-planned party... why
should it make any sense, let alone be

such a gig?"...

As soon as

I got inside the tent


decided to make a much needed run all

So there I am driving up lnterstate 28

the way to the back towards the
restrooms <yike> I am in the

(the scenic route) towards

Francisco, listening to the solo career
music of one of those guys that "plays

low and sings high" (OK - you get to
guess .... Randy Meisner, Peter Cetera

or Timothy B. Schmidt).... thinking to

myself..... a


was FREE food, booze


entertainment. I had nothing better

to do on a Monday night.... whY not?
Oh yea..... the fact that Don Henley was
make my decision much easier.....

to be the main entertainment

Looking at the directions I had been
I felt very confused.... Pier

30??? So

which way


that.........hmmm.. that would be the

opposite direction

from Pier


(Fisherman's Wharf and all it's assorted
tourist traps)... that would be about
where the "South of Market" meets the

waterfront (oooh Great neighborhood,
thought)... ln typical planes, trains and
automobile fashion, I parked the rental

middle of this incredible room with 2
stages complete with these hugh video
screens (flashing all sorts of Lucent
Corporate "think" - talk about brain

car at the hotel and hailed a cab.....
oooh the joy of cab drivers in San
Francisco... when I told him Pier 30, he
said "where's that?" Trying not to roll

washing)... waiters

the Huge White Circus Tent with the
Lucent Technology banner, lit up in the
night against the waterfront in the
ominous shadow of the Bay Bridge
(through lhe night you could see the

incredible potted fern-like plants (that
also served as a barrier between the
VIP corporate- head area, smack in
front of the main stage, and the
<ahem> "working-stiff" area) and the
Ladies room turns out to be a PortaPotty?....... they were NICE portapotty's .......but none the less... they

and waitress'
serving you all the drinks and pate you
could ever want (sorry Glenn - there

were no cheetos or twinkies)... a black
and white checkered ballroom dance

my eyes, I gave dude "detailed"
instructions..:r... I knew that we were floor (ala Tom "Don't Come Around
headed in the right direction when I saw Here No More" Petty)... all these

lights of Oakland across the Bay)..... he
dropped me off in front and I found
myself amidst a crowd of police and
conventioneers.... hmmm... seems like



money that Lucent was dumping into
this "party", besides lhe 114 or 112
million that they were paying the Don
guy (so he could give it away to his
cherished Walden Woods project or one
of his favorite feathered or furry
friend charities)... that they could afford
to spring for some real plumbing too....
but then again this "lS* San Francisco...
it would have taken too long to get a city
inspector out there to
approve such construction (remember
how long it took to clean things up after
the BIG earthquake?)......<sigh>.... and
I'm thinking that y'all have been paying
way too much for your Cellular Phone
usage and equipment....after all the
party budget would have to come out of
the profits... don't ya think?


convention????? Who'd have thought
that I'd be going to a cellular phone
convention.... ldon't even own a cellular
phone (the choice was either
NutraSweet or a Cellphone - one threat
of brain cancer is enuff).... but that
didn't matter..... all my friend had to say


were porta-potty's ....(and I didn't check
to see which way the toilet paper hung...
I figured with all the

Anyway, enough of all my corporatepolitical ranting... this was supposed to
be a party and I was supposed to be
there to have a Eood time"... I rnade rny
way towards the <ahem> open bar for
that FREE Absolute Martini (what no
STOLI? Keep this is mind when I tell
you laterthat lcan't rememberthe order
of the set list <bg>)... I noticed that
there was no TIP jar on the bar and I
was informed that too had been taken
care of by Lucent {ust HOW much
money does this corporation have and
will Don be able to squeeze any more
out of them? <g>)........ since I couldn't
find my buddy (you remember the guy
that invited me)... I decided to wander
around and chat with folks... you'd be
surprised at how much information
FLOWS where FREE drinks are being
served....Somebody mentioned that
Glenn and Joe had played this same
party last year... hmmmm... I guess
Lucent "buys Eagles in pieces"...
perhaps next year they'll get Don Felder
:-) I met one guy that "insisted" that
he'd heard from a friend that when Don
had come in for Sound Check earlier
that day, he'd worn dark sunglasses
into the dark tent and "panicked" when
he noticed a camera flashbulb go off - "l
don't like having my picture taken" was
what Don supposedly said to the guy
who wasn't even taking Don's picture
(actually I've had a few days like that
myself <g>). That was pretty funny
because later I ran into another guy who
had bragged to me that he had met Don
FIVE (that's right 5) times before - but
he's NEVER gotten a picture with Don.

I guess it works oui that Don always
agrees to a picture and then Tony Taibi
always shows up and says NO
PICTURES - huh? Sounds like good

cop/bad cop to me <g>...perhaps if I
ever get to meet Don, I'll drop my no
photo rule. Wellthat's only if he agrees
to drop his <g>....... a few
conventioneers wondered in and told
me about the Northern Telecom party
up the street where the Doobie Brothers
had played (l wonder if they got as
much as Don?... I wonder if they deny
their fans pictures? <eg>)..........
Anyway, as the place starts to get more
crowded, I realize that it's almost time
for the show on ihe main stage to begin.
I hurry over to the bar and ask for a Diet
Pepsi... figure that while all the
conventioneers standing around me are
"drinkin' enuff', I'd be happier watching
them while still sober. I can't say that
really remember Don
coming on stage because as luck would
have it, I found myself surrounded by
this really nice group of people who took
pity on my shortness and "moved" me
almost to the front of the stage (HOT
DAMN ... I don't think I'd ever been this

that these folks were drinking


probably believe that this is a nice little
song about your favorite Hamburger



and like typical


people, your snideness went right over
their heads ... or else I wonder how
much the accountants would have
deducted from that check of yours....
I'm sure that you've heard the saying...
don't piss where you eat).... I guess it

was around this time that Mr.


decided that it was time to introduce a
good friend of his from the Eagles.....

Timothy B. Schmidt. Tim came out all
smiles and HE seemed very happy to
be there (and I was thinking to myself
that Tim's probably a real nice friend to
have - so hopefully Don won't blow this


know that from the start



BOYZZZ OF SUMMER, lwas a captive
audience (and I'm sure that if Don
did spend the day in SF, he did indeed
have the chance to see a DEADHEAD
sticker on a Cadillac).... .......of course

there was the usual snide comments
about the media when he introduced
DIRTY LAUNDRY -but I think that Don
really took the "cake" when he had the
nerve to start saying something about
how small business'were being shut out
by the evil corporations and he smirked

and said "but we won't get into that
tonight" and launched into SUNSET
GRILL (Don... it's a damn good thing

introduce his bandmates.... and I
happen to think that EVERYBODY put
on one hell of a show :-).....(but then I



close for Henley or the Eagles)...right
behind the WALL of HAPPY DRUNK
GUYS who were pretty nice and I
learned how to peek around them :-)....
<seg>... I'm not sure which was the
bigger show! These VIP executive
types sure know how to "get down" and
party.... although I was not impressed
with the Les Nesmeth-look alike who
insisted on dancing and flailing his arms
and legs into me throughout the
evening... I understand enthusiasm - but
geeezzz....l guess being a big executive
doesn't mean that you automatically can
hold your liquor - nor does it mean that
you have manners....:-)..


could always appreciate a good show
from an excellent band) know...
the teamwork thing <g>...1n fact come
to think of it, I don't remember him
saying THANK YOU
his band
either.... WOW!!! now that I really think



back-up band have been pushed any
farther to the back of the stage?.... it's
like Don... we all know that he's the Big
Kahuna and all - but it wouldnt have
hurt for him to share the spotlight a little's not like he could get on stage
and do this all by himself .... well at least
not without a few more "stage presence"
classes <g> (that limp wrist thing was
distracting)...... but of course then he'd
have to go acoustic and then everybody
would start comparing him to Don, Joe
and Glenn <g>
Anyway, I guess that I'm a little
miffed 'cause he never bothered to

about it... I'm trying to remember if he
used the word at all that night.... and to
think that I implied that some Corporate
Heads were rude <smirk>....
I took a step back (mainly to get out of
noticed that both Video Screens on

the way of the dancing "fool")

either side of the main stage and the
multiple video screens above the side
stage were no longer showing the
Corporate slogans... but were showing
the concert from every angle as well as
the audience.... at times we were
surrounded by big images of Don
dressed all in black:-).......


seems that there were so many

*highlights* and 'asides'during the show

relationship)..... After

a rousing


of recognition from the audience
Timothy launched into his signature
Eagles HlT.... I CAN'T TELL YOU
WHY.... kickin' butt on bass and holdin'
his own

on those rich melodic high notes.... it

was obvious that Timothy B"


seduced his audience and held their
attention during his gut wrencher. :)...... in fact he did such a good job that
he was even able to hold their attention
now the part that I didn't get was why
TIM had to sing off to the SIDE of the
stage... would it have been too much
for Henley to let Tim stand center stage
during his songs? ooh and while l'm on
the subject - <ahem>..... could Don's

........ I really enjoyed Don's intro to
where he made reference to the recent




sheep and


monkey... considering that he wrote this
song so long ago - he figured that he
must be psychic... (yup - aren't
we all <g>).... On the other hand I was
intro to
all very nice that he mentioned that it

with his

was on the MICHAEL soundtrack on
Revolution Records (like IRV would
expect any less) but the least he could
have done was mention that it was a
JOHN HIATT cover - of course I
mentioned this and allthe happy drinkin'
guys that were around me were very
impressed and seemed to have plenty
of nice things to say about John Hiatt.."


as I stared at Scott Crago's confused
but grinning face and the band broke
Don then looked down at his setlist and

realized his error... he laughed a
nervous little laugh and I grinned as I
did a little "Don made a mistake therefore he must be human" jig :^0....
this moment certainlY made it a
worthwhile evening for me <g>.... not
to mention that I happen to LOVE this
song.... it seems to have haunted me
all over the country for about the last

and a half - funny how certain songs
seem to pop up at the appropriate time

in your life... just like an old friend ...
the next song of course was I WILL
NOT GO QUIETLY... where I've
decided that my hearing MUST be
going... I could have sworn that Henley
sang "l ain't no tiger, I ain't no Robert
Lamm.... just tell me mama, who do
you think, I think I am" <slap> <that'll
teach me to compare Don and Robert
I'm thinking that John Hiatt must have
been psychic - 'cause I couldn't have
heard more beautiful words at such a
transitional time in my life. :-) (l guess
because none of these PeoPle had to
pay for their own tickets - it seems that
plenty of people had plenty of things to
talk about with each other though out
the evening - this was kind of distracting
not just for the listening audience but I
think also for the band... especially
during the Ballads)......... then of course
he didn't forget to mention that he cowrote END OF THE INNOCENCE with
Bruce Hornsby...but this led to
confusion in the audience because they
thought that the wonderful keyboard
player WAYYYYYYYY in the back had
to be Bruce... of course I shook mY
head and said .. NO - that's SCOTT


the guy that Bruce

to play like <g>....
some of you may recall him from the
ELTCN JOHN and DON duet "ShakeY
Ground".... I've also seen him perform
with Peter Cetera and Boz Scaggs...
this guy sure can play :-).... and I don't
think that the HAPPY DRUNK guYs in
front of me would disagree <g>...
Hornsby would like

But with all the intros of the evening...


have to admit my favorite one was
when Don announced his HEAVY
(so as not to be confused with any other
AXL ROSE) sang back-uP on in the
studio. I think that I looked bewildered



he could play drums, sing and continue
Wrappin' it up with the "traditional"
Eaglee Medlee.... Hotel California, Life
ln The Fast Lane and Desperado...and
of course everybody paid attention and
seemed to be having a good time....
:-)..... (good thing too - 'cause at times I

to be the center of

think that Don is grading



All in all - it was a good show and a
good time was had by a11..... I think
everybody fared well in the end... the
big corporation had a nice party with
good entertainment... and Don got a big
chunk of money, from the big evil

corporation, for his trees back east
<g>.... I'll bet that if Don did a few more
of these "corporate parties" - he'd be
able to save Walden Woods in no time
at a11..... and as for me... well like I said
before... I'm always up for FREE food
and the like :-)....


By the time he said GOOD NIGHT
....and like I said - I can't remember a

My favorite grumble of the night was
when Don announced that they were
gonna do another ballad, "against his
better judgement".... I guess that Don
gets a little iesty when the audience
chatters through his songs <g>....... but
like I said before the individuals didn't
have to pay for the ticket oui of their
pocket... Lucent had picked up the tab
and perhaps if Don had kePt this in
mind his frustration wouldn't have been
so apparent. The irony is that THEY
did pay attention to this particular
ballad.... and everyone sang along
"love is forgiveness, even if, even if ..
you don't love me anYmore"......

thank you.... but hey, by this time I was
ready for the DeadHead light show on
the Video Screens.... after all, we were
in San Francisco... :-)....

I think it's also important to forgive the

guitarist if he happens to make a
mistake :-)..... in fact it's good to

forgive anyone in your band that may
make a mistake.... including yourself
<g>... (that's just a thought that I had
when I made some observations of
things that occurred during the evening
and it hasn't taken me 42 years to
figure it out)...
Of course Don and the boys wrapped it
up 2 and 1/2 hours later (or something

like that).... with Timothy B. back on
stage (you remember Don's friend with
the microphone all the way at the side
of the stage - good thing he didn't have
another lead to sing ... good thing that
Don's drums came with a mike so that


Eagles news has been pretty hard to
come by lately. Seems all we get from

AOL Newsprofile is articles


Here are a few
managed to collect,

Eagles, the birds.

bits we have


Chronicles ( a Steve Winwood fanzine)
reports that Mr. Winwood's record
company is being very hush hush as to
whether or not Joe appears on Stevie's

next album. Keep your eyes open for
thatjust in case.

Remember how everyone was in Aspen
for the holidays? Audi gave just about
every celeb in town a car to drive around,

Don Felder does NOT disappear when
the Eagles aren't doing anything. He
was recently spotted at a Barnes &
Noble bookstore in Seattle. When
asked by the alert clerk about the
Eagles' plans, Mr. Felder said to "sit

including members of the Eagles and
manager lrving Azoff. Don won't do
snow polo, but he willtake a free car.

tight" because he couldn't really say one
way or another. For those of you who

An outfit Glenn
won't be neading
on the beaches of

ways of recording.

"l want some of the instrumentation to be
can use that phrase. For
instance, I've been listening to a lot of
early Neil Young records, a lot of Jimi

if I

Hendrix records, Steppenwolf, British
groups like the Animals. Some of the
sounds were great. I would prefer to go
back to some of the warmer, moreorganic sounds. We've been collecting

old amplifiers, old guitars and

keyboards, and we're going to keep them
at the studio."

keep track, he was with his wife, he
beard was gone and he bought some
magazines and newspapers. (Thanks
Jon Davidson forthis report!)


The Globe
reported (in a Which brings us to
sleazy article inevitable.....what the heck happened to
about Don the Spring tour?? Well, it's on hold,

Johnson and his teen girlfriend)
that Glenn was vacationing with
his pal Don J. at a Four Seasons
resort on the lslands a few weeks
ago. Gotta rest up for more golf,

Don also proved to be a good
friend by assisting best buddy VH-1
President John Sykes in his war
against TCI Cablevision. Don,

Jewel, Tony Rich, and John
Mellencamp appeared at a news
conference originally slated tq

we guess.

Besides golfing, Glenn has been
keeping himself busy with a few
acting projects. Alert viewers
heard him in a Pontiac ad for the
new Firebird. Glenn proclaimsthe carto
be "too cool." Glenn also made a guest


it seems. For

known only to them, the band pulled out

of the dates. We can speculate that
maybe they didn't want to do more

appearance on Don Johnson's /Vash
Bridges. Hey, it was only a matter of
time, right? Much to our disappointment,
Glenn didn't reprise his Cody McMahon
role, but played instead an ex-cop
named Phil who enlisted Nash's help to
find his runaway daughter. Reports are

shows without new material and that's

been difficult


to get together



busy with

ln Leroys news...... Former


star, James Drury (who has made recent
appearances in Walker Texas Ranger
and the new Kung FUJ was recently
featured in a National Enquirer article

his next

this is one of Glenn's better acting
efforts....he even cried at the end!

Joe Walsh has made another


Legend's game last year. l[tgls^e.Q|. I
Joe credits his two singleslRightspod!
and three visits to base to t;;a6-----.-:
stint he did at tfre I
Dodger's fantasy .rro'ii I






of his next

solo album... ..this is what Henley had

.ffi-.ffi.-5 to say about it in a recent interview for

the Arizona Republic: "l _don't k19*
--i;Jsro.l :l

reporter Vickil
roving l('PrJlLEl


""-'| what's

to come out of me. I'd like
make this album. a little more organic

refused to go back to the ffiti
''". I 1g
autograph session tnisffiHrffi;1 l than the last two 11 the.'80s, we.were
year- after contracting ffi:.| experimenting with th9 electronic





and had this to say about his

appearance at the Spring Training goings
on in Florida. He signed autographs and
was notably improved from his


lamast TCI's decision to remove
VH-1 from its lineup. Apparently,
this celebety lineup was just a bit
toooo much pressure for TCI and they
reinstated the adult video channel before
the press conference. "l think this is a
testement to....the power of music...the
power of consumers", said Henley, who
gussied himself up in his fave suede
jacket for the occassion.

back to some of the more traditional


Timothy: "l'm very proud of all my kids,
and my youngest son Tim, who's 34, is
the piano player and keyboardist for the
Eagles." Drury has a construction and oil
company in Houston. Who said you

anything reading
the tabloids!

6Z# oluorol_ 009


l lSl

A rare photo of the
band taken during
meant to go on the
gatefold album,
company refused
pay for that

shoot. lt
inside of


(taken from Under the

permission from

used with

Graphix Zone)