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This 3qrnlne?, Eagles 3oar
their 3eparate ltlays
It seems like every summer,
people want to gear uP for a road
trip. Lord knows we are feeling the
itch. There's just something about
summer that makes You want to
stand in a stadium, hundreds of
miles from home, thousands of
dollars poorer and cheer for Your
favorite band.
This summer, though, desPite

everyone's wishing and hoPing,
there will be no Eagles shows. Now
don't get all excited...nothing was
cancelled...there never was anYthing in the first place. This is the
season for band members to catch
up on what they Put on hold while
they were touring for the last three

is hitting the road by himself. Check
out the dates in this issue. Eagles'
fans can also converge in Cleveland
for the 2nd Annual Fan Convention
(time is running book now).
Glenn may find himself at a golf
outing or two now that his beloved
Lakers are out of the PlaYoffs, and
just maybe, those quiet rumblings of
a Henley summer tour are true.

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SUNRISE, FL, MaY 8, 1997



convinced I'm going to miss tonight's concert. Stuck in traffic,


out on the


Parkway in lower Fairfield CountY,

CT, highway rePair gremlins Put
the brakes on mY drive to New
York's La Guardia AirPort for an
American Airlines flight to Fort
My scheduled flight this moming is

the last bird out for


Lauderdale with the show scheduled for 8 tonight. What kind of a
nut travels 1,2AA miles from
Connecticut to a same daY Glenn

and Joe show? My decision


purely impulsive.

Thanks to L&M's Fastlane alert
(despite their unfortunate e-mail
crash) quick calls to Ticketmaster,
American Airlines and the Sunrise
Hilton set the stage for a daY triP
to palmy, balmy Sunrise, Fl, site of
the boys' gig. The concert Gods
grant me just enough time to
squeeze ihrough highwaY rePairs,
cross New York's Whitestone
Bridge, barrel into the airport, park
and sprint to the deParture gate.
With five minutes to sPare I make
my morning flight. Yes! I will be
soaring with a couPle of Eagles.

Sunrise Music Theater is a nice
venue for "A Party For Two," as
one of the for-sale Glenn and Joe
t-shirts proclaims, a roughly 4,500
seat auditorium that holds little
distance between performers and
fans, a sort of reach out

and touch me place.


Florida's classic rock station Big
106 FM greets early arrivals with
Eagles music blaring from speakers atop a mobile studio
parked in front of the main gate, a
heavily mid-thirties crowd, lots of
couples, more packs of women
than herds of men.

An effervescent gathering


pies nearly allthe seats, except for

several rows of the balcony that
wraps around the side of the
stage. At 8:30, looking comfy in
baggy Hawaiian-style shirts, the
boys appear, accompanied by a
dozen-strong back-up force of
horn players, percussionists and
singers. Wasting little time, Glenn

opens with "Peaceful


Feeling," his acoustic guitar shoulders closely to an electric Joe, a
pleasant opening to an
appreciative crowd.

My seat is slightly left of center
stage, about 75 feet from the
boys, the closest vantage among

my five Eagles-related shows the
past four years. l, along with manY
others tonight, wonder whY Glenn
and Joe decided to PlaY. Joe
answers the call after the first

"Glenn and

I got hornY to PlaY,"

Joe deadpans to the crowd, "so we
did," throwing his hands uP in the

air. When Joe says the boYs got
horny to play, he wasn't kidding.
They brought along four serious
horn players who blew their brains
out to a series of jammin'tunes. lt
wasn't like the boys suddenlY said,
"You grab your guitar and l'll grab
mine and we'll play." To an instru-

ment novice such as myself, it
appears that a lot of preparation
went into the show. My other
Eagles-like concerts featured no
such musical diversity.

After another warm Eagles ballad
by Glenn, "New Kid ln Town," Joe
pumps up the crowd with "Ordinary
Average Guy" ..."Glenn's got a golf

cart...Joe's got a Dodge." I wonder
if Glenn played 1B holes that day.
ls there a pro-am golf tourney in

the area?
Glenn steps up: "We'll do a few
more familiar songs before we go
nuts!" he says. The crowd roars.
Next comes "Lyin' Eyes and "Take
It Easy."
Glenn shares a few more words,
coaxing the crowd's attention for a
serious discussion" "l have a
message to share about gangs,"
he lectures. A momentary hush
comes overthe crowd. "Gangs are
bad...unless they're the James

Gang!" Kick butt time.
Joe steps up. "Yeah, a kid comes
up to me the other daY and asks
me for my autograPh. He saYs, 'MY

granddad turned me on to You a
long time ago."' From that point on
the boys eschewed the ballads, as
if to say we've been doing this for
30 years, but we ain't readY for no
rockin' chair.
Glenn and Joe may be a birthdaY
or two away from 50, but theY can
flat sing and play and appear fit for


couple of guys who brought
partying in the 1970s to another
level. Joe strums the oPening
guitar licks to "Walk Away," his hit
song as leader of the James Gang,

song as much Joe's and Glenn's
for their lyrical and musical contributions. Here's where Glenn and
Joe ooze fun, breaking away from
their traditional hits with a song

they can't play

at an Eagles

performance, but a song they can
cover as a duo. Joe sings the first

verse, then Glenn takes a turn,
both of them jump around, play to
both corners of the stage and
wave to the fans with bird's eye
views in the balcony.
The boys wave goodbye. The fans

turn up the noise to its loudest
pitch of the evening, without
question this is the most enthusiastic crowd I've experienced at an
Eagles-type event, from the

smaller venues to the biggest at
Giants Stadium.

the crowd soars.

Not far behind blasts "Funk 49,"
where horns and Percussionists
have every ticket buyer gyrating to
a funky beat. From this Point on
the crowd is virtually on its feet the
rest of the show: Glenn's "Show
Me The Money," Joe's "ln The
City," Glenn's "The Heat ls On,"
Joe's "Life's Been Good," Glenn's
"Heartache Tonight." The earsplitting roar of the crowd and the boy's
animated energy feeds off each

Encore time. Joe warms up his
guitar strings, and the curiosity of

the fans, with "Amazing




before blasting

Mountain \May," then with Glenn
singing lead, the boys cover the


ul Saw Her Standing


They performed a blistering 90
minutes, most of it getwild-jumparound rock, leaving behind
ballads such as "Tequila Sunrise,"

With the crowd screaming


stomping and sweating, Joe electrifies the opening to "Life ln The

"Who's first, who's first?" Glenn
screams out, asking the crowd

"Help Me Through The
Night" and "Pretty Maids

All ln A

Row" for another day. I was hoping

for a half hour more, but I always
want more. This is Glenn and Joe,
I couldn't ask for much more.

which one will kick off the vocals to

I'm glad I didnt miss my plane this

the hit song voiced by Don Henley
on the "Hotel California" LP, but a


Glenn Frey-'ilote fhah A
Itliae Butt and Prelil
(title by vicki Clements)

by Travis

cooker creative atmosphere that developed after Hotel California whereas
Henley almost seems to be searching
and at times a little forced since being
pushed into the spotlight. The only

weak track on the album is the sYnth

heavy "Don't Give Up" which closes
the album out. For a solo effort atter a

The beginning of the 1980's brought a
close to the Eagles as a band and

opened a new chaPter in the careers

of the band members. Although Don
Henley arguablY had the most successful career in terms of pure sales,

Glenn Frey had the most Prolific
output of albums and singles. All the
former Eagles contributed to numerous soundtracks but onlY FreY had a
string of hits that included "The Heat
is On", and "Part of Me, Part of You".

His "Smugglers Blues" and


Belong To The City" were personified

in the Miami Vice television


(which also began his acting career)
and were all over the radio ainrvaves
at the height of the shows popularity.
Eagles fans have a tendency to split

into different camps and argue the
virtues of HenleY's solo material
versus Freys, but both put out a lot of

good material and should both
appreciated for their strengths.


decade in a wildly successful band,
No Fun Aloud is a great rock and roll
Frey's first solo effort No Fun Aloud
(1982) was obviouslY made in the

album with few missteps.

spirit of Detroit soul music and is

The Allnighter (1985) contained hits in

much more lighthearted and fun than

"Smugglers Blues" and "Sexy Girl"

The Long Run was. Gone is


tension and darkness that permeated
the later Eagles material and Frey is
in party guy mode again. Listening to

this album it is easY to hear some of

the musical influence that


brought into the Eagles music. Stax
and Motown were as imPortant in

Freys musical develoPment as


country influences one might link him
with. The horn arrangements, funky
guitar licks, organ, and even call and

sounds fresh and relevant in the
nineties, something a lot of eighties
music doesn't do. Although some of
the tracks are a bit synth heavy and
sound dated now, there are some real

gems here that weren't


"Lovers Moon" is an ballad of longing
for love that is highlighted bY the
interplay between the primary acoustic guitars and the delicate string

classic "l've Been Born Again" come

arrangement that gives the song an

straight from the black music of
Memphis and Detroit. FreY has
absorbed and filtered them into his
own music which is what all great
rock and roll music is based on. "l
Found SomebodY" oPens the album
with the joy of new love, "The One
You Love" is love in peril, and "Party

airy lilting feel. "Better in the U.S.A." is
a nice turn on the Chuck Berry tune

Town" caps the triology off by saying

Soul Searchin (1988) is Freys "Soul
Man" album in that he fully explores

with Tom Nixon on

"told everybody theY could kiss mY
ass"l "She Can't Let Go" is a sadlY
beautiful song with musical and lyrical

themes that FreY will continue


explore through the Hell Freezes Over

album. ln comparison to Henleys solo



Can't Stand Still this album

comes across as more of an effortless
project. Frey seems haPPY to be

unrestricted by the Eagles pressure


tains some blistering slide work and



to hell with it and moving on. You
have to love a song with lYrics like


both of which received a fair amount
of Mtv play. "Smugglers Blues" con-

"Back in the U.S.A." complete with
Johnny Johnson style piano. "New
Love" closes out the album strongly
with a hopeful gospel sound that
works perfectly.

the instrumentation and vocalization
of his Detroit and Memphis influences. The extensive use of
saxaphone as well as the experimentation with claps and finger snaps as
percussion turns "Some Kind of Blue"
into a forlorn love song of the saddest
proportions. As if to pick us up out of

the funk Frey turns it all around and


out on "True Love". The
keyboard and horn arrangements


alone on this song make it a winner,
but Freys vocal lines take it over the
edge to true soul. "Soul Searchin" is a
bluesy tune from an adult perspective.

No more good time party guy here.
Time to take stock of what we've
become and where we're going as the

Part of You" both explore the uncertainty of what is to come with both
caution and hope. Although I have
heard Frey criticized for "Part of Me,
Part of You" sounding too much like
the Eagles I don't buy it. This song is
about commitment and optimism in
the face of uncertainty that you won't

though not very exciting group of
musicians. "Smugglers Blues"smokes
and "Desperado" with Frey taking the
vocals is nice but this one is for fans
and completists. The Glenn Frey Solo

Collection (1995) was released with
very little publicity from MCA around

Your Love" is a song of passion,

the time Hell Freezes Over was
released and Frey was out of his
contract. Comprised of four new
tracks and twelve form his

desperation, obsession, and

previous albums the collection

This hauntingly beautiful song of love
taken too far is place right in
the middle of all the soul and

"Common Ground" and "This
Way to Happiness" of the new

tracks are great songs but

contemplation. "Somehow it all

there isn't enough space

choir reinforces the message. One of

my favorite Glenn Frey and Jack
Tempchin collaborations; "l Did lt For

find in most of the Eagles material. lts

a wonderful song written by a man

doesn't do him

ultimately tragedy.

slipped through


Although it abandoned much of



work, Strange Weather (1992)
is a logical extension of "Soul


that it

just for the new tracks.


Although none of the Eagles
duplicated the sales success
of their collective efforts as
solo artists, they were able to

more adult themes. Although it
contained the hit single "Part of

Me, Part of You" Strange
Weather was undeservadley

pursue their own musical

somewhat of a commercial
disappointment. More social
commentary than party album

directions. Glenn Frey created

some great music that he
never could have created in

it takes aim at social and

the enviroment the Eagles had
become prior to their disband-

political injustice through songs
such as "l've Got Mine" and "He


Took Advantage (Blues For
Ronald Reagan)". There are some
great instrumental interludes that
serve as bridges in thematically

who has walked many roads and

transitional sections of the album and

human beings.

work as individual pieces as well.
"Aqua Tranquillo" is another Frey
variation on a sadly sweet Spanish
guitar melodic figure that appears in
earlier tracks like "She Can't Let Go".

"Love in the 21st Century" is a
humourous take on the old boy
chases girl with a nineties twist.
"Brave New World" and "Part of Me,


the album to include all the
essentials. lt can't be a complete hits package without
"Party Town" but it is well
worth the price of admission



the soul influence





renewed statement about

the bonds that tie us together as

lf you are one of the

Eagles fans the have splintered into the Felder, Henley, Schmit,
or Walsh camps I think you would be



musically broading your

base and really checking out some of
I have touched on
here. Music is about groMh, examin-

the album tracks
Towards the end of his association
with MCA Glenn Frey Live (1993) is a

mix of solo and Eagles songs
performed live in lreland. The only
new song here is his rendition of
"Wylde Mountain Tyme" and the rest
of the songs are pretty much straight

ahead renditions with


ing, and sharing in the


experience and to limit yourself to one
artrst or the other is ciosing avenues

that might take you somewhere you
wouldn't have gone otherwise.



Eagles ltfews Eagles llfews
Don Henley and his wife Sharon
braved the elements to help raise
money to unravel the puzzle of
SIDS on April 3rd at the Flying
Burro in Dallas. The event was
also probably an opportunity for
Mrs. Henley to catch uP with
friend Leslie Gosnell (see photo).

Jerry McGuire, will be out


video by the time you read this.
Rent it to relive the magic of
Glenn's acting. We think he
should at least have been nominated for an MTV Movie Award
for that spectacular thumbs uP.

Award, pre-




Detroit Music


ride. Whatever!

Those of us who have caught the
Beanie Baby crazewill be happy

to know that there is now an
Eagle Beanie!! lts name is
"Baldy". Come on, that's a little
harsh.....none of the Eagles are
bald.....yet. <VBG>

That new Glenn Frey



Eagles drummer Don Henley



along for the

ceived Recording


Detroit with

E!'s Gossip Show reported a
while back that Don Henley
received a speeding ticket in
Arizona with pal Al Cooper (?)


month. A short

in his

hometown of

atthe SIDS beneft

The Eagles' album

Association of America certification for sales of 24 million copies,
tying Michael Jackson's Thriller
on the all-time U.S. sales list (in
early March).
"l'd like to think that we have
somehow captured some of the
essence of our time, that we
have somehow touched a nerve
in the fabric of our generation and subsequent generations,"


the food and company


Greatest Hits 1971-1975 re-

Glenn Frey
was recently

The Henleys and the Gosne//s enioying

Felder for becoming a real "flying Eagle" and getting his pilot's
license. Perhaps he can take a
turn at the controls of Eagle 1



about the event revealed that


Glenn was named "Most Likely to
lnhale" in his senior year at Royal

Thriller remains the top-seller
worldwide, with estimated sales
at 46 million copies. The Eagles'
album is estimated to have sold
30 million copies. Thank you AP

Oak's Dondero High


Obviously he took that to heart.

Glenn rushed home from


gigs in Florida (having played not
only the concert many readers
attended, but also a corporate
show for AT&T the day before.....more about that next issue!) to see what proved to be
the final Lakers game at home
this season. While there, he took

time out to say hi to sometime
WT contributor Debby via videotape. Cooll
Congratulations go out



for that liftle story)

We're sure Timothy is up to
something...he's just being very
quiet about it. <G>


ffultr Otr rhe frrEndUthddo tsee?

I was thrilled that you printed my copy of Henley's "Long
Run" album notes in the WT. You must really be desperate
for submissions! Anyway, I thought you guys might like to
know that in your article about Eagles television
appearances, you omitted a few!! Talk about "sloppy
lism"--Don would be very disappointed! Your WT
readers might like to know about some of these....
Brian Alexander
s0bsalex@titan.vcu.ed u
'S 'VO

July 1988:

Bernie Leadon re-united with The

Flying Burrito Brothers to do a series of
commercials for Taco Bell. The band dressed in
giant burrito costumes and sang a reworked
version of "A Train Leaves Here This Morning,"
titled "A Taco's Here This Morning." Taco Bell lost
$20 million in sales that year.

September 1989: Timothy B.
syndicated talk show appeared on

stations. Women were turned on by how
emotionally involved Timothy became in the

September 1978: Don Henley took a break
from touring to appear in an episode of "Three's
Company." ln it, Don played an old friend of Jack
Tripper who pretended to be his lover so the
Ropers would think Jack was gay!

subject matter, but critics complained that the
topics were too superficial, siting a particular

episode when Timothy couldn't stop crying
over a woman who had just gotten a bad haircut.
The show was cancelled after two months.

January 1991:

win a lifetime supply of Turtle Wax.

August 1991: Timothy completed production
on an infomercial to promote his new line of hair
care products. Hosted by Mike Levy ("Amazing
Discoveries"), the show caused a great deal of
controversy after it was found that Timothy's
products were being manufactured in sweat
shops. Schmit denied any knowledge of the
incident and went on to make several
appearances on QVC and The Home Shopping


February 1987: Randy Meisner was the
victim of a prank on Dick Clark & Ed McMahon's
"Bloopers and Practical Jokes" show. ln this gag,
Randy is lured to what he thinks is going to be a
meeting with Henley and Frey about a reunion.
But a very excited Randy arrives to find not Don
and Glenn, but a drunken Ed McMahon laughing
his ass off with the camera crew. Randy smashes


November 1995: Don Felder portrayed a

his guitar over Ed's cranium and

obsenities in his high-pitched voice. The segment
was never aired.

Randy Meisnerbounced back

from his "Bloopers" experience to participate on
"Jeopardy!" for "Washed-Up Bassists" week.
Randy never made it to Final Jeopardy, but he did

May 1983: Joe Walsh appeared on "Circus of
the Stars" with a group of poodles he had trained
to bark the words to "Life's Been Good" while
jumping through hula hoops. Unfortunately, Joe's
poodles had a bit of stage fright and were unable
to perform.



a handful of






mugger in a memorable episode of "NYPD Blue."
His bare ass can be briefly seen on camera as he
escapes apprehension by Sipowitz. Eagles fans
learned that a bad case of hemerrhoids were to
blame for those weird faces Felder made while he
played guitar sitting down.


62# oluolor oo9

Joe Utlalsh Hits The Road
17-JUN-97, DEL MAR, CA



1B-)UL-97, EL PASO, TX
2s-)uL-97, COLOMDO

More Dates Will Be Announced
Soon. We'll Keep you posted. Cal!


Ticketmaster for Ticket tnfa.

Sarah (FanofJW) shows ail
Sheboygan, Wl who,s #1 in
her book!!!!!