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Music is an art to combine the song to please the ear and mind, vocal
or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of
form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music is an activity that appears
in all cultures around the world, it can be play to improve your emotions and
plays a role in every known culture, though its uses and functions vary
significantly. When it comes to understand a universal language, understand
a cultures music requires an understanding of the culture itself; but the
purpose, reason, and value of music varies from culture to culture. Music can
be used for many disciplines such as Mathematics, Sociology, Business, and
Hip hop is my favorite music. I have been rapping since I was 6 years
old, and now I am working on some music. But right now in 2016 during the
summer class. I decided to take a music class, this was an interesting subject
to me. I learned so much things that I didnt know about music. Lynn Brown,
a nice and cool professor from my music class. Teach me so much about
every kind of music such religious music, Indian music, African American
music, every sort of music around the world, and his connection to other
subject. This was a globalization subject.
There is many connections between music and mathematics, many
research show that certain pieces of music became more popular and
mainstream due to their mathematical structure. the basic uses of
mathematics in music theory and notation such as the dotted half-notes

representing a count of three, time signatures, or chords. In many areas of

mathematics, music is a great source of research such as number theory and
set theory, or abstract algebra. The rhythmic beats and looping breaks from
the hip-hop music is partially due to mathematics need for rhythm and
Music plays many roles in our society such as to understand
different culture, a way to communicate, we use it to advance our
understanding of emotions and the body it uses to describe the politics, and
some use it for a social movement. Music it really matters to a social
movement, it produced by social movement to generate a number of
outcomes usually played by musicians who claim an affiliation with a cause,
movement, general political stand. Music had been played in 18s by Africans
slaves to express their emotions, anger, and their cries. In another case
music is an organization device, because it can provide safe havens where
extreme politics can be lived openly and loudly. As in fact music can teach
discipline, a student who learn how to play an instrument can also learn a
valuable lesson in discipline. They need more time to practice and rise to the
challenge of learning with discipline to master playing their instrument.
Music can be seen as a way to success or gain in business.
Today music can be seen as a creative economy or a success in society,
preparing student to work very hard on the way they are playing music and
develop it. It way to create more artist careers and jobs may grow faster than
others in the future. Many artists today are seeing music as a way to make

more money and to be successful in life by having many productions

companies in their back. When a music artist is being popular in a world of
music, many companies are their to propose you an help with money and
everything if the artist is able to make more than is making right now.
What I think is that every disciplines are important, many
people think if they are taking a business, math, sociology, or history class
that mean the dont need to take a music class. Let me tell you that every
class is important in every discipline, do never neglects a class because is
going to be more important for you in the future.