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1st House

If the sign in which Lord of Asdt is posited happens to be a quadrant or trine whilst benefic is conjunct
with such Lord of Asdt or lord of Asdt is in own house or exaltation, the native will enjoy full span of life.

Bodily Happiness
If lord of Ascendant is conjunct with a malefic and is posited in 6/8/12, there will be no bodily happiness.

If lord of 6th is in Ascendant in company of a benefic or aspected by a benefic, the native will prefer a sort
of semi-secluded life, not very social and without a circle of friends.

If lord of 8th is in Ascendant in company of a benefic or aspected by a benefic, the native will be weak

If lord of 12th is in Ascendant in company of a benefic or aspected by a benefic, the native will be sickly.

Note : Quantum of the effects will depend on the strength of the benefic aspect or conjunction referred
to in these slokas.

If weak lord of Ascendant is standing in quadrants or trines, while the native will be free from diseases,
he will enjoy moderately but his temperament will be out of balance frequently.

The native will suffer fear from serpent, thieves and low class people if Saturn in in Ascendant, 5th or 9th,
whilst Rahu is conjunct with a malefic OR Rahu is also in Ascendant along with Saturn.

Bodily Happiness
Bodily happiness is assured if Moon is powerful in the horoscope whilst the lord of Ascendant is conjunct with
a benefic and there is a benefic in Ascendant or benefic aspect on Asdt.

If the Ascendant, lord thereof and Moon are all benefic, good bodily happiness, good body and features,
good looks and happiness in all directions is assured.

2nd House

The native will be very rich if lord of 2nd and Jupiter are both in own house or exaltation which happen to be
quadrant/trine in conjunction with a benefic.

If Mercury and lords of 5th & Asdt are standing in 3/6/8/12 (individually or severally) whilst Jupiter is in 6/8/12,
there will be poverty; but if these 4 planets are in quadrant/trine, the native will enjoy wealth.

Financial gains
In the major period of lord of 2 who is standing in houses other than 6/8/12 and such signs happen to be
exaltation/own house/friendly house, there will be financial gains.

If the lord of 2 and Jupiter conjointly stand in the 12th house, the native will become dumb. If the sign occupied
happens to be own house/exaltation etc., the evil effects will stand considerably reduced.

If lord of 2 and Jupiter are in 6/8/12 aspected by a benefic, the native will start speaking late (in childhood).

Eye troubles
If lord of 2 is in 6/8/12, eye troubles are indicated. If such lord of 2 is conjunct with lord of 9th, defective
eyesight for father is indicated - similarly for mother, if lord of 4 is involved.

Higher Education
Jupiter, Mercury and lord of 2 in quadrant/trine which happens to be exaltation/own/friendly house, the
native will acquire higher education.

If lord of 2 and 7 are conjunct with a malefic while Venus is in 6/8/12, the native will spend a large part
of his life without a wife.

If lords of 2, 7 and Venus are standing in exaltation/own house, which happen to be quadrant/trine, the
native will enjoy with more than one wife.

Many girl-friends
If lords of 2 and 7 are malefics and at the same time posited in 6/8/12 in conjunction with a malefic, the
native will have as many girl-friends as there are planets associated with lord of 2 or 7.

Loss of Wife
If the 3 planets, viz lords of 2 and 7 and Venus, are in 6/8/12, the native will lose as many wives as there
are malefics in conjunction with lords of 2 and 7.

One Wife
If Venus or lord of 7 is in quadrant/trine and if lord of 2 or 7 is in own house/exaltation, there will be only
one wife.

If lord of2 is in quadrants whilst Jupiter is in own house or exaltation, the native will earn a thousand NISHKAS
and be otherwise happy.

Whilst lord of 2 and 11 exchange signs, if lord of 9 is in 2nd, the native will possess one lakh NISHKAS.

If there is exchange of signs between lords of 2 and 11, and if the sign exchanged happen to be exaltation or
friendly signs, good wealth is assured.

If lords of 2 and 12 combine and occupy quadrant or trine coupled with exaltation/friendly house, the native
will possess a house and will be handling a lot of cash.

If lord of 2 is occupying the deep exaltation degree conjunct or aspected by Jupiter, the native will possess
a thousand NISHKAS and be a proud man.

If lords of 1, 2, 4 and 9 are in extreme exaltation whilst lord of 11 is in Vaishesikamsa, the native will become
a Crorepathy (owner of 100 lakh NISHKAS)

The native will be a poor man if a malefic occupies the 2nd, whilst lord of 2nd is weak and lord of 11 is in 12th.

Lord of 2 in company of a malefic, while the 2nd house is occupied by a malefic - indicates that the native would
become a tale-bearer, be stingy and will possess wealth earned through unrighteous means.

If both lords of 2 and 11 are conjunct malefics, from the birth, the native would be poor.

Sun and Mars in 2nd indicates perpetual sickness and/or poverty; Rahu/Saturn in 2nd denotes that the native

would be poor and will earn his livelihood through servitude.

Sun in 2nd aspected by Saturn denotes poverty; Sun in 2nd without Saturn's aspect denotes wealth.

Effects of planets posited in the 2nd house :-
Strong Sun
The native takes pleasure in inciting quarrels; bears a sword or
other symbol of honour; indifferent; showy and cunning.
Moon Taste for company of women
Mars Loses his wealth due to renouncing nature
Mercury Successful in undertakings; learned; wealth; possesses ornaments;
knowledge of languages, mathematics; proficiency in work done by hands
Jupiter Keeps a fair bank-balance throughout; agricultural wealth; knowledge
Venus Successful professionally; suffers from eye diseases; learning; wealth;
ornaments; knowledge of shastra, drama and music.
Saturn Suffers from eye troubles almost throughout.
Disappointment in religious pursuits or hates his own religion; trickery;
magic; knowledge of ways and means of low class people.
Mars & Saturn Proficiency in the languages of Karnataka and Andhra
Saturn in company of lords of Asdt and 2nd, standing in 6/8/12 denotes one who consumes poison.

Rahu in company of lords of Asdt and 2nd, standing in 6/8/12 indicates one who suffers from the
degradation of imprisonment. Rahu and lord of 2nd standing in 6/8/12 produce the same result.

Throat diseases
Lord of 3 in 2nd indicates sufferings from throat/bronchial disorders.

Sun in Ascendant or 8th, conjunct/aspected by Mars indicates fear from weapon, fire or diseases
like cholera.

3rd House

If lord of 3 or the Significator for 3rd (Mars) is standing in 9th, growth of brothers/sisters and
prosperity in regard to brothers is assured.

If lord of 3 or Mars or the 3rd house is conjunct with a benefic, prosperous growth or brothers/sisters
is assured.

If lord of 3 or Mars is standing in quadrant/trine aspected by benefic, brothers will live long.

Lord of 3 or Mars, if conjunct/aspected by a benefic whilst the 3rd is strong, increase & prosperity of
brothers/sisters is assured.

If lords of 3 and 6 are in own house, exaltation or friendly house, aspected by a benefic, a large number
of brothers/sisters is indicated.

If there is exchange of signs (involving a common sign) between lords of 1 and 3, some of the brothers
could be twins.

Good Looks
In conjunction with Venus, if lord of 3 is in quadrant (which happens to be exaltation/friendly/own house),
the native will be good looking and will have ample enjoyments.

Death of brother
If both lords of 3 and 11 are standing in 6/8/12 from Asdt, death of brother/sister is indicated.

If lord of 3 is in company of a malefic while Mars is in 12th, death of brother will occur.

The aspect of a feminine planet in the above yoga indicates death of a sister; if one or both planets

involved in the above yoga stand in masculine signs, death of brother is indicated.

Loss of brothers
If lord of 3 and Mars are in 12th, there will be loss of brothers.

If lord of 3 and Mars are standing in signs owned by malefic or conjunct malefic, there will be birth and death
of brothers.

If lord of 3 and Mars are in 6/8/12, the various significations flowing from the 3rd house will be lost.
If either of these is exalted and the other debilitated, whilst staying in 6/8/12, death of a brother due
to poison is indicated.

A benefic in 3rd house indicates a stable mind and courage. If the lord of 3 is in exaltation/friendly house,
the native will be dashing and courageous.

Sun in 3rd denotes success
Mars " " sorrows throughout
Saturn " " hatred to many
Rahu " " dental disorders; lean body; always energetic; forsakes permanent
place of residence.

If lord of 3 is strong and happens to be a benefic, financial prosperity, agricultural yield, good sons,
daughters, charity, success and reputation are assured.

Costly Vessels
If Venus is strong and posited in 3rd, general prosperity as indicated above is assured in addition to
owning costly vessels including silver utensils for personal use.

if Jupiter aspects Venus in 3rd, prosperity of brothers is bound to occur.
Jupiter in the 3rd house causes loss of brothers.
Jupiter and Mercury in 3rd also cause same effects.
Mercury alone in 3rd indicates growth of brothers.
The connection of lord of 3 and lord of Ascendant with Mercury indicates definite growth of brothers.

If Mars is in 3rd or aspects 3rd house, the native may have either two urinary passages or passes
urine in two streams.

Sun, Jupiter and Rahu together in 3rd house indicates long teeth; if there is a benefic in 3rd in
conjunction with the above 3 planets, moderately small teeth are indicated.

4th House

House property
If lord of 4 is in 4th conjunct/aspected by a benefic, the native will easily be the owner of a house.

Lord of 4 conjunct/aspected by a malefic and posited in 6/8/12 indicates very late acquisition of house
little happiness and poor education.

Lords of 2, 4 and 12 if conjunct/aspected by malefic and posited in 6/8/12 indicates loss of house and
loss of happiness.

Longevity of Mother
Long life for mother is indicated if lord of 4 is in 4th conjunct/aspected by benefic whilst Moon is strong.

Weak Moon conjunct malefic or standing on larger number of malefic classifications, if standing in 6/8/12,

indicates early death of mother.

Benefic in 4th, lord thereof in quadrant/trine, while lord of 9th is in extreme exaltation, there will be
gain of a palatial house with furniture.

A picturesque house will be gained if lord of 9 is in quadrant, lord of 4th in exaltation/friendly house,
while Venus is in 4th or exaltation.

Many houses are denoted if there is exchange of signs between lords of 4 and 10. The native will be
owning land depending on the good qualities of Mars plus strength of Mars.

Strong lord of 4 in 11th whilst Mars is aspecting the 4th or lord of 4th is in Aries/Scorpio, there will
be gain of conveyance, happiness and ornaments through King.

If both lords of 9th and 4th are powerful, the native will possess paraphernalia and musical

Mother's character
Rahu in conjunction with lord of 4th indicates onslaughts on mother's character. Even a malefic
in conjunction with lord of 4th, with benefic aspects, results in some slight black-mark on her

If lord of Ascendant and 4th are conjunct/aspected by Saturn, gain of horse for purposes of
conveyance or a horse-driven conveyance is indicated. In the present times, a chauffeur-driven
limousine or a saloon.

Rahu, in place of Saturn, in the above yoga, denotes Khara Vahana Labha (gain of an ass or
ass-driven conveyance - something like a truck/tractor)

Lord of 4th standing in Ascendant in company of Venus indicates gain of palanquin for
conveyance purposes.
If planets causing a yoga are weak (combust, defeated in planetary battle, in bala avastha
or vriddha avastha, in rasi/bhava sandhi &c) the native may enjoy the effects indicated in a

Note : The hint thrown in this sloka where weak planets are causing a yoga are realised in a
dream --- can be extended to other yogas in similar conditions.

If lord of 4 is conjunct with Venus, Jupiter and lord of Ascendant, there will be gain of elephants,
horses, palanquins etc. depending upon the strength of the planets involved in the yoga. In this
age, these may equal conveyances like cars, planes & yachts.

Highest Professional Status
If lords of Ascendant, 9th and 4th are
a. conjunct/aspected by Mercury OR
b. conjunct lord of 10th OR
c. posited in Ascendant or 10th.
the native will mount a throne or attain highest professional elevation.

If lord of 4 is in the 9th of both Venus and Jupiter whilst lord of 9th is strong and posited in
quadrant/trine, the native will rule over large territories.

If lord of 4 is conjunct/aspected by either lord of 9th or Jupiter indicates that the native will be
respected by King or public.


If lords of 4,9 and 11th are all posited in 11th, the native will have full enjoyments in the matter of
conveyances besides owning them.
Lord of 4th from Jupiter in 9th from Jupiter, conjunct/aspected by a benefic, indicates that the
native will own a house and enjoy conveyances and paraphernalia.

If lords of 4 and 9 are united but standing in 6/8/12, the native will gain conveyance as a paternal

If lord of 4th is in own house/navamsa/exalted, the native will enjoy in conveyances owned by him;
lord of 4th in other conditions indicates that the native will enjoy conveyances not owned by him.

If lords of 4 and 9 are powerful, the native will be possessing paraphernalia including musical
accompaniments and reputation.

5th House

If Jupiter and lords of Asdt, 5th and 7th are all weak, the native will become untrustworthy.

Birth of children are indicated
a. if there is a benefic in 5th; failing that, aspect of a benefic to 5th; OR
b. lord of 5th is conjunct/aspected by a benefic.

No children
The native will have no children under the following yogas :-
a. A malefic standing in 5th while lord of 5th is hemmed in between malefics (without benefic aspect)
b. Jupiter hemmed in between malefics without any benefic aspect
c. Lord of 7 in 5 or vice versa, conjunct/aspected by malefic.

Adopted children
If the 5th house falls in signs owned by Saturn or Mercury and if such 5th house is aspected by
Saturn/Gulika, the native will adopt a child.

Loss of children
Loss of children will occur to natives having the following yogas :-
a. Lord of 8 in 5 or vice versa without any benefic aspect
b. A weak malefic in 5th.

A benefic in 5th promotes the effects of 5th house.

A benefic with lordship over 5th confers auspicious effects, but not a benefic with lordship over
5th and 8th combined, as in the case of Mercury for Aquarius Asdt and Jupiter for Leo Asdt.

If lord of 5 is conjunct malefic, the first born will die and the rest will prosper.

Even if Mars is in 5th, which happens to be Aries/Scorpio, Leo or Pisces, conjunct/aspected by
Jupiter, there will be prosperous growth of children.

Mars in 5th in Capricorn indicates no children
" " Cancer " few children
" " Virgo " girl issues
Mars in 5th generally indicates loss of child and sorrow thereby
Rahu in 5th indicates few children who will be cowardly
Saturn/Mercury in 5th indicates birth of daughters first and sons later

Masculine planets and their aspect to 5th indicates few sons.

Lord of 5 in masculine sign indicates birth of son.
Mars in 9th or Gemini indicates loss of child and sorrow thereby
Venus in 5th in own sign indicates many children and a beautiful & dutiful wife.
Venus in 5th generally gives same results but to a lower degree.
Saturn in 5th in own house indicates one child only.

Children and prosperity from children are indicated if lords of Asdt and 5th aspect each other or are
together or there is exchange of signs between them.

If lord of 5 is strong, aspected by Jupiter/Mercury/Venus, the native will be shrewd and very
If lord of 5 is a benefic or in benefic sign/navamsa or on benefic vargas or connected with
fixed signs as one of the shad-vargas and the lord of 5 is at the same time strong, there will
be children, grand children and great grand children to the native concerned.

6th House
A benefic in 6th indicates that the circle of enemies will be growing; a malefic in 6th causes
destruction of enemies.

If lord of 6th is a malefic or a malefic is posited in 6th, the native will suffer from wounds,
itches, boils, ulcer and the like. A planet in conjunction with lord of 6th causes wounds or
sickness in the corresponding part of the body. e.g. lord of of 12 in conjunction with lord of
6th causes troubles on feet, for 12th governs feet.

Death by poison
If Mercury, Rahu and lord of 6th are united in Asdt, death by poison is indicated.

Troubles from enemy
If lord of Asdt in conjunction with lord of 6th is standing in the exaltation sign of lord of 6th,
troubles from enemies are indicated in addition to ear-ache etc.

Rahu in 6th indicates extraordinary courage and sufferings from piles.

Saturn in 6th indicates success over enemies and sufferings from rheumatic disorders.

Mars in 6th indicates tendency on the part of native to incite quarrels and taking part in them
and sufferings from small-pox and the like.

Union of lord of 6th and Mars indicates intermittent fevers.

Moon in 6th indicates diseases in young age.

Union between lords of Moon sign and lords of 6/8/12 indicates diseases in young age.

Lord of Moon sign being posited in 6/8/12 indicates a malefic yoga whereby the native will be
suffering a sort of misery throughout life or even death in young age.
Sun's fever with delirium
combination with
Lord of Asdt & Lord of 6th 
Moon accidents in water
accidents in water
Mars wounds and sorrow
Mercury bilious disorders

Jupiter stomach disorders

Venus venereals
Saturn troubles from thieves/menials
Rahu poisonous creatures, animals &c.

Malefics posited in 6/8/12 unaspected by benefics causes eye defects following diseases.
If the lord of 6th is strong, and lord of 9th is stronger than lord of 6th, while lord of 10
is in 10th, the native will win in all his encounters.

7th House

If lord of 7th is in exaltation or won house which happens to a quadrant/trine or the 7th lord is
conjunct with a benefic, the native will possess luck, praiseworthy habits, a beautiful and dutiful
wife and will have full enjoyments as a householder.
Girl friends
If Venus or lord of 7th is exalted or lord of 7th is standing in 7th aspected by a benefic, the native
will enjoy company of a number of girl-friends.
Loss of Wife
Loss of wife will result if lord of 7th is debilitated or standing in enemy house or combust or aspected
by a malefic whilst a malefic occupies or aspects the 7th house.
Mark of Honour
If lord of 7th is standing in quadrant/trine with a benefic or standing in a sign owned by a benefic,
the native will gain a white umbrella as a mark of honour besides status.
Girl friends
Strong Venus in 7th indicates company of a number of girl friends.
Exchange of signs between lords of Asdt and 7th or mutual aspect between them indicates intense
love between the married couple.

Early Marriage
Early marriage is indicated if lord of 7th is in Asdt or 2nd aspected by or conjunct with a benefic, while
dispositor thereof is aspected by a benefic.

Marriage, birth of children and similar auspicious events will occur in the major period of the strongest
from among Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and lords of Asdt, 7th and 9th.
The conjunction or strong connection between lords of 1, 5 and 7 is auspicious; and their major periods
will bestow auspicious results.

Lord of 7th in a feminine sign indicates a wife of soft temperament and feminine features whilst lord of
7th standing in a masculine sign indicates a with push and daring.

The connection between lord of 7th and Venus is very desirable. marriage is likely in their major periods
or in the major periods of planets associated with them or in the major period of the strongest planet
involved in the yoga. The wife will partake of the qualities, colour, features and temperament of the
indicated planets.

Loss of Wife
If both Venus and lord of 7th are standing on larger number of malefic vargas, besides conjunction with
a malefic, more than one marriage and death of more than one wife is indicated. Where malefic yogas
concerning the 7th house of the type indicated occur, while the planet concerned is combust, the native
may have opportunities of illicit intimacy with girl friends for a short duration.

8th House

Full span of life
If lord of 8th is in quadrant and at the same time, occupying exaltation/moolatrikona and conjunct or
aspected by Jupiter/Venus, the native will enjoy a life span of over 100 years.

If lord of 8th is in own house conjunct benefic, which happens to be a quadrant/trine, the native will
have praiseworthy habits and enjoy long life.

Longevity of a native should be determined in proportion to the strength of Saturn and Lord of 8th.
If 8th is occupied by its own lord, long life would result.

If lords of 8,1, and 10 are posited in quadrant, 11th and 5th/9th respectively, whilst Saturn is strong,
the native will enjoy full longevity.

Death - when ?
Death will occur in the major period of the weakest planet from among the lords of 10, 1, 3, 8 and
Saturn. Death may also occur in the major period of the planet not necessarily the weakest of the lot
but next to it in strength.

If lord of 8 is conjunct with malefic or combust/debilitated, the native will be short lived. However,
if such lord of 8th is with lord of Asdt, the native may enjoy only Alpayush or longevity below 30.

If lord of 8th is with a malefic posited in 6/8/12, not only short life is indicated but also, sufferings
from various diseases till death.

If lords of 8 and Asdt are posited together in 6/8/12 and their dispositor is posited in Asdt or quadrant,
long life is possible, depending upon their strength.

If lords of Asdt and 8th, along with a malefic, are in 6/8/12, short life is indicated.
Lord of 8th in debilitation while lord of Asdt is weak and a malefic is standing in Asdt, short life would result.

If lord of 8th is in 6/8/12, during his major period, in a malefic sub period, death is likely; possibly in Saturn's sub
If Saturn is in Asdt and lord of Asdt is in 8th, death is likely in Saturn's major period but in a malefic sub period.
If major period of lord of Asdt or 8th is running at birth, death is likely at the end of that period.

A malefic in 8th generally confers diseases and short life, whilst a benefic therein confers courage,
financial status and untimely/unnatural death.

Effects produced by planets in 8th are as under :-
Sun - Exalted
Strong body, brave, good looking
Sun - Debilitated Wanderer, troubled, separation from wife & family
Moon - Full
Renouncing spirit, worldly enjoyments, long life
Moon - Debilitated
Short life
Mars - Own House
Right conduct, financial status
Mars - Debilitated
Suffers from diseases, mean professions
Mercury - Own House
Helpful to family; kingly status; magisterial powers
Mercury - Debilitated
Bad name; dunce; disliked by many
Jupiter Worldly enjoyments, full span of life, financial status
Venus Happy life; elevated status
Saturn - Exalted/own/ friendly house/moolatrikona
Long life
Saturn - in other houses Short life; sufferings from leprosy.
Rahu in 8th whilst Jupiter is in quadrants indicates long life

If Sun and Rahu/Ketu are in Asdt or 8th while Saturn is in 3rd; in their major periods and sub periods,
death due to weapons/robbers is likely.

If lord of 4th is involved in the above yoga, death will be due to fall from/accident in conveyance.

Sun in debilitation/enemy house, which happens to be a quadrant from Asdt, death of father due to

King's punishment is likely.

Moon in 8th generally denotes fear from spirits/poison/accidents in water.
Rahu/Ketu in 8th generally denotes fear from spirits/ghosts/poison.

If lords of 8th and Asdt are strong while lord of 6th is weak and connected with Mars, death in battle
is likely.

9th House

Paternal prosperity
If lord of 9th happens to be a benefic, whilst the Significator for 9th (Jupiter) is conjunct with a benefic
and a benefic is posited in 9th, full enjoyments with father and paternal prosperity are assured.

Malefic lord of 9th, significator for 9th (Jupiter) getting conjunct malefic whilst aa malefic is standing
in 9th indicates loss of father and little paternal prosperity.

Significations of 9th House
All about prosperity, luck, native's Ishta Devata or the deity worshipped, maternal grandfather, uncle,
Preceptor, priest, charities and religious/philosphical leanings and attachment to a Faith & GOD have
to be delineated from the 9th house.

Death of father
Sun alone standing in 9th indicates death of father in Sun's major period.

Sun and a malefic in 9th indicates death of father in Sun's major period

Mother's death
Moon in 5th indicates death of mother in Moon's major period.
If such Moon is conjunct Mars, death of mother is indicated.

Father's character
If lords of 4 and 6 are posited in 9th, the native's father should be presumed to have had contacts
with a number of girl friends.

Maternal Uncle's death
If Mars is posited in 5th or 10th aspected by a malefic, death of maternal uncle is indicated.
In the above Yoga, if Saturn is conjunct Mars, death of children are indicated.

Father's Death
Sun. Mars and Saturn (all together) stand in 1, 5, 9 or 12, death of father should be predicted.

Unaspected by benefic, if Saturn and mars are in the 8th of Sun, death of father is indicated.

The stay of Sun & Saturn in 12th whilst a weak Moon is standing in 7th indicates immediate death
of father; if there is a benefic aspect, death in 3 years should be inferred.

Ketu in sdt, 4th, 5th or 9th is good in regard to longevity of father.Ketu in other signs with malefic
aspect indicates very poor longevity.

Death of father in childhood is indicated if Mars is in 7th and Saturn is in 10th in enemy sign and

Father of a native should be presumed to have been away from the place of birth of a native if Sun
were in a movable sign aspected by Mars & birth has occurred during day time; Saturn, Mars and
Rahu together in a movable sign indicate the same result.

Mother's Death

A malefic standing in enemy sign in the 8th of Moon with malefic aspect indicates death of mother
in childhood, whilst father was away.
Malefics on either side of Asdt/Moon whilst a malefic is standing in 7th/8th denotes death of mother
and child.
A strong malefic in 4th from Asdt whilst the Asdt is also occupied by a malefic, indicates death of
mother. (Instead of Asdt, the second malefic may be in a quadrant).
Birth at night coupled with stay of Saturn in 5th or 9th of Moon/Venus also indicates death of mother.
Whilst Sun is in 8th of Moon, if the Asdt is hemmed in between Mars and Saturn, mother's death is
If the lords of Asdt, 4th and 9th are conjunct/aspected by lord of 10th, happiness in many directions,
luck, comforts of body and high charities are indicated.
If the lord of 9th is exalted in conjunction with lords of 10th and 2nd and if a malefic is aspecting them,
then, in the major period of the malefic, there will be highly auspicious effects.

10th House

Professional Success
The success of a native professionally will depend upon the strength possessed by lord of 10th and the
planets Jupiter and Mercury. If there is also a benefic aspect on the said planets, there will be praise
and appreciation of the native's activities.

If the dispositors of the 3 benefics Mercury, Jupiter, Venus are posited in 6/8/12, there will be breaks
and failures.

Any four planets standing in or aspecting the 10th, the house governing profession, indicates that the
native will take up the Order of Sanyasa OR renounce the World.
Conjunction of lords of Asdt and 10th with three other planets, also indicates the same result.

Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in 10th house denotes that the native will not only enter the Order of
Sanyasa but also take up the Order of Brahmacharya (forsaking marriage and remaining a bachelor
throughout) and will go about in loin cloth or Langoti.

Lord of 10th in exaltation indicates that the native will become a favourite of the King or become a Minister.

If no planet is standing in the house of profession (10th) and there is also no aspect to that house,
and the lord of 10th is posited in dusthana (6/8/12), poverty is indicated.
Note : The existence of this Yoga from Asdt, Moon and Sun may be looked into before declaring
the effects.

Kahali Yoga
Union between lords of 9 and 10th, conjunction or mutual aspect or aspect of one on the other,
causes KAHALI YOGA according to Maharshies. In brief, Kahali Yoga indicates professional success
in addition to other auspicious effects.

Long Life
Lord of 10 in 10th whilst lord of Ascendant is posited in Asdt itself along with Jupiter indicates
fairly long life.

In the above yoga, instead of in Asdt, if Jupiter were to stand in 10th, the native would enjoy
worldwide reputation.

Moon in 10th confers on native the luck of having a bath in Ganges; failing that he will possess
wealth and will be doing religious charities.
If lord of 10th is in 8th or debilitation or the dispositor of lord of 10th is likewise badly placed,
such native will be in black lists of King/Government.

Rahu/Sun in 10th indicates pilgrimages.

A powerful benefic in 10th inclines the native to look at the various possessions from the spiritual angle and realise
the worthlessness
and inability of the various things/enjoyments on this plane and develop a renouncing spirit and gain what is called
Gyana or knowledge
which the Hindu Sages extol.

A malefic in 10th inclines the native to look at everything from a materialistic angle.

11th House

Lord of 11th in quadrant/trine conjunct with or aspected by a benefic indicates very heavy gains.
If lord of 11th in company of lord of 2nd and with benefic aspect is standing in 3rd or exaltation,
gain of wealth and wife are indicated.

Lord of 11 in 11th in conjunction of Venus, Jupiter & Full Moon indicates financial and agricultural
wealth and possession of precious metals and precious stones.

A malefic in 11th indicates self earned property.

A benefic in 11th indicates wealth acquired through right means, particularly if there is a benefic aspect to 11th.

Lord of 11 standing in 2 with lord of Asdt indicates that the native's wealth will be earned through right means and
his expenses will also be in the right and charitable directions.

Lord of 2 and 11 conjointly standing in Asdt whilst Saturn is in 12th indicates earnings in right direction and parting
with a large part of it in charities.

12th House

Expenses on charity
Lord of 12 in conjunction with a benefic and aspected by a benefic whilst a benefic is posited in 12th
indicates expenses on charities and right directions.

Expenses & Losses
Exchange of signs between lords of 6 and 12 indicates that the native will be incurring heavy debts,
besides loss of honour, losses in gambling and evil losses.

Lord of 11 in 12 indicates that the native will become stingy.

Expenses on assumed superiority
Lord of 10 in 12 indicates self respect and expenses with a view to keeping up one's assumed superiority.

Medical Expenses
Lord of 8 in 12 indicates expenses on medicines and heavy doctor's bills. Most of native's diseases are to
native's own misdeeds or morals.

Lord of 12 in 9, lord of 4 in 12 whilst both are aspected by lord of 10th indicates that the native will be
sincere in his duty.

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and lord of 12th standing in 4th house indicates expenses on enjoyments
connected with various types of conveyances and using them for sight seeing.

In the manner indicated above, all about expenses should be thought of.

Human population exceeds a hundred crores and there are only 12 signs of zodiac under which each one is born.
Due to the positions of planets and planetary mappings, coupled with stay of lord of Asdt in different degrees and
due to other causes, there are different effects
for different individuals.

Each native is also enjoying or suffering due to differences in countries where they are born, caste, community and
status of the family
in which born. The different ages (like Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kaly Yuga or the stones age, iron age, atomic age
and so forth) in which natives are born have also a bearing on the horoscopes.

There are 12 signs through which the 9 planets of the Hindu Astrology move causing various mappings. The stay of
planets in different signs and in different groupings coupled with the classifications (or the shodasa varga) on
which they stand produce different results. It is
difficult to outline all these effects in astrological texts of this type. In order that the public may understand this
science, the broad effects
and some important yogas with effects have only been detailed in the above 202 slokas. Therefore, the effects so
far mentioned are only applicable for the stated planetary set-ups, different effects on lines indicated above will
have to be intelligently delineated.