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Take heed to the Prophetic Voice

Revelation 1: 3 Blessed is he who reads and those who

hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things
which are written in it; for the time is near.
2Peter 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well
that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn,
and the day star arise in your hearts:
Heb 3:12; Heb 2:1; Tit 1:14; 1Ti 4:16; 1Ti 4:1; 1Ti 1:4; Ps 119:9; Ps 39:1

The focus of this message is on a Person The Almighty

Creator. He is building, equipping, remolding and
perfecting a Body for His Prophetic Anointing. This
building becomes full, final and consummated as the
Almighty Creator manifests as the Everlasting Father. This
is through His Son and by the Anointing of Life.
Have you seen the Light of this one and only Prophetic
Do you have the Father-Son Foundation, Father-Son
Focus, Father-Son Source and resources and FatherSon Prophetic Vision/Voice?
So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I
prophesied, there was a noise, and suddenly a rattling;
and the bones came together, bone to bone. (Ezekiel
He is the One who has given us His sure word of
prophecy1. He is building a new creation Body. This has
1 2Peter 1:19

an indestructible eternal Kingdom identity, inheritance

and destiny.
Revelation 1:3 opens with the declaration of blessedness
on those who heed the prophetic word. It is by means of
this sure Prophetic Word that He is working out the
fullness of His building, equipping, and perfecting his
Testimony; His salvation, sanctification, stability, etc; He
gives his Prophetic Vision so that we will see Him; keep
seeing Him as He is and be remolded into His Image. He
is calling those who have ears to give heed to the
Prophetic Voice so that we can mature to become
partakers of the fullness of His Testimony2. Thus, the full
and final manifestation of this Prophetic vision involves
not only healing, salvation and such blessings; but also
His indestructible, and incorruptible eternal Kingdom
identity, inheritance, birthright and destiny for individual
believers as well as for families; and the making disciples
of all nations; and bringing them all to the fullness of His
eternal Kingdom Testimony.

In the so-called Old Testament, this Light of

the Father-Son Prophetic Voice/Vision was represented by
the Menorah3.
2 Matthew 24:12
3 Ex 25:31-40; (

This Prophetic Vision has the following features of the

1 He is manifesting His travailing Heart
2 He is building His relationship with us.
3 He is making us to appropriate Him His personality,
image, being, power, kingdom, His one and only
4 He is building an indestructible Body; not like
planting Eurocentric Christian churches
5 His Testimony of life, integrity, shalom, etc
6 His eternal kingdom identity, inheritance, birthright
and destiny
7 His eternal kingdom wisdom, revelation knowledge,
understanding, might, counsel and the fear of the
8 His eternal kingdom conceptions, calling, citizenship,
companionship, communion, calling, etc
9 It reveals his eternal Kingdom Purpose, Pattern, Plan,
Programme, and Personality.
The Almighty wants our Bibles, pastors schools
and Christian education need to be purged of
occultism and other kinds of abominations.
Only the Almighty can teach us these things. Thus the
Light is supernatural, supreme and sovereign. It is also
subjective and objective. Disciples need to apply
themselves the following studies among others:
1. Searching the Scriptures

2. Archaeological Genetics
3. Scriptural Anthropology
4. Perfecting the partakers
5. Making the disciples of all nations
6. Ancient Hebrew/Yoruba national culture background
to the Scriptures
7. Everlasting Father-Son Prophetic Vision/Voice

Nevertheless, several kinds of perversions have
tried to seduce, derail and distract people (and even the
Elect, if care is not taken) to other voices that are
contrary to the Prophetic Vision/Voice.
Examples are:
1. Kabbala and other occult words and names in the
2. Anglo-masons on the control board of Sunday school
3. Illuminati symbols on seminaries, etc
4. Eurocentric Christians are being manipulated into the
New World Order Lucifers Kingdom of God
5. Yoruba and other national bibles demonized
These strange voices have been coming to mankind right
from the Garden of Eden4; even from the celestial astral,
4 Genesis 3

bloodline, marine and sub-marine realms; from the

Ancient Serpent (Dragon, Lucifer, power of the air, the
Beast of the Sea and the Beast of the Earth) and his
cohorts. The devil has been using the banking system,
education, politics, entertainment, mass media, military,
and even religions like the Arab/Islam; Jews and their
Talmudic Zionism, British-Israel theology, Communism,
Eurocentric Christianity, their Druidism, Mithraism,
Teutonic and Celtic spirituality; ad infinitum to spread
slavery, neo-imperialism, and neo-colonialism, etc.

Do you not see the perversions of the Menorah in the

above picture? In the same way, the true Hebrew people
are being perverted to the modern-day Jews and Israelis
with their Talmudic Zionism and Sabbatharianism5. The
real Ancient Hebrew has been perverted to the Modern
Hebrew. This effectively opens the minds of all Bible
readers (including the Elect, if care is not taken) to the
kabbala occultism6. This is one of the ways by which they
manipulate the nave masses into their New (One) World
Order (N. W. O.) Kingdom of God7.
Please let us examine our educational curricular very
well. Start from the Sunday School and the theological
5 Revelation 2:9; 3:9

7 Revelation 13:8

Seminaries. Can you imagine that these wicked spirits

use sensitive places as Evangelical Christian churches,
Pentecostal churches, Charismatic churches, Sunday
School sessions and Bible schools, Pastors schools and
theological seminaries to manipulate people into the New
World Order where Lucifer not only reigns over them; but
sucks their blood!

We are living at a decisive point in time. We need to give

heed to the Prophetic Vision. We need His interpretation
of the Mind of our Almighty Creator. This is the time that
we need to mature beyond the-business-as-usual
Sunday School. We need His Light to examine politics,
terrorism, education, health care delivery systems,
economy, entertainment, recreation, family system,
militarism, and all religions and all other aspects of
human endeavors. Let the Light help us to discern
between the one supernatural, supreme, sovereign;
subjective and objective Father-Son Prophetic
Voice/Vision; and the dangers in all these other strange
Caucasians who lead the world (especially in the
West) are fundamentally predisposed only to wars,
slave trade, imperialism, colonialism, eugenics and
other serpentine works.

Caucasians who lead the world (especially in the

West) are not predisposed to call on the real original
and authentic Name of the Almighty. They have
perverted the Name, the Testimony, the revelation,
the relationship; eternal kingdom identity,
inheritance, birthright, destiny, etc
Caucasians who lead the world (especially in the
West) used to be Druids. Yoruba and people of all
nations need to discern Druid/Teutonic/Celtic
elements in Yoruba Bible, KJV Bible and other English
Bible versions.
Caucasians who lead the world (especially in the
West) are members of the freemasons. Yoruba and
people of all nations need to discern kabbala and
other Masonic expressions in English Bible versions,
Eurocentric Christianity in particular; and English
culture generally.
The way we pronounce the names of the Almighty
Creator and the names of many people of Scriptural
histories and the names of the books of the Bible,
and the way we pronounce the names of the days of
the week and months of the year are also evidences
of occultism, wicked spirits, kabbala in the Bible and
the astrology war from heaven.
Let the Light help us to examine the Seminaries, the
Christian Education curricular, especially the Sunday
School lessons; and purge them from all contrary
boards and controls especially from the Modern
Hebrew kabbala.

Thus, the Dragon is using not only economy,

materialism, entertainment; not only Arab Islam, but
also the Eurocentric Christianity to spread
international witchcraft, spells, jinxes, subliminal
seduction, global enchantment and all manners of
their curse system
These various voices are using spiritism, sports,
gospel casting, the bankers, the media, music and
the education systems; and are trying to manipulate
the masses of mankind to invoke abominations,
serve and worship the Beast in the New World
Order (N.W.O.), the New Age Movement (N.A.M.)
and postmodernism, psychotherapy, mysticism,
astral projection, esoteric formulae, etc.
The Name of the Lamb has been perverted especially by
the occult kabbala Illuminati. Different versions of the
Name have been given to different nations. Those who
are foreordained to rule with the Lamb will learn to
recover His one and only Name: searching the scriptures,
perfecting the partakers and making disciples of all the
The world is now at a decisive point in history.

These features can be divided into two areas: Blessed

A Revelation of the Almighty

a Supernatural, supreme, sovereign

b Recovery of His Name
c His Testimony Tabernacle and Menorah of
d Original, authentic, eternal, accurate,
inexhaustible fullness of the River of His
reproduced Life; resurrected
e Recovery of the eternal kingdom identity,
inheritance, birthright and fullness of destiny
f Kingdom reconstruction, restructuring, renewal,
B Exposition of the Enemy
a Pronouncing names of days and months
according to the astrological paganism
b Eurocentric Christian church architectural
designs according to Mystery Babylonian/GreekRoman occult imperialism, English Druidism,
Mithraism, Celtic occult spirituality
c Perversion of the set-apart Name
d Perversion of the set-apart Testimony
e The New (One) World Order
f National Council of Churches (World Council of
g One World Economic Order
C Solution
Revelation 1:3 opens with a declaration of blessedness
to those who are giving heed to these prophetic words.
This means that those who fail to give heed to them are
under a curse. The manifestation of the Son of the
Almighty Creator is to destroy the dominions of sin,
curses, the spells, the jinxes and all other works of the

devil. The Scriptures teach His foreordained children to

mature as partakers of His unique and definite Purpose,
and Pattern which He is pursuing to the fullness. Thus, He
is equipping, furnishing and perfecting the partakers so
that they can come out of all cursed systems. This is why
He is bringing them under the Light of His incorruptible
and indestructible eternal Kingdom relationship,
revelation, reproduction and resurrection life Anointing.
This is His supernatural, sovereign and supreme
Testimony of life and majesty. This manifestation of His
Son/s is ruling from age to age. This is the new creation
Body that He is building and bringing to His fullness. All
the experienced glories and corruption and
manifestations of this present world are being overcome
and surpassed by this manifestation. This is why His
Prophetic Voice/Vision is calling His foreordained; and
building them fully as the Testimony of life and majesty
called the Bride of the Lamb.
There is only one Source for these equipping, furnishing
and perfecting ministries: only one Father-Son Prophetic
Vision/Voice. It is He alone that can help the believers in
all seasons especially, the times of crisis. This Light
interprets the mind of the Almighty Creator to all mankind
as accurately as He wants it. This manifestation and
ministry are eternal, incorruptible and indestructible.
They are also internal into hearts of believers; original,
adequate and accurate.