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I. Directions: Answer the following based from the given directions.
A. Directions: Match the entrepreneurial competencies in column A with their
meaning in column B. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank
provided before each number.
____1. Creative
A. makes wise decisions towards the set objectives
____2. Profit-oriented
B. strategic thinking and setting of goals
____3. Disciplined
C. trusting in ones ability
____4. Sound decision maker
D. adoptable to change
____5. Possess people skills
E. innovates to have an edge over other
____6. Excellent Planner
F. solid dedication
____7. Confident
G. skillful in record keeping
____8. Hardworking
H. always sticks to the plan
____9. Ability to accept change
I. work diligently
____10. Committed
J. effective and efficient communication skills
and relates well to people
K. always looking for an opportunity to have/earn
B. Directions: Match column A with Column B and write your answer on
a separate sheet of paper.
1. It serves as the brain of computer.
Printed-circuit boards (also called
interface cards) that enable the
computer to use a peripheral device
3. Also called read/write memory
A small, portable disk drive used
primarily for backing up files
5. The main circuit board of a computer
6. Also called diskette
7. Acts as a pointing device
8. Device that makes sounds, clips and
any audio materials be heard.
9. Component that reads and record
data in CDs and DVDs.

a. Adapter
b. CD- ROM
c. CPU
d. Floppy disk
e. Microphone
f. Monitor
g. Motherboard
h. Mouse
i. Optical Drive
j. RAM
k. ROM
l. Speaker
m. Zip Drive

10. It is a visual device that

displays the information

C. Directions: Choose the letter of the best answer. Write your answer on a
separate sheet of paper.
1. It is generated by examining the goods and
services sold in the

A. business creation
B. business pricing
C. business concept
D. business idea
2. It is a process of making new products which will be sold to the
A. product analysis
B. product development
C. product conceptualization
D. product implementation
3. These are luxuries, advantages and desires that every individual considers
beyond necessary.
A. wants
B. requirements
C. needs
D. desires
4. It is a factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that a product
or service is different from and better than that of the competition.
A. unique selling plan
B. unique selling proposition
C. unique pricing policy
D. finding value-added
5. A stage in which the needs of the target market are identified,
reviewed, and evaluated.
A. concept development
B. economic analysis
C. project development
D. refine specification
6. It is the introduction of new ideas to make the product and services more
attractive and saleable to the target customers.
A. new idea
B. creativity
C. product development
D. innovation
7. It is a managerial tool used to assess the environment and to gather important
information that can be used for strategic planning.
A. scanning
B. SWOT Analysis
C. WOTS Analysis
D. survey analysis
8. It
is creating names,
symbol, or designs that
identifies and
differentiates a product from the other products.
A. product naming
B. unique selling proposition
C. branding
D. tagline
9. It is a meaningful and unforgettable statement that captures the
essence of the brand.
A. product naming
B. unique selling proposition
C. branding
D. tagline
10. These are things that people cannot live without.
A. wants
B. requirements
C. needs
D. desires
D. Directions: Identify the correct answer being described from the following
statements. Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper.
1. These are mobile computers that are very handy to use.
2. They are computers designed to provide services to client machines in a
computer network.
3. They are also called mid-range systems or workstations.
4. A computer with a microprocessor and its central processing unit it.
5. They fall in the category of laptops, but are inexpensive and relatively
smaller in size.
6. A type of computer which is intended be used on a single location.

7. They use digital circuits and are designed to operate on two states, namely
bits 0 and 1.
8. Computers that have the capacities to host multiple operating systems
and operate as a number of virtual machines and can substitute for
several small servers.
9. It is a handheld computer and popularly known as a palmtop.
10. These computers can be worn on the body and are often used in the study
of behavior modeling and human health.
11. It is considered as the most important program that runs on a computer.
12. It is composed of a device that accepts data and instructions from the user
or from another computer system.
13. Any piece of computer hardware that displays results after the computer
has processed the input data that has been entered.
14. Any apparatus for recording computer data in a permanent or semipermanent form.
15. It protects a computer network from unauthorized access.

II. Application: Directions: Answer the following based from the given directions.
A. Directions: Using the PECs checklist, assess yourself by putting a check (
) mark in either strengths or development areas column. Interpret the
results by counting the total number of check marks in each of the columns.
After accomplishing the checklist, assess yourself and write your insights on
the result of your personal assessment.
Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies
(PECs) of an Entrepreneur

Personal Assessment in terms



- Works diligently
-Self-reliance in one's ability
- Always stick to the plan
- Solid dedication
- Ability to accepts changes
- Innovative to have edge over other

Strength (S)

Weaknesses (W)

-Always looking for an opportunity to
have/earn income
Excellent planner
Opportunities (O)
Threats (T)
-Strategic thinking and setting of goals
Possess people skill
-Effective and efficient communication skills
and relates well to people
Sound decision maker
-Makes wise decisions




Interpretation/ Insights

B. Directions: In a separate sheet of paper or in your notebook list down all your
observations for your business idea. Categorize your observations according to
strengths, weakness, opportunities and treats. After carefully listing them
down, use the stated strategies to come up with a sound analysis, activities
and best business idea.
- Maximize on the Strengths to overcome the internal Weakness.
- Capitalize on the Opportunities to eliminate the internal Weakness.
- Maximize on your Strengths to eliminate the external Threats.
OT - Take advantage of the available Opportunities to eliminate the external

My Best Business Idea:
C. Directions: Use the following URLs, After watching the videos, answer the
following guide questions: Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper.
Guide questions:

What are the different types of motherboard shown in the video?

What are the different sizes of a motherboard?
What are the different types of CPU?
Describe the different types of memory cited in the video.
What do you think is the most efficient monitor used in our computers nowadays?
Give at least 5 input devices featured in the video presentation.