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Math 7 2016-2017

Miss Sleister

Sparks Middle School, Room S14

Miss Sleister Contact Info:
Phone: 775-353-5770 Ext. 316

What is the point of this class?

In our math class, the learning process is more important than
your grade. No one is born good at math or bad at math.
Everyone can learn math to the highest levels. I hope you make
lots of mistakes and ask lots of questions because that is the best
way to learn.
IS the most important aspect of this classroom. Every single
person that steps foot into this classroom, including myself and
every other teacher/administrator in the school, will respect
themselves and one another. Without this, our class will not
Respect Yourself by doing the best you can everyday and
persevering when it gets difficult.
Respect the Teacher by actively listening and following
Respect Others by letting your classmates learn all they can
and helping each other when struggling.

Progressive Discipline Plan

1. Verbal warning
2. Student/teacher conference in hall.
3. Lunch Detention AND/OR Phone call home
4. Administration detention/involvement

** I reserve the right to skip any step based on the


You will earn 3 grades in class: Academic, Work Ethic, and
Overall Academic Grading:
50% of Academic
30% of Academic
Assignments 10% of Academic
10% of Academic
Work Ethic:
100% of Assignment Grade
Each quarter you will self-grade your behavior using a rubric. The
teachers reserve the right to change the grade if we disagree.

100% - 90%
89% - 80%
79% - 70%
69% - 60%
59% and below


****These need to be brought to class every single day.

Notebook Paper
Math Section of Binder
Sparks Middle School Tracker
Math Notebook
Any Assignments needed for the day


The purpose of homework is to review the concepts and skills you

are currently learning in class. Homework will be assigned most
nights, and reviewed the next day.
Each homework will be worth five points and graded based on
completion. I am more interested in your thinking than your
answer, so you must show all work.

Absent Work
Whenever you are absent you are responsible for finding out
what you missed.
The first day you are back, you need to check the Absent Bin.
Also check for Miss Sleisters Notebook and copy any Notebook
pages you may have missed.
I will not spend class time explaining what you missed, but if you
have any questions we would be more than happy to help during
Advisory, lunch (with a pass!!), before, or after school.

Late Work
Late work will only be accepted for up to one week after the
assignment is due. This can be modified only for special

Quizzes will be given at the end of most sections.
You will be allowed to use the Notebook on all quizzes.
Quiz retakes are available as needed.

There will be a test given at the end of every unit.
Notebooks will not be allowed on the unit test; however, you will
be allowed to use a notecard with pre-written notes.
Test corrections are a strongly recommended opportunity to raise
a low test grade by two letter grades.
o Work needs to be shown neatly, so its easy to read and we can
see all steps taken.
o Explanations need to be well detailed and include how you
corrected your mistake.

I would be more than happy to help during Advisory, lunch (with a

pass!!), before, or after school.
Test corrections must be turned in no later than one week after
the test was passed back to you.

Parent or Guardian Survey and Signature

So that we can better communicate, please respond to the
questions below and fill out your contact information. We would
love to hear from you at anytime during the year! Email is the
best way for us to respond as soon as possible.
What is your preferred method of contact? (Circle one.)
Phone Call/Text: __________________________


If we contact you, do you prefer English or Spanish?

Do you have internet access at home?

Parent or Guardian Printed Name:

Parent of Guardian Signature:

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