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The Fitness industry in India is worth Rs.

4,500 crores and is growing at a rate of 16-18%

annually and is expected to cross Rs. 7,000 crores by 2017. The industry is fragmented with
majority of the market dominated by unorganised and independent gym outlets. The organised or
modern fitness retail is around 28% currently but is growing at a yearly growth rate of 22-27%.
There are over 21,000 health and wellness centres across India as of 2014.
Today the Indian customer, on one hand wants to have fitness services available at
their convenience, and on the other hand wants to keep having new experiences to keep up the
motivation to exercise. This presents huge opportunities for innovative ideas to enter the
ecosystem and revolutionise the way things work.
Everybody in the market is looking at grabbing a piece of the pie which seems to be increasing at
an unparalleled pace. There is immense scope for innovation and technology integration to get
more Indians to join the fitness bandwagon and well, it is going to be a win-win for both the
market players and customers.
A fitness enthusiast yourself, you have been wanting to introduce an idea/service in this industry.
You have 2-3 minutes to pitch an idea, which could be a product/service/combination to the
audience with an objective of getting them interested in your idea so that they could be your
potential investors.
Note: You are free to make any assumptions and use external data to support your pitch,
However, you are required to keep in mind the above given brief while making your pitch.
The stage is set, seize the opportunity and chase your dream!