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Title: Little World Travelers Name: Kelsey Young

ID# 22

Behavior Contingency Plan (BCP)

Undesirable Behavior Targeted:
Students show up late to class and take up to 5 minutes put their belongings away, get materials for the day
and start and complete the warm-up activity, which then takes away time from the daily lesson.
Desirable (expected) Behavior Targeted:
The student should arrive to class on time (before the bell rings), check board for materials, gather
materials, have pencils sharpened, sitting in seat, clear desk of materials not needed, and started on
todays warm-up.
Types of positive reinforcements - Reinforced when & how?
Immediate & delayed R+ should be related to the final activity being earned.
1. Immediate R+ - When student demonstrates desired behavior they will be given a ticket.
2. Ongoing R+ - A large flat globe on a wall. The globe will have all 7 continents on it, if 15 students
get tickets they can put one larger ticket on the continent. If all students get a ticket then they
can have 2 tickets put on the continent.
3. Overall R+ - Culture Coming Alive Day. Once the entire class fills the continent we will have a day
filled to celebrate different cultures of that continent. We will learn and celebrate cultures
music, dance, clothes, language, childrens books, famous people, food, math, and science.
4. The roll of tickets will be with the teacher at the beginning of the day, and when the students are
ready to start the day she will go to teach students desk and place them in the cup that holds
each students tickets while starting that days lesson.
Interactive Learning Activity
3.13- The student understands ethnic and/or cultural celebrations of local communities and other
3.15- The student understands the importance of writers and artists to the cultural heritages of communities
Explain HOW you will Teach the Desired Behaviors:
The teachers will dedicate at least one day to teach the desired behavior. It will be taught first by making a
catchy song to sing to help the students remember what they should do when entering the class in the
morning. Then we will practice coming into class and how the students should come into the class every
morning to be prepared to start the day.
Explain HOW you will Teach the Plan:
The teacher will dedicate at least one day to teach the plan then rehearse different scenarios until the
students become familiar with the expectation of coming in the classroom every morning to start history.
Also have the students determine which scenario would deserve a ticket or not. If yes the teacher will
show the students where she will put the tickets they earn (in the cup on their desk) and when they will be
aloud to put it the big ticket on the board (on the way to lunch). The teacher will also explain when that
continent is filled they will have a day celebrating cultures in that continent.
Provide options
If the students complete all 7 continents then they can move onto the 50 states or focus on national
landmarks and historical figures of each continent. You could also have a class-culture scrapbook where
they will each create an about me page.
Demonstrate all Necessary Items
Flat globe with the seven continents, Tickets, recipes, music, clothes, culture math, science, famous people