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Human rights are the aggregate of privileges, claim, benefits, entitlements and moral
guarantees that pertain to man because of his humanity. We being humans, has the
right to choose on who we want to serve in our country, it is the right to suffrage. After
choosing the leaders, it is now our turn to support and cooperate with the leader we
chose or voted. President Duterte won as President of the Philippines, after his
inauguration on June 30, 2016, many Filipinos were touch their hearts on his speech
and they were encouraged to cooperate and support his aim for the country. His first
mission is to change the bad image of the Philippines because of the prohibited drugs
that are spreading in the country, there are many cases of drug pushers and drug users
around the Philippines, and the effect was even worst, everytime I heard the news in
our television, criminals in different provinces are more worst and it put myself worried
and fear that those may happen in my loved ones, such cases like rape of innocent
child by their own father or uncle, killing it after the rape, just to gave in to their desire
which is the effect of drug addiction, cases of robbery just to provide for their need to
buy drugs then they will say because of poverty, but in truth it is the effect of drugs,
cases of graft and corruption, kidnapping, hostage taking because of the effect of drugs
in their mind, they dont know what theyre doing . I always remember what president
Duterte always says, do not do drugs, I am very much agree with him on this, because
of that effects of drugs in the country. I admire him for being very much concern and
love to our country and he knows that the real problem of our country is the drugs and
its effect. I was amaze because during the first months of his administration, many
Filipinos who are selling and using drugs surrendered in the different cities and
provinces, and it cant deny that after this, it makes a lot of changes, the cases of rape
and robbery, I was always watched in the news was lessen. It was the first time I history
that during his first State of the Nations Address (SONA) on July 25, 2016 there are

many Filipinos rallied and express their support to our President, it was a very good
speech, I am giving emphasize on his speech as follows:
President Duterte was quoted saying we cannot move forward if we allow the past to
pull us back. Fingerpointing is not the way. That is why I will not waste precious time
dwelling on the sins of the past
Instead of looking back in the past, like those crimes that happened like graft and
corruption, the effects of drug addiction, he said that it is not the time to blame the past
administration, because it will not be a good solution to the problem, I think this is the
reason why he grant complete pardon to the previous President Gloria Macapagal
Arroyo, he thinks that forgiveness is more even powerful than blaming the sins in the
past, past is past they said. Even those who surrendered drug users and pushers, he
first forgive them and let them voluntary surrender and gave them the chance to change
their life to e new direction. I am agree and thumbs up with it that fingerpointing is not
the way for the change, but forgiveness, blaming is just a waste of time.
Let me assure you that while Im stickler for the principle of separation between church
and state, I believe there should never be a separation between God and State
President Duterte reminded me in this quote that even if the law declared that there
should be a separation between church and State, but there should never be a
separation between God and State. Our president wants us to be near to God,
individually and as a whole country, he wants our state to be near to God, and let Him
control and help our country for the change, because only God can help us change
individually and the whole nation. All we need for the change that we want is to pray to
God and cast Him all our burdens and our problems individually and the State.

Double your efforts, triple them if need be. We will not stop until the last drug Lord the
last financier and the last pusher have surrendered or (been) put behind bars below the
Our President is determined to accomplish his first mission, to never stop until the last
drug lord surrendered or else put behind bars or below the ground. He believes that the
drugs is the main problem of our country that needs to resolve, he said that we must
double our efforts and triple them if need be. I am agree with him with this.
My administration shall implement a human approach to develop and governance, as
we improve peoples welfare.. Human rights must work to uplift human dignity, but
human right cannot be used as an excuse to destroy our country.
Clap. Clap. Clap. Thumbs up for this. The president reminds me that we must not abuse
our human rights, and it cannot be used as an excuse to destroy our country. Yes, I am
agree, that we must not abuse our human right. I felt his determination coming from his
heart, that he wants to improve the general welfare and the police power, in order to
have a peaceful life, that we might not be full of fear when we are walking along the
street whether day and night. In the evening, I am agree with his administration for
implementation of human approach to develop and governance to improve peoples
With regards to the West Philippine Sea, we strongly affirm and respect the outcome of
the case before the Permanent Court of Arbitration as an important contribution to the
ongoing efforts to pursue a peaceful resolution and management of our dispute
The President didnt for forget the dispute that Philippines is currently facing, he even
give respect to the one who has jurisdiction for the peaceful resolution in this case. He
is patiently waiting for the right time regarding this dispute.


Enduring peace can only be attained if we meet the fundamental needs of every man,
woman and child. To our Muslim brothers and the members of the CPP. NPA. NDF, let
me say this: All of us wants peace. Not the peace of the dead, but the peace of the
living. We express our willingness and readiness to go to the negotiating table, and yet
we load our guns pull the trigger. It is both ironic and tragic and it is endless.
The president knows that everyone of us wants peace, not the peace of the dead, but
the peace of the living. President Duterte expressed his willingness and readiness to
face this, and resolve this with the due process, he also know how it will attained, and I
agree that we can attain this if we meet the fundamental needs of every man , woman
and child. He even appreciate the importance of every human. He looks to his people
I am announcing a unilateral ceasefire with the CPP. NPA.- NDF, effective immediately
He has announced the needed information at this chance of time, and effective
immediately after the information has been announced. Being the President, he let the
people know and his order must obey.
My administration will pursue tax reforms towards a simpler, more equitable tax
system we will lower personal and corporate income tax rates.
President was aware that the taxes are very high that it almost consume the earnings of
individual, and I think it is the reason that many Filipinos has no enough food in the
table because of the effect of high prices but low economic status of the country.
We should also conduct a nationwide soil analysis to determine areas most suitable for
rice farming. We shall strictly enforce fisheries laws and promote aquaculture.

The President reminds us that the Philippines is rich in natural resources that we can
use to improve our lifestyle, with lesser cost using our agriculture and promoting
agriculture, it is also good for our health than eating processed foods, it is healthy that
we workout by farming and eat these natural foods that produce by our land.
We will accelerate infrastructure spending, improve roads and bridges Regarding the
Hood control problem in Metro Manila, he also says, we shall put up new pumping
stations in strategic places.
I am agree with the President that we need to have an attention and improve the roads
and bridges, as a first step in reso0lving the problem in Metro Manila which is the traffic,
that affects the time consuming of travel everyday just to be there in the workplace,
instead of the time can use for rest and family, the time wasted in waiting to be at the
destination, it is very much affect to the health and family of everyone who travels
We shall also pursue rail projects in Metro Manila
It is a good idea of the President to add rail projects in Metro Manila, as it is a great help
to resolve the traffic problem, I agree with it.