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Minority Business Development Agency
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/ Washington, D.C. 20230

Dear MBDA Stakeholder,

It is my pleasure to invite you to join the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) at the 2~”
Annual MBDA Summit. The Summit is scheduled to take place June 8-9, 2010 at the Walter E.
Washington Convention Center located at 801 Mt. Vernon Place in Washington, D.C.

The MBDA Summit provides an excellent forum to convene leading minority entrepreneurs,
academics, practitioners and stakeholders to come together for a single purpose: to strengthen public
policies and programs directed at fostering the growth and competitiveness of minority business
enterprises. Much energy and enthusiasm was generated during the first Summit and since then we
have followed-up on many of the recommendations identified by last year’s participants. At this year’s
Summit we hope to build on these accomplishments and develop a blueprint for success for the next 5

The 2010 MBDA Summit will feature updates on:

• Legal Landscape: Analysis and discussion of race-based business programs, including
challenges to them (i.e., Adurand, Rothe, Crosson) and a discussion on where to go from here.
• Regulatory and Policy Overview: Review of current regulations and policies associated with
minority business programs and strategies.
• Congressional Activities: Update and review of current legislative activities concerning
minority business growth and opportunities.
• The Road Ahead: Review of the 2009 Summit’s lessons learned outcomes and development of
5-year blueprint for growth and success of minority owned enterprises.

In addition, the Summit will include opportunities for stakeholder collaboration, business meetings and
a congressional reception. With your participation, we will continue to build a strong global network
of minority businesses, and devise strategies designed to increase and strengthen the capacity of MBEs
to continue to be economically viable and sustainable.

Please note that registration to the MBDA Summit is now open. You may register at
There is no charge to Summit participants. I also ask that you reach out to your network by phone or
email to encourage their attendance at the Summit. Please book your travel arrangement early.

Once again, I look forward to your participation and hope to see at MBDA’s 2~1(~ Annual Summit in
June. Should you need any further information please contact Steve Boykin at 202-482-1712.


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Nej ‘. astillo
National Deputy Director