Public Works and  Transport and  HIV/AIDS in Lao PDR

Mr. Xayabandith INSISIENGMAY, Deputy Director,  Division of  Environment  and Social Ministry of Public Works and Transport 
ADB Transport Forum, Manila, 25‐27 May 2010
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National HIV/AIDS Situation
HIV prevalence: lower than 0.1% Main route of HIV transmission: heterosexual (85%) Among the new HIV positive cases reported in 2008 (N=482), 60% are 20-34 years old HIV prevalence: Male electricity workers 0.3% Service women 0.4%

HIV and Infrastructure
Research: Behavioral surveys of truck drivers Impact assessments among affected communities
Road 9 2nd Mekong Bridge (Lao PDR-Thailand)

Mobile populations - one of the most-at-risk populations in the National Strategic Plan on HIV/STI (2006–2010) MPWT has the mandate to lead and manage all public works

HIV Strategic Plan of MPWT
An inception workshop Training on data collection Data collection in 11 provinces Data analysis workshop and development of draft strategic plan Stakeholders consultation meeting

Collaborated with CHAS and PCCAs Technical support from ADB, through Burnet Institute

Highlights of the HIV Strategic Plan
Overall objective : To prevent the transmission of HIV among the MPWT workforce and among communities living in the vicinity of large-scale infrastructure construction sites. Strategies: Ongoing situational analysis Collaboration and advocacy Capacity Building Prevention Treatment, care and support Reduction of stigma and discrimination Reduction of substance abuse in the workplace

Issues, Challenges and Response
HIV strategic plan development - new activity for MPWT Human resource issues in quantity and quality HIV not high in the MPWT agenda Need understanding and support from different MPWT departments – advocacy work needed Lack of evidence of HIV impact within the MPWT

Plan to address the issues:
Strategy plan under the process of approval Draft action plan for the MPWT Draft the curriculum Focus on strengthening of capacity Link to the National strategic plan and HIV/AIDS Law Identify funding to support the activities

Factors for Success
Existing National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan Support from high-level decision makers within MPWT Existing capacity at central level Consultative process enhances ownership Support from ADB and Burnet

ABD Mission  visits, Data  Collection Workshop

Data Collection Workshop Vientiane Province

Data Collection Workshop Vientiane Province

Data Analysis Workshop, Luang Prabang Province

Data Analysis Workshop Luang Prabang Province

Stakeholders Consultation Worshop Vientiane Capital

Khob Chai Lai Lai Thank you very much. 

Mr. Xayabandith INSISIENGMAY