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HIV and Infrastructure: Mitigating HIV Risks Beyond Construction Phase

Emiko Masaki Southeast Asia Department Transport Forum ADB Manila

GMS Program
Regional Connectivity & Economic Integration


Regional Transport Corridor
Increased Movement of Goods and People

Factory Workers at Special Economic Zone Near the Border

Casino Development Cambodia Border Crossing Zone

Regional Economic Corridor
Young men and women migrate for job opportunities

Young men and women at Special Economic Zone

Young construction workers in Cambodia

HIV Prevention and Infrastructure in GMS

ADB Response
• Recognize links between connectivity and the spread of HIV • Mitigate HIV risk and vulnerability heighted by transport and infrastructure development


Construction Phase


Comprehensive Response

RETA 6467

HIV Prevention and Infrastructure in GMS
• 2008-2011 • Reduce HIV risks and vulnerabilities in communities and people affected by infrastructure projects • Component 1: 10 subprojects associated with ADB financed infrastructure projects in GMS • Component 2: M&E, partnership strengthening and knowledge management

Designing and Implementing HIV Prevention:

Pre- and Post-Construction Projects
Northwest Provincial Road Improvement Project (NRIP)

Phnom-Penh Ho Chi Minh City Highway (PP-HCMC) Project


Northwest Provincial Road Improvement
• 2009-2011 • NRIP: construction of (i) NR 56 (ii) O’smach border town • HIV prevention, antitrafficking and safe migration • Local communities, entertainment workers, uniformed services, health providers • Family Health International

Component 1
Community-Based Risk Mitigation for HIV and Safe Migration

Component 2
HIV Prevention for Entertainment Workers and Uniformed Services

Component 3 Strengthening SRH Services at District-Level

Component 4 Monitoring and Evaluation

“MY-WAY”- IEC With A Branding Approach


Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh City Highway

• Post Construction HIV Interventions: 2009-2011 • Target migrant and mobile populations and local communities • Focus on the cross-border area and source and destination communities for MMPs • Cross-border collaboration for HIV prevention

Component 1 CommunityBased HIV Risk Mitigation Program

Component 2 Workplace HIV Prevention Program

Component 3 Capacity and Partnership Building

Component 4 Monitoring and Evaluation