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Beramo, Bryna Camille C.

Benedictine Spirituality

Last March 12, 2016, the whole MBA students were required to
attend the recollection that was organized by the faculty. It was a good
idea that they organized a recollection for MBA students like me to be
able to reflect and realize that God is there whenever we need him.
Fr. Anton shared his experience where he went to a slum area to
bless a dead person and that’s where he realized that there are a lot of
extraordinary things outside of the world we are used to. He saw a lot
of good things to that we don’t usually see in our daily lives. He shared
that he chose to live in the province because that’s where he saw the
serenity of life.
Most of MBA students like myself are usually preoccupied with a
lot of things like work, family and all else in between. With this, we
sometimes forget our responsibilities as a Christian. We would go
through our everyday lives without remembering that God is with us in
every battle that we fight, every step that we take, and every joy we
experience. The recollection made us remember that God will never
leave us. Miracles happen if we believe in God’s power. We should
always keep in mind that God has better plans for us and if what we
want does not happen, it is because God has something better to offer
us. San Beda really stepped up their game in planning this recollection.

.They considered the situations of the students because they know that devoting half of the school day will be a very helpful move for the students to be able to reflect and be closer to God.