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How Can Concrete Leveling Help
Your Facility?
 Reduce downtime ~ same day use of slabs
 Extend life of existing slabs
 Save 50% to 70% versus the cost of replacement
 Environmentally responsible
 America’s largest concrete leveling company
 Locally-owned franchise invested in community
 Expertise & consistency in raising and stabilizing
 Patented specialty hydraulic pumping system

What is Concrete Leveling?
 The process of raising sunken concrete slabs

through the use of hydraulic pressure injection
where a grout, or other base material, creates
a new sub-base by filling voids beneath
concrete slabs and hydraulically raising the
sunken slab back to grade
 Environmentally responsible application
 Reuse existing slabs
 Limestone material is natural, non-toxic

History of Concrete Leveling
Mudjacking Begins – Iowa Hwy Dept
WWII – Navy pumps grout under
concrete airfield runways
1959 Airplaco develops “Hydra-Jak”
one of the first mudjack pumps
for leveling and stabilization
1960 Mud-jacking and slab-jacking
through becomes more widely used
1980 for industrial and municipal
applications; various selfcontained pumping systems
are developed and refined
during this time
1983 Grover Miller invents and
patents the A-1 pumping system;
a more efficient mid-range selfcontained concrete leveling
pumping system


A-1 has grown to over 50 franchised business units operating nationally Miller founded the company with the idea of continuously improving the pumping system which has led to A-1 being America’s Largest Concrete Leveler A-1 is consistently rated within the Entrepreneur Magazine “Franchise 500” .History of A-1 Concrete Leveling  Grover Miller trademarked and patented his self     History contained concrete leveling unit in 1983 Miller founded A-1 Concrete Leveling in 1983 Miller's unique design represents over 35 years of experience in pumping technologies Under the leadership of President Jim Creed over the last 25 years.

holes are sealed off with a non-shrinking grout .The A-1 Concrete Leveling Process 1 A-1’s self-contained patented pumping system 2 A-1 pumping compound is pumped below concrete to fill voids and raise the slabs 28 Years & Still Pumping Strong! 3 Application After concrete has been leveled.

it will lift… Principle .000 lb.How Does A-1 Lift the Largest Concrete Slabs?  The Kugel Ball  10. Amadeus granite ball  5' sphere  Base of Tittlinger Granite  Floats on a continuous stream of water The scientific principle is called Hydrodynamic Lubrication. like hydro-planing If it floats.

Anatomy of a Lift: Cheektowaga. NY – 07/01/07 Before: Anatomy of a Lift What does A-1’s material look like what’s happening a void like under theto slab? beneath your concrete slab? this in the winter… oncrete Leveling can fill the oid and raise the slab!!! Interior crosssection post-raise demonstrating how A-1’s limestone mix filled the void beneath this patio ctures show an interior cross-section post-raise and demonstrate how A-1’s limestone Photo taken x filled the void beneath thisone patio and reduced a significant water drainage issue week after pumping Principle .

Government Entities Using & Supporting Injection Applications Support .

Commercial/Industrial/Municipal Companies Using Concrete Leveling Services Support .

Retail Chains Prioritize Safety & Convenience! Reduced Corporate Liability by Eliminating Trip Hazards Eliminated Sales Downtime & Consumer Inconvenience with A-1’s “No Wait” Solution! Commercial Williamsville. NY – 08/05/07 .

John F. NY– 04/22/08 . Kennedy Memorial Restoration BEFORE Memorial AFTER Stella Niagara.

NY – 10/08/08 .Raised Interior Conference Room Saved Down-Time & Tax-Payer $$$ Municipal Wheatfield.

Raised Interior Garage Saved Down-Time & Tax-Payer $$$ Municipal Wales. NY – 7/29/08 .

Sidewalk Demonstration Results in Sidewalk Leveling Project 150 Slabs Completed During Week of August 27th-31st A-1’s Patented Equipment & Process Saves the Town Time and Money Municipal .

NY – 09/30/08 .Raised Interior Warehouse Slab Saved Down-time and a Forklift BEFORE Industrial AFTER West Seneca.

Truck Ramp Project Successfully eliminated the 1” drop on truck ramp resulting in ease of transition for fork truck traffic and reduction of chemical plant liability due to potential chemical spills and fork truck accidents Industrial Tonawanda. NY .08/2/07 .

NY – 10/01/08 . Mgmt AFTER Amherst.Eliminate a Trip Hazards at Apartment Complex Reduce Corporate Liability BEFORE Commercial – Prop.

Mgmt AFTER Amherst. NY – 09/30/08 .Kept Patio From Falling Away… Property Management Company Keeps Customers Happy BEFORE Commercial – Prop.

Saved a Patio for the Customer Helping Keep Medical Bills to a Minimum! BEFORE Residential – Rear Patio Amherst. NY – 10/25/08 AFTER .

Saved a Patio for the Customer Redirected Surface Water Drainage BEFORE Residential – Rear Patio Amherst. NY – 11/03/08 AFTER .

NY – 10/31/08 .Saved a Patio for the Customer Redirected Surface Water Drainage BEFORE Residential – Rear Patio AFTER West Seneca.

Saved a Patio for the Customer Redirected Surface Water Drainage & Made Step Safe Again! BEFORE Residential – Rear Patio AFTER East Amherst. NY – 08/26/08 .

NY – 05/16/08 .Saved a Patio for the Customer Redirected Surface Water Drainage BEFORE Residential – Rear Patio AFTER West Seneca.

No More Water Rollin’ In… Redirected Surface Water Drainage BEFORE Residential – Front Porch AFTER Lockport. NY – 10/09/08 .

resulting in a beautiful “”new” patio less than ½ the cost of replacement!!! Before After Raising & Patching Residential – Front Porch After Resurfacing Williamsville. then had The MJA Company treat the cracks and resurface.Patio Raised & Resurfaced!!! This customer re-established their existing concrete patio with A-1’s pressure injection application. NY – 06/19/08 .

NY – 04/01/08 .Our First Rescued Step in 2008! Make Safety A Priority BEFORE Residential – Entry / Step AFTER Williamsville.

NY – 04/27/07 .Raised Porch Slab Turned a Leap Back into a Step BEFORE Residential – Entry AFTER East Amherst.

NY – 08/13/07 .Turned a Leap Back into a Step Redirected Water Drainage & Increased Safety BEFORE Residential – Stoop AFTER Cheektowaga.

NY – 10/31/08 .Re-Directed Drainage Away from the House! Made the Drive in a Little Easier… BEFORE Residential – Driveway AFTER Williamsville.

Raised Driveway Upper Apron Eliminated 4” Drop and Severe Drainage Issue BEFORE AFTER East Amherst. NY – 08/06/07 Residential – Driveway Upper Apron .

Raising Upper Aprons in WNY Reestablished Sub-Surface BEFORE AFTER Cheektowaga. NY – 04/04/08 Residential – Driveway Upper Apron .

Leveled Garage (Upper Apron) Area Eliminated Drainage Issue BEFORE AFTER Williamsville. NY – 05/02/07 Residential – Driveway Upper Apron .

NY – 10/01/08 Residential – Driveway Lower Apron .Lower Apron Salvation! Redirected Surface Water Drainage BEFORE AFTER Williamsville.

NY – 07/15/08 .Eliminated Severe Trip Hazards Transitioned Slabs to Accommodate Walking! BEFORE Residential – Sidewalks AFTER Cheektowaga.

NY – 10/30/08 AFTER .Eliminated Trip Hazard! Make Safety A Priority & Everyone Wins! Cost Sharing Between Town & Business BEFORE Residential /Municipal – Walkway Akron.

Raised Pole Barn Slab Eliminated Drainage Issue & Trip Hazard BEFORE Residential – Pole Barn Patio AFTER Orchard Park. NY – 05/23/07 .

Rescued Pool Deck from Bulldozer! BEFORE Residential – Pool Deck AFTER Amherst. NY – 08/21/08 .

04/24/07 .Raised Interior Garage Slabs 8” Lift Achieved & a Garage Saved! BEFORE Residential – Interior Garage AFTER Sanborn. NY .

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