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Central High School


AP Calculus
Course Instructor:

Ms. Tharp
435-8563 ext. 41259

Room 210
4th or 6th Period

Welcome back to Central High School! I wish you the best for the 2015-2016
school-year. The goal of this course is to prepare you for the Advanced Placement AB
Calculus Exam that will be administered Tuesday, May 9th, 2017. Scores are
reported on a scale of one to five with five being the highest. A score of three or
higher is considered passing. All students that enroll in AP Calculus must take the
corresponding AP exam.
Course Description:
All Advanced Placement courses must meet guidelines set forth by the College Board.
A detailed topic outline as well as an explanation of the examination process can be
found at the following web address: A general overview of the topics that will be taught each semester are
listed below.
Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Limits (Review)

Transcendental Functions


Differential Equations

Applications of Derivatives

Techniques of Integration


Review for AP Exam

Applications of Integration

Drop Policy:
You can choose to drop an AP class within the first two weeks of school. After the
second week, you may no longer initiate a drop. However, if your teacher believes
you should no longer be in the AP class, your teacher can begin a drop process. No
drops will be initiated in the second semester. The student must have AP teacher
approval before dropping at any time. The teacher will talk to student and parent
before the drop is allowed.


Central High School


Class Supplies:
Each student will need the following supplies daily.
1. Writing utensil(preferably a pencil) & paper
2. 3-ring, 3-inch binder
a. 4 Tabs
i. Daily Quizzes
ii. Unit Packets
iii. Other Class Activities
iv. Review Month
3. Graphing calculator it should be a TI-84 or 89
It must be able to take a derivative!
Class Binder\Textbook:
You will be assigned a textbook for this course. You will also be provided with packets
throughout the year that will be used for taking notes and as a source of homework
problems. It should be stated that you can mark on your notes however you like.
You will be expected to keep all class materials in a 3-ring, 3-inch binder. Once each
semester a binder check will be conducted. A rubric will be provided in advance in
order to describe the grading procedure. At the end of the year you will not have to
return your binder to the bookstore. Instead, it will be yours to keep as a resource for
future classes.
Larson, Ron, Robert P. Hostetler, and Bruce H. Edwards. Calculus with Analytic
Geometry, 7th edition. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Be Respectful (be nice)
Be Responsible (try hard)
Be a Leader (help someone learn)
Attend (be on time)
Engage (be prepared, participate, and contribute)
Achieve (do your best)

If a student is truant/skipped, no credit will be given.

Student will be given 1 day for every day of excused absence to makeup work
for full credit
Late work will be accepted for up to 60% until the test. No credit will be given
for late work turned in after the test date.

9-week grade
70% Exams
30% Homework & Quizzes

Semester grade
40% - 1st 9 weeks
40% - 2nd 9 weeks
20% - Final Exam

Central High School


The majority of each students grade comes from Exams. Daily quizzes will provide
some of the grading period grade, but again the majority of items entered into the
gradebook per nine weeks will be exams with an occasional Daily Quiz grade.
Grading Policy: Letter grades will be assigned according to the following scale.


90 100%

89 80%

79 70%

69 60%

less than 60%

Four or five exams will be given in the fall semester. For some portions of these
exams graphing calculators will be required and for other portions they will be
prohibited. Before each exam, one or two days will be spent reviewing and practice
materials will be provided. It is very important to realize that you will not only be
expected to master the material as it was presented in class, but be able to apply the
concepts in new or unfamiliar settings. Do expect each exam to be challenging but
fair. Due to the difficulty level it will sometimes be necessary to curve the scores.
The thought process behind each curve will be discussed in class when the exams are
handed back.
Retake Policy:
Any student may take a retake on an exam regardless of their score on the
initial exam. Students scoring less than 70% are encouraged to retake the
A specific date will be set after each test for the retake.
o For tests occurring near the end of the nine weeks, the report card
grade may not reflect the retake grade. The nine weeks grade will be
adjusted so that the retake grade is reflected in the final (semester)
o In addition, a test near the end of the semester may not allot for a
retake of the test.
The student will only have one opportunity to retake an exam. The retake
score will be a replacement score.
o Students have the option to ask the teacher to not grade the exam. If
the student asks the teacher not to score the test, the original score
will count and the opportunity for a rescore on that exam is forfeited.
If the exam is graded by the teacher, it will replace the original score.
Students must retake the whole test.
Requirements for taking a retest are as follows:
o Parent notification that the student will be taking a retest
o Remediation to be determined by the student (i.e.: odd problems in
book, test correction, conference with teacher about test, redo
assignments, view Khan academy videos & complete practice
problems, utilize online textbook for tutoring videos or self-check
quizzes, etc.) The student must develop a written plan that lists or
explains what he/she plans to do to study and learn the material. This
will make him/her take ownership of the process. This plan must be
submitted in writing and signed by the student, parent, and

Central High School


The retake on an exam must be done outside of class time, before, or during
3rd period on the specified retake day. The student will need to make
arrangements with Ms. Tharp.

AP Exam Policy:
Students who take an AP course must take the corresponding AP exam. If the AP
course is also a
CAP class, any student who has not enrolled in the sponsoring
university class, must take the AP exam. This policy applies to all AP classes taken
by the student.

Final Exam Policy:

There will be no exemptions allowed for the December final. The December final is
practice for the AP Exam. More importantly, it is a good indicator for how well you
may perform on the AP Exam.
Students will take their final BEFORE the AP Exam. Again, this is practice for all
students preparing to take the exam. However, you can turn in the exemption form
after you have taken the final if you so choose, and that exemption form would be
accepted by your AP teacher (per usual exemption requirements). Taking the AP
Exam will not exempt you from taking finals.
All students that take AP Calculus are expected to take the AP exam. Provided all
students take the AP exam, the spring final will be held before the AP exam. This will
be a form of a mock AP exam and will help students prepare for the true exam on
Thursday, May 5th.
Students With Special Needs:
If you are granted extended time or any other accommodations due to special needs
or a 504, please speak with your counselor immediately. There is an application
process with the AP College Board that has to be completed before extended time or
any other accommodations can be met while taking the AP exam. You and your
counselor will fill out the application together.

Please sign and return, indicating that you have read this syllabus.
STUDENT NAME: _________________________________ PERIOD: _________
Parent/Guardian Name: _________________ Relationship to Student: _______________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________

Central High School


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