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DUE: JULY 15, 2016

1. I was employed for my first real job at Burger King in

Burlington, Ontario when I was fifteen years old. I found
this experience exciting, yet stressful adjusting to the
professional manner in which this organization was run. My
job as a member of the Kitchen Staff meant that I was
responsible for a certain quota to fill every shift to keep the
kitchen stocked, preparing the food, with minimal mistakes
and errors so the products wouldnt be wasted.
2. a) Efficiency: We had timers for each order that came
through so we would know we were on time preparing the
order. The broilers and fryers had their own timers to keep
track of cooking time.
b) Quantity: We had to keep the warmers filled with a
certain amount of ready-made burgers with buns, and
different sizes for the different sized burgers we offered, so
when an order came through, we could quickly prepare it as
per the customers requests.
c) Predictability: All products were standard in general, but
customers could also customize their orders to satisfy their
d) Control: We had strict protocol to follow in the handling of
food, preparing, and cleanliness as per the Health and Safety
Regulations and Company policies, as well as Franchisee
rules to obey.

3. This job gave me the self-confidence and self-discipline I

needed to give and earn respect with my superiors, coworkers, and the customers I served.
4. The impact of the workplace had everyone working
together as a team, not against each other with overcompetitiveness.
5. The methods of Macdonalization I have seen at college
a) Predictability and Uniformity by ensuring all students
are treated equally, with the same learning structure
and outcomes of each course/program, based on their
interests and college policy.
b) Control is evident as more lessons and assignments
are presented or given through technology, such as
our college Blackboard, as well as all registration and
payment protocols.