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Immunology Overview


1.Dendritic cells are derived from (choose one correct answer):


myeloid progenitors exclusively

lymphoid progenitors exclusively

myeloid and lymphoid progenitors

neither myeloid nor lymphoid progenitors

2.Cluster Differentiation (CD) markers (choose all correct answers):


provide phenotypic characterization of immune cells

are only present on lymphocytes

can be used to target immune cells therapeutically

have no known cellular function

3.T helper cell subsets are (choose one correct answer):


derived from CD4+ cells and have diverse functions

derived from CD8+ cells and are cytotoxic

derived from CD14+ cells and are phagocytic

derived from CD20+ cells and present antigen

4.T lymphocyte responses to antigen (choose all correct answers):


do not require antigen presenting cells

can result in activation or repression

require antigen presented in association with MHC molecules

can be modulated by anti-CTLA4 therapies

5.TH1 cells regulate immunity to parasites, allergy and asthma, while TH2 cells
control immunity to intracellular pathogens.



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