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Brianna Pellizzari

10 July 2016
EDUC 326

Progress Log: Week 9


What do you believe it means to be educated?

1 - To learn about the world around you
2 - To have some formal knowledge and teaching of everyday literacies
What are some of the personal concepts you have about how learning happens?
- I believe that learning happens organically and when a child is ready to learn
- I believe that a childs learning is dependent on their whole environment not just
one aspect
- I believe that learning comes from a variety of sources
- I believe that learning needs to be connected to all aspects of life in order to be
What is your understanding of what it means to teach?
- Being a role model
- Providing for a wide variety of needs
What makes you think that you would be a good teacher?
- compassion
- respect
- perseverance
- confidence
- adaptability

What do you feel are some of the issues facing schools and education today?
- changing expectations
- diverse needs of learners

What would an observer see in your classroom related to teaching, learning, and the
community of learners?
- classroom community created on mutual respect
- routines firmly in place for various aspects

What would an observer in your classroom see you doing?

- making adaptations for different learning styles
- including technology
- using new styles of collaborative learning (guided reading and math)

What makes your classroom unique? Describe it.

my relationship with students

our classroom community
collaborative learning

How do your students engage in learning?

- engage in learning with each other, me and themselves
- use critical thinking
- problem solving
- hands on learning

What do you want your legacy as a teacher to be?

- want to be the teacher that creates a classroom community that teaches students to
be collaborative, respectful, kind, and a productive part of the community
- teacher that teaches students things that are applicable to daily life
- uses new technologies and learning designs to enhance learning

I believe that students learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom
I believe technology plays an important role in learning
I believe that students need to participate in hands on learning
I believe that learning happens from a variety of sources
I believe that collaboration is an important part of learning
I believe every child has the right to be heard
I believe every child has a right to feel safe in the classroom
I believe that every learner has the right to experiment with different learning
9. I believe that respect is an important part of the classroom community and the
relationships within that classroom
10. I believe that the teacher needs to be a model within the classroom
Final Statements:
1. I believe that learning happens everywhere and that experiences and knowledge
gained needs to be honoured in the classroom.
2. I believe that mutual respect between student and teacher and student and student
is an essential part of the classroom environment.
3. I believe that the teacher needs to be a model for students.
4. I believe collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving are key 21st century
skills that need to incorporated into all aspects of teaching and learning.
5. I believe that every child has the right to feel safe, heard, and loved with the
classroom environment.