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Since I concluded a five-year English course at Cultura, I desire to work with

language teaching. The company left an extreme positive feeling that led
me to teach.
Not only have I decided to take a four-year Language Graduation to fully
deepen myself into the subject in its many perspectives, but I also have
made an effort to improve my proficiency in English as a Foreign Language,
resulting in getting an C2 Proficiency certificate in 2015 (ECPE). I enjoyed
every opportunity of learning while studying for this international
examination, as aspects of linguistics turned into natural reasoning.
In order to fit the desired qualifications for a Trainee teacher in an institute
such as Cultura, I invested great time in qualifying myself to improve all the
aspects a teacher need to bear, and the persistence of trying for the fourth
time this trainee selection program is a motivation that helped me reaching
new horizons of knowledge, an ongoing cyclic aspect that matches desired
traits for new recruits.
I consider this program a privileged opportunity for improving and
expanding my professional performance in teaching, as well as a valuable
life-time experience in getting in touch with experienced EFL teachers from
CA, and it would be a unique opportunity that I desire to be part of since I
left Cultura Inglesa eight years ago as a student.